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Power Capacitor

We are one of the established manufacturers and exporters, engaged in offering a quality assured Power Capacitor

Its features are as follows :

TYPE: * STANDARD * Heavy Duty
KVAr Range :1KVAr to 50 KVAr (L.T.Range)
Rated Voltage/Frequency :415 V AC & 440 V AC / 50 Hz
Temperature Range :%0 Degree C
Insulation Level :2.5/-
Loss factor :0.0025 at 50 Hz
Phase/Connection :3 Phase at/DELTA
Reference Standard :IS: 13340/13341
Approvals :(Bureau of Indian Standards & State Electricity Boards)

  • Single Phase Power Capacitor are made upto 5 KVAr.
  • Power Capacitors in Aluminium Cylindrical canes are available.


  • Low watt losses (less than 0.5 watt per KVAr)
  • Provided with discharge resistors
  • High Insulation Properties
  • Burst Prof & Modular Design
  • Compact design of easier handling and space saving
  • Inductor coils used to limit inrush current
  • Banking done for Capacitors beyond 25 KVAr
  • Guaranteed for 2 years

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Power Capacitor in Aluminum Cylindrical Design

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Power Capacitor in Aluminum Cylindrical Design

Clients can avail from us quality assured assortment of Aluminum Cylindrical Type capacitor. This ISI marked product is know for its self-healing MPP film heavy edge metallization property. Manufactured using the latest technology, these capacitors have a light weight and compact design. They run on 440 VAC, 3 phase, 50 Hz current. Some of the other salient features of these capacitors are:


  • Dry construction
  • Mounting stud inbuilt
  • Cost effective
  • Burst proof
  • Indoor/outdoor application
  • Low losses & longer life


They are best suited for applications like windmills, automatic power factor correction panels and manual power factor correction panels. Their use involves improvement of power factor in electrical Installations having fixed normal duty inductive loads without variation. We are looking for bulk queries.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces
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Heavy Duty Power Capacitors

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Heavy Duty Power Capacitors

Clients can avail from us superbly designed Capacitors (Heavy Duty Type). These are specially built to meet the requirements of varying loads in industries having higher values of over currents/voltages and harmonics. The out put of KVA value remains unchanged in this design, however there is an incredible reduction in stress per module since these modules are doubled and connected in series. These capacitors are a cost effective and convenient alternative to the conventional mixed dielectric/film-foil capacitors. They can easily endure fluctuating load conditions and are capable of withstanding over-voltage and over-currents within permissible limits. Higher in strength than the standard type capacitors, these can withstand large amounts of dielectric stress which varies non-linearly. They find application in rolling mills, cement & sugar plants, induction furnaces (Power Frequency), welding systems, rectifier loads and power industry. The dielectric has a greater thickness than its standard counterparts, which renders it higher over voltage and current carrying capacity. The modular design makes it very easy to install and maintain. Besides, it is also appreciated for very low heat dissipation, which essentially gives it a longer service life. Here we have mentioned some of the important factors, which affect the quality and reliability of power factor connection capacitors at the end user’s premises:


  • After receiving the unit, without any delay please check the capacitor and ensure that they are in good condition without any external damages during transit
  • Make sure that the capacitor terminals are tight & proper while connecting to the load. If there is any loose contact at the terminals, it may result in heating and premature failure of capacitors
  • Before energizing the capacitor, make sure that it is properly grounded
  • Examine that discharge resistors connected across the terminals are intact, capacitors must be discharged fully before handling it.
  • Do not charge capacitor without discharge resistor
  • Energize the capacitor and measure voltage & current using a clamp meter in all the phases
  • To avoid over current to the capacitor, which may result in fire, it is recommended to have a proper current rating MCB
  • Automatic switching of power capacitor in sequence shall be such that already energized capacitor shall have sufficient time delay circuit for discharge before it is subjected to another re-striking operation. This is very important, which if not taken proper care of may result in over-voltage condition, enhancing the risk of capacitor being subjected to high voltage stress level and thereby the dielectric insulation breakdown
  • Harmonic distortions in electrical systems are commonly present in loads like thyristor controlled DC drives, rectifiers and arc welding machines among others. Harmonic filters reduce harmonic distortion to prevent higher current across the capacitor terminals resulting in over heating the capacitor
  • Keep the capacitors in ‘off’ condition, when inductive loads are not in use. It should be kept in mind that the capacitors shall not draw any current from the source which results in leading power factor which is not recommended since the reactive power compensation exceeds more than what is needed.
  • When star delta starters for higher rating inductive motors are switched on, take care so that capacitors are switched on when motors are running in delta connection only. This can be done by making use of delay timer which can switch on the contactor and capacitor.

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Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces
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Standard Type Power Capacitors

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Standard Type Power Capacitors

We provide our clients with superlative quality Capacitors, which are known for their light weight and compact design. They have been fabricated keeping in mind, the normal duty cycle present in various utilities. These capacitors are suitable for non-fluctuating loads having no or negligible variations. They are strengthened by the self healing property of M.P.P. film, which enables the capacitor to resume normal operation after clearance of internal shorts. Some of the other salient features of these capacitors are:


  • Louvers for air ventilation
  • Low losses (Less than 0.5 watts per KVA)
  • High insulation resistance
  • Burst proof modular design and compact size.
  • Inductor coil used to limit inrush current
  • Provided with discharge resistors
  • Powder coated M.S Box
  • Unbreakable molded epoxy bushings

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Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces
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Double Dielectric Type Power Capacitors

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Double Dielectric Type Power Capacitors

We make available for our clients robust Capacitors (Double Dielectric Type). The innovative design of these capacitors makes them a suitable alternative to the conventional mixed dielectric oil type capacitors. They are capable of performing continuous operation for heavy duty application particularly where presence of harmonics plays an important role. Clients appreciate them for their mechanically robust structure and electrically stable properties, which makes it capable of withstanding the combined effects of thermal and electrical stresses prevalent in major industries. Some of the important features of these capacitors are:


  • These are an absolute necessity in industries with electrical systems having loads like heavy duty inductive motors with low rpm which includes repetitive switching mode of operation within short time duration. (Approx. 4 to 6 times in a minute)
  • Electrical hoist motors used in heavy industries for lifting raw materials or semi processed materials where inching operation is done intermittently
  • Induction motors of 50Hp, 100 Hp, 200 Hp and the capacitor must be of the above said type which can take care of switching surge currents / voltage spikes
  • It can take care of “harmonic effect”, if the total harmonic distortion is less than 5%
  • Heat dissipation is very low due to special design which protects the dielectric from high voltage / current levels
  • In places where non-linear load conditions of electrical systems are prevalent, these capacitors will give optimum results as compared to standard type capacitors
  • These capacitors find extensive application in heavy industries like steel rolling mills, paper mills and cement

We are looking for bulk queries.

Test Report of Double Dielectric Type Power Capacitors:

Sl. No. Test Lab Report No/ Date Value/Vac I.S.S. No. Test Details Result
1 CPRI/ BANGALORE CC2609 (b) dt.30.8.88. 15KVAr 415VAC 2834 Self Healing Test OK
2 CPRI/ BANGALORE CC2609© dt.30.8.99. 20KVAr 415VAC 2834 Self Healing Test OK
3 CPRI/ BANGALORE CC5951 (b) dt.7.12.98. 18KVAr 415VAC 2834 Type Test OK
4 CPRI/ BANGALORE CC2702 (a) dt.2.12.88. 10KVAr 415VAC 2834 Thermal Stability Test OK


Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces
  • Delivery Time: 1 week
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