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Hair Transplant Procedure

We are one of the prominent organizations engaged in providing Hair Transplant Procedure. All our services are widely appreciated by the clients due to their reliability, cost-effectiveness and customization.

Tricophytic Closure
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Tricophytic Closure

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Tricophytic closure is a technique of closure (suturing) of surgically created wound. After this type of suturing, the hair grows through scar. Presence of scar in hair make it less visible. When hair transplant is done by strip technique (FUT) then there is a linear scar on back side of scalp. Hair do not grow though scar. This seems to be the biggest drawback of strip technique of follicle harvesting. In tricophytic closure, edge of lower margin of wound is de-epithelised, and then suturing of wound is done. So de epithelised lower margin is covered by upper margin of wound.In de epithelised lower margin follicles stars growing hair. After healing of wound hair comes out through scar. Please note that scar becomes less visible does not means there is no scar at all. At Rejuvenate hair transplant centre all wounds are closed by tricophytic closure. No extra charges are taken for this.

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Why Medical Treatment

Hair loss or growth is affected by many factors. Till date few of them are known as effects of androgen, genetic factor, stress, crash diet, long standing malnutrition, ferretin deficiency. In male front hair follicles are genetically predispose to fall with the effect of testosterone. We can not correct genetic factor but we can treat dietary deficiency and effect of hormone. A proper diet of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids play a major role in healthy hair growth. Any deficiency in these natural diet supplements can lead to gradual thinning of hair.

Nutrition value of the diet which we are taking needs to be evaluated. Freezing food products reduces nutritive value of food. Fresh fruits and vegetables have high value of anti oxidants. Our body is very selective in supply of nutrients to our body parts. Priority is given to vital organs. Hair are given least preference as far as supply of nutrients is concerned because we can live without hair .therefore in order to nourish our hair our diet should be supplemented by enough amounts of essential nutrients so they are available for hair follicles.

Some minerals and vitamins can influence the activity levels of another vitamin and minerals. For example, intake of lysine, vitamin B12, vitamin C, help in absorption of other factors like iron. So the nutrients may not affect hair growth themselves but may influence another nutrient which does. It is worth bearing in mind that due to complexity of the body there can be many potential interactions for even the simplest of nutrients.

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Our regime includes following things to treat hair loss:

  • Medicine to control androgenic hair loss that is
  • Medicine to promote hair growth or to prolong anaphase period of hair cycle. Like
  • Raw material for synthesis of hair –nutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids
  • Herbs to control inflammation of follicles which is the final pathological stage before hair loss- natural products like Methi, amla, bhringraj and haldi (curcumin), coconut etc


Apart from natural products, a disciplined lifestyle combined with a balanced nutritious diet is the key for healthy hair. Here are some natural hair care tips…..

  • Avoid smoking and drinks containing caffeine and carbonated sodas. They may decrease the normal rate of hair growth and weaken the body.
  • Take a healthy diet that includes vitamins like B group vitamins, vitamin C, E and K. Hair growth is stimulated by protein rich foods including meat, eggs, cheese, seeds and nuts, yogurt, milk and milk products.
  • Eat fish as it is rich in protein, essential fatty acids and natural oils (Ghee) which are essential for hair growth.
  • Have a good night’s sleep and take plenty of rest to maintain healthy hair.
  • ;If you are a restless sleeper, it is better to use satin pillow covers. Cotton pillow cases tend to catch the hair easily and help break up the hair cuticle by the constant rubbing.
  • It is better for women to tie the hair on the top of the head instead of leaving it loose when going to sleep
  • It is better to use natural shampoo or soap to clean hair. Use natural oils like Mahabhringraj, Amla or Arnica oil, coconut oil to massage the roots of the hair gently.
  • Prefer Sprouted foods, honey, amla, yogurt, milk and milk products, nuts and avoid fast food and carbonated drink. Fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Visualise yourself with thick, black dense hair over your scalp, then bald scalp. You have immense power of attraction. Ultimately “Your thought becomes thing”

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surgical treatment of hair loss

there are various surgical procedures for hair restoration.

  • follicular unit transplant---fut
  • follicular unit extraction---fue (fox)
  • alopecia scalp reduction
  • use of expender
  • scalp flap

fut follicular unit transplant-- a strip of hair is taken from occipital region, and then individual follicle units are dissected. These follicle units are transplanted individually in bald area of scalp. These follicles taken from occipital region are not genetically predisposed to fall. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia as an out door procedure and well tolerated. After strip harvesting wound is closed by sutures usually absorbable so there is no need for suture removal and follow up visit. But this gives a linear scar on the backside of scalp. Trycophytic closure gives very fine thin linear scar. In this large number of follicles(more then 2000 follicles) can be done in single sitting . Time and cost in fut is less as compare to fue. Chances of follicle damage is negligible specially when you are doing follicle dissection under magnification. After surgery patients can have stretching sensation and some pain on back side of scalp. Second surgery is much easier if previous procedure was fut.

fue /fox follicular unit extraction-- in fue, using micro punch single follicle unit is extracted from donor area and this unit is transplanted. So there is no scar at donor site. No donor site morbidity ( pain and stretching sensations ). Limitation of this technique is that it is more time consuming and in one sitting limited number of graft can be implanted. Experience of surgeon is very important pre requisite for success of this fue. There is very high risk of damage to nearby follicles while harvesting follicle by micro punch. Consumer is not aware that how many nearby follicles and extracted follicles have been damaged. Fue is good technique in experienced hand for limited number of hair follicles transplant. Many surgeons are combining fut with fue to do large numbers of hair transplant in one sitting.
for comparison you can visit the site of ishrs

alopecia scalp reduction - this is surgical excision of non hair bearing area of scalp in order to reduce overall size of bald area. Follicular unit transplanted is needed to cover remaining bald area of scalp.

scalp expension - hair bearing area of scalp is expended using tissue expender. Then this expended hair bearing area is used to cover bald area of scalp.

scalp flaps -various scalp flaps has been designed to cover non hair bearing area of scalp. Based on vascular supply, various scalp flaps has been designed. These flaps are used to cover bald area of scalp.

the alopecia scalp reduction, scalp expansion and scalp flaps are major surgical procedures usually requires general anaesthesia. While choosing these procedures one should discuss all technical details with surgeon.

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Hair Transplant

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`Why Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Unit

This unit is unique in many senses

Operating Team

We have well trained senior hair transplant surgeon, trained Tricologist, trained operation theatre technician and well trained hair follicle splitters. Our centre is as per norms, is certified by Government health department.

Hair Transplant Surgeon -
DR.ANIL GARG MS., MCh. plastic surgeon

He has more then twenty years experience of microsurgery and done series of replants of amputed body parts like fingers, hand and also. He is trained from Taiwan and USA .This unique experience makes absolute atraumatic handling of delicate precious follicles.

Tricologist - We have full time well trained and experienced tricologist. While working he uses magnification loupe.

Follicle splitters - We have four well trained follicle splitters who dissect follicles under most advanced Stereo microscope. You can see fine ness of their work in our “details of procedure”.

Operating Room

We have a state of art hair transplant unit with following features:

  • Large operation room with good air conditioning and excellent ambiance
  • Modified operation table giving comfort
  • With Silicone neck pads giving extra comfort

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loss of hair any where from body is called alopecia. Loss of hair is natural phenomenon during the hair growth cycle. It is estimated that most individuals lose about 100 scalp hair per day. Hair loss can become a cosmetic problem when it occurs in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong individual. When more hair is lost then this may be result of some underlying disease or effect of hormone and or genetic predisposition. Two major category of hair loss are described.

a. Scarring alopecia

this is irreversible hair loss characterized by damage to the underlying skin which results in scarring that destroys the hair follicle and its potential for regeneration. This is permanent because hair follicles have been destroyed. Burn and trauma are most common causes.

b. Non scaring alopecia

this type of hair loss is very common and can be due to many causes, including certain diseases, drugs, aging, diet, as well as a genetic predisposition for hair loss called androgenetic alopecia (common balding).

c. Androgenic alopecia

this is non scaring alopecia precipitated by hormones in genetically predisposed hair follicles. Occurs in both male and female. In male anterior hair line starts receding and frontal baldness takes place. This may further progress leading to loss of hair in crown area also. In female hair loss is more generalise and usually anterior hair line is preserved. A diet deficient in essential nutrients can also precipitate hair loss.

d.Alopecia areta

alopecia areata, a non-scarring alopecia, is thought to be an autoimmune disease and is characterized by distinct, localized, sharply marginated areas of hair loss. This characteristically spontaneously remits but occasionally can result in the loss of 100% of all scalp and even body hair. When all scalp hair are lost it is called alopecia totalis and all body including scalp are lost then called alopecia univeralis.

other uncommon causes of hair loss are---infection like syphilis, skin disease such as lupus, skin cancer, hormone imbalance, liver or kidney failure, thyroid disease etc.

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First Step to Hair Transplant

In last few years there is a tremendous increase in awareness about hair transplant, at the same time news papers, magazines; web sites hoardings are full of advertisement about the growing number of hair transplant units and various hair growth medicines, oils etc. All make lots of claims about their success.

Consumer is very much confused about what to follow. Internet is biphasic it gives lots of information but at the same time it is difficult to trust that abundant information.

We need to analyse them intelligently and formulate our views on the basis of some criteria.

So you should know:

Surgeon -
Academic qualification, His medical degrees are recognised by state medical council or board certified.

Technique Of Hair Transplant
- What technique he usually does and his experience of that technique.

Transplant Unit  - If he uses Follicle dissection technique, then does he use magnification for follicle dissection? Is follicle dissecting team experienced enough? Who is implanting follicles? Use of magnification loupe is recommended while implanting follicles. Now it is gold standard to dissect follicles under magnification to prevent micro damage to follicles. Does his unit have air conditioners to maintain low room temperature? Does his unit have power back up in case of electricity failure? Cool temperatures is mandatory for hair follicles otherwise damage to precious follicles takes place. Is his unit equipped to manage any unwanted emergency situations?

Charges -
Charges are per hair or per hair follicle units or per square inches. Also enquire about the density of transplanted hair.

Medical Treatment Of Hair Loss  - Does he treat your hair loss by medicines? Enquire about any or all side effects of medicines. What is the rational of his medicines? YOU SHALL KNOW NAME OF MEDICINES HE IS GIVING. (By law, the physician has to tell you the name of medicine and its side effect etc)

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Facts About Hairs

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Facts About Hairs

The hair is most important to one’s self esteem and identity. This is universal symbol of beauty and vitality. In today’s era hair loss is one of common problem affecting both men and women.

Fortunately, there are effective preventive measures that one can take. If your progressing hair loss is taken care early then there are successful treatments. Hair restoration can be done using medical treatment as well as by surgery.

Hair Growth and the Hair Cycle

The normal human scalp contains between 100,000 to 150,000 follicles that produce thick terminal hair. Humans normally lose about 100 hairs per day. When hair enters its resting phase, growth stops and the bulb detaches from the papilla. The old hair is pushed out as the new shaft starts to grow. When an old hair is shed, a small, white swelling is found at the bottom of the hair shaft. Most people assume that this is the growth centre of the hair, but it is just the clubbed, detached lower end of the hair shaft. The dermal papillae and the growth centre of the hair remain in the scalp. Scalp hair grows at a rate of about 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

Causes Of Hair Loss


Hair loss leading to bald ness is called Alopecia. Most people lose hair because they have inherited a genetic design that predisposes them for baldness. Hair loss can also be caused by underlying medical problems, drugs, infections and a variety of other factors. Medical problems that can cause diffuse hair loss include: Stress, prolonged disease, anaemia, thyroid disease, connective tissue diseases (such as Lupus), severe nutritional deficiencies; mainly iron, calcium and vitamins deficiencies, crash dieting, surgical procedures, and severe emotional problems.

Androgenic Alopecia

In men there are two types of hair follicle which differ genetically. Hair follicles over front and crown have androgenic receptors while follicles on back and both side of scalp do not have androgenic receptors. Under the influence of DHT, follicles with androgenic receptors first produce thinner, shorter hair with weaker shafts. Eventually, these follicles produce only fine, almost invisible, vellus hair, and they may die out altogether. Androgenetic alopecia requires three conditions : the genes for hair loss, male hormones in adequate quantities, and time.

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Comparison Between FUE and FUT (FUE / FUT)

  • In FUT more number (more then 2000) of follicles can be harvested in one sitting while this may not be possible in FUE.
  • In FUT strip harvesting follicle dissection is done under direct vision using magnification so chances of follicle damage are very negligible. While FUE is blind technique of harvesting follicles, so there are more chances of follicle damage
  • In FUT you get a linear scar which is almost invisible (tricophytic closure) while there is no linear scar in FUE. But multiple small circular scars are given after extraction of follicles using circular punch. If we calculate total length of multiple circular scars for 1000 follicles for 1mm punch it will be 31.4 cm ( 1000multiplied by 3.14) while in strip technique it is around 12.5 cm ( in density of 80 follicles per sq cm.) long only
  • In FUE we can harvest body hair follicles while it is not possible in FUT. This is greatest advantage of FUE
  • FUE is good procedure for small number of follicles to be transplanted like for beard, moustaches and for successive stages of hair transplant
  • Usually cost of FUE is much more then FUT because it involves more time and expensive disposables to be used in this technique

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Result of Hair Transplant
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