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Industrial Products

We are a renowned supplier and service provider of Innovative Scientific/Industrial Products, Instruments, Apparatus and Systems. Our products are highly appreciated by our clients for their premium quality features such as high performance, durability, easy operation and low maintenance. These products are procured only from reliable and certified vendors to ensure their international quality standards.


Our vast product range comprises following:

  • Measurement Instruments
  • Testing Equipment
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Electrical Testing
  • Calibration Instruments
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Automotive Testing
  • Infrared Thermal Camera and many more.


We are exclusive product distributors and manufacturers representative for Sensors, Transmitters , Test and Measurement Instruments, Display Units and Controllers ,Calibration Instruments, Environmental Monitoring, Analyzers and Test Systems in INDIA. We offer the latest equipments from world-class manufacturers, with excellent after-sales service and support.

They provide one-stop solutions for Testing & Measuring, Calibration, EMI/EMC, Process Control, RF & Microwave, and High Voltage Testing. The Products are manufactured to meet or exceed the latest industry standards.

Electrical Test and Measuring Equipments

Our company caters to industrial needs of Electrical, Electronic Test and Measuring Instruments by supplying from ready stock. Our all products are of highest quality. We supply a long list of products range of instruments

Thermography Cameras

Thermal Camera, Thermography Camera, Thermal Imaging Camera, Thermal Imager, Temperature Measuring Camera  Infrared Thermal Camera, Infrared Thermography Camera, Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, Infrared Thermal Imager, Infrared Temperature Measuring Camera.

IR Camera, IR thermal Camera, IR Thermal Imaging Camera, IR Thermal Imager, IR Temperature measuring camera.  Drone based Thermal Camera, Drone Thermal Camera, Drone Thermography Camera, Drone Thermal Imaging Camera, Drone Thermal Imager, Drone Temperature Measuring Camera.

Industrial Video Borescope, Videoscope Inspection Camera

The industrial borescope / endoscope / videoscope and its waterproof tube are suitable for industrial inspection. Images can be directly shown on the screen. Due to convenience of carrying and high mobility, it can be applied to machinery, cars, aviation, fossils, electric appliances, gas/water pipelines, LPG, ship industries, and non-destructive testing.


We are offering different types of Bore scopes, Camera Endoscope, Digital Borescope, Video Endoscope, Video Pipe Inspection; Snap on Video Borescope, Micro Borescope, Usb Video Borescope, Endoscopy Video, Video scope. Video Borescope allows the operator to access the “HARD TO SEE” area and the CMOS Image sensor camera gives the operator a great view. It has much better picture than the traditional fiber borescope.



  • Automobiles (check of and repair of cylinders, mufflers, transmissions, linings, manifolds, frames, etc. )
  • Aircrafts (Inspection and repair of engines, shafts, landing gears, turbines, etc.)
  • Ships (Inspection and repair engines, turbines, heat exchangers, pipe lines, etc.)
  • Railways (Inspection and repair for engine maintenance, power maintenance, electric maintenance, etc.)
  • Mechanical equipment (internal check of pipes, tanks, steel pipes, tubes, etc.)
  • Generators (Inspection for cracks on and abrasion of mechanical equipment, boilers, turbines, hydraulic pipes, etc.)
  • Welding (Inspection of welding on pipes, tanks, steel pipes, tubes, etc.)
  • General equipment (Internal check of various pipes)
  • Gas, petroleum, and chemicals (Internal Inspection of gas pipes, oil pipes, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Electricity (Internal Inspection and diagnosis of power distributors, transformers, power equipment, etc.)
  • Manufacture (quality check of engine blocks, containers, LCDs, etc.)
  • Defense, security, and surveillance (military, customs, police , firefighting, security companies)
  • Architecture (Construction engineering, upholstery, house repair, plumbing, ventilation, air condition, etc.)
  • Exploration, education, and research and experiments.


Noise Modeling, Mapping Or Prediction Software

CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) is the leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. Whether your objective is to study the noise immission of an industrial plant, of a mart including a parking lot, of a new road or railway scheme or even of entire towns and urbanized areas: CadnaA is designed to handle all these tasks.

With more than 30 implemented standards and guidelines, powerful calculation algorithms, extensive tools for object handling, outstanding 3D visualization and the very user-friendly interface CadnaA is the perfect software to handle national and international noise calculation and noise mapping projects of any size.

CadnaA with extension Option APL also allows calculation, assessment and presentation of air pollutant distribution.

With its technical capabilities and its ease of use CadnaA represents state-of-the-art technology. CadnaA is developed in C/C and communicates perfectly with other Windows applications like word processors, spreadsheet calculators, CAD software and GIS-databases.

CadnaA includes a multi-lingual user interface and is successfully applied in more than 60 countries all over the world.

Noise Level Measurement

Noise Level Meter. Sound Level Meter. dB Level Meter. Noise Meter. Noise Lable Meter. dB Meter. Acoustic Noise Level Meter. Noise Monitoring Terminal. Remote Noise Monitoring.

Acoustic Measurement System

  • Aero-acoustic Wind Tunnels.
  • An-echoic Chambers.
  • Sound Measurement and Test Rooms.
  • Noise Testing Rooms.
  • Noise testing Enclosure .
  • Acoustic Chambers.
  • Acoustic Measurement Rooms.
  • Reverberation Chambers.
  • Jet Engine Test Cells.
  • Acoustic Test Cells.
  • We offer noise reduction systems for the following areas and products:

    Power Plants.

    Print and Paper.

    Metal Forming Industry.

    Mechanical Engineering.

    Test Rigs.

    Road and Rail.

    Acoustic Doors.

    Shop Offices.

    Sound Absorber.


Meteorological Sensors

Meteorological Sensors, Weather Sensors, Weather Monitoring Sensors, Weather Station Sensors, Automatic Weather Station. Wind Speed Sensors, Cup anemometers, Anemometers, Wind Velocity Sensors, Wind Speed Transmitters, Wind Velocity Transmitters, Air Speed Sensor, Air Velocity Transmitter, Ultrasonic Anemometer, Ultrasonic 2D Anemometer, Ultrasonic 3D Anemometer, Sonic 3D Anemometer, Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensor. Wind Direction Sensors, Wind Direction Transmitters, Wind Vane, Wind Vane Transmitters, Air Direction Sensor, Air Direction Transmitter, First Class Anemometer, First Class Wind Speed Sensor, First Class Wind Direction Sensor, First Class Wind Speed Transmitter First Class Wind Direction Transmitter. Temperature Sensor, Temperature Transmitter, Air Temperature Sensor, Ambient Temperature Sensor, Module Temperature Sensor, Solar Panel Temperature Sensor, Solar Panel Temperature contact Probe, Temperature probe. Humidity Sensor, Humidity Transmitter, Air Humidity Sensor, Ambient Humidity Sensor, Relative Humidity Sensor, Relative Humidity Transmitter, Air Relative Humidity Sensor, Ambient Relative Humidity Sensor. Combined Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor, Temperature and Relative Humidity Transmitter, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor, Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity Transmitter , Air Temperature and Relative Temperature Transmitter, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe, Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity Transmitter. Pressure Sensor, Ambient Pressure Sensor, Air pressure sensors, Atmospheric pressure sensor, Barometric transmitter, Baro-transmitter. Rain Gauge, Precipitation transmitter, RainFall sensor, Tipping-bucket Rainfall measurement, Total precipitation sensor, Total Rain Gauge, Snow Gauge, Snowfall measurement sensor, Snowdepth measurement, Ultrasonic Snowdepth measurement, Laser precipitation monitor, Disdrometer, Laser Disdrometer, Micro Rain Radar, precipitation Monitor, Rain detector, Rain fall monitor. Solar Radiation Sensor, Pyranometer, Pyrgeometer, Pyrradiometer, Pyrheliometer, Albedometer, Solar Radiation Measurement Sensor, Solar Flux sensor, Sunshine Recorder, Direct Solar Radiation Measurement, Diffuse Solar Radition measurement, Solar Tracker. Soil Temperature Sensor, Soil Moisture sensor,Heat Flux Sensor.

Electrical Motor Tester

Providing you the best range of Motor Stator Tester, Rotor Tester, Armature Tester, Electrical Motor Tester and Winding Turn Counter with effective & timely delivery.

Motor Manufacturing Machines

We offer Motor manufacturing machines for the automatic coil winding construction. Machine particularly adapt where high flexibility and performances are required. The winding flyer and the form axle are numerically controlled, programmable poles divisor and adjustable winding head on vertical and horizontal direction through hand wheel.

Calibration System

We can supply calibration system for Voltage, Current, Resistance, Torque, Load, Force, Pressure, Temperature, Thermocouples, Humidity, Displacement, Acceleration, Vibration, Sound, pH, Conductivity, Light, Motion, Air Speed, Gas, LVDT, Time, Volume, Flow, Microphone, Noise Sources, Amplifiers, Portable and Process calibrators for field application. High Precision calibration sources for voltage, current and thermocouples for precise testing and calibration 

Weather Monitoring Station

Our range of products include Weather Monitoring System, Weather Station, Automatic Weather Station and WEATHER STATION.

Wireless Data logging Sysytem

Wireless data logging system allows the monitoring of many physical quantities in various application fields. The data loggers are available for the monitoring of: • Temperature• Relative humidity• Atmospheric pressure and differential pressure• Illuminance (lux) and UV irradiance• Carbon monoxide (CO)• Carbon dioxide (CO2)• Acceleration  Applications: • Food services (refrigerated containers, cold storage, production and carriage of food)• Health (storage of medicines, vaccines, blood, monitoring of incubators and operating rooms)• Greenhouses and agriculture crops• Environmental analyses (Air quality, meteorology and hydrology)• Museums and document archives

Vibration Meter

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Vibration Meter, Calibrator For Vibration Transducer and Whole Body and Hand Arm Vibration Meter.


We offer a combination of broadband frequency response, omni-directional beam pattern and high sensitivity. Several versatile transducers with a wide range of transmitting and receiving applications are equally at home as a cost effective, general purpose hydrophone or as a precision, acoustic sensor in a scientific measurement system.  All calibrations are traceable to National Standards.

Wind Tunnels

Leading Manufacturer of Wind Tunnel from Noida.

Remote Sensing LIDAR

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Noida, we offer Ceilometer.

Meteorological Sensor

Leading Manufacturer of Pyranometer from Noida.

Communication modem

Our range of products include Intelligent Industrial Modem.


Offering you a complete choice of products which include DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM ( DASIM).

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