Distributor / Channel Partner of a wide range of products which include SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader, SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader, SEM636D Wheel Loader and SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor.

  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
  • SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
SEM 919 190 HP Motor Grader
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Engine Power190 HP
Operating Weight15070 Kg
Blade Width25 mm
Model Name/Number919
Top Speed- Forward5.3 / 9.1 / 12 / 20 / 25 / 40 km/hr
Top Speed- Reverse5.4 / 12 / 25 km/hr
Blade Height607 mm
Min Turning Radius7.8 m
Fuel Tank Capacity280 L
No. Of Cylinders6
Transmission TypeHangchi 6WG180
Max Drawbar PullGreater than or equal to 78 kN
Oscillation Angle15 / 25 degree (Front up / Rear up),+/- 16 deg (max)
Rear Axle TypeSEM ST22
Steering Range/ Angle47.5 degree (left/right)
Articulation Angle20 degree (Frame)
Engine Oil Capacity25 L
Transmission Oil Capacity28 L
Final Drive Case Capacity36 L
Max Lift Above Ground475 mm
Wheelbase6140 mm
Engine BrandSDEC SC9DK190,1G3
Max Torque820 kN
Transmission Gear6F / 3R
Max Lean Angle18 degree (Front wheels)
Max Depth of Cut715 mm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity70 L
Tandem Oil Capacity140 L
Engine Coolant44 L

SEM Tandem Axle
  • Leveraging Caterpillar designing and experience on MG tandem axle 
  • Improved bearing Layout and optimized load distribution with 4 planetary gears final drive 
  • Less downtime and reduced labor and service cost for maintenance and repairing 
  • The longer service interval for a lubrication oil change 
  • Leading in class manufacturing and quality control level, mandatory performance testing before delivering to MG assembly line 

Control System
  • 7 position link bar with electric over hydraulic control allows ease of operation from within the cab 
  • Optimum blade reach capability, quick DCM re-positioning for greater reach for better working on the high bank side slope 
  • The link bar is essential for extending reach capability when cutting a bank slope or back slope of a ditch 
  • Replaceable bushings reduce service time and cost 

Blade Float
Standard blade float function allows the blade to lower without hydraulic pressure for increased versatility 
  • Blade float is engaged by pushing the left and right lift cylinder controls all the way forward past the detent 
  • Provides protection for machine and pavement during snow removal and snow plowing 

Hydraulic System
  • Proportional Priority Pressure Compensating (PPPC) Valves contain specifically cut spools for motor grader applications, continuously matching of hydraulic flow and pressure to power demands, allowing ease of multi-function control for optimizing working efficiency World-class variable displacement piston pump efficiently reduces hydraulic efficiency 
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system provides consistent and precise blad, movement, improving finishing performance 
  • Inboard lock check valves within PPPC prevents inadvertent cylinder movement and potential leaks 

Control System
  • Short throw levers are efficiently spaced, allowing ease of multi-function control 
  • Short lever travel (40mm) with low lever effort reduces operator fatigue 

Front Frame
  • Flanged box section design removes welds from high-stress areas, improving reliability and durability 
  • Continuous top and bottom plate construction provides consistency and strength, improving front frame durability 
  • Hydraulic hose routing minimizes exposure to damage and provides quick access for service 
  • Maintenance-free bushings improve durability and reduce overall service cost 

  • A-frame tubular design drawbar provides maximum strength and durability 
  • Replaceable drawbar draft ball (bolted — not welded) for less service time and cost 
  • Easy removal of wear shims to adjust drawbar 

  • Load Sensing hydraulic system provides consistent and precise blade movement 
  • 7-hole link bar provides best in class blade positioning 

  • Cab mounted on the front frame for best in class visibility 
  • Handrails and non-skid steps for three points of contact 
  • Optional ROPS cab available for the regional requirements. 

Fuel Economy
  • Load sensing hydraulics reduce system heat and fuel consumption 
  • Hydraulically driven fan reduces fuel consumption

  • Common components for reduced maintenance & repair
  • Good access to grease points and filters for lower service costs 

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  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
  • SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
SEM 656D 162 kW Wheel Loader
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Maximum Operating Weight17100 Kg (with standard bucket)
Model Name/Number656D
Loader Bucket Capacity2.7-4.5 m3
Travelling Speed -Forward7.8 / 15 / 22 / 39 km/hr
Steering Angle38+/-1 degree (L/R)
Max Breakout Force178 kN
Travelling Speed -Reverse7.8 / 15 / 22 / 39 km/hr
Dimension8279 x 2963 x 3457 mm
Engine ModelWeichai WD10G
Power162 kW
Wheel Base3300 mm
Articulation Angle38+/-1 degree
Displacement9.726 L
Max. Speed2000 rpm (Engine)
Parking BrakeDrum type shoe brake, spring applied and oil released
Rear Axle Oscillation+/-11 degree
Service BrakeDry and Caliper, Air to oil control
Transmission TypeCountershaft,power shift
Transmission GearF4/R4
Torque Converter TypeSingle stage 3 elements
Steering Pump TypePiston pump
Boom Raise Time5.13 sec
Hydraulic Cycle Time9.3 sec
System Pressure Setting16 Mpa
Tyre Size23.5-25
Tyre TypeBias
Dump Clearance3113 mm
Rated Load5000 Kg
Tire TextureL3/E3

Machine Applications
  • The sturdy design of the SEM 656D makes it the perfect machine for port cargo handling, mineral yards, steel mills and other high demand applications 
  • In Quarry and Aggregate and Coal Mining applications the 656D can load more, move faster and burn less fuel 
  • Multiple work tools are available for increased versatility 

Optimized Engine
  • Low speed engine with E-fan provides increased operating efficiency 
  • Enhanced fuel pre-filter eliminates water and contaminant from fuel for best fuel system protection 
  • The air cleaner provides machine reliability even in the most severe applications 

Efficient Hydraulic System
  • The advanced load sensing hydraulic system with flow sharing circuits improves efficiency 
  • World Class hydraulic components ensure high reliability 
  • The optimized hydraulic system paired with the drive train reduces machine cycle time and increases productivity 

Operator Station
  • Premium operator station with increased space and superior visibility 
  • Sliding side window and AC with fresh air circulation provide operator comfort 
  • Joystick hydraulic control for easy and precise operation Multi-function instrument dashboard with 3-level alarm 
  • Adjustable suspension seat 

Solid Structure
  • Structures undergo Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and On Machine Stress Analysis (OMSA) to ensure durability 
  • Performance Series (PS) buckets improve loading capability 

  • Safety design complies with all regulatory requirements 
  • Machine is designed with 3 points of contact to ensure operator safety 
  • A backup alarm, horn and beacon ensure operational safety with ground personnel 
  • Caterpillar Production System (CPS) leveraged in manufacturing process 
  • Environmentally friendly painting process 

Advanced Cooling System
  • The standard cooling package provides high reliability in 50 deg C ambient conditions. 
  • Shock pad mounts ensure reliability under severe applications 

Reliable Drivetrain
  • Countershaft transmission with upgraded core components provides high reliability
  • Large rim-pull in 1st gear and higher speed in 2nd gear provide high efficiency for load and carry applications
  • Clutch cutoff selection switch ensures stable and safe operation
  • The SEM designed and built axle provides best in class performance in heavy duty applications

  • Centralized lubrication points reduce maintenance time
  • System pressure test ports are standard
  • Easy access to external air charge connecting port
  • Engine hood grill opens for easy service access
  • Torque converter is isolated from transmission making it easy to service

Product Advantage
  • High productivity
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Best-in-class reliability and durability
  • Outstanding operator comfort

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SEM636D Wheel Loader
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SEM636D Wheel Loader

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Model Name/NumberWP6G125E332
Max Breakout Force113KN
Wheel Base2740 mm
Rated Load3000kg
operating weight with standard bucket10,200kg
Dump Clearance2989mm

GCPL is the exclusive distributor for SEM China in South, Central and Western India. Under the arrangement, GCPL brings you SEM products with complete support from our facilities.

Formerly the Shandong Engineering and Machinery Company, SEM, located in Qingzhou City, China, became a Caterpillar company in 2005. With the adoption of Caterpillar advanced management methodology and the technical support from the Caterpillar China Research and Development Center (CRDC) in Qingdao, SEM released the new 600 series wheel loaders in September 2007. The successful launch of the new wheel loaders positioned SEM at the forefront of the wheel loader industry in China.

Currently, SEM products are being sold in more than 80 countries across the world.

With SEM becoming a part of Caterpillar, GCPL has also started the sales and support of SEM products from November 2009.

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  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
  • SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
SEM 816D 131kW Track Type Tractor
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Dozer Blade TypeSU,S
Operating Weight16900 Kg
Engine Power131 kW
Blade Capacity4.3 m3 (SU),3.5 m3 (S)
Model Name/Number816D
Dozer Blade Width3180 mm(SU),3590 mm (S)
Dozer Blade Height1240 mm (SU),1165 mm (S)
Ground Clearance410 mm
Track Length On Ground2430 mm
Engine ModelWD10G178E25
Ground Pressure66.8 kPa
No. Of Track Roller6
No. Of Carrier Roller2
No. Of Track Shoes37
Max Slope30 degree
Max Digging Depth430 mm (SU,S) (Blade),584 mm (Ripper)
Max Blade Lift Ground Clearance1041 mm (SU,S)
Max Output Rimpull280 kN
Maximum Clearance Under Tio615 mm
Power Train TypeDual path,closed loop electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system
Travel Speed0-10 km/hr (F/R)
Steering TypeHydrostatic steering
Brake TypeWet,multi-disc brake
Min Steering Radius3610 mm
Track Shoe Width510 mm (Single)
Track Gauge1880 mm
Hydraulic System TypeCenter close,pilot control
Hydraulic System Pressure19 MPa
Fuel Tank Capacity320 L
Cooling System45 L
Engine Crankcase24 L
Final Drive30 L
Pivot Shaft Case1.2 L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity140 L

Efficient: The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system and multi functional joystick provide high levels of performance and maneuverability. 

Comfortable Operation:
The cabin is ergonomically designed for increased operator comfort and visibility. The advanced monitoring system tracks machine operating conditions and keeps the operator informed of all vital machines functions. 

The proven hydrostat design along with world class pump and motors provide a highly reliable tractor. The undercarriage components are designed for longer life versus the leading competitor. 

The SEM tractors are designed for easy access to reduce overall maintenance time. The machines electronic control module allows for quick troubleshooting. 

Cat Product Link
Cat® Product Link® will support your business, and accurately convey information of the equipment to relevant personnel in a timely and effective manner for your better equipment management. 

Hydrostatic Drive System

Upgraded hydrostatic system not only leverages Caterpillar automatic, dual path, hydrostatic drive with electronic control technology of the third generation TTT, but also increases efficiency and reliability.
  • Adopt Rexroth German new generation one case drive pump to combine control valve, track motor, simplified hose line design, continue to increase the reliability. 
  • Caterpillar high pressure hose provides reliability and durability. Caterpillar control technology provides accurate control and high transmission efficiency. 
  • Integrated the hydrostatic oil tank and implement hydraulic oil tank to improve filtrated precision and cooling capability of hydraulic system, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance cost. 
  • Maintenance costs are reduced by 60% when compared competitors with torque converter and transmission and rear axle. 
  • Counter rotation, power turn and infinitely variable speed save lots of time, increasing working efficiency. 

Semi-Universal (SU) Blade
  • SU blade combines the excellent penetration of the S blade and the high production capacity of the U blade. 
  • Designed for superior load retention and penetration in tightly packed materials. L-shaped push arms bring the blade closer to the machine, providing excellent maneuverability, balance and blade penetration. 
  • Blades feature a strong box section design, made from high tensile strength steel to stand up to the most severe applications. 

  • Undercarriage is provided by China industry expert ensures high reliability and resistance to wear. 
  • Carrier rollers, track rollers and idle rollers are all maintenance free. 
  • Planetary final drive design delivers increased torque ratio for higher transmission efficiency and lower maintenance cost. 
  • Durable final drive bearings and multiple wet disc brakes provide reliability, reduce system heat and extend overall life. 

Modular Radiator
  • New advanced cooling system designed to meet -40°C to .50°C ambient temperatures capability. 
  • Modular designed radiator, easy to maintain, remove and repair. 
  • Radiator grill provides better heat dissipation, easy access for maintenance. 

  • Electronic Control Module (ECM) fault diagnosis system, automatic diagnosis of eight key parameters. 
  • Monitoring system provides three levels of alarm, to indicate fault diagnosis. 
  • Hydrostatic system has longer service interval (2000 hrs), reduces maintenance time by 50%. 

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