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Nature of Business

Service Provider

Data Warehousing Service

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What is Datawarehousing?
Datawarehousing - Evolution
Datawarehousing - Characteristics
Datawarehousing - Life Cycle
Types of System in DWH domain - OLTP and OLAP
Top Down Approach(Inmon Methodology)
Bottom Up Approach(Kimball Methodology)
Waterfall Methodology · JAD Methodology
Datawarehousing - Architecture
Source Layer
Staging Area
ODS,DWH,Data Mart
Reporting Layerhat is Datawarehousing?

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Data Stage Administrator

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Creating project, Editing project and Deleting project
Permissions to user
.Apt Config file
Environment variable creation, permission

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Data Management Service

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Introduction About Data stage Manager
Importing the Job
Exporting the Job
Importing Table Definition
Importing Flat File Definition

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Difference between Local Container and Shared Container
Local Container
Shared Container

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Oracle Database Service

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Identify the oracle produ

Describe the basic concept of a relational database
2. Installing oracle database 10g software:

System requirements.
Use Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)
Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer.

3. Create an oracle database:

Oracle Database Architecture.
Oracle instance architecture.
Use the management framework.
Use the Database Creation Assistant.

4. Controlling the database:

Start and stop the agent
Start and stop the enterprise manager database console
Start and stop the listener
Startup and shutdown the database

5. Storage Structures

Defining the tablespaces and data files
Create tablespaces
Manage tablespaces
Obtain tablespace information
Create and manage tablespace using oracle enterprises manager.

6. Administering users:

Create and manage database user accounts
Create and manage roles
Grant and revoke privileges
Control resource usage by users.

7. Managing schema objects

Create and modify tables
Define constraints
View the attributes of a table
View the contents of a table
Create indexes and views

8. Managing Data

Manipulating data through SQL
Using Import
Using Export
Using SQL Loader


Identify PL/SQL objects
Understand triggers and triggering events
Identify configuration options that affect PL/SQL performance
10. Oracle Database Security
Apply the principal of least privilege
Manage default user accounts
Implement standard password security features
Audit database activity

11. Oracle Net Services

Understand Oracle Net concepts
Use Oracle Net Manager to create and configure listeners
Use the listener control utility to control the Oracle Net Listener
Use the Oracle Net Manager to configure client and middle-tier connection
Use TNSPING to test Oracle Net connectivity

12. Oracle Shared Server

Understand when to use Oracle Shared Servers
Configure Oracle Shared Servers
Monitoring Shared Servers

13. Performance Monitoring

Troubleshoot invalid and unusable objects
Gather optimizer statistics
View performance metrics
React to performance issue

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General Ledger --- GL

· Chart of Account / Currency / Calander
· Multi Orgamisation (Multi Org) ----- BG / SOB / LE / OU / Inv Org
· Flexfields : KFF / DFF ----- Value Set / Validation Type / Value

Sys Admin -- SA

· User / Responsibility / Menu / Request Group / Profile

Journal Entry JE

· Recurring / Tax / STAT / Suspence / Reverse
· Mass Alocation / Conversion / Intercompany


FSG / Consolidation / Journal Approsal / Revavation Translation / MRC

Purchasing --- PO

· Implementation ( Setup Steps )
· Requisition / RFQ / Quotation / Quote Analysis
· PO Generation / Accounting / Management

Account Payable ---AP
Implementation(Setup Steps)

Standard / PO Default / Quick match / Mixed / DebitMemo/CreditMemo
Withholding Tax / Tax Invoice / Intrest Invoice / Prepeyment
Payment / Bank / Supplier /Supplier Merger

Fixed Asset --- FA

· Implementation(setup Steps)
· Manual Addition / Mass Addtion / Depriciation / Retirement / Revaluation

Account Receivables --- AR
Customer Profile Classes -----

· Custamer, Cuseomer Merge Transactions, Invoice Debit Memo
SetUp -----

Trnasaction Source, Transaction Type, Payment Terms, Audio Invoicing, Grouping Rules, Line Ordering Rules, Intrface lines, Recrurring Invoices, Invoices with Rules.
Credit Meno -----

Reciepts,Quick cash Receipts,Automatic Receipts
SetUp -----

· Receipt Class,Payment nethod,Banks Reciepts, Reconcillation
Inventory ---- INV

SetUp Steps / Items / Subinventory / Workday Calander / Receive(Against PO)


· Location / Orgamisation / job /position /position Hierarchy / Employee

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Journal Entry JE

· Recurring / Tax / STAT / Suspence / Reverse
· Mass Alocation / Conversion / Intercompany

Genera ledger
Journal Processing

· Enter Manual Journals
· Post individual and multiple
· Journals Automate Journal posting
· View Account Balances online
· Run reports to view account balances
· Reverse Journals after posting
· Automate Journal Reversals

Inter-company Journals: Processing and Issues
Design Suspense Accounts
Journal Approvals
Journal Entry Tax and its relevance
Rollup Groups and Summary Templates
Document Sequence for journals
Import Journals from other applications, Legacy Systems

· Enter Budgets Manually
· Post Budgets
· View Budget or Fund Balances

Need for Revaluation

Standard / PO Default / Quick match / Mixed / DebitMemo/CreditMemo
Withholding Tax / Tax Invoice / Intrest Invoice / Prepeyment
Payment / Bank / Supplier /Supplier Merger


· Business Consideration
· View Balances


· Business Needs

· Map Subsidiaries to Parent

· View Results

Multiple Reporting Currencies

· Business Needs
· Advantages and Limitations

Accounts Receivables
Configuration / Setup

· System Options
· Auto accounting
· Grouping rules
· Other setup steps

Define Customers
Invoice Processing
· Standard Invoices
· Credit Memo/ Debit Memo
· Customer Advance
· Recurring Invoices
· Import Invoice using AutoInvoic Import

Adjustments to Invoices

· Individual/ Batches
· Open Receipts
· Apply against invoices
· Supplier/ Customer knockoff

Adjustments to Receipts: Editing/ Cancellation
Accounting Events: Introduction/ Transfer to GL
Bills Receivables
Cash Management
Enter Bank Statements

· Manual Entry
· Import Statements from bank (Concept)

Receipts Processing

· Editing
· Cancellation


· Manual
· Automatic

Cash Forecasting
Cash Positioning

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Introduction To Apps

About Oracle E-bussiness Suite
· About Erp
· Global Singal Database
· Features Of E - Business Suite
· Plateforms Used
· Roles Of Dba,functional And Technical Cunsaltents
· Rice Components
· Types Of Projects
· Aim Document
· Applcatiopn Architecture
· Single Node Architecture
· Folder Hirarchy
· Database Architecture
· About Aol

Aol Concepts

· Creating User
· Assign Responsibilites To User
· Creating New Responsibilites
· Creating Single Menu To Access All Financial Modules
· Nenu Level Function Level Securities

Oracle 9i Concepts

· Joins And Sub Queries
· Views,sequences
· Indexe's
· Dcl Commands And Synonyms
· Pl/sql
· Basic Of Pl/sql
· Cursors
· Exception Handlig
· Procedurs,functions And Packages

Understanding Forms And Reports·

· Design Form Using Wizard
· Creating Control Block
· Design Form To Add,save,modify,and Find Records
· Reprts
· Design Report Using Wizard
· Design Report Manually
· Designing Parameterized Report
· Design Multi Layout Report

Custom Module Development
Forms Concepts In Apps

· Forms Responalization
· Forms Customization Using Custom.pll
· About Who Columns,dff And Kff

Reports Concepts In Apps

· Registering Simple Repot
· Register Parameterized Report
· Adding Logo To Report
· Creating Value Set
· Creating Request Set
· Schudiling Reports
· Sql* Plus Reports

Bi Publisher

· Introduction
· About Xml
· Standards Of Ns Words
· Generating Xml File Through Report 6i Buildr
· Creating A Template
· Generating Rtf Report
· Using Wizard And Advance Options
· Control Structures
· Advanced Xml Topics [ Xls,xdofx,xpath Etc.......]
· Designing Charts
· Adding Logo To Reports
· Multi Layout Reports
· Parameterized Report
· Register Xml Report In Apps

Administration Edition

· Crearing A Private End User Layer For A New Tutorial Database User
· Connecting To Discoverrer Adminserator, Using The Load Wizard And The Work Area
· Granting Access Privilieges
· Modifiying The Business Area
· Working With Custom Folders
· Creating Joins
· Customizing Items
· Designing A Complex Folder
· Working With Hierarchies
· Creating Summary Folders To Optimize Performance

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