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Usage Instructions and Recommendations for Henna

  • A container (a bowl)
  • A pair of plastic gloves
  • A plastic shower cap (or plastic wrap)
  • A small towel to wrap round the neck to stop flowing down of henna paste
  • A paint brush of 3-4 cms. width
Standard measurement for use
  • Quantity of henna powder to be used
  • For person with long hair, use only for once (50-100gm)
  • For person with short hair, use only for once (30-50gm)
Frequency of Use:
  • Once in a period of 3-4 weeks. Person with damaged hair please shorten the period use. Henna being a natural herb, there is no problem of hair and skin damage.
  • After mixing henna oil with henna powder (maximum 10% of henna powder to be used to increase the effectiveness of henna), add hot water to it (about 40-80 litres) and by stirring make a paste
  • Cover hands with gloves and part hair in sections of 2-3 cms. Now apply the paste gently with the brush sufficiently covering the hair from the direction of the base to the tip of the hair-lock (especially, at the hair-line, where there is too much oil)
  • After applying the henna paste, cover the hair completely either with the shower cap or the wrap and leave for about 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes take-off the shower-cap or wrap and wait for another 10 minutes for the hair to cool off. Now rinse out the excessive henna from the hair by using shampoo.
  • Person/s having skin allergy should avoid using henna
  • After 4-5 times of use suddenly the hair might become rough. This is called rebound reaction and there is nothing to worry about
  • For person who don’t tolerate the presence of chlorine (whitener) in the tap-water, mineral water is recommended.
  • Henna should be applied after application of permanent wave liquid.

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