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Industrial Hose & Fittings

Whether constructed of rubber, stainless steel thermoplastic or fluoropolymer, hose and tubing is used in a wide variety of applications. In every case, the job requires that the product keep the environment, the operators and the media protected. As the world’s largest manufacturer of hose, Parker is committed to delivering the highest quality, safest products and tubing on the planet.

Ultra High Pressure Thermoplastic Hose
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Polyflex/Parflex High Pressure Thermoplastic Hose:
Pressure range up to 70 Mpa, with outstanding flexibility, low volumetric expansion, small bend radius, light weight.
Single or multiple lines with crimped couplings.

Construction: Thermoplastic materials with reinforcement of fibre or steel wire braids or spirals.

Beverage Industry: Single line food quality tubing made of (LDPE, PVC, PVDF, PA and EVA), multi layered extruded tubing " Python" thermally insulated multicore bundles.
Thermoplastic "TrueSeal" fittings and associated products. 

Polyflex Thermoplastic Ultra High Pressure Hoses:
Pressure range from 70 Mpa to 400 Mpa, low volumetric expansion.
Applications: Hydraulic tools, tension elements, test rigs, metal forming and off-shore.
Crimped couplings of special steel with maximum operating safety. 

Low and high pressure application, excellent chemical resistance against paints and solvents, electric conductivity throughout service life.

Application: Paint spraying, 2 component equipment. Crimped couplings of free cutting or stainless steel.

 Polyflex Thermoplastic Ultra High Pressure Hoses for Water Jetting Technology:
For pressure up to 400 Mpa, low volumetric expansion, excellent impulse resistance.
Application: High pressure cleaning and repar, water jet cutting, crimped couplings in special steel of maximum operating safety. 

Polyflex/Parflex PTFE Hoses:
With Excellent resistance against aggresive media.
Application: chemical industry, low and high pressure plants for expanded plastics, technical gases. Crimped couplings for assembly at your workshop according to Polyflex/Parkrimp assembly system.

Polyflex Products for Offshore Technologies: 
Single line hoses and hose umbilicals for On-and Off-shore applications. Long length, high temperature, light weight hoses for Subsea Controls.

Parker PAGE Hose:
Parker PAGE Hose, are leaders in the design and manufacturing of Fluoropolymer and Fittings.
Application: Chemical Transfer, Food & Beverage, Air & Gas Transfer, Pig Tails, Robotics, Hot Glue Applicators, Compressor Discharge, paint Lines, Powder Coating, Trim Tabs, Dispensing Sealants.

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Sewer Jetting and Cleaning Hoses
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Parker Sewer Jetting and Cleaning Hoses:

Parker Predator® Sewer Jetting and Lateral Cleaning Hoses are designed for cleaning and debris removal in sewer lines.

• Easily identified lime green (S5-4,000 psi), orange (S6-2,500 psi) or blue (S9-3,000) covers to signify constant working pressures.
• SLH leader hose saves primary sewer cleaning hoses from unwarranted abuse while reducing injury to workers and property.
• S5N is lightweight and has a compact profile to provide easy handling and routing .
• Bonded construction availability for S6 and for large volume applications.

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Parkrimp Medium Pressure Hose
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Parkrimp Medium Pressure Hose:
Parkrimp Compact No-skive Hose, with small bend radius & higer pressure ratings.

Parkrimp Nskive Compact Hose 691:
Twinhose for forklift trucks. High abrasion resistant-constant pressure values.

Parkrimp Multispiral No-skive Hose:
Complete range of Multispiral from 4 SP/4SH, SAE 100R12, R13 and R15.
No skiving required.
Parkrimp No-skive = Connection with safety.

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Parclean High Pressure Hose
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ParClean High Pressure Hose:

Pressure-washing applications. For use with water with constant temperatures upto 120 C. The black or blue cover is highly abrasion & chemical resistant. Extremely flexible, easy to handle.

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High Pressure Quick Coupling
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High Pressure Quick coupling system with nominal diameter 13 for pneumatic and fluid handling applications up to 35 bar. Coupling system with Parker own profile. Available made of Steel zinc plated.

Agricultural Hydraulic Couplings: Quick couplings and multi-coupler systems with ball locking mechanism designed for applications like hydraulic connection between implements and tractors, excavators, loaders, tools, jacks and other hydraulic systems.


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Diagnostic Couplings
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Parker's diagnostic quick couplers and test point nipples provide easy connections for mechanical gauges or specialized diagnostic equipment including Parker's SensoControl meters and accessories.

• Easy push to connect operation,
• Flush face valves minimize air inclusion and spillage ,
• SAE J1502 / ISO 15171-1 conformance provides global interchangeability with other test point couplings manufactured to the same specifications,
• Compatible with Parker's SensoControl diagnostic equipment,
• Suitable for use with hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

• Mobile equipment engines,
• Cooling systems,
• Industrial hydraulic systems,
• Fluid or air system maintenance and troubleshooting,
• System performance optimization,
• System validation.

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Pneumatic Quick Couplings
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Pneumatic Quick Couplings:

Parker pneumatic couplings come in three basic designs: general purpose/manual connect, general purpose/push-to-connect, and special purpose.

The standard seal material for all Parker single shut-off couplers is Nitrile. Ethylene Propylene, Fluorocarbon, and Neoprene seals are available as options.

Meet ISO 6150-B, ISO 6150-C or European standards.
Offers better flow characteristics on any type of pneumatic applications.

Rectus Coupling:RECTUS quick connect couplingshave stood for the highest precisionand reliability. The pneumaticsystems are used in manyindustries, primarily for compressedair but also for connections withliquid media. 

TEMA Couplings:With their many innovativedesign variants, TEMA quickconnect couplings are amongthe best hydraulic connectingelements in the world. Theyparticularly stand out for theirextremely low pressure drop andmaximum power transmission.

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Parflex Multitube
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Parflex Multitube® offers a variety of thermal control tubing products, such as steam and electric trace tubing, as well as analyzer and probe support bundles. These bundles are typically used for temperature maintenance and freeze protection in chemical processing and refineries, power generation, process control and environmental monitoring systems.

Parflex also manufactures jacketed and/or armored metal and plastic tubing bundles. Our tubing bundles are used worldwide as an ideal alternative for applications where multiple lengths of tubing are currently being installed independently. A bundled solution typically saves space within cabled trays and reduces the overall installation cost. Parflex Multitube® bundles offer protection to the individual tubes while being routed throughout a plant or facility.

Parflex offers a wide range of choices for metal and plastic tubes, tubing lengths, insulation thicknesses, jacket materials, and color options.

Each tube in every length of bundle is pressure tested at the factory prior to shipment. Other testing and third party certifications are available upon request, including:

• ABS (American Bureau of Shipbuilding).
• DNV (Det Norske Veritas).
• Lloyds.

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Service Junior Digital Manometers
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Service Junior :

Service Junior wireless is a digital manometer featuring a MIN/Max display function. Full scale (FS)accuracy is ± 0.5% based on the upper limit of the measurement range. Dynamic pressure peaks are measured at a scanning rate of10 ms (100 measurement values/second). The MIN/Max memory is continuously updated and rewritten

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Tube Accessories Hose Crimping Machine
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KarryKrimp 2 Crimping Machines : Portable hose assemblymachine for fast and safeproduction of hose assembliesThe KarryKrimp 2 machinesare simple to operate. Nogauges to set. No special skillsrequired.Can crimp the following hoses:
-1+2 brads hoses fromDN 06 to DN 32 (size -4 to -16).
-3+4 layer hoses fromDN 06 to DN 25 (size -4 to -16).
-4SH+6 layer hoses in DN 20and DN 25 (size - 12 and -16).

Parker Hose Cutting Machine TH3-1 :Designed to cut hydraulic hoses withtextile fibre braid reinforcement and1-6 steel wire layer reinforcementup to SAE 100R15.

Adjustable Hose Press :
TH 8-520-Basic model withmanual control.
TH 8-520.E - Machine withelectronic control.This adjustable hose press canbe used for crimping all ParkerNo-Skive hose types.

EO Tube Bending and Cutting Tools :
- Tube cutting tool AV 6/42.
- Combined tube cutting and bending tool BAV 6/12.
- Tube bending tool for tubes with o.d. from 6 to 25 mm.
- Programmable tube bending tool BVP 6/18 for exact repetition of bending operations.

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Flaring Machine
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EO Pre-Assembly and Flaring machineEOMAT III/A :

Electronically controlled hydraulic drive unit for:
- assembly of EO-2 fittings and cutting rings.
- flaring of steel and SS tubes (material 1.4571) with an outer diameter of 4 to 42 mm. Safe, reproduceable assembly results from combined pressure and displacement measurement.
User-friendly menu based control. Short cycle times.

Parflange 1040 74º and 180º Flaring Machine :
Automated machine for long run production.

This orbital flaring machine is designed to flare tubes:
a) o.d. 6 to 50 mm (1/4” to 2”) for Triple-Lok/JIC 37º fittings assembly.
b) o.d. from 6 to 38 mm (1/4” to 1.1/2”) for Parker O-Lok/ ORFS fittings assembly.
Easy to operate, No pressure setting nor tool adjustment required.
Fast and efficient.

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Special Hoses
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Special Hoses for industrial Applications:

- Water Hose.
- Hot water & steam Hoses.
- Air Hose.
- Gas & welding Hoses.
- Oil & Fuel Hoses.
- Bewerage & Food Hoses.
- Acid & Chemical Hoses.
- Material Handling Hose.

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Snaptite:Snap-tite is a manufacturer of innovative high-pressure fluidpower components for oil and gas,industrial and research markets.

- QuikXChange quick disconnect coupling specifically for excavator attachments.
- 75 Series Quick Disconnect, Fire Safe to API 16D.
- Multi coupling panles, Sub-Sea Connects under pressure.
- Directional Control Valves, All stainless steel construction.

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Fluoroplastic Tubings
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Flexible Fluoroplastic Tubings :

Available flexible convoluted and corrugated tubing products.Superior flex life, resist chemicals in harsh environment, Offer reduced bend radius.perform at elevated temp, handle static dissipative and vacuum service. Available in PTFE, PFA, FEP, TM l ECTFE, ETFE, MFA, PEEK , PVDF.
Application in the chemical, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper industry.Comply to stadards SAE AMS-T-81914 / AMS-H-27267.

Precision Fluoroplastic Tubings :

Innovative Precision tolerance tubings.Material Capabilities-PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, ECTFE, MFA, THV, PEEKTM and ULTEMTM.
Application - Environmnetal and Water sampling, automotive and marine, Petroleum, Chemical Processing,Medical and Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Electronics.

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Fluoroplastic Medical Heat Shrink
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Fluoroplastic Medical Heat Shrink :

- Wide range of USP class.
- VI materials in TEXfluorTM PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, MFA, Polyolefin.
- Encompasses expansion ranges from 1.3:1 up to 5:1 in PTFE material.
- Application for medical devices and instrumentation.

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Aircraft Fueling Hose
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Aircraft Fueling Hose :

Gold Label Aircraft Fueling Hose is designed for supply and transfer of aircraft fuels in applications to 180°F and 300 psi, Series 7776.

Features :
- Industrial Standards: EI 1529:2006, Type C, Grade 2.
- Tube: Black premium nitrile for fuel compatibility to 180°F.
- Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies for strength and durability.
- Cover: Black nitrile for resistance to abrasion, oil and weathering.

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Service Master Plus
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Service Master Plus :

This diagnostic tool for any fluid power system is more than just a meter; it incorporates data measurement, display, and on-screen analysis to provide increased functionality that extends far beyond standard meters currently on the market. Combining Can bus sensor communication protocol with traditional analog inputs, the Parker Service Master Plus has 24 channels for a variety of inputs and outputs. In addition,this unit incorporates multiple data-interfaces for connectivity and data storage, a variety of display options for user preference and storage capabilities of up to one billion measured values.

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