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Rudraksha Benefits

Rudraksha is considered as incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva. The person who wears Rudraksha possess always good health, is respected by all and is capable of attracting everybody & any body.

Rudraksha is a very important and mystical bead of Hindu Mythology & Meditation & Rishi Cult.

Rudraksha has a high profile in Tantrism and spiritualism specially Nara gosha & Graha dosha.

Rudraksha worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medical values, success, financial gains and for eradication of evil forces.

Faceless Rudraksha ( Nirankara) is most powerful.

One chaturmukha ( 4 faces) Rudraksha and one shanmukha (6 faces) Rudraksha tied together with copper wire and wearing with red thread as a (talisman) shiva shakti locket will improve the attentiveness, memory growth, interest in studies, etc., Boon for studies and aged, pandits, astrologers, leaders, etc.

For the bite of a Scorpion or other such creatures panchamukhi Rudraksha can be rubbed on a grind stone with the juice of a lemon and the paste applied on the affected spot. Pain will subside.

Those who takes the bath by keeping 9 (nine) Rudrakshas in water will get benefits equally to Ganga Jal Bathing and energy gaining.

Rudraksha can be worn by any person without the consideration of nation, religion, caste, sex, with full confidence to get desired benefits in mandalam (40 days). One should wear the malas at all times except sex time, going to burial grounds and ladies should not wear during menstrual periods. It is also helps for longevity and avoids untimely death.

One can wear first time Rudraksha on any Monday, maa shivarathri, maha shivarathri, sun or moon eclipse and sankranthi days, amavasya, poornima, etc.

Rudraksha mala with 108 beads is purnamala, with 54 beads ARDHAMALA with 27 beads NAKSHATRA MALA, mala with 21 mukhis of Rudraksha is known as INDRA MALA which is very rare one.

At the time of wearing Rudraksha mala it can be of honey or other colour but during the course of time all malas will become black and hard due to the contact of fat containing sweat and yogaagni of the human body.

In various countries of the world people belongs to different religions are making their children to wear Rudraksha like Talisman for the health protection and planetary problems and for higher education.

Rudrakshamala is the best mala to wear and for japa for perfect health than any other malas, Nepali Rudraksha mala is the best and powerful.

Rudraksha malas got characteristics of gold, copper & electro magnetic power, which is energized by cosmic rays and transmit in to human body for perfect health due to its good conductor properties.

Natural Rudraksha will have seeded pockets inside the Rudraksha equalent to the number of mukhas (ferrows) are seen as on the face of Rudraksha.

Bhagwan shiva’s pooja is incomplete without




shakti Rudraksha can be saved from cracking or any other type of damage by keeping in olive oil or mustard oil for 3 hours as a preventive once only. Then taken out wipe of oil clearly and use.

Rudrakshas when kept in pooja they should be rested on bottom side. Panchmikhi minimum 9 beads.

Rudraksha are available in 5mm to 12 mm size. By various researchers it is found for wearing small Rudraksha malas and for japa and puja big size Rudraksha are beneficial and easy to use.

Any one by looking at Rudraksha of Rudraksha malas, like thrantaka in yoga, touching in japa or wearing like mala etc. will get full benefits regularly.

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Importance of Rudraksha

The believers of the Hindu religion consider Rudraksha beads to be very important. Most of the devotees have a Rudraksha mala around their neck and revere it. Hindu mythology says the name Rudraksha is derived from Lord Shiva. He is mentioned in Rigveda as Rudra.

The story associated with the Rudraksha plant goes like this. Lord Shiva was meditating for a long period of time and after he attained deep fulfilment, he shed a tear when he opened his eyes. This tear grew as the plant Rudraksha on the Earth and bore the seeds of Rudraksha. The term ‘Rudr’ menas Shiva and ‘Aksha’ means eye, Rudraksha means Shiva’s eye or coming from Shiva’s eye.

Rudraksha has many faces or mukhee. It varies from 1 to 21. The commonly found Rudrakshas have four, five and six faces and one with a single face is considered to be very rare. Two Rudrakshas with a single face are kept in Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal, which are shown to devotees on auspicious days. Rudrakshas also have great medicinal value and have been used in Ayurveda for many years.

Hindus consider wearing Rudraksha mala around their neck and wrists to be good and helping to enhance mental powers.

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Rudraksha- Medicine in Ayurveda

Rudraksha is regarded as medicine in Ayurveda.  It is warm and humid in temperament; some persons regard it cold also.  It tastes bitter.  It is used not only to wear on different parts of the body, but it can also be used as Oral medicine and for besmearing externally.  Many doctors, Vaidyas, scientists and ascetics use it.

It is the destroyer of worms and it gives brilliancy to the body.  It pacifies Vaat (air), Pitta (bile) and cough automatically.  It is also useful for women in pregnancy.  Rudraksha is a good medicine for skin diseases.  In leprosy of both the kinds it can be used.  It effects as a medicine to cure sores, ringworm, pimples, boils and it is useful in burns also. 

Rudraksha is useful for the patients of blood pressure.  It does not let it go up or down.  It keeps the B.P. normal.  For this Rudraksha mala should be worn so close that it should touch the heart.  The bead size should as bigger as the wearer feels comfortable. The coverage of the heart area should be as large as possible for this a full mala of 54+1 or 108+1 is found to be useful. Wearer shall not fall prey to a sudden heart attack, shrinking of heart or brain hemorrhage.  The patient of blood pressure should keep the five faced Rudraksha in water filled in a glass vessel throughout the night and should drink it as soon as he gets up in the morning.  By doing so the person would have normal Blood pressure.

The children, who are mostly sick with fever, should wear three faced Rudraksha.

In Chechak (typhus) Rudraksha and black pepper having equal weight should be ground and sieved through a cloth-sieve.  This powder should be drunk with stale water to cure chechak. 

Cough is cured fully if the powder of ten mukhi Rudraksha is rubbed and licked with milk thrice a day.  12 mukhi along with 3 mukhi and 10 mukhi should worn around the neck.Hysteria, Coma, Leucorrhoea and female diseases related to genital organs can be cured by wearing 3 (three) beads of six faced Rudraksha.   All the diseases relating to the mind and brain are cured by drinking milk that is boiled with four faced Rudraksha.  It increases the memory also.+ Read More

Precautionary Measures While Wearing Rudrakhsha

There are certain precautionary measures need to taken while wearing rudraksha, such as:

    Someone desire seriously to come out of unwanted habits and live a life of purity can wear Rudrakshas and may find themselves free soon after wearing it . This has happened to many. It may happen to you also, if you will strongly. Rudraksha may be worn by those who take drinks and non veg too .
    Mala that we wear in neck is made up of 108 beads or 54. japa mala could be as small as 27 beads. As the mala bead numbers should be in multiple of 27 therefore sometimes 81 beads are also used.  In addition to 27, 54, 81, 108, 1 additional bead is used as Meru mani.  Do not use neck mala as japa mala or vice versa because purpose of each is different .
    Clean your mala / beads when you feel they require cleaning after regular usage . Dip in Luke warm water. Add liquid soap. Keep for few hours and then brush with a plastic brush to clean the dirt and grime that fixes in the pores of the beads . Then leave the beads to dry for several hours , and then apply some oil on the beads by using a brush. This oil can be groundnut, mustard or any other sandal wood oil mixed with light Olive oil give better smell and easy to apply. Oiling may be repeated whenever the beads seem dry.
    If rudraksha is worn during bath, then it is recommended to keep it away from Soap, as it penetrates the bead pores. Water is good for the beads. If it is not worn during bath, the mala may be washed in normal clean water, during prayers. 
    Before wearing, take mala or bead to a Shiva temple. Offer 'Rudra Abhishek' and then start wearing. Mondays are always auspicious days. If your mala is blessed prior to purchase, you can wear it chanting "Om Namah Shivaya".
    Since Rudraksha is very divine and pure in its nature, It should be held in gold.  Silver or strong RED / BLACK/WHITE  thread is also good.
    Many astrologers have also worked on Rudraksha. They suggest 'Mukhi' based on Birth Rashi and Nakshatra.However one could wear according to the needs / desires to be fulfilled
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