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Point Of Sale Billing System

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Website Designing Software, E Commerce Website Development Software, Payment Gateway Integration Software, Integrate Third Party Application Software, POS Billing System and Content Management And SEO Software from India.

Website Designing Software
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Joinet Solutions helps our esteemed clients to express their vision as what they think and dream about their own business. We has the best website development team with experience and creative thought process to build creative website designs. With years of experiences our team provide suggestions and show best designs suitable to the client’s business requirements. Once we are able to finalize a design, then the features and development of the front and the inside pages can be carried out to showcase the client’s products under one brand name.

We ensure that each of our client’s website look unique with the best trending designs. And each of them should speak for themselves about our great website designing capabilities.

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E Commerce Website Development Software
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Are you looking for best eCommerce website development company?

  • We have attractive eCommerce website designs and developed on various platforms.
  • We also provide different eCommerce development services to create brand image among the crowd.
  • We provide custom eCommerce website designs.

Do you want help from the leading custom website creator in Dubai and Bahrain

Call us! We would need to understand your vision or brand awareness and advertising and website requirements and we can show the different patterns and designs possible. We can help you take a good domain and build the eCommerce website at attractive low costs.


eCommerce Website Development

Do you want to sell more on online web store?

Joinet solutions will help you to ensure that your online presence increases with the help of intuitive eCommerce website designs  and more. We ensure the following:

  • Website pages with lovely responsive themes & design which can be customized according to your preferences.
  • Our team will create a store-front for your business on the online web.
  • Your online presence would be felt all over the web which will help your customers understand all the kind of products which are currently available at your shop
  • Integrating the shopping cart to a payment gateway will help customer register themselves on the portal and purchase the products online.
  • The system has user-friendly dashboard and various reports which help to monitor your online storefront and effectively manage the operations.
  • We help preparing business eCommerce websites, complex multi-vendor websites for large, small and enterprise level businesses.
  • Beautiful themes are available by which responsive websites can be prepared.
  • The layout of the pages, including the contents, colors and other features can be customized.
  • The entire spectrum from the website to online catalogues display, to payment gateway integration to secure checkout and integration with shipping / delivery agents are possible.

Our complete responsive eCommerce software solution help to have the online website created which can be integrated to the online payment gateway. With the API we can configure the eCommerce engine to any prominent shipping agents website.

Your online store can be integrated to an ERP.

  • We ensure your online store gets set up quickly
  • Catalogue management which gets online, real-time with online sales and purchases which will ensure balance stock perfectly show
  • Managing the online orders
  • New products can be uploaded from the eCommerce engine
  • The whole inventory can be controlled and managed by user-friendly menu options
  • With an ERP integrated to the eCommerce website, business intelligent reports will help to identify the least selling products, so that those products can be launched with special offers
  • Also the highest selling products, seasonal products can be identified
  • Also identify various reports based on various business logic:

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Payment Gateway Integration  Software
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Integration of Payment Gateway to your website:

The customer can enter their debit or credit card to make payments for the products or services procured from the online eShop store. Some of the payment gateway charge you for each transaction based on a specific percentage of the value of the product. Some of the countries have different rules and regulations based on the Central bank or the financial regulatory authority, which controls the monetary transactions. And companies who have registered their online eCommerce eshop in a particular country need to follow the regulations stated by the financial regulatory authority of that country.

There are many payment gateway available now a days and you can select the appropriate payment gateway which is beneficial for both the ecommerce online eshop company to run the online store smoothly and for the customer, where he gains by a special discounted price for purchasing the products from the online store rather than spend the time and money to go to the supermarket to buy the same particular product. Both of the parties therefore should benefit from the online eCommerce sale.


A. Shortlisting a payment gateway:

What does the payment gateway help us with –
  • The online payment gateway helps to collect the customer’s card details from the online eshop and send them to the gateway online web server.
  • Send intimation to the debit or credit card bank to mediate an authorization of a particular amount of money for the product /services to be debited from the customer’s bank account.
  • The payment gateway helps to provide the authorization to make the sale or rejection from the customer’s bank, as a output/ confirmation back to the online eshop web store.
  • Therefore the payment gateway can be integrated to the online eshop and can collect the payment for the particular items selected or added to the shopping cart.
Selection of an online payment gateway – The web host provider can also provide favorable service providers who are compatible with their eCommerce solution. There are many extensively supported payment gateway from the online shop software providing the eCommerce solution. Some of them are as follows:
  • Perfect Money
  • PayPal
  • Securepay
  • Payza
  • net
  • Verify
  • Braintree
  • Egopay
Fees and conditions of using the payment gateway – Many of the payment gateway have charges as follows and we can compare the rates and select the best suitable for our online eshop.
  • Some charge a single onetime setup fee
  • Some charge a monthly fee
  • Some charge for every online transaction

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Integrate Third Party Application Software
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All the website development project done these days have additional requirements of integration to third party Vendor applications with the help of API provided by third party applications.

API (Application Programmer Interfaces) are software vendor program which give access to the third-party application programmers to access the additional feature available on the third party application  or to manipulate the output with the help of third-party software.

Application Programmer Interfaces (known as “APIs”) are systems that software vendors program into their software to allow outside programmers to access or manipulate data. Third Party API Integration project aims at utilizing these systems to either eliminate duplicate data entry or to provide new features that the software vendors cannot provide.


Some of the integration to other third party applications for some add-on features and are available in the form of tools or as plug-in software:

  • Include some consumer features on the website
  • Include analytics for your website
  • Capturing Marketing scores/metrics,
  • Integration of ERP to other business process applications


Each of the projects are properly assessed and documented for the following, so that the complete project can be smoothly completed.

  • Scope of work
  • Density of coding that are needed or
  • Efforts required in terms of man-hours or man-days



Application type available for the integration:

Increase the online customer experience

These applications gives the customer a good user experience by contributing with additional tools /services feature which include

  • Alternate payment option like ATM debit card, phone cards, in foreign currency, through Google Checkout,
Online product catalogue and merchandising tool

Specialty catalogue viewers can display legacy catalogues in an engaging and interactive way. We can set which items have to display at a price and the order of the display can be specified. This will help that the listings are always replaced with attractive persuasive and fresh look.

Additional sophistic site-search with recommendations – Some vendor special feature like
  • recommend predictive analytics
  • customize product finders or
  • analytical wizard
  • re-ordering of products in the catalogue when a minimum level reached
  • number of sales items or value of each sale product
  • filter search option which are dynamic in nature,
  • auto complete of sentences /phrases
  • type search ahead option

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POS Billing System
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POS Billing System

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The advance POS software takes care of all your inventory, billing for the item, cash collected (payment collected by cash and by credit card) and more.
The bar-code helps in faster billing cycle.
The final bill can be issued and the counter cashier can give the exact change as shown on the screen with the bill to the customer.

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Content Management And SEO Software
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Website Development Background Software
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Website Development Business Man Software
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Website Development Purse Softwrae
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Website Development Wall Course
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Website Development Web Design  Software
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Web Design Website Development Software
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Website Development Html Code Software
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Website Background Html Code Software
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Website Background Different Designs Software
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Social Media Marketing And Management Software
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Custom Application Development Service
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A best impression to the clients about your solutions is through the enriched and attractive user interface of your website. We help build websites which gives positive image of your brand and the services to your targeted clients. The best methodologies are used for the SEO, in order to ensure that there is always maximum return on investment achieved. The crawlers need to index the pages on your website on different search engines to ensure that the particular search engine brings your website on the first page on each of their search list. Therefore, when the customers searches for a particular solution, the customer should notice your website among the list of websites with similar products. Each of the client’s visiting your website will give a boost. Every click by the visitors will give your website business an edge over the other and indirectly helps your brand visibility.

Keywords for the pages are selected to identify the target audience. Selecting the right keyword will help you to increase the conversion percentages. The keywords are ranked based on the prominence of the different topics. There are a number of steps which are necessary to bring your website pages among the crowd of similar product websites. Optimizing each of the page contents including the videos and images are some of the steps which will help in the SEO.

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