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FHS means Fracture Healing Stimulant and it helps to provide 500mg of L-Arginine, 61. 8 mg. Of 75 mg. FHS also provides Vitamin C for optimal proliferation and 200mg of calcium carbonate along with 2090 I.U. Vitamion D3 to compensate calcium loss during fracture and immobilization. Since hereditary and environmental factors are going to be constant the only possibility to keep bones strong is to enhance anabolism. Kuemen is renowned as leading FHS manufacturer and exporter in India.

FHS Ensures

  • Heals Fracture stronger & Faster
  • Optimal Callus formation in stipulated time
  • Prevents delayed fracture healing
  • Keeps bones stronger for future fracture
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When CaP is more than 55 in your patients of ESRD Bind extra serum phosphorous. Q-BIND helps to bring back CaxP to normal faster than lanthnum carbonate and sevelamar. Provides per meal for a period of 7-10 days effectively takes care of high CaxP without the side effects of soft tissue calcifiction. Hence, we are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Q-BIND in India.

Features of Q-BIND

  • Each 5 ml contains aluminum hydroxide 250 mg
  • Non Calcium containing phosphate binder when CaxP is >=55
  • The only Sugar free Aluminium Hydroxide available
  • Most paletable suspension
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Zucka (L-Arginine 1gm Tablet)

ZUCKAimproves estimated fetal and birth weight of the new borns. It enhances I.G.F. Through 'NO' augmentation therefore helps in osteogenesis. The 'NO' dependent casade is the main functional pathway responsible for penile erection. ZUCKA enhances IGF1 production through. ZUCKA true vasoactive used worldwide. We are one of the prime ZUCKA manufacturers and exporters in India.

ZUCKA helps in

  • Optimizing transfer of nutrients to the fetus.
  • Accelerate fetel development

IUGR: The dose of ZUCKA- 1 Tab. TDS.
PMS: The dose of ZUCKA- 1 Tab.BD.

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QIB-C is known as Quality Initiative for Bones. Kuemen manufacturers fabricate these medicines for various types of problems in Patients and they are as follows:

Predialysis Patients:
Qib-C is indicated in the management of secondary hyperparathyroidism and resultant metabolic bone disease in patients with moderate to severe chronic renal failure (Ccr 15 to 55 mL/min) not yet on dialysis. In children, the reatinine clearance value must be corrected for a surface area of 1.73 square meters. Aserum IPTH level of ≥ 100 pg/mL is strongly suggestive of secondary hyperparathyroidism.

QIB-C manufacturers recommend initial dosage of QIB-C that is 0.25 mcg/day in adults and pediatric patients 3 years of age and older. This dosage may be increased if necessary to 0.5 mcg/day. For pediatric patients less than 3 years of age, the recommended initial dosage of QIB-C is 10 to 15 mg/kg/day. QIB-C Capsules should be protected from light. They are stored at 59° to 86° F (15° to 30° C). There fore, we are leading QIB-C manufacturers and exporters in India.

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Zucka-G (L Arginine 1gm Lycopene 5000mcg/Tablet)

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Zucka-G (L Arginine 1gm Lycopene 5000mcg/Tablet)

Since vasomotor instability is the hallmark of estrogen deficiency which gives rise to all menopausal related symptoms like hot flashes. Since NO(Nitric oxide) is a product of the conversionm of (L-Arginine) ZUCKA-G reverses acute symtoms associated with post menopausal. Each tablet of ZUCKA-g provides 1000mcg of Lycopene 10%. As such, Kuemen is ZUCKA-G manufacturer and exporter in India.

It helps to increase:

  • NO production
  • T-cells to mitogenic stimulation hence increases
  • NK and LAK cells numbers.
  • Hence consider ZUCKA-G for relaps and recurrentUTI and PID infections.
  • Post menopausal and immuno enancement dose: 2- 3 tablets of ZUCKA-G daily.

Kuemen manufacturers fabricate and recommend ZUCRA-G for:

  • IUGR
  • Pre- Eclampsia
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension Post- Menopausal Woman
  • Recurrent cases of PID and UTI in immunocompromised patients.
  • Male Infertility
  • General well being
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QIB-9 helps in the treatment & prevention of Osteoporosis. It is basically used for Osteoporotic Fractures in postmenopausal women. We are reckoned manufacturer and exporter of QIB-9 in India.

Ingredients of QIB-9 are as follows:

Calcitrol 0.25mcg
L-Arginine 100mg
Calcium Citrate 200mg
Chromium Chloride 25mcg
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 61.8mg
Lysine mono HCL 50 mg
Vitamin B6 1.5 mg
Vitamin B12 15 mcg
Folic Acid 1500 mcg

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