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Wire Stripper

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Wire Stripper Mira 340, Wire Stripper Cosmic 60 Series, Wire Stripper Cosmic 42R and Wire Stripper Mira 440-440 SF.

Wire Stripper Mira 340
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Wire Stripper Mira 340

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High standards in precision, productivity and range of application Outstanding range of leads – the machine for demanding wires
  • Ideal for difficult-to-strip wires
  • Processes a broad range of insulation types and materials
  • Processes wires up to 16 mm² conductor cross section (AWG 5) and up to 72 mm strip length
Excellent stripping quality
  • 4X-rotary blades for precise processing and high pull-off force
  • Functions to minimize damage to conductors
  • Article library and barcode scanning prevent input errors
High productivity
  • Sequential processing functions for convenient and time-saving processing of multi-conductor and multi-layer cables
  • Barcode scanning to quickly select articles
  • Quick mode when rotary incision is disabled
The programmable Mira 340 is designed for universal use while maintaining maximum precision. It is perfect for processing wires and insulation material with demanding requirements. The Mira 340 is fitted with a rotary head with 4X-blades and offers unique functions designed to reduce production time and increase quality. As a result, a single machine can be used for a huge range of applications. Thanks to sequential processing, multi-conductor cables and multi-layer insulation material can be processed quickly, thereby saving time. Meanwhile, its ease of use increases productivity. Special features for enhanced productivity

The wire stripper covers many wire types, eliminating the need to set up different equipment. All settings can be saved in libraries. This way, the operator can retrieve the processing parameters at any time using search and filter functions. Password-protected access prevents unwanted changes.
Because of the Mira 340’s sequential processing, the operator can prepare several processing steps that are executed in a single run. Intermediate adjustments are unnecessary. Stripping of the jacket, stripping and twisting of the inner conductors of a multi-core cable, and stripping of multi-layer insulations are all possible.
The barcode scanning speeds up data entry. Using a barcode reader the article number can be imported automatically and error-free.
Mira 340 features a quick mode. By switching off the rotation, the wire stripper becomes as fast as a V-blade machine. An integrated air jet cleans the blades automatically and quickly to prevent operator interference.

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Wire Stripper Cosmic 60 Series
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Cosmic 60R / 60R-W / 60R-L – Rotary jacket stripper
  • Can be used for all purposes without blade change
  • Ultra-easy to operate thanks to sensor trigger
  • Powerful pull-off with quadruple blades
  • Also processes thin and hard-to-strip
  • Portable and usable everywhere thanks to electrical operation

The machines in the Cosmic 60 series are portable, semiautomatic jacket and wire stripping machines with rotating blades and a high pull-off force. Operation is unbelievably easy thanks to the analogue settings and the release sensor. These all-purpose machines are operated electrically so they can be used everywhere. Area of application

The machines process conductors with outside diameters ranging from 2.5 to 10 mm or 11 to 18 mm depending on the model, i.e. they strip single conductors and jackets of multi-conductor cables.
The portable machines can be used anywhere a power socket is available. The machines in the Cosmic 60 series are ideal for a highly diverse products made in small to medium quantities.

The three available models differ in the diameters and stripping lengths they can process.
Cosmic 60R: This model processes conductors with an outside diameter of 2.5 to 10 mm. The maximum stripping length is 90 mm.
Cosmic 60R-L: For large stripping lengths up to 200 mm and outside diameters of 2.5 to 10 mm.
Cosmic 60R-W: For larger leads an outside diameter of 11 to 18 mm. The maximum stripping length is 90 mm.

Rotating desheathing

The patented quadruple blade system ensures a precise, round cut, centres the conductor and ensures high pull-off forces. That means a broad range of conductors can be processed:

  • Single conductors
  • Jacket wire, multi-conductors cables
  • Solar cables
  • PVC, PE, PP, rubber
  • Data cables, LAN cables

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Wire Stripper Cosmic 42R
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Wire Stripper Cosmic 42R

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Cosmic 42R – Coaxial Wire Stripper
  • Highly precise processing of micro conductors
  • Stripping in up to 9 steps
  • Ease of operation
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Light and portable

The Cosmic 42R is the precision machine for multi-layered stripping of micro-coaxial cables. This stripping machine processes the finest conductors with speed and precision. Multi-step stripping involving up to 9 steps is part of the performance capabilities of the Cosmic 42R, as is its memory that accommodates 1000 data records. Area of application

The Cosmic 42R stripping machine is used for micro-coaxial cables involving especially tough precision requirements. Cosmic 42R optimally processes coaxial cables, triaxial cables and cables with especially thin, hard or tough insulation.
Conductors with braided insulation, e.g. polyester fibers, also belong to the processing range.
The Cosmic 42R is ideal for a great diversity of products made in small to medium quantities.

Rotating stripping head with centring

The blade head of the Cosmic 42R is fitted with three blades and three centring units. Stripping with rotating blades and centring offers major advantages:

  • The centring unit positions the cable with precision.
  • The rotating blades cut the entire circumference of the insulation with precision.
  • The force needed for pull-off is reduced to a minimum.
Multi-step stripping

The Cosmic 42R strips multi-layered conductors in up to 9 steps. The processing steps can be programmed in any desired order. The cutting
parameters can be independently set and optimised for every level. The Cosmic 42R has a memory that accommodates 1000 different conductors along with all processing parameters.
Micro-coaxial connectors put the toughest demands on the precise processing of multilayered conductors. The Cosmic 42R carries out all cuts with ultra-precision and creates the best prerequisites for a top quality coaxial connection.

Twisting conductor tips

Twisting the tips of conductors prevents splayed stranded wires. The twisting function of the Cosmic 42R prepares the cable in an optimum way for being handled during assembly or tinning.


The operation of the Cosmic 42R is intuitive. The graphical display assists the operator with setting the processing parameters. Parameters such as the turning and feed speed, cut duration, pull-off speed etc. are presented in an straight-forward table.

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Wire Stripper Mira 440-440 SF
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Precise quality for coaxial, triaxial and hybrid cables Wide processing range
  • Coaxial, triaxial and other multi-layer cables with an outer diameter of up to 9 mm
  • Single-conductor wires measuring 0.02 – 13 mm² / AWG 36 – 6
  • Strip length up to 40 mm
Precise coaxial processing
  • Rotary incision, centering and flat blades for the smoothest cut
  • Process up to 9 wire layers
High productivity
  • Automatic trigger via sensor
  • Time-saving sequential processing of multicore, multi-coaxial and hybrid cables
  • Article library and barcode scanning for quick item selection
The Mira 440 wire stripper is a great choice for wire harnesses with a large proportion of coaxial or triaxial cables. It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized series runs. The rotary flat blades ensure the high level of precision required for coaxial connectors. The Mira 440 processes single-conductor wire and multi-core cable, as well as semiflex cables in the Mira 440 SF model. The comprehensive functions, simple operation and smart design make the machine a specialist for coaxial cable processing.
Highly productive, fast and functional

When the wire is inserted, the trigger sensor starts each process automatically. Versatile functions, such as trimming, offset pull-off, stripping in several steps and twisting the strands, increase the standard of quality and productivity. The sequence function enables the time-saving processing of multi-coaxial and hybrid cables, which consist of a combination of single-conductor and multi-core cables, and coaxial cables, where the components can be processed one after the other. The Mira 440 and 440 SF also have an article library. All leads can thus be processed with reproducible quality. Intelligent search and filter functions find the articles quickly – and the barcode scanner provides even faster results. Password protection prevents unintentional modifications.

Cutting-edge, ergonomic design and a user-friendly interface

A high-resolution touch screen in smartphone-style provides quick access to all the machine´s features. Supported by a dial and help texts, the intuitive user interface is fun to use and simplifies training. The user interface, including hint texts, is provided in a variety of languages, so operators with different preferred languages can use the same machine. The comfortable wrist cushion enables a relaxed working posture. Since the safety cover can be quickly removed without tools, cleaning and maintenance is much faster and easier. An ergonomic handle makes the compact wire strippers highly portable.

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