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Our Commitments

Our Commitments
At Fresco, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality produce in its most fresh, pure and natural state – just as Mother Nature intended it. This commitment reflects our concern for the health and quality of our lives, the improvement of our lifestyle and the sustainability of our food system.
Your purchase of FRESCO purified produce supports those farmers, producers and handlers who are dedicated to ensure that the best quality produce is provided to you and your loved ones. 

Food contamination

Food contamination
What is food contamination?
Food contamination refers to the presence of harmful chemicals and micro-organisms in food, which can cause several debilitating illnesses if consumed. Contamination in food has long been a matter of grave concern world-wide, but is an even bigger threat in developing countries due to the lack of produce harvesting norms, food handling standards, and environmental regulations.

How do fruits & vegetables get contaminated?
There are several ways in which crops can get contaminated, right from the time they are planted till they are purchased. In India, over 40,000 million tons of pesticides are sprayed on crops to prevent loss of yield due to pest and insect attack. Even though the Indian government has imposed several norms and regulations on the use of pesticides, some of the deadliest and most commonly banned synthetic pesticides are still utilized. To learn more about these pesticides, click here. In addition to this barrage of toxic pesticides, crops world-wide are frequently fertilized with petroleum and sludge based synthetic fertilizers, thereby increasing the signature of chemical toxins in the resulting produce.After the harvest, crops are handled by twenty or more people before they are transported and sold all over the nation. 
The fruits and vegetables we eat may look perfectly safe, but they may retain residues of these pesticides, or get contaminated with bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter due to unhygienic modes of transportation.
Another mode of produce contamination, which is on a rise in India, is adulteration. Vendors often add artificial chemicals and dyes to make their produce look more attractive. Some traders even use harmful substances to accelerate the natural ripening of the produce. To learn more about most commons modes of food adulteration, click here.
What are the ill-effects of consuming contaminated produce?
Consuming fruits and vegetables tainted with these deadly toxins and micro-organisms can cause immediate harm resulting in indigestion and more serious infections like food poisoning. Bacteria like E.Coli and Salmonella can wreak havoc on our internal organs resulting in permanent paralysis, and in some cases, even death. 
Unfortunately for us, the graver risk stems from the long term consumption of micro-doses of toxins present in our food. These toxins accumulate in the inner linings of our vital organs over a period of years, resulting in irreversible tissue damage. Long term exposure can increase the risk of cancer, complications in pregnancy and child development, deterioration of the nervous system, lung injury, kidney failure and countless other diseases.+ Read More

Why should we purify the food we eat?

Why should we purify the food we eat?
Would you drink the water from your tap? Of course not. Since everyone is familiar with the dangers of consuming contaminated water, our caution has become second nature. At FRESCO, we believe that this awareness should not stop at the drinking glass. Like the contaminants in water, those within our food pose very real health risks which could be dangerous to ignore. 

How does FRESCO purify fruits & vegetables

At FRESCO, our commitment to delivering fresh, and above all, natural produce to you begins even before the produce reaches our purification centers. We ensure that all of our produce is handpicked and acquired from the most reliable sources. On reaching our purifications centers, the fresh produce is first thoroughly washed to remove dust and other foreign bodies. It is then purified in world class purification machines using certified, eco-friendly ozone technology, and is then expertly dried before being packed in pouches.To know more, please visit Our Process page 

What is Ozone Technology

What is Ozone Technology, and how does it work ?
When most people think of ozone, they picture the gaseous layer high in the earth's outer atmosphere that protects us from the sun's ultraviolet rays. However, this colorless gas, which sometimes can be detected as a fresh smell after a thunderstorm, is actually an invaluable tool with a variety of down-to-earth uses. It has been used to disinfect laundry in hospitals, for instance, and also to sanitize swimming pools and spas.
The purification machines installed at our purification centers produce active ozone using oxygen from Mother Nature. Once the fruits and vegetables are placed in the purification chambers, our ADCQ (Advanced Direct Contact Quarantine) technology purifies them via oxidation.

Is Ozone Safe

Is Ozone Safe, Is it Approved?
Ozone is a completely natural element and it automatically regresses back into oxygen molecules after the purification is complete, making this form of oxidant very safe and environmentally friendly. The use of ozone as an anti-microbial agent for food treatment, storage and processing has been approved as safe by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA). The Indian Medical Association (IMA) also recommends that all fresh produce should be purified using ozone before consumption. 

benefits of using Ozone

What are the benefits of using Ozone?
Application of ozone is quick and easyOzone significantly reduces exposure to pesticide residuesOzone is upto 99.99% effective at sanitizationOzone significantly reduces exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other food-borne pathogensOzone not only purifies, but also increases the shelf-life of your foodPurification by ozone does not leave behind any chemical residues
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