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Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

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Lalin art & Computer has ages of specialized experience in data conversion! Our data conversion services convert format of the existing data into a new format of data. Lalinart & Computer will handle complex and tedious process of data conversion with the help of 99.98% accurate data conversion service

Outsource Document Conversion Services
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Document conversion services are a web based solution converts the text from scanned documents to digital images and saved in the required archival format such as .doc, .RTF, .txt etc. Lalinart & Computer has been excelling in document conversion services and has a number of the most satisfied customers globally. Document conversion services India unit of Lalinart & Computer provides online storage and document management solutions to store, retrieve, manage and access data efficiently over any network architecture including the Web, LANs and SANs. Outsource document conversion to us offers a reliable, cost effective and quality services to the customer.


  • World class document conversion services at no-frills prices
  • Interfaces with popular software
  • OCR text conversion and PDF file conversion services
  • Contract and on call support plans is available for all software and hardware
  • Document conversion India professional evaluates the current need of the customer and suggests the right document management services that apt for the customer business
  • Minimum TAT
  • Multi level online QA service


  • Supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT and more
  • Special processing of files such as removing extra lines, search and replace text, launching 3rd party software etc
  • Save and restore complex conversion configurations
  • Schedule unattended document conversion services at intervals
  • Work can be stopped in the midway and resumed at a later period as per the convenience
  • Com interface and command line and GUI execution
  • Move or delete the input files after processing


  • Document review and analysis
  • Need based specification list is prepared by the document conversion India specialist
  • Sample preparation for customer understanding
  • Based on customer's requirement, the necessary changes are made and previewed
  • In house tool automation for automation of work at each and every stage of work
  • Document production and delivery of product within the deadline

Document conversion services involve documents containing a full spectrum of publishing challenges including graphics, tables and figures, as well as extensive cross-referencing. Outsource document conversion services to us and we will help the customer to get the most accurate result and at unbelievable turnaround time.

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Outsourcing Data Collection Services
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Lalinart & Computer can handle all aspects of your outsourced data collection requirements. Our data collection India unit will assist you to collect and consolidate data from various sources. Our team will then convert all the data captured by our data collection services team into the formats of your choice and specification. We arrange the best coalition of technology and man power to attain suitable results for your data collection services requirements.
Our Specialized Data Collection Services:

  • Online Data Collection Services
  • Market Research Data Collection
  • Web Data Collection
  • Survey Data Collection
  • Document and Image Data Collection
  • Online Store and Product Data Collection
  • Medical and Legal Data Collection
  • Excel Data Collection

We have a highly qualified and well trained research team to offer you solutions for a wide range of data collection services. Our team of experts will reach over any and all fields of business to facilitate data for your data collection project. We also offer packages to collect and consolidate data from your paper documents and store those data files. Our data collection services packages offers web data collection for businesses like market research, manufacturing, product distribution, commercial services etc.

Lalinart & Computer has access to resources like infrastructure, man power and technology that enable us to manage high volume of data collection services, be it data captures from manual documents or database management. We aim to improve your productivity by providing you with accurate and relevant data pertaining to your field of expertise. Our experienced team analysis your area of business fully. This enables them to provide you with comprehensive results by capturing the data accurately and completely.

Advantages of data collection by Lalinart & Computer:

  • Consolidation of data collected from various sources into a single database
  • We have expertise to collect data from many sources and all kinds of printed materials
  • Highly qualified team manages the research part of all our data collections projects
  • All the data collected is verified for authenticity and validity
  • Solutions for all kinds of data collection services like, high volume data or single topic
  • Very competitive rates
  • Accurate and relevant data is provided to you within an least amount of time
  • Special care is taken to present the collected data in easily accessible formats as desired and approved by you
  • Outsourcing data collection to us will save you time, money and will also give you a market advantage over your peers
  • The privacy and security of your data is of paramount importance to us

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Outsource Data Conversion Services
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Lalinart & Computer has ages of specialized experience in data conversion! Our data conversion services convert format of the existing data into a new format of data. Lalinart & Computer will handle complex and tedious process of data conversion with the help of 99.98% accurate data conversion services.
Data conversion specialists at our production centres are highly trained to deal with all types of data conversion requirements. The team has years of experience in managing various document conversion projects. Getting quality data conversion services from an expert data conversion team greatly reduces risks and adds value to data and information management.

You not only profit from the data conversion services of a superbly competent and well organised team but, as our client, you also have the right to enjoy improved data conversion productivity standards, thanks to our technology strengths. We can convert thousands of documents a day and much more.

We have managed a wide variety of file formats, and use advanced data conversion tools to maintain high quality standards in our data conversion services.

Our range of data conversion and management solutions include:

  • Files Conversion Services
  • HTML Data Conversion Services
  • XML Data Conversion Services
  • PDF Conversion Services
  • SGML Data Conversion Services
  • XHTML Data Conversion Services
  • Microfilm Scanning and Conversion Services
  • Books Data Conversion Services
  • E-Books Conversion Services
  • Excel, Word and PowerPoint Data Conversion Services
  • Other data / file format conversion services

We focus on maintaining client relationships through customer-oriented, flexible and risk-free data conversion solutions. We facilitate our clients data organisation, information management and decision making process through the quality and efficacy of our document data conversion services.

We serve enterprises across industry verticals like Banks, Commercial services firms, Data management and research firms, E-businesses, Engineering firms, Government agencies, Hotels, Healthcare organizations, Insurance Firms, Manufacturing Firms, Pharmaceutical Firms, Research and Development Organizations, Schools and Universities, Transportation Firms and others with our quality data conversion services.

Find efficient and affordable data conversion solutions with us. Be assured that you benefit from the following:

  • Total Quality in converting data
  • Secured data management
  • Very less turnaround
  • Improved accessibility
  • Better usability
  • Structured and easily manageable information
  • Elimination of redundant / unwanted data
  • 99.98% accurate data conversion

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Outsourcing File Conversion Services
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Converting formats of file from one format to another is a complex task, because many of us do not have the necessary tools handy or the knowledge about it. Lalinart & Computer proves to be one of the best file format conversion services with the latest collection of online conversion services as well as offline desktop tools which provide an easy way of conversion of file formats to various types and formats ranging from tables, images, video to audio.
At times we have thought of conversion of file formats without the need to download software, and this thought lead Lalinart & Computer to provide reply through online conversion services. Lalinart & Computer is aimed at providing the high quality file format conversion services for as many file formats as possible.


  • Conversion of software products
  • Instant online file conversion service
  • Data document text files
  • Spreadsheets
  • Scientific document file conversion
  • Audio/video files
  • Conversion of CAD drawings into DGN, DWG and DXF


  • Reasonable rates offered
  • Most technically strong team
  • We can convert formats of file including converting from older office formats to PDF, WordPerfect etc.
  • Quality assurance
  • Minimal turnaround time
  • Clear work flow process
  • Security, confidence of the data
  • Well built infrastructure
  • Check points like double entry, data loss at regular intervals
  • High project visibility
  • Backup for disaster recovery

The process of file format conversion becomes simple with the Lalinart & Computer. The service is just an email away. On receiving the mail from the customer, an expert contacts the customer with the details of the cost, time for conversion of the data and the restrictions, if any, based on the output required by the customer. On approval from the customer, the process is completed and a preview is given to the customer for any corrections. On approval of the quality, accuracy of the final output, the finalized files are provided to the customer as per the request.

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Outsource Catalog Conversion Services
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Catalog conversion is one of the most popular web based application available now on the internet. Catalog conversion is a process by which manual catalogs, i.e., both text and images are transformed into a digitized format, and this service is used prominently in e-commerce sites or online stores.
Outsource catalog conversion requirements to Lalinart & Computer and ensure that your productivity is increased with effective quality and successful delivery in a very cost effective way. With our vast experience in catalog conversion services, Lalinart & Computer can make your online business more understandable to the online customer, and a big hit in the web world.


  • Catalog building and indexing
  • Catalog updating services
  • Catalog processing services
  • Electrical schematics
  • Terrain maps
  • Frequent revision and updating of data online
  • Retouch, edit and crop the images to give appealing eye catchy images online


  • Customer can contact us through email and send us the requirement.
  • Based on the requirement of the customer, a quote will be provided along with a test run to assess our quality and ability.
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques.
  • On approval, a catalog conversion India professional will be dedicated completely to the customer.
  • Our catalog conversion India professional becomes the one point contact for both the customer and Lalinart & Computer.
  • A fixed timeline is provided to the customer for the completion of the project.
  • 99% quality assurance.
  • On completion, preview of the work is shown to the customer.

If you are a customer having the following interfaces for your stores such as y Stores, OS Commerce, CRE Loaded, 3dcart, Monster Commerce, Volusion, AspDotNetStoreFront, Zen Cart, X-Cart, Magento Commerce,  and other custom defined interfaces, etc, then outsource catalog conversion services to us. A catalog conversion service becomes successful with well-indexed catalogs, and Lalinart & Computer is capable of handling such indexing in our catalog conversion services.

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Outsource PDF Conversion Services
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Portable Document Format popularly known as PDF has been used increasingly in corporate industries and is mainly used for creating and posting reports on the net. Lalinart & Computer has been specializing in PDF conversion services for more than a decade with numerous satisfied customers globally.
Since PDF is completely platform free, PDF is used widely for publishing scanned document on the web. PDF conversion services are tedious, slow and require lot of attention to details. Outsource PDF conversion to Lalinart & Computer assures the customer of high degree accuracy and aesthetic image quality.


  • Books to PDF
  • Brochures, catalog, journals and report to PDF
  • Microfilm to PDF
  • Postscript to PDF
  • TIFF, JPEG and GIF to PDF
  • Image and Text PDF
  • Image only PDF

PDF conversion India professionals specialize in:

  • Conversion of PDF to xml, html, Excel, xls, text, word, RTF conversion
  • QuarkXPress, PageMaker or frame maker to PDF conversion
  • Searchable PDF creation
  • Accessible PDF creation
  • Convert PDF with hyperlinks and bookmarks

We, at Lalinart & Computer convert PDF to word, where the text is converted to word document by maintaining the original format and images. Our PDF conversion India professionals use the latest techniques and software which enable the conversion of PDF with ease retaining the images, formats, graphs, tables and hyperlinks etc.


  • Customization is the motto
  • Our experts work one to one with the customer to bring the final output as per the customer requirement
  • Time bound output with round the clock customer service
  • Strict policy on accuracy and confidentiality of data
  • Competitive rates based on the volume and urgency
  • The cropping options used to eliminate black borders on microfilmed images
  • Indexing options like automatic sequential file names and OCR etc.
  • Test run option available

Outsource PDF conversion to Lalinart & Computer ensures conversion process with no loss of data and administrator edit options. Once the work is completed, the output and the input are treated according to the SLA signed by the customer.

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Outsource Book Conversion Services
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Every organization tends to keep itself equipped with the latest technologies like digitization. Digitization is a process by which all our manual data are converted into electronic format. This digitization helps the customer in saving space, time, and money as it is a one time investment in the business. Outsource book conversion to Lalinart & Computer and we can convert any unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats according to the customers' requirement using leading edge technologies and skilled book conversion India professionals.

Lalinart & Computer has been in the field of conversion of books for quite some time, and is one of the leading service providers to convert books to digital format globally. We had been in the field of book conversion services for 17 years, and have been able to list ourselves as one of the best service provider for leading universities, colleges, libraries and book publishers.


  • Convert books, magazines and catalog
  • E-books
  • Scholarly papers
  • E-brochures and journals
  • Mixed page content analysis
  • Superior image processing techniques
  • Cleaning mainline text
  • Styling, proofing
  • Conversion to electronic file and final edition


  • Based on the customer requirement the output is provided in the form of PDF, HTML and XML format.
  • Electronic conversion of books is made from Word, Quark, and Framework etc.
  • Effective communication
  • Quality assurance with time line
  • One point contact for the customer
  • Round the clock service even after the work is completed
  • Competitive pricing
  • Different formats are provided for indentations/paragraphs, page numbers, headings, margins, quotes, footnotes/endnotes and citations.
  • Most experienced book conversion India professionals with the latest cutting edge technologies.

We at Lalinart & Computer offer book conversion services like Augustine's Book VIII conversion, Conversion Van Book Value, Palm Address Book Conversion, Book digitization services, E-publishing services, Condo book conversion. Outsource book conversion requirements to us and increase your productivity.

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Outsource HTML Conversion Services
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Hypertext Markup Language popularly known as HTML is a language widely used in the internet for presenting any information which contains text, images, sounds and actions which are to be linked in a non-sequential manner that enables any user to browse through the desired subject or topics without the order in which it is presented. HTML conversion outsourcing has become such a common task in internet, and the difference of Lalinart & Computer from other html conversion outsourcing is the cost, quality of the output and turnaround time.
Lalinart & Computer is equipped with the most experienced html conversion India professionals who are capable of providing customized html conversion services India to meet the specific requirement of the customers within the span of time. Our professionals can convert any text files, PDF files, word, excel files to HTML format so that they can be easily retrieved and shared across platforms.

HTML Conversion Services:

  • Text Files to HTML Conversion
  • PDF Files to HTML Conversion
  • MS-Word Files to HTML Conversion
  • MS-Excel Files to HTML Conversion
  • Paper Documents to HTML Conversion
  • Quark to HTML Conversion
  • ADO Files to HTML Conversion
  • RTF, CSV Files to HTML Conversion
    Latest software with a powerful text analysis engine to recognize structure of the document, recognize headings, bulleted list, emphasis and ASCII art in the original document and reproduce it in HTML
  • Automatic hyperlinks
  • Generates hyperlinked content lists
  • Use of latest tools in indexing and OCR


  • Speed and accuracy
  • Save on the operational cost - up to 60%
  • Quality assurance program is designed in such a way to do random sample checking, proof reading and consistency checks at every level
  • Confidentiality and security of the data is assured
  • Graphics and special effects can be retained

Our html conversion India professionals understand that each customer requirement is different and based on the requirement of the customer a customized html conversion services is provided to the customer. Html conversion services India professionals aim at providing the most complicated files also good with their excellent, granular control and remarkable speed.

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