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It was a long felt necessity to have a proper pest control service at Indore. Indore slowly but steadily was emerging as a metro city. This was bringing a tremendous pressure on the city management. The population burst amounted to near 50 lakhs within a span of 20 years. This was not very easy to control. Population increase brought all problems associated with public influx. The poorly managed drainage and sewerage system was not sufficient to meet the challenges of this heavy load. People were also not properly settled in planned settlements. The mismanagement in town garbage and wastage disposal brought about many problems. The major among them was pests and pest carried diseases. These pests also started creating havoc in destroying public property. Pests were taking its toll. 
Indore became a stage where every pest carried disease was visible which started taking form of an epidemic. Situations started with disease like malaria, it was a killer disease at first. Many viral fevers stepped in. All courtesy to pests. Slowly things started getting worse. Diseases like Dengue came in. This was a fatal disease .Not to mention filariasis. They are all carried by different species of mosquitoes. Things started taking turns for real bad. Diseases like Ebola, Zika were the new imports which meant to kill only. Older diseases like H1 N1, Plague, Cholera, Typhoid, Paratyphoid, skin diseases, allergic conditions, Asthma, and so many more were running rampant in the city, taking the death toll to thousands.
Pests like Mosquito, Rats, Cockroaches, House flies, Termites; Lizards infested the city and were destroying it. An effective pest control service was an emergency need. Prevention and protection became more important. A team of pest control experts and persons knowledgeable of pesticide chemicals joined hands. They decided to start an organization to fight this menace. This was the beginning of Hindustan Pest Control Service. For years together HPCS rendered its services at Indore and nearby areas. The efficiency of the organization became well known. The activities increased, the area of operation expanded. Presently HPCS having branches in all the leading cities and towns of M.P. The operations are patronized in corporate sectors, especially in multinational companies. The work is growing.
But it is only half done. HPCS has to make people aware of pest hazards. It is doing its bit .A far distance lies ahead. When people get pest control done to protect himself, his near and dear ones, his property, and his society with the city he lives in, HPCS can rest a bit. Till then it is far to go.
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Termite Pest Control
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Termite Pest Control

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Termite controlTermites are also known as white ants. It is found in all environments, both in dry as well as moist areas. It is most dangerous enemy of wood, wooden structures and furniture. To control termites, one must.

Eradicate moist areas
All water leaking sources should be repaired.
Foundation must be dry.
Drainage and sewage should be properly functioning. 
Plants and vegetation should be removed.
Every water outlet must be clean. 
Stop entry of insects around water places.

Eliminate termite food
All debris near house should be removed.
Every stump of useless wood must be destroyed. 
Wood must not touch the soil. 
Screen must be used around vents and outlets.

Check Termite signals
Keep close observation for termite signals. 
Look out for winged insects in the house.
Sound of hollow wood in the furniture. 
Mud tubes on the walls or discarded wings on the floor.

Use of Insecticide
A solution of borate insecticide is to be sprayed as per the instructions and intensity of infestation. This goes deep inside and protects the wood for many years. 

Fumigation is an effective method of termite control at the initial stage on surface area. It must be adopted frequently and repeatedly.

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Bed Bugs Pest Control Services
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Bed bugs are totally blood sucking insects. They live on blood only. They are not carriers of any disease as such but their bites can cause many problems. Their bites are itchy and can lead to infections and skin conditions. Amount of blood lost to their sucking is a major issue and blood transfused diseases cannot be ruled out. These bed bugs have a long life span. They can live for long time without food. An adult bed bug can live up to one year without any fill of blood. Getting rid of bed bugs are tough.

Market is full of bed bug killing sprays, lotions, powders, tablets and so on. But they fail to work. There are many bed bug killing home remedies, but they do not remove bed bugs from home. Some pesticides are used, some use heat treatment, but absolute results are seldom seen. Bed bugs lie low for some time and again reappear. 

On suspicion of bed bug infestation, one must be active. All beds and beddings must be completely removed from home to be put under direct sunlight for hours and if need arises, for days. Sunlight and its heat kill bed bugs. It is preferable to destroy bed bud infested bed by burning it. Every bed post and similar furniture must be minutely checked for bed bugs. They should be thoroughly washed with boiling water. That may kill the hidden bed bugs.

Areas around bed, books, bookcases, radios, carpets, and cracks in furniture or walls, crevices must be checked for bed bugs and on finding them, should be destroyed with pesticides. Applications of pesticides must be done repeatedly to be safe.

To treat bed bug, one should clean everything with boiling water. After that, they should be dried in highest possible temperature. 

Those things which cannot be washed must be kept under direct sunlight for a very long time. 

Every house hold furniture and upholstery should be cleaned with very stiff brush.

Every mattress and pillow should be covered in zippered cover so no bed bug can enter in them. 

Every crack must be found out in furniture and walls of the house and they should be properly repaired. 

Bed bugs are such animals that they refuse to die. They must be exterminated by professionals and experts. If a place is infested by bed bugs, it is best to take help of professional pest control service.

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Cockroach Pest Control
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Cockroach Pest Control

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Effective cockroach control includes prevention and elimination methods.

Every possible entry point of cockroach should be sealed. Their entry in kitchen and bathroom, toilet areas must be well protected. The gaps under doors, around pipe lines and neighboring areas should be guarded. 

Cockroaches are night animals. Their day time harboring areas must be found out and sealed. They live in cracks, crevices in the wall, behind pipelines and electric sockets and switches.

Cockroach food resources must be dried up. Every food material must be stored in sealed containers. All food left over must be cleaned and food debris must be thrown away. All used utensils and potteries should be cleaned same night. Nothing should be left overnight. Water must not be allowed to accumulate anywhere inside the house. Garbage and waste must be disposed off each night. Nothing should attract cockroach at night. 

Insecticides as in house cockroach killers are available in the market in spray form. Frequent use of these somehow check cockroaches but they fail to eliminate cockroaches from house.

It is always best to take the assistance of professional pest control to eliminate cockroaches.

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Mosquito Pest Control
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Mosquito Pest Control

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It is difficult to destroy mosquitoes after they are born and grown. So it is best not to allow them to be born. 

The most effective way to control mosquitoes is to destroy their breeding grounds. 

The water depositions in nearby areas and in vicinity of our residences are to be wiped out.

If water volume is large, kerosene oil can be poured in water. This will form a film over the surface of water and cut the oxygen supply to the mosquito larvae causing their death.

In water reservoirs, fishes can be raised. These fishes will eat total mosquito population in the water reservoir. 

Mosquito nets should be used while sleeping. They are the best and safest protection from mosquitoes. 

Houses should be so designed that plenty of sunlight enters in the house. Sunlight kills mosquitoes. 

Insecticides like should be used in dark corners of the house.

Water logging areas and vegetation areas should be exposed to sunlight. Otherwise, insecticides should be used periodically. 

Ultimately, it is the professional pest control that helps effectively.

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Ant Pest Control Services
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Ants are very difficult to control. They are tiny creatures and their numbers are huge. They always move in groups. Some factors are to be kept in mind for controlling ants. Ant’s behavior is to be studied deeply for ant control.

Ants are always looking for food. They are fond of sweet food, or greasy food. They also look for drinking water. They can enter in any house through the tiniest of cracks or hole. All such entries are to be found out and sealed properly to deny entry to ants. 

Chemical trails
Ants always move in a line .They are in search of food and drink. When they find food or drink, they start leaving a scent of a chemical. This is called pheromone. Any ant can trace this scent and reach the spot. This scent has to be carefully removed to stop entry of ants into the house. 

Habitat locations
Ants build nest to live in. They live as a colony. Colonies have large number of ants in them. The ants can build nests anywhere near human houses. They can be in lawns, gardens, woods, soil, just anywhere. Their presence in the surroundings makes it difficult to stop their entries. Their nest must be destroyed to prevent their entry in the house.

Colony building
Ant’s nests combine in colonies. A single colony may have 300000 to 500000 ants in it. Ants have amazing capacity to rebuild. If a colony is destroyed, it can be relocated and rebuild within couple of hours. This makes entry of ant very difficult. 

Life span
Ants have fairly long life span. The workers can live up to seven years. A queen may live up to fifteen years. The life of entire colony is therefore, fairly long. They reproduce a lot in their life time and they grow in population tremendously making the control difficult. 

Domestic extermination methods kill ants those are visible. But the largest number of ants remains hidden from sight. They reappear very quickly and create the nuisance value again. So apparent extermination of ants are actually of no value. 

Ants control indoorsThere are some ants that enter in the house and stay there. They build nests inside the house. These ants can build nests in the house all the year long. These ants are a huge problem and are equally difficult to control. They build nests in the walls of the house, the floor of the house and in all cracks and crevices around. These ants are more protected inside the house than outside, so they grow faster in number and create havoc in the house. They invade every possible place in search of food and are seen everywhere in the house. Some of them bite viciously causing extreme pain and irritation with burning sensation. They are very injurious to children and elderly people. They should be exterminated as soon as possible.

Inside ants can be controlled by ant baits. These ant baits are available in granule form, gel form or in station. These ant baits are very safe to be used inside house. One should read the instructions carefully and follow them. These ant baits are easy to use. They are safe even for children. The ant baits are to be laid near the ant nests and the ants become trapped in them and cannot escape. However, for both outdoor and indoor ant extermination, professionsl pest control service provides best results.

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Lizard Pest Control Services
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House are found inside house. People are afraid of these house thinking these house as poisonous. But in reality the are absolutely harmless to humans. They do not bite or scratch humans. They always shy away and run to hide from humans. The house are active during evening hours when lights are on and the insects that are attracted to light come out. The house eat them and spiders. In a way, the house keep houses insect and spider free. 

Keep the house clean
A dirty house invites in. If are not welcome in the house, keep the house clean. A clean surrounding does not allow the to hide any place. So , no mess inside the house, no in the house.

Stop their entry in the house
enter in the house in search of their food. They can squish their scaly body through tiny cracks and holes. So the best way is to find these openings and seal them permanently as this will prevent entry of any pest inside the house.

Stop food supply
come in search of food. If the food is eradicated, will never enter in the house. A special care is to be taken to keep the house insect free. No will come in if there is no insect or spider in the house.

Keep the area dark
love warm, well lit areas as this attracts insects. If the area where are visible are kept dark, the will go away.

Remove standing water
are attracted to standing water as this is a onderful breeding ground for insects. All places with standing water should be removed to keep house lizards away from house. 

Pest control
Pest control services are best available option to control house . Some pesticides are available which kills the but it is best for the professionals to handle.

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Rodent Pest Control Services
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A keen observation is required to notice signs of rat invasion in any premise. Domestic premises are the most rat invaded premise. Next are the warehouses and go downs storing eatables. Upon witnessing any sign of rat invasion, Strong measures must be adopted for complete rat elimination and control. The main rat control measures adopted are,
Use of rat traps
Use of rat traps [Glue type]
Use of rat poison

The first essential step is to choke all food resources for rats. It must be made sure that rats do not get anything to eat in the premise. The drinking water supply should also be cut off as the rats need much water to drink. Then their access points to the premise must be blocked. Rats approach the premise through openings which are to be searched, found and completely blocked in such a way that they cannot be reopened by rats. Rats are very persistent creature; they keep coming back to a spot even after being unable to enter at first. Sewage, drainage. toilets, kitchen sinks, rain water pipes, foul gas expulsion pipes must be repeatedly checked as these are the most comfortable entries of rats inside a house. 

Use of rat traps
These are conventional rat traps which are placed in places where rats are most commonly seen or found. These traps use baits and the rats are trapped in alive. Some traps are designed to kill the rats also by crushing them.

Use of rat traps [Glue type]
Glue type rat traps are the later version of the older rat traps. Adhesive material is applied on a surface and this is kept in places invaded by rats. Rats stick to the glue and cannot escape.

Use of rat poison
This is an age old method applied by humans inside houses, outdoors in fields or in food grain store houses, to control rats. This was found to be effective as it killed rats in a greater number. But it had its own problems. The dead rats were difficult to trace. The corpses rot and contaminate the entire area .Foul stink spoil the atmosphere and may spread diseases. Infected dead rats are grave threats to human health. Moreover, if poison by any means be consumed by a human, it may cost a life.
A professional pest control service is the best possible solution to rat invasion problems. The rat control measure should best be adopted at the time of building construction only. Rat control measures provide major steps in construction plans. They are…
• Anti rodent building construction.
• Blockage of every possible rodent entry inside the house.
• To dry up all food and drinking water supply available to rodents.
• This professional help at initial stage of building a house may offer a rat and rodent free premise for longer period of time.

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House Flies Pest Control Services
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It is difficult to control house fly. They are difficult to be killed as they fly very fast. Their breeding is also very difficult to check as they breed on any moist surface. The only way remains to prevent entry of the flies in side houses. However, some of the measures may be adopted.... 

All doors, windows, ventilators and other openings of the house may be covered with fly nets.

Fly swatters may be used.

To dry all moist surfaces of house where fly can breed. 

To use fly baits and traps near fly infested areas.

To use insecticides profoundly to kill mosquitoes.

Finally to control and eliminate house fly , it is best to take the services of a professional pest control service.

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