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IT Training Service

We are a leading Other of HTML Training Service, PHP Training Service, Android Training Service, IOS Training Service, C Training Service and JAVA Training Service from Gurgaon, India.

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HTML Training Service

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HTML learning course is for both intermediary and advanced learners. It offers a fast introduction to CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5, and also aids students learn basic programming proficiency. We focus on using javascript, CSS3/HTML5 to execute programming logic, identify and exercise variables, carry out looping and branching, build up user interfaces, capture and authenticate user input, keep data, and build logical applications. In this course, you will begin with fundamental HTML tags. Students will get the knowledge on creating HTML websites and applying CSS in their work before getting their hands on HTML5.
Vision of HTML

    What Is HTML?
    Record of HTML5
    Future Of HTML5

Getting Started With HTML

    Browser Help
    Features introduction
    Refined Degradation
    Developer Tools in HTML

Web Page Construction

    Page Encoding
    Updated Elements
    Elements And Attributes

Offline Applications

    The Necessity Of Offline Mode
    The application Cache Procedures
    Deployments And Updates

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PHP Training Service

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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, a programming language used for web development. At first, it was used to execute small tasks related to the web server, but later it emerged as the server side scripting tool. Knowledge of PHP allows to create web applications effectively. You need to understand the advanced features of PHP and PHP++. Learning PHP and its latest versions is very simple and provides great benefits. AOP offers extensive training classes for all aspirants. This course is quite affordable and valuable to get expert. Thoroughly classes with live display to students actually assist them to obtain the genuine experience of managing the projects. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge to make your dreams come true.

Hands-on training

    Creating web pages animatedly using PHP
    Applying command line arguments from PHP scripts
    Customizing web site content using cookies and session
    Recovering web pages, operating from data
    Tracking user navigation on your Web site
    File management with PHP script

Introduction session

    General idea of PHP Platform
    Web Architecture
    PHP origin in the open source area
    Need of PHP and its strengths
    PHP's major challengers include PERL, JavaServer Page, Microsoft ASP.NET
    Ease of use across on multiple platforms

PHP building blocks

    PHP installation
    PHP data types and delimiters
    PHP Operators and Constants
    Variable initialization with PHP

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

Use of file system and the Server

    Storing data for later use in the file system
    Opening and closing a file
    Reading from file
    Creating and removing a directory
    Deleting a file

    Introduction and construction of HTML
    Values and Attributes
    Header Tags and Comments
    Image Tag, Marquee Tag and Link Tags
    Table Tag, Form Tags and Audio, Video Tags

Use of file system and the Server

    Storing data for later use in the file system
    Opening and closing a file
    Reading from file
    Creating and removing a directory
    Deleting a file

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Android Training Service

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Android is one of the best platforms for mobile application. It’s a huge market, and the applications are used by several major mobile phone developing companies. It offers efficient safeguarding and market coverage to the developer. This versatile application is quite flexible with carrier and hardware helping a user to develop standard apps. People who have a good experience in Java can effortlessly learn Android development. AOP’s Android course provides you a well-planned training course according to the demand in the current IT job market. Better and regular contact with the labs and qualified instructors will provide a quick frame in Android development. Regular revision, Live project development and guidelines for coding are a fraction of our training course.

Android Introduction

    Brief history and features of Android
    Importance of Android
    Advantages of Android
    What is OHA?
    Software architecture of Android
    Android market

Installation and configuration of Android

    Installation and downloading procedure of Eclipse and JDK
    Installation and downloading procedure of Android SDK
    How to choose an Android version?
    ADT plug-in Configuration for eclipse
    How to choose an Android version?
    Running your application


    Layouts, views, and classification
    Tab and table layout with Example
    Frame Layout specification with Example

Media and image

    Image button, view, and gallery
    Audio and video recording
    Media Controller
    Playing audio and video
    Time and date selector
    Clicking images using Camera
    Setting a Wallpaper


    Dialog Status Bar Notification
    Notifying User

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IOS Training Service

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IOS is an operating system that runs on iPhone and a division of Mac OS. It has Power VR hardware and core animation software elements. The best aspect of this operating system is that it takes just half gigabyte. In an i-phone, several facilities such as call merger, call holding, audio conferencing, caller ID are well organized. Song libraries in i-Phone segregate songs according to videos, albums, and artists. Graphical catalog of existing applications is accessible on screen. The multitasking concept was introduced by i-Phone 4. Later, IOS 7 upgraded it by running several apps in the background. The latest version of i-Phone allows users to record GPS data, get a notification and listen to music at the same time. One can easily access to active widgets by customizing their home screen.

AOP’s training course put emphasis on building concept by lab research and practical approach. Instructors train students on various topics such as IOS development, Xcode, and Objective-c. Effective guidance over coding will aid people to face all kinds of interviews with major companies. Qualified and highly professional developers from some of the top companies have planned and designed this training program keeping in mind the compulsory characteristics of the subject.

Things you should know

    Installing the SDK
    Creating an easy IOS app
    Knowledge about being a registered Apple Developer
    Connecting with the IOS Developer plan

The Tools and methods

    Applying the IOS Simulator
    Using Xcode
    Utilizing the Model-View-Controller pattern
    Knowing life cycle of IOS application

Plain and easy i-Phone Application

    Using Interface Builder
    Model view controller
    Building an Xcode Project
    Declaring methods and instance variable


    Application lifecycle
    Setting Target and action
    Making Connections to UIViews
    Deploying an application

Objective C

    Objects and data type
    Creating and destroying an instance
    Sending message

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C Training Service

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C is known as more structured and complicated language among all programming languages. Though there is a tough competition among all existing languages, the perspective and features of C are yet quite easy and simple. The rising popularity of C involves several conceptions of compilers, games, editors and operating systems. So basically C is a general-purpose language with the skill to illustrate the terms, data structures, and flow.

Newer techniques and tools are announced daily. Thus, engineers and software companies have to keep track of the latest changes to maintain the development. Among other OOPs languages accessible today, C++ is the most frequently used. It’s the most versatile language used for handling very large programs and suitable for programming task including the development of compilers, editors, and any real-time complications The ability to map the real life problems, makes C++ the most popular and the most important course for the software industry.

Introduction to C++

    History and features of C
    Understanding requirement of C++
    OOP advantages
    C vs. C++
    Linking and Compiling
    C++ Software and Hardware


    Function overloading and prototyping
    Call /Return By Reference
    Friend and Virtual Functions

Objects and classes

    Arrays within a Class
    Defining Member Functions
    Pointers to Members
    Memory distribution for Objects

Constructors and destructors

    Use of various constructors in a class
    Parameterized /copy/Dynamic Constructors
    Building Two –dimensional Arrays

Looping and decision making

    The if – else statements
    Nesting of if –else statements
    The while and switch statements
    The Do and for Statements

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JAVA Training Service

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Course NameTraining Service


Java is a strong OOP language used to develop various kinds of applications. People who are pursuing a Java course have lots of career choices. Java in six weeks from AOP is a swift fire program that contains each essential concept of Java. This training program would offer an insight on the usage of different technologies in J2EE and Struts framework to ease the development in huge scale projects. You will learn the method of leveraging Java in the existing condition and also its potential applications. Our course is designed in line with the program used in colleges.

Introduction to JAVA

    Importance of JAVA
    Java on LINUX platform

What is Java Virtual Machine

    Java Virtual machine Architecture
    Class loading process by class loaders
    Role of Just In time complier (JIT)
    Execution Engine

Java J2EE

Java is a major language that helps to develop a wide range of applications. It runs on desktops, servers, browsers, and mobile devices. People looking forward to learn Java have a good career opportunities in the field of web development and application programming. JAVA J2EE course at our training programs begins with the fundamental and covers each essential aspect. This course will help students to use different technologies in J2EE, build desktop applications, apply Struts and Servlets to construct complex networks easily. Our Java J2EE course will make a student job ready, theoretically and practically strong in each language via practical approach.

HAdvanced Java and collection framework

  •     Working with maps and comparators
  •     The Collection classes and interfaces
  •     The Collection Algorithms
  •     Accessing a Collection via an Iterator
  •     Date and Time management

Internationalization and system properties

  •     Property file use
  •     Identify the setting
  •     ResourceBundle
  •     Fetching Text from ResourceBundle

Remote method invocation (RMI)

  •     RMI Architecture
  •     Execution
  •     Distributed application
  •     Call-Back method

Java classes and OOP implementation

  •     Class basics
  •     nowledge of static initializer
  •     Commands line arguments
  •     Object declaration
  •     Instance variable Hiding
  •     Overriding and overloading of procedures
  •     Knowledge of Access Controls (Secured, private and public)
  •     Dynamic process dispatching
  •     Garbage collection

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Salesforce is considered as one of the best CRM software for businesses because it gives everything required to boost the sales for a business. This application was designed to make companies function competently and beneficially by dropping the expenditure of handling hardware infrastructure. Salesforce provides a vast range of features that include tracking several marketing campaigns, managing, and analyzing all customer activity at single place. This training program is for administrators who want to enhance their skills and understanding about the efficiency of Salesforce in solving their issues in business growth.

AOP’s Salesforce training course provides newbies in programming with basic information to OOP or objects oriented programming using APEX (Salesforce Javalike programming language). In training, you will also study the fundamentals of building triggers and classes. This full practical training program is suggested for all administrators of Salesforce.

Troubleshoot record access and field visibility

    Field visibility management
    Troubleshooting Record Access
    How Territory Management has effects on the Sharing Model

Change management

    Deploying modifications using change sets
    Managing changes in a Sandbox

Change management

    Deploying modifications using change sets
    Managing changes in a Sandbox

Custom objects and apps

    Learn to use apps from the AppExchange
    Creating custom objects, apps, and tabs
    Building contact between objects

Automate complex business processes

    Creating workflow rules and formulas
    Business procedures
    Troubleshooting the issues related to business process execution
    Knowledge to use Programmatic Means

Working with SOAP API and Salesforce Data

    Functioning with the Partner WSDL
    Testing and debugging
    Advanced API Techniques
    Retrieving Data SOQL, sObjects and SOSL

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