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Company Overview

Image Core Lab (ICL), is a clinical research provider for imaging in clinical trials. We provide Charter Development, Image Masking, blinding and prepare blinded images for independent review under ICH-GCP concerns and Independent central reviews by Board certified radiologists, ICL will deal with all aspects of Imaging in Clinical Trials.     
 We propose to leverage our expertise in imaging and related image management technologies and our experience in clinical trial radiology to deliver high end services and technology to CRO’s and Sponsor companies. The essence of ICL is to use our efficiencies, expertise and technology in imaging to reduce costs and drug development cycle times in the clinical trial space.
  • Our primary target market is comprised of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies with products in different phases of clinical development (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, or Phase IV)
  • Our therapeutic areas of expertise include: oncology, musculoskeletal conditions, and cardiology, central nervous system, neurovascular, and metabolic diseases
  • ICL offers services and technology solutions with clear benefits for pharmaceutical and medical device development which include:
  • - Cost benefit for clinical trials – because of higher precision in measurement, trials can be powered with fewer patients,
  •    thereby lowering clinical costs
  • - The company’s ability to produce almost “real-time” clinical trial image analysis eliminates a common clinical trial
  •    bottleneck
  • Companies looking to expand and enter into the emerging markets in India and Asia (APAC area) will be benefited by our existing networks and strong position in these geographies
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Advisory Board

Dr. Anand Anandkumar got his MS and PhD in Electrical & Biomedical Engineering from George Washington University, Washington DC.   
   Currently he is the CMD of Cellworks, a company in the Biopharma space using a novel concept of Virtual Preteomics to allow for the fast design of combinational therapeutics in areas such as Oncology, Inflammation and Anti-infectives, where he oversees all facets of Operations, external alliances and world-wide business development.Prior to Cellworks, Anandkumar was VP and Founding Managing Director of Magma Design Automation, a California Headqaurtered company specializing in Automation software for high performance Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit design.

His expertise areas include Electronic Design Automation, Semicondutor Design, BioPharma, and General Management of Globalization functions.

Anandkumar is the General Secretary of Association for Biotech Led Enterprises India (ABLE) and a founding member and ex-Vice Chairman of the India Semiconductor Association. An honors student all through the academic years, Anand is a member of the prestigious Eta-Kappa-Nu and Tau-Beta-Pi Engineering honors societies and holds patents in Satellite Communication and Life Sciences area.

Anandkumar has 7 years of teaching experience in the US. His hobbies include music which he performs on a semi-professional basis. He is also a founding managing Trustee of a CHILD, a home for children orphaned to HIV/AIDS.
           Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur is the MD , Chief Radiologist & Chief Pusher of Teleradiology solutions     
  He is a CEO of Teleradiology Solutions, a healthcare Company headquartered in Bangalore, that reports radiology scans for over 100 hospitals in the US, Singapore, India, Europe and Africa. Teleradiology Solutions was ranked the number 1 teleradiology company in the US for 2011 and awarded the title of “Best in KLAS”. It is the first organization outside Singapore to be accredited by the Ministry of Health, Singapore, and was showcased to President Obama on his visit to India in 2010.

The organization also has a software company, TeleradTech, a not-for-profit division, The Telerad Foundation and a teaching website, www.radguru.net.

Dr Kalyanpur was trained at AIIMS, New Delhi, Cornell University Medical Center and Yale University in the US. He is visiting faculty in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at Yale University. He is an active member of the Radiologic Society of North America and the Indian Radiology and Imaging Association and is a reviewer for the journals Emergency Radiology and Acta Radiologica. He was awarded Modern Medicare’s Entrepreneur of the year award in 2007 and was named one of the 50 pathfinders in Healthcare in India by Express Healthcare magazine.

Ferzaan Engineer PhD is a Co-founder and Chairman of Cytespace.     
  Till recently, Ferzaan served as CEO of Quintiles Research (India) Private Limited and a member of the Asia-Pacific Management Board of Quintiles. He has contributed to establishing and growing the Quintiles organisation in India and other Asian geographies. He also consults with Cenduit LLC and Quintiles Consulting (USA). 

After obtaining his BPharm from the LM College of Pharmacy in Ahmedabad, Ferzaan completed his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1990, from the College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina, USA. He has attended management training programs at the Kenan-Flagler Business School (USA), IIMA (India) and at INSEAD (France). Ferzaan worked as Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the United States, followed by an industry position as R&D head for Core Healthcare.  + Read More

Specialist Panel

Specialist Panel
Neuro Radiology & Diagnostic Radiology Imaging
  • Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, MD , ABR, Chief Radiologist & Chief Pusher Teleradiology solutions.
  • July 1993 to June 1994: Diagnostic Radiology, Section of Ultrasound, CT and MRI (Body), The New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center, NY
  • July 1994 to June 1995: Diagnostic Radiology, Section of Neuroradiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
  • Radiological Society of North America
  • American Roentgen Ray Society
  • American Society of Emergency Radiology
  • Indian Radiology and Imaging Association
  • Indian College of Radiology and Imaging
  • Certificate of Merit, American Roentgen Ray Society, Washington, DC. May 2000.
  • Harsha Navani Munshi Oration. Indian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology Delhi 2007.
  • Modern Medicare Excellence Awards 2007, Certificate Award for the “ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR”
   Diagnostic Radiology Imaging
  • Dr Anjali Agrawal, MD, ABR, Staff Radiologist, Delhi
  • Radiological Society of North America
  • American Roentgen Ray Society
  • American Society of Emergency Radiology
  • President’s medal in Biochemistry 1990
  • Indian Association of Pediatrics award 1994
   Musculo Skeletal Imaging
  • Dr Carl Joseph Aschkenasi, M.D, ABR, Staff Radiologist, Israel
  • Radiological Society of North America
  • American College of Radiology
  • American Roentgen Ray Society
  • European Society of Radiology
  • 1999-2002 Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Medical Research Fellow
  • Neurochemistry of central appetite regulation by leptin
  • Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • 1995-1997 Research Assistant, Department of Mol. & Cell. Biology
  • Visual system development in Drosophila Harvard University, Cambridge MA
   Obstetrics and Gynecology & Diagnostic Radiology Imaging
  • Dr Arati Khanna M.D, ABR, Staff Radiologist, Bangalore, INDIA
  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
  • American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS)
  • American Association for Women Radiologists
  • Indian Radiological and Imaging Association
  • 07/2007 - 03/2010: Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY
   Cardiothoracic Imaging
  • Dr Meenakshi Pandit, M.D, ABR, Staff Radiologist, Teleradiology Solutions, New Haven, CT
  • January 2004 to April 2005: Vice-Chair and Residency Program Director , Head of Cardiothoracic Imaging , Med Pro/Maricopa County Hospital, Phoenix AZ
  • January 2000 to December 2003: Vice-Chair – Radiology [Research], Louisiana State University, New Orleans LA.
  • July 1999 to December 1999: Clinical Director , Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Charity Hospital (East Campus), New Orleans, LA
  • May 1997 to April 1999: Chief of Radiology, Northland Health Ltd. [six public hospitals], Whangarei, New Zealand
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Image Core Lab provides relevant articles to aid your search for information. In this section you will find published papers & links to relevant websites.   
 Please check this space for the latest papers published. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us.     Giant aneurysm of an aortopulmonary collateral

June 2007

We present an unusual case of a giant aneurysm of an aortopulmonary collateral, in a patient of Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia on long-term conservative treatment. Aneurysm of aortopulmonary collateral is an extremely rare finding. Only a few similar cases have been reported in literature.

CT diagnosis of Cecal Diverticulitis


Cecal diverticulitis has a high incidence among Asians, but is a rare condition in the western world. Cecal diverticulitis is not a common disease, becoming clinically evident between the second and the fourth decade. The diagnosis of cecal diverticulitis is often controversial since the signs and symptoms simulate an acute appendicitis or an appendicular abscess. Moreover, during surgery, sometimes it appears like carcinoma of the cecum. CT scanning is a sensitive means by which to detect cecal diverticulitis. We are presenting the CT findings of a case of cecal diverticulitis.

Helical CT evaluation of Aortopulmonary window


Aortopulmonary window is an opening between the aorta and the pulmonary trunk. Two distinct separated semilunar valves must exist to establish the diagnosis of aortopulmonary window, and this defect should be differentiated from truncus arteriosus. Aortopulmonary window is generally diagnosed by echocardiography or Angiocardiography. The authors present two cases of Aortopulmonary window diagnosed by helical CT.

Transient hepatic attenuation difference (Thad) – A Case Report


THADs are associated with a large variety of liver disorders-Portal or hepatic vein thrombosis, cirrhosis, Budd- Chiari syndrome, biliary obstruction, trauma ,focal hepatic lesions and aberrant blood supply. THADs that are associated with hepatic tumors are generally characteristic of malignant tumors. However, benign focal lesions, such as hemangiomas, focal nodular hyperplasia, pyogenic abscess and focal eosinophilic necrosis, may accompany THADs.

Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection: helical computed tomography as an alternative to angiography

November 2003

Echocardiographic evaluation of the pulmonary veins is inadequate at times. Cardiac catheterization, especially in sick neonates, may be a high-risk procedure. Helical computed tomography with three-dimensional reconstruction is noninvasive but remains an underutilized modality.

Inter-Organizational E-Commerce in Healthcare Services: The Case of Global Teleradiology

16 October 2006

Advances in healthcare information technology have enabled new models for electronic delivery of healthcare services. In this paper, we present the case of electronic delivery of radiological services and describe the market-based and technological factors that have led to the development of internet-based service models for flexible delivery of radiological services. Specifically, we describe the technical, regulatory and security issues that affect teleradiology, and propose a service delivery model for providing cost-effective and flexible radiological services.+ Read More


In this section you will find latest publications by our experts who are key opinion leaders in their respective fields.    If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us     Publications

Maheshwari S, Kalyanpur A, Sinha J. Role of new cardiac imaging in congenital heart diseases. A comprehensive approach to Congenital heart diseases (editor: IB Vijayalakshmi). June 2013

Agrawal A, Kalyanpur A. Acute Calcific Tendinitis of the Longus Colli. Hong Kong Journal of Radiology 2013. June 2013

Kalyanpur A, Sridhar PG, Kumar S. Utility of mobile devices in the computerized tomography evaluation of intracranial hemorrhage. Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging. Volume 23, Issue 1. Febraury 2013

Meka Rao S, Kalyanpur A. Sonography of scrotal trauma. The Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging. Volume 22, Issue 4. November 2012.

Kalyanpur A, Agrawal A. Synchronizing computer clocks: The challenge of multiple time zones in teleradiology. The Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging. Volume 22, Issue 3. August 2012.

Kalyanpur A, Agrawal A. Synchronizing computer clocks: The challenge of multiple time zones in teleradiology. The Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging. Volume 22, Issue 3. August 2012.

Kalyanpur A. Improvement of patient care through Teleradiology. Healthcare Executive. Volume 1, Issue 5, June 2012

Kalyanpur A, Majid Y, Warade M, Sinha J, Gupta T. Superdominant right coronary artery with absent left circumflex artery. Biomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal, Case Report; January 2011.

Kalyanpur A, Toth R. Accurate Prostate Volume Estimation Using Multi-Feature Active Shape Models on T2- Weighted MRI. Academic Radiology; January 2011.

Kalyanpur A, Toth R, Tiwari P, Rosen M, Reed G, Kurhanewicz J, Pungavkar S, and Madabhushi A. A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Driven Initialization Scheme for Active Shape Model Based Prostate Segmentation. Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) journal; October, 2010.

Kalyanpur A, Zarina Abdul Aziz, Purushotham R. Naidu, Jagadish Prasad. Role of multidetector computed tomography in evaluating complications following endovascular repair of aortic aneurysm. Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, Vol. 1 / No 3, July 2010

M. Srikanth, Singh J, Kalyanpur A. Helical Ct Evaluation Of Pulmonary Arteries And Aortopulmonary Collaterals In Pulmonary Atresia. Annals of Pediatric Cardiology, April 2009

Viswanath S, Bloch B. N, Rosen M, Chappelow J, Rofsky N, Lenkinski R, Genega E, Kalyanpur A, Madabhushi A. Integrating Structural and Functional Imaging for Computer Assisted Detection of Prostate Cancer on Multi-Protocol in vivo 3 Tesla MRI. SPIE Medical Imaging, Vol. 7260, 2009.

Toth R, Doyle S, Pungavkar S, Kalyanpur A, Madabhushi A. A Boosted Ensemble Scheme for Accurate Landmark Detection for Active Shape Models. SPIE Medical Imaging, vol. 7260, 2009. (Awarded Michael B. Merickel Best Student Paper award)

Murthy N, Bhat A, Kalyanpur A. Ectopic Pregnancy. Journal of The Hong Kong College of Radiologists. 2008, Vol. 11, No.3.

Govindarajan MJ,Nagaraj K.R,Ravi Kumar H,Kalyanpur A, Kallur. Tuberculosis – The spoil sport. Indian J Radiol Imaging May 2008, Vol 18, Issue 3.

Toth R, Chappelow J, Rosen M, Kalyanpur A, Pungavkar S, Madabhushi A. Multi-attribute Non-Initializing Texture Reconstruction based ASM (MANTRA). International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, Vol. 1, pp. 653-661, 2008.+ Read More
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