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Outsourcing Web Research Services

We are mainly looking for International Queries.

In today's world, data and time play a very crucial role in modern web business. Data research becomes one of the core parts of our business and the time taken to deliver the result of time bound projects like elections, examinations, financial documentation and population censuses, etc., signifies the delivery standard. Most of our customers are operating from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands and New Zealand

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Outsource Web Scraping Services
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Lalinart & Computer has a complacent record in web scraping services. Our Outsourced web scraping team has successfully developed a process to provide solutions to your entire web scraping services requirements.
Web scraping also called as web crawling, web extraction and web harvesting.

We have access to many software and tools that smooth the progress of our web scrapping services. Our web scraping India unit utilizes a most advantageous mix of technology and people to create customized services to make your outsourced web scraping project a success.

We can gather data from:

  • Online Business Directories
  • Ecommerce Stores and Websites
  • Yellow Pages Websites
  • Financial Sites
  • Every Online Source That You Need

Our web scraping India unit has a fully automated process for collecting web information. we also have highly qualified and well trained subject experts to verify and validate the web scraping services project results. We provide various levels of web scraping services. Our team of experts will analyze and study your requirements before structuring the data query languages to initialize your project of outsourced web scraping services.

Lalinart & Computer has established a long drawn out knowledge base to recognize the website contents to suit your web scraping project. Our web scraping services also updates the data collected for your project by gathering the latest updates from relevant websites. The results for your web scraping project are then structured into a format specified and approved by you.

Benefits of outsourcing your web scraping services to Lalinart & Computer:

  • Our web scrapping services covers all topics ranging from online directories to financial sites to search engines
  • We capture results for any queries raised and required by you for your website
  • Our team is well trained for both automated and manual web scrapping as required by your project
  • Our technical team has the expertise to handle programming and scripting in any programming language and to select the tools that are most suitable to each projects
  • We have access to the most advanced infrastructure and latest technology in our secured labs
  • We guarantee you the most accurate and fast results for your web scraping services outsourced to us
  • We offer customized projects to suit your budget and size of your project
  • Our world class services are offered at very cost effective prices
  • The results of your web scraping project is sent to you directly in a database format desired by you
  • We adhere to legal formalities and privacy laws while working on a project

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Outsourcing Data Mailing Services
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Lalinart & Computer has access to a huge amount of online and offline resources to gather several types of information such as emails, addresses, telephone numbers or any other information to match the criteria specified by you. We create mailing lists for you by mining the data from our various online and offline resources. To complete the process of mailing lists creation, the data is stringently verified and validated to match your specifications by our outsourced mailing lists creation team.
Our outsourced mailing lists creation team consists of experienced and highly trained professionals. With a large team of qualified experts, Lalinart & Computer can manage and create mailing lists for you to suit any and all of your requirements like product promotion, publishing, market research etc. For all your mailing lists creation needs, we offer you prompt results at a competitive price.

Lalinart & Computer has the advantage of latest technology that enables us to offer you high quality solutions at a lower price. The data mining and validation method used by our team to create your mailing lists is an advanced database management solution. Our team will create the mailing lists for you by including all the significant data about the client. The mailing lists created by us for you will be a valid database of prospective clients for your business.

Benefits of Mailing Lists creation by Lalinart & Computer:

  • Personalized solutions that is flexible and unique
  • Lots of formats to choose from for creating an effective mailing list
  • Customized packages that allows you to choose more or less data as per your project requirement
  • Highly competitive pricing and swift service
  • Well trained and qualified team to research and gather information
  • The mailing lists are verified for accuracy before presenting to you
  • The security and secrecy of your data is very important to us
  • All the mailing lists are unique and strictly as per your specifications

Our Mailing List Services are used for Following:

  • Business Mailing List
  • Mortgage Mailing List
  • Telemarketing Mailing list
  • Consumer Mailing List
  • Direct Marketing Mailing List
  • Other Custom Mailing List Creation and Maintenance

Mailing lists created by Lalinart & Computer will be accurate and up to date. We will customize your mailing lists for each project by studying your specific requirements and accumulating only relevant data. Our data miners are specially trained in quality control procedures to ensure the validity and relevance of the mailing lists created by us.

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Outsource Data Extraction Services
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If your company deals with tons of data and you spend a lot of your significant time in managing this data, then data extraction services prove to be a boon to you. An efficient data extraction service should extract data from various sources and output them in media format like CD/ DVD, PDF, XML and other formats. People who are not proficient in data extraction can provide only half accurate information and hence it is always safe to outsource data extraction services.

Lalinart & Computer has a talented group of meticulous data extraction India professionals, who work in unison with the company to provide the superior quality, integrity of data within the TAT according to the SLA. Lalinart & Computer has been the first answer and a destination in the field of data extraction services. Outsource data extraction service to Lalinart & Computer ensures the customer of the latest techniques and devices which enable the customer in monitoring, retrieving and mining of documents from sites, structured or non structured documents.


  • Internet Research and Reporting
  • Market Research for Products and Prices
  • Educational Material Search
  • Business Information Search
  • Management Information Search
  • Compilation of the Website Lists, Email Lists and Contact Information
  • Extract Meta Data from Websites
  • PDF Data Extraction
  • Web Data Extraction
  • Database Extraction
  • Metadata Extraction


  • Creation / conversion of data in multiple media formats as according to customer need
  • Cost and performance effective data extraction model is proposed to the customer
  • On approval from the customer, strict quality control audit is performed
  • Customized version of the data extraction tool is initiated at the customer database
  • Par excellent customer service

Lalinart & Computer has a team of data extraction India professionals who are proficient in English along with software specialists who assist in some projects which require greater level of technical knowledge. Our team emphasis on business processes. A regular update of the work is provided to the customer. Strict security and confidentiality of every project are maintained for every project. The trial program model is provided to the customer. Our product speaks for the rest of our services.

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Outsource Data Mining Services
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Data mining is the process of extracting patters and data from a large set of data. In today's world, one cannot survive without information at the fingertips, and data mining services enables us to have the data available in a readily workable format. Data mining services are used mainly in the business point of view in the finance and the marketing field. Lalinart & Computer with its experienced data mining India professionals aims at providing quality services, which reach beyond our customers' expectation. Data mining services are employed in CRM implementation. The schema and the techniques used by our data mining India professionals allow us to mine data from sources that are not accessible through famous search engines.

Lalinart & Computer is experts in the following fields:

  • Data Mining from Portals, Directories, Networks
  • Data Mining from E-Books, Manuals
  • Data Mining from Spread Sheets and Financial Statements
  • Data Mining to Extract Meta Data from Websites
  • Data Mining from Blogs, Forums and Other Related Sites
  • Data Mining from Competitors' Websites
  • Data Mining from CRM and Spatial Database

Our data mining services like web data mining and CRM data mining helps to increase business revenue. Moreover, our expert web data mining solution is helpful for many companies as well as individuals throughout the world to analysis and research market information, competitors' strategy, etc.


  • Retrieving Data
  • Analyzing Data
  • Extracting Data
  • Transforming Data
  • Summarizing and Loading Data
  • Managing Databases
  • Monitoring the Market
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Web Research
  • Summarizing Customer Feedback on The Projects


  • State of the art infrastructure
  • 24x7x365 enables offshore clients timing also
  • Matchless experienced data mining India professionals
  • Automated process for data capture, data collection and data extraction
  • Free trial to assess our quality and ability
  • Stringent quality audit policy
  • Transparency in the workflow process, SLA and TAT
  • Saves 60% of operational cost

Outsource data mining services to us and we will make it easy for you to access, store and retrieve valuable information about the market strategy and make the necessary changes in the sales decision-making. Outsource data mining services to Lalinart & Computer and it will not only benefit the customer in substantial saving but also in the excellent quality and faster solution with maximum data security and reliability of data.

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Outsource Web Research Services
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Lalinart & Computer is recognized web research firm providing high quality and accurate online web research services. Greater quality web research solutions depend on the ability to locate, extract and capture valuable and useful data and information from online and offline resources.
Our company delivers superior quality online web research outsourcing services, and can revolutionise your information management abilities. We understand that efficient data and information resources are imperative to business success and we gather data through our online web research services. Our teams of web research specialists work with our clients, understanding their specific web research requirements, and delivering them the information they require within minimum time and costs.

Strengthen your decision making capacities through our online web research services. Our teams of online web research specialists follow an intelligent web research methodology, locating, analysing, interpreting your data needs accurately and helping you make sound business decisions.

Our online web research services encompass:

  • Data Mining
  • Data Collection
  • Data Research
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Validation
  • Web Data Mining
  • Mailing List
  • Web Scraping
  • Web Data Collection
  • Web Data Extraction
  • Database Population
  • CRM Data Mining

With years of experience in web research outsourcing, we have managed web research projects for companies and agencies from different business segments like Corporations, E-Commerce, Engineering, Financial, FMCG, Fun and Entertainment websites / portals, Legal, Healthcare, Market Research, Pharmaceutical, Publication, Real Estate, Retail and Marketing, Scientific Research, Universities And others.

Our web research specialists have been trained to manage a wide variety of documents. They research data from a range of online and offline resources such as Catalog, Cards, Databases, Directories, e-books / e-magazines, Forms, Images and Graphics, Microfilms, Magnetic tapes and Video files, Presentations, Reports, Tables and Charts etc. We ensure risk-free and reliable web research outsourcing, allowing increased access to information, valuable to your business, helping you with better customer management and to stay ahead of the competition.

Key features of our online web research outsourcing services:

  • Maximum Accuracy - more than 99.98%
  • Significant savings - 60% and more
  • Optimum security - from data transfer to delivery
  • Flexibility of data formats
  • Quick Turnaround
  • 26 hours customer services

Bring increased efficiency to your document conversion and management services.

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Outsource Data Research Services
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In today's world, data and time play a very crucial role in modern web business. Data research becomes one of the core parts of our business and the time taken to deliver the result of time bound projects like elections, examinations, financial documentation and population censuses, etc., signifies the delivery standard.
Lalinart & Computer has been in this business for over a decade and had been a proud owner of satisfied customers globally. Outsource data research to Lalinart & Computer and we assure the customer of accurate, easily retrievable and organized data. Getting the right data at the right time forms the base and success of data research services.


  • Preliminary analysis with the customer to understand customer requirement
  • Latest and up to date software and hardware solutions
  • State of the art bureau facility
  • Full system integration, on going support and consultancy


  • Market data research project development
  • Competitors update
  • Customized to perform screen scrapping or manual data extraction
  • Marketing, products, jobs, audio /video and images data research
  • Telephone survey
  • Project scope development
  • Data collection, survey design
  • Database creation
  • Online data aggregation / collection
  • XML tagging
  • Content conversion / rewriting for SEO


  • With our proven quality analysis process and online real time dashboard, the customer receives up to date details starting from individual records to the whole summary
  • All digital with automatic voice recording
  • Online editorial option
  • Effective on time and affordable data research services

Data research services can be done both online and offline. Outsource data research service to us and it will enable the customer to plan, implement and manage day to day activities. Our customer testimonials speak about our ability to respond quickly to the client requirement in illustrating the market trend, demand estimation, brands, prices, new product development/launch, marketing and distribution strategies, etc. Our highly qualified professionals with their effective and deep research knowledge are capable of handling complex web research projects within a short time frame, and produce exceptional results which reaches far beyond customer expectations.

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Outsource Web Data Collection Services
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Lalinart & Computer offers you a customized package to perfectly suit all your web data collection services requirements. We offer you high quality and speedy web data collection service at a very economical and cost effective price. Web is a vast virtual space and this space is filled with data regarding every possible entity, even if in the form of unstructured format. Our web data collection India unit will collect the appropriate and right kind of data to suit your needs.
Outsourcing web data collection services to us ensures that you will not only have accurate and relevant data, but also that you will not miss any thing pertaining to your projects. We have a vast compilation of online resources which assist us in providing you with updated results. We gather information for our web data collection services with the help of latest technology and advanced tools. The web data collection India unit of Lalinart & Computer offers you the best of both - automated and manual web data collection services.

Lalinart & Computer has a team of highly qualified data collection experts to handle your web data collection services. Our staff is trained to handle various subjects and this enables them to mine the correct data regarding any topics. We collect the data for your project from various sources and consolidate them in the format acceptable to you. Our outsourced web data collection team has time and again proved their expertise in mining the correct and valid data in the least amount of time. Our web data collection services team presents the results to you only after analyzing and verifying the data collected.

Benefits of Web Data Collection offered by Lalinart & Computer:

  • Very well qualified and trained team of professionals to collect the data from online resources
  • Customized packages for web data collection by considering your volume and target
  • Various subject experts on staff to handle all types of web data collection
  • Advanced technology and latest tools to assist in the project completion
  • Secured environment that offers full privacy and security to your project
  • Accurate and valid data is collected within a small time frame
  • The web data collected is verified and authenticated before presenting to you in a format specified by you
  • Cost effective and timely solutions to match world class quality

We have ability to capture and input leads directly from websites and we capture the lead sources effectively for superior marketing analysis. Moreover, our web data collection services allow you to save time on keying leads from your websites.

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Outsource Web Data Extraction Services
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Web data extraction services are a process of retrieving unstructured data from web and producing the information in a structured form according to the customer requirement. Unstructured data are those data from web pages, emails, documents, PDFs, scanned text, mainframe reports, spool files, etc. Web data extraction services deal with changes in physical hardware formats, unstructured data sources, and from different software formats.
The process of web data extraction services is a tedious job and has limitations and disadvantages of its own. The ability to retrieve data and transform those data in a predetermined way is the success of web data extraction. The customer can outsource web data extraction services to Lalinart & Computer, as we are matchless in the field of web data extraction services for more than a decade.


  • Extract songs or lyrics information
  • Data extraction from websites, directories and search engines
  • Extract store location of the website
  • Extract article from the news website
  • Extracts unlimited unstructured raw data and converts into Microsoft Access database, CSV, TXT, HTML, SQL, MySQL script files
  • Ready to use data scraping and crawling applications also available
  • Data Mining


  • Web data extraction India professionals give the customer an outline of the project initially to make the customer feel at ease
  • Our web data extraction India professionals use the scripting language to maintain accuracy
  • Automated approach for web data extraction services is used and is stored in digital format
  • Creation of output of metadata in XML for easy retrieval
  • Latest software to extract data from highly dynamic websites including AJAX
  • Web data extraction scheduler and email notifications

Benefits that we ensure:

  • 100% customer oriented processes
  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Strict adherence to Quality Policy
  • Reliability and cost effective
  • Confidentiality and security on data
  • Minimum TAT as according to the SLA

Outsource web data extraction services is a process through which any customer can get a web data extraction professional to scrap the website and get the result updated in the desired format, and Lalinart & Computer has been accomplishing this with a high level of flexibility and uniqueness.

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