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Today in the era of new and advanced technological advancements, one thing is also increasing day by day and that is pollution. Many steps are being taken to control but all are insufficient and less effective. In this situation, management of waste is another area of concern of any government. The 40 to 45% amount of municipal waste consists of organic waste. This waste is a source of foul odor, diseases, and choking of free flow of water. It also results in unsightly surroundings, germs, insects, mosquitoes, rats and flies. Generally, this waste is dumped into landfills, which causes only problems to new place not solve it. Corporations & Municipalities are also stressed & bound because of the non-availability of land for garbage dumping and high costs of transportation.


An effective method to get rid of organic waste is composting in which waste is converted into useful composts. There are various methods of composting depending upon the presence of oxygen in the process. Unattended or let lay methods of composting enhance the emissions of methane when organic matter decomposes in oxygen-starved dumps. In this method, methane is generated that is a big threat to the earth when mixed with other green house gases.


Our organization believes that taking care of the earth for better tomorrow of our children is our prime responsibility. Another method of composting known as decentralized composting at source is an ideal option. Our Earth Care composting & curing machine handles all essential requirements of composting and this is a total solution for the problem of organic waste.


  • No worms, bugs, or trash odors
  • Good for the garden

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News Headlines

Kwik Composter facilitates natural composting process by providing optimal conditions of Mixing, Air Flow, Moisture and Temperature to the composting cultures. This is done electronically.

Proper composting also needs proper Carbon to Nitrogen ratio. This is maintained by addition of saw dust or any other carbonaceous material.

Organic waste is deposited directly at the inlet of the machine, 

High temperature in 1st zone of the machine facilitates destruction of odors, pathogens and seed germination. 

As the waste moves from 1st zone to 2nd and 3rd zone, further composting and curing reactions take place. Temperatures decrease to around 30 Deg. Celsius

The exhaust gases are filtered and are led to sewage line, avoiding any trace of foul odor.

Leach-ate collection trays are provided to carry leach-ate or extra moisture to sewage line unseen.

Mixing, Composting & Curing is automatically done by the machine.

Compost keeps on collecting in the bag at rear end of the machine.

 It can be used immediately or can be left in the heap to be used at a later stage.

Good for the garden: Food Waste compost has a very high Nitrogen content, which is essential for healthy plants. Spread over the soil surface, like mulch, Nutrients gradually enter the soil during watering and annual tilling. It can be used in garden, lawn, shrubs, trees, or indoor potted plants.

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News Headlines
  • Our Machine works on biological process, which is controlled electronically.
  • Organic waste is deposited at the front end of the machine with a pinch of soda and saw dust to balance the chemistry.
  • Compost is collected automatically in a plastic bag or a tray at the rear end. As this tray is full it is removed and another is put.


Use for Composting:

  • Vegetable
  • Spoilt vegetables
  • Fruit skins and spoilt fruits
  • Cooked and uncooked meat
  • Bones, egg shells
  • Bread and bakery materials
  • All cooked food waste
  • Garden Waste
  • Temple Waste


Do Not Use for Composting

  • Plastic bags and bottles
  • Glass, metal
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Dog or Cat droppings
  • Nappies or sanitary waste
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
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