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Eye Drop Manufacturing Plant

We are a leading Manufacturer of Eye Drop Solution Manufacturing Tank, Eye Drop Vial Filling & Plugging Machine and Eye Drop Filtration System from New Delhi, India.

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The entire Pharmaceutical industries engaged into the manufacturing of Eye Drop & Ear Drop primarily relies on two type of Solution preparation technologies i.e. Magnetic Mixer and High Shear Online Mixer. Now selection of any of these Mixers depends upon stringency of Validation, Batch Standardization protocol, Cleaning Protocol & mainly batch size and typically dissolution of solute into media i.e. WFI. In both the mixer design, adherence of basic design parameters of Sterile plant is maintained in totality viz. Mono bloc design, Zero dead pocket vales, SIP (Sterilization In Place) & CIP (Clean In Place) compliance, Surface finish etc.


INTERTECH has long back recognized the added benefits of Magnetic Mixers for ultra sterile operations. The vessel shell is not penetrated and there are no mechanical seals. This prevents toxic or high value media from leaking out of the vessel. Magnetic Mixers are suitable for viscosities up to 1000 cps at operating temp. Magnetic Mixer range offers great batch flexibility, because a relatively small volume of product will cover the impeller-mounted very close to the vessel bottom. Bottom mounting also leaves the top of the vessel clear for easy vessel access.

Magnetic Mixer has a drive mechanism that can be removed quickly and easily – a major advantage, because small vessels can then be autoclaved rather than sterilized-in place (if preferred). All product contact parts are stainless steel 316L, with special grade tungsten carbide bearing surfaces. These allow smooth trouble free operation and are an integral part of the impeller head and carrier. The open impeller design allows easy cleaning and can easily be removed for separate cleaning and sterilization. INTERTECH Magnetic Mixers are fully engineered & designed for better CIP/SIP compliances.

  • The mixing capacities above are based on aqueous like products with a density of 1000kg/m3 (S.G.=1) and a viscosity of 1cp.
  • Typical applications for 'Gentle' mixing are where solids are held in suspension.
  • Typical applications for 'Blending' are where soluble liquids are mixed together or where powders easily dissolve into the liquid.
  • Typical applications for 'Vigorous' mixing are where a vortex is required for blending of powders into a liquid.

Technical Specification:

Model NumberMixing Capacity
Litres (Gentle)
Mixing Capacity Litres (Blending) Mixing Capacity Litres (Vigorous) Motor Power RatingImpeller Diameter

Pad Diameter

IET 12010 to 4010 to 3010 to 200.12kW95mm60mm
IET 37050 to 65030 to 50030 to 3500.37kW115mm88mm

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  • Vial / Bottle feeding Nitrogen filling
  • The first filling
  • The second filling
  • Press on inner plug
  • Press on outer cap
  • Cap fasten


This Eye-ear-nose drops filling & capping line equipped with advanced technology and integrated with mechanical, electronic and pneumatic operation to give state of art filling & capping line. It is equipped with Automatic Vial arrangement unit, Vial washing bottle unit (passing through water and gas if required ), Ozone sterilization oven, Liquid buffer tank, Filler (including cap-seal), Light tester and Labeling . The production line has the characteristic of high automation, high rate of finished products, wide application and better stability, finding favor in customers eyes.
Its operation include automatic bottle arrangement, washing, primary drying, ozone-sterilization and final-dry, filling, putting inner plug, fastening outer cap, light-inspection. Labeling, printing batch number, etc. This production line conforms to the requirements of GMP. Mostly now a days , pre-sterilized plastic vials thru gama radiation, are available in market. Therefore Eye – Ear Drop Filling & Capping Machine is required to achieve Filling, Inner stoppering , Outer Capping followed by Labeling.


  • Micro-computer controls filling volume, to ensure accurate dosing, and it is easy to operate
  • Peristaltic pump executes filling, easy to clean and sterilize, no contamination
  • Filling volume can be adjusted without stopping the machine
  • Liquid suck-back function, no drip
  • Automatic display and count
  • Use mechanical units to automatically add stoppers, and to press caps
  • Fixed torque screw capping, the quality is reliable, the caps is tightly screwed on bottles
  • 100 class laminar flow (with filter) can be added according to customer’s request


Technical Specifications
Filling volume2~50ml
Production capacity80~100 bottle/min
Filling accuracy ±1.5%
Filling Nozzles 2
Capping Yield 99.00%
Air pressure5kg/cm2, 25-37 LPM
Total power required 6KW
Power supply220V 50Hz

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Cartridge filter housing are essentials end filters which are used for Sterile Liquid Filtration before filling it into any shape for its end usage. This primarily gives super clarity by removing extraneous particle & extra sparkle to solution. Any finitely impurities, colloidal matter etc. which escape un-trapped in preliminary filters are easily separated in these filters. Micron Cartridge Filters are in line units capable of working at a maximum line pressure of 5 kg./sq. cm.

Available in various models with Capacities of 100, 500, 1500 Litres. Filter Housing are available in sanitary design to sterile filtration of air and liquid. All the filter housings are supplied with pressure gauge, air vent valve, drain valve and support lets with optional material of

Construction Details

Filter cartridge of Cellulose/Polypropylene material are used. Depending upon the clarity level required, we provide the cartridges in the size of 0.2, 0.4, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 micron porosity. No. of cartridges & their lengths material. Buffer plate & cartridges support assembly in S. S. 304 or 316 material only. Housing consists of a sturdy vertical pressure vessel having a buffer plate on which filter cartridges are mounted vertically a detachable top cover enables easy & quick removable of cartridges for CIP/SIP purposes.


Water is admitted in the fitter, chamber as indicated & surrounds all cartridges .Through very fine apertures of cartridges, it seeps into the interior of each cartridge & then descends down to collecting chamber, from which it goes out. It is necessary to clean the cartridges of the accumulated impurities after certain interval of time. For this, by opening the top lid, all the cartridges are to be physically taken out a brushed carefully using soft brush or cloth under flow of water. Online filtration system complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices and the requirements of Indian, British and the United States Pharmacopoeia of Water for Injection. All documents related to Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) like Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) are provided as a part of the operating manual.


Sterile liquid filtration elements are used to remove impurities from liquids. Micro filtration elements have membranes with pore sizes ranging from 0.1 to 10 µm. Ultra filtration elements are designed to remove particulates between 0.001 and 0.1 µm. Synthetic filtration media for liquid filtration elements include plastics such as polyethersulfone (PES), polypropylene (PP), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), and polysulfone (PSU). PES is a high-performance polymer that provides excellent resistance water and steam.

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