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Web Design

Web Designing is evergreen technologies which will be present our information to the whole web world. Our Web Designing Training in Indore provides End to End support. It’s really an art while creating a full-fledged Website of a client or for a product. If a website’s design is not up-to the standard it will get very minimum impact to the specific audience.

Our Trainers for Web Designing is famous freelancers and corporate experts. They are working for many multi-billion dollar companies and they know the international standards in web designing. By using the experience of them anyone can learn the basic to complex level website designing in short time period.

Web Design is not just creating web pages to display some image and content. We have to analyse the purpose of that website first. After reviewing the purpose we can have an idea about what we are going to do with that website. Then we have to mix the perfect composition of ideas and creativity into that to build a solid new website for clients. Each a every project should be unique. It will add some more advantage to your portfolio. We are the Best Web Designing Training in Indore with complete structured syllabus. It will match each and every Web Design Companies or Digital Interactive Agencies in Indore.

Web Designing Training is combination of both design and development of a website.
Web Designing Training Syllabus

Our Web Designing Training Syllabus covers from basic introduction of web to the perfect dynamic creation of CMS [Content Management System] using PHP.
HTML Training

HTML is the basic requirement of any web application or websites. So, students who want to be a perfect web design and developer must strong in the basic part. We will give the clear cut knowledge of HTML Tags and usage of Tags in practical manner.
CSS Training

Without CSS knowledge no one can able to design professional web layouts. CSS part is going to help the web designer in defining the styles of each HTML Tags. There are many types in CSS. Our Web Designing Training in Chennai will discover all the aspects in CSS Zone.
JavaScript Training

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HTML Website Designing
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HTML Website Designing

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HTML Training in Indore

By giving project oriented training all are saying we are the best HTML Training in Chennai. Yes, we are offering the HTML Training in the part of Web Designing and Development in International Standard. HTML is a standard and by that standard we are creating webpages. The only language any web browser knows in HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Out HTML Training in Chennai offers complete structured layouts for their practices.
Excellence in training makes a man perfect

We believe that practical sessions are more efficient than dictating each and every term as theoretically. Our HTML Training in Chennai had some regulations like each student has to build at-least 3 complete static designs before getting certifications here. Once they are more familiar in HTML they can do any type of static designs.
HTML Training Syllabus
Overview of HTML

Overview of HTML
Introduction to HTML
Creating an HTML Document
Formatting text with HTML

Paragraph Formatting with HTML
Character Formatting with HTML
Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting
Adding local and remote links

Adding Local and Remote Links
Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag
Adding graphics

Linking and Embedding Graphics
Creating lists in HTML

Creating Lists and Nested Lists
Creating tables in HTML

Creating and Modifying Tables
Creating Advanced Table Elements
Setting Body and Background Attributes

Setting Background and Text Colors
Web Page Design Guidelines

Web Page Design Guidelines
Adding Links to other Internet Services

Links to Non-Web Internet Services

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CSS3.0 is a new version of CSS. CSS stands of cascading style sheets. It is used to embed and enhance the features of a website easily. The various facilities provided by CSS3.0 have decreased the work load of a designer. But the effectiveness and efficiency of a website has increased manifold. These features are transitions, gradients etc. With CSS3.0 ,you can add an effect when changing from style to another without the use of flash and javascripts.

CSS3 is a very exciting and interactive tool used for the development in the web development arena. It is well supported by all the browsers. It reduces lot of stress and work of the developments in the web development.
CSS Training in Indore

Our IT Training Indore is providing best CSS Training in Indore. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Our CSS Training tends towards real-time practical international standard design layouts. Every static of dynamic webpages requires CSS to give good design impression. Without CSS there will be plain text and images in that page. There are three types for writing CSS. And more importantly we are covering CSS3 in our training program.

  •     Inline CSS
  •     Internal CSS
  •     External CSS

Our CSS Training in Chennai covers all of them and presents the new and impressive look in any designs. By visiting our student’s works you can find out why we are saying “We are the Best CSS Training Institute in Indore”.
CSS Training Syllabus
Types of Style Sheets

  •     Inline Styles
  •     Embedded Styles
  •     External or Linked Styles

Inheritance and Cascading Order

  •     Inheritance
  •     Conflicting Styles
  •     Specificity

Formatting Text and Fonts

  •     Font Families
  •     Font Size
  •     Kerning, Leading, and Indenting

Formatting Colors and Backgrounds

  •     The Color Attribute
  •     The Background Attribute
  •     Background Colors and Images

Exploring CSS Class and ID Attributes

  •     Defining The CSS Class Attribute
  •     Defining The CSS ID Attribute

Create Your Own HTML Tags

  •     HTML Span and DIV Tags
  •     Creating Block-Level HTML Tags
  •     Creating Inline HTML Tags

Positioning Block-Level Elements

  •     Relative and Absolute Positioning
  •     Formatting The Block-Level Box Model
  •     Element Visibility Controls

Introducing The Document Object Model (DOM)

  •     Versions Of The Document Object Model
  •     Detecting The DOM Version With Java Script
  •     Java Script and The DOM

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Jquery Training in Indore
  •     Leveraging the .ready() method
  •     Assigning event handlers programmatically

Animating Web Pages with jQuery Effects
Enhancing pages with animations

  •     Controlling visibility with .hide(), .show() and .toggle()
  •     Combining animations and responding to callbacks
  •     Leveraging object literals to control animations
  •     Developing custom animations with .animate()

Building Responsive Pages with Ajax
Updating page components asynchronously

  •     Downloading HTML with the .load() method
  •     Calling web services with .get() and .post()
  •     Replacing callbacks with chained deferred objects
  •     Combining Ajax calls with .when() and .then()

Converting serialized server data to HTML

  •     Retrieving JSON with .getJSON()
  •     Returning and parsing XML with .ajax()

Designing User-Friendly Forms
Exploring jQuery tools for forms manipulation

  •     Selecting and setting focus on the first element
  •     Responding to focus and blur events
  •     Providing real-time feedback via keyboard events
  •     Integrating a validation plugin

Extending jQuery with Plugins
Integrating popular plugins

  •     Leveraging contributions from the jQuery community
  •     Extracting embedded data from semantic HTML
  •     Manipulating images with slide shows and carousels

Developing jQuery plugins

  •     Conforming to best practices and naming conventions
  •     Handling multiple elements
  •     Enabling method chaining
  •     Aliasing $ to avoid namespace conflicts
  •     Consuming object literals to override defaults

Creating Sophisticated User Interfaces with jQuery UI
Integrating widgets for highly interactive web applications

  •     Optimizing screen real estate with accordions and tabs
  •     Adding resizable, floating windows with dialog
  •     Providing input assistance with autocomplete

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JavaScript Training in Indore
  •     Getting started
  •     Creating loops
  •     Passing values to functions
  •     Detecting objects
  •     Reading arrays
  •     Returning values from functions
  •     Writing arrays
  •     Building do and while loops
  •     Re-using functions

Creating Rollovers and More

  •     Creating a basic image rollover
  •     How to write a better rollover
  •     Creating a three-state rollover
  •     Making rollovers accessible and 508 compliant
  •     Making disjointed rollovers
  •     Creating slideshows
  •     Displaying random images

Building Smarter Forms

  •     Getting started
  •     Creating jump menus
  •     Creating dynamic menus
  •     Requiring fields
  •     Cross-checking fields
  •     Displaying more informative errors
  •     Verifying radio button selections
  •     Setting one field with another field
  •     Verifying email addresses

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