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Offering software development services and product design development services.
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Purchase Management Service

The entire gamut of processes involved in the procurement and order fulfillment functions of the business can be automated and controlled easily via the Procurement Management System solutions provided by us. Global Vendor information such as transaction histories, quotes, fulfillment, quality etc. can be stored and retrieved at any point of time. Vendors quotes can be analyzed against financial budgets. Invoices can be generated in standard templates automatically. Besides, the automatic rules-based order fulfillment, flexible picking methodologies, automated task prioritization, automatic generation of shipping and compliance labels and configurable exception handling workflow, support docking management, warehouse-staff key performance indicators features make procurement management that much comfortable for the clients. The pre-built reports and metrics of Procurement Analysis application give you a better understanding of purchasing power, quantities, material and supplier reliability.

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Inventory Management Service

This is a central module closely integrated with sales, purchase and warehouse management. We not only help to track the inventory effectively but also provide analytics for maintaining optimized level of inventory by providing calculations on safe stock, reorder point, replinishment inventory.

This system includes Stock Profiling, Inventory Movements, Inventory Usage, Inventory Maintenance, Stock Valuation and Stock Replenishment for Better Management of Inventory.This system helps in tracking of stock movements, stock related information and purchase orders; identifies stock trends, performs stock valuation and stock replenishment related tasks.

Stock Profiling:

Inventory information such as specifications, manufacturer and supplier details and substitute parts are maintained by the Krawler Inventory Management System. Inventory levels are tracked and workflows are triggered accordingly. Stocks are classified into intuitive categories for easy access to metadata.

Inventory movements:

Stock movements are monitored, whether they are inflow, outflow, or even within the warehouse. Logs are maintained for accountability in case of loss or damage during transfer.

Usage and Maintenance histories:

Stock usage and maintenance histories are monitored with respect to personnel, work orders and departments. Proper mechanisms are in place to identify trends such as repeated replacement of certain stock or excess demand for certain equipment by a specific department to spot discrepancies and act accordingly.

Stock Valuation:

The system leverages advanced analytics tools generated graphs and reports to identify stocks that perform exceedingly well and hence increase their operational value.

Stock Replenishment:

Inventory levels and stock performance are evaluated on a regular basis to determine stock replenishment strategy. The system can also automatically trigger purchasing processes such as invoicing and purchase orders so that safety stock inventory levels are always maintained..

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Customer Relationship Management Service

Our CRM module offers a solution that provides organizations with a single view for each customer, not only automating critical processes but all enabling decision makers to easily implement customer centric strategies. This module provides insights into customer information across functions and product verticals. It helps in integration of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support functions and provides real time information access for sales personnel and customer support staff leading to reduced response time and quick reporting and analysis

Our CRM empower managers at every level of the organization to gather and analyze information regarding customers, their details, and their activities; in order to build deep and effective Customer Relationship, and improve Strategic Decision Making with Customer Intelligence Software

This provides holistic Customer View across the organization on every component of the marketing mix with minimal clicks and keystrokes by leveraging user friendly dashboard. This module is closely integrated with sales to monitor marketing ROI by aligning personnel, teams, activities and funds to Marketing Strategies. Marketing managers can work through all phases of the process with smooth transition between each phase, from launching campaigns to building contacts and identifying opportunities.

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Supply Chain Analytics

The data may be obtained from a company’s internal sources, such as its enterprise resource planning application, data warehouses/marts, from a third party data provider or from public sources. Companies seek to leverage the digitized data from transaction systems and automated business processes to support “fact-based” decision-making. Thus, analytics is a category of computing rather than a specific method, application or product.

Why Analytics?
  • Information access: It is all about fostering informed/collaborative decision-making across the organization – ensuring that decision-makers can understand how their area of the business is doing so they can make informed decisions.

  • Insight: Gaining a deeper understanding of why things are happening.

  • Foresight: Leveraging the past to predict potential future outcomes so that actions and decisions are computed in order to meet the objectives and requirements of the organization.

  • Business Agility: Driving real-time decision optimization in both people-centric and process/automated-centric processes.

  • Strategic Alignment: This segment of the market is about strategically aligning everyone in the organization – from strategy to execution. It is about enabling enterprise and operational visibility. It is about documenting the preferences, priorities, objectives, and requirements that drive decision-making.

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Advanced Forecasting Service
Situation for Operation Cost:
  • Producing the wrong product causes inventory levels and inventory storing costs to increase.

  • Changing the production schedule will increase production costs due to personal changes and equipment changes.

  • Expediting raw materials create higher inbound raw material costs.

  • Shipping to the wrong location incurs extra logistics cost for storing product in wrong place.

  • Transhipment costs to get product to the right location.

  • Discounting price to get product sold.

Benefits of Forecasting Accuracy:
  • The chart is based on the research conducted by Institute of Business Forecasting and planning.

  • This research was conducted on mix of Computer/Technology and Consumer product company.

  • Chart contains few extrapolated values.

  • SKU level forecasting errors for Computer/Technology companies are 19% and 30% respectively for 2 months and 1 quarter horizon.

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Discrete Event Simulation
  • Simulate a system to analyze bottlenecks.

  • Simulate rapid variability in supply chain demand .

  • Perform what-if analysis to analyze options

  • Perform the process diagnosis .

  • Diagnose process issues.

  • Identify of bottlenecks hidden by excess inventory, overproduction, variability in processes and variability in routing and sequencing.

  • Evaluate capital investment decisions.

  • Simulate new protocols for different network traffic scenarios before deployment.

Why Simulation?
  • Flexible thinking.

  • Real world Experience.

  • Saves Money.

  • Saves time .

  • Evaluates uncertainty.

  • Verification of Planning Options.

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Predictive Analytics Service
Descriptive Analytics
  • Standard reporting and dashboards: What happened? How does it compare to our plan? What is happening now?

  • Ad-hoc reporting: How many? How often? Where?

  • Analysis/query/drill-down: What exactly is the problem? Why is it happening?

Predictive analytics
  • Data mining: What data is correlated with other data?

  • Pattern recognition and alerts: When should I take action to correct or adjust a process or piece of equipment?

  • Monte-Carlo simulation: What could happen?

  • Forecasting: What if these trends continue?

  • Root cause analysis: Why did something happen?

  • Predictive modeling: What will happen next if?

What is the need for predictive analytics:

One of the most exciting trends in the industry is the gradual shift from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive forms of analysis. Companies are realizing that their investments in Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities could be complemented through the use of advanced analytics focused on predicting the future. Even more exciting is "prescriptive analytics", where companies can actually use analytics engines to drive business-oriented decision making on their own. If implemented correctly, such analysis engines could replace the need for individuals to reflect on reports and dashboards and simply have those engines make decisions on behalf of the business. While this might seem far-fetched, such algorithms and analysis tools are already used in specialized contexts. High frequency trading, fraud detection, and even search engines are examples where analytics tools run important aspects of our businesses. As the analytics industry continues to mature and as businesses continue to deal with the analytics-oriented talent shortage, such automated, prescriptive forms of analysis will become the norm.

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Prescriptive Analytics Service

At next level is Prescriptive analytics, which is part of “advanced analytics,” is based on the concept of optimization, which can be divided into two areas:

  • Optimization: How can we achieve the best outcome?

  • Stochastic optimization: How can we achieve the best outcome and address uncertainty in the data to make better decisions?

Once the past is understood and predictions can be made about what might happen in the future, it is then time to think about what the best response or action will be, given the limited resources of the enterprise. This is the area of prescriptive analytics. Many problems simply involve too many choices or alternatives for a human decision-maker to effectively consider, weigh and trade off.

Prescriptive analytics, based on mathematical optimization, is used to model a system of potential decisions, the interactions between those decisions, the factors or constraints limiting combinations of the decisions, and then uses robust mathematical algorithms to search for the best set of decisions that meet the constraints. Optimization is used pervasively in many industries in applications ranging from long-term planning to operational scheduling. Because of the computational requirements to solve an optimization problem, optimization is not applied in high-volume transactional applications. This is in contrast with the real-time applications of predictive analytics. However, the foundational mathematical and statistical techniques of predictive analytics can be combined with optimization in an area called stochastic optimization, where the goal is to create systems that make decisions that take into account the uncertainty in the data

  • GFS simulation modeling is prescriptive analytics.

  • Tools like ILOG supports prescriptive analytics. These tools help to orchestrate supply chain network/DC/Other factors for decision making.

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E Commerce Solution

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their eCommerce store. Magento’s intuitive administration interface features powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely scalable and backed by Varien's support network, Magento offers companies the ultimate eCommerce solution.

Kreativ is actively involved in developing Magento connector with KreativERP systems. since the development of the new connector with KreativERP we have been helping customers across the globe to migrate and implement it. At Kreativ we are committed to provide an excellent user experience.

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Warehouse Management Service

Warehouse Management System includes Dock Calendar, GRN, ASN, Outbound Orders, Purchase Order, Inventory Movement and Supplier Performance to Track Enterprise Inventories & Warehouses.

We provide flexible, automated support to assist in processing goods movement and maintaining current stock inventory. The WMS helps in optimizing material flow, processing goods receipts, goods issue and stock transfers easily. It also includes the standard features like order requisition, inventory management, order fulfillment, order picking, delivery and dispatch. This system also helps in supplier performance tracking and analysis of risks at the supplier’s end.

A dock calendar is provided to manage appointments and shipment documentation (purchase orders with or without ASN, RMAs, in transit documents, internal requisitions, and blanket purchase orders).Prioritization of inbound inventory is possible, with outbound orders, reducing handling, storage and costs while improving service.

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Offering software development services and product design development services.

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