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Vizag to Araku- Where the Sea Meets the Hills

“Since the 70’s cars have been symbolizing freedom and not much has changed now. A classic road trip with your friends is the penultimate solution to escape the watchfulness of daily routines”

As a young and carefree college gang tired and burdened with the end-sem exams, all we needed was a break from the stress and the one month of torturous studies. The Christmas and New Year break came as a boon in our lives becoming the perfect window for our long awaited road trip.

They say that a group of three best friends is the best gang to have, and ‘they’ are absolutely right! On top of which if the other two friends are like mine, it becomes absolutely perfect! We three had been dreaming of this road trip since the college began and it had been two semesters and we still couldn’t get a chance to execute our dream. Now was the perfect opportunity; while everyone else was leaving for their hometowns, we three started prepping for our road trip to the beautiful city of Vizag which was an 11 hour drive from Hyderabad.


The Road Trip Culture

With much excitement and little sleep in the previous night (thanks to the excitement and prepping), we had a light breakfast and began our journey in a rented hatchback, early in the next morning. Thanks to the slightly cold weather, we had the perfect, slightly foggy, chilly winter morning to start our journey with.

The road was smooth, clean and covered with tress on both sides, highways were well maintained and while we took turns at the driving seat, the movement of the sun was captivating us with the hues it was spreading in the sky. The sunset however was the most beautiful and serene sight of the day. The sun absolutely round, perfectly spherical and mesmerizing red in color, sat like an old fat lady at the horizon like a guiding light at the end of our road, and the sky was splashed with colors that cannot be named easily. While in city, we never have time to stop and cherish such beauty and intricacies of nature, and this road trip was giving us the blessing of witnessing and appreciating such sceneries.



In the pursuit to be well in time, we only stopped once in our journey for lunch at a roadside ‘dhaba’ and also quickly refueled our car at nearby petrol pump. We reached our destination well in time and the journey took approximately eleven hours.


Vizag, more popularly known as Vishakhapatnam, is a very bustling city overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The city is famous for its steel plant and also for having one of the biggest naval bases of the country. It is also one of the best tourist attractions of the country and is popular for its spectacular beaches. After completing this eleven hour journey we soon found ourselves stretching our tired legs and backs inside the warm confines of our hotel room and having listened to all praises about this place, we were much excited about what Vizag had in store for us!



Next morning we took our time to take a warm shower so that we could stay refreshed all day! We put on our casual outfits and to be comfortable as well as stylish all day, we put on our Powerflex shoes from Red Chief. You can literally never get tired with your feet in them! All set and prep’d for the day, we decided to start with sightseeing at the local beaches and Kailashgiri Hills.


We got in our car and drove to Ramakrishna Beach and that drive gave us a glimpse of the hustling and bustling city of Vizag. There were many foreigners on foot, walking down the streets and enjoying the weather as well as soaking the sun to add some color to their pale skin. As soon as the ride started

REDCHIEF.IN Summer is coming! Here are 5 important tips to look cool.

Summer is the time to be outside, be free. No more layers and layers of clothing, you can simply put a t-shirt on and be good to go for the day or night. But not everything is great about summer. Tan, sweat and not a lot of clothes to style make it tough to look and be cool under the blazing hot sun. We have listed out 5 important tips to look cool as a cucumber this summer:

Get Some Shade

There’s nothing more simple yet effective than a pair of shades, in terms of looks as well as utility. Get yourself a cool pair of shades that will not only make you look dapper but save your eyes and face from any sun damage. If you don’t wear sunglasses, not only the sun’s rays will harm your skin and eyes but you also tend to squint a lot. Squinting can cause fine lines and make your skin look older. So get a good quality pair of sunglasses that suit you. It is really important that the sunglasses suit your face shape and look good. Try some pairs and get some opinions on what looks good on your face before buying a pair.



Wear Light

Find lighter clothes that aren’t just shorter but the material is also lighter and more breathable. Cotton and linen are some of the lighter materials that you can rock in the summer. Avoid synthetic materials like nylon, rayon etc that don’t absorb sweat and hence make you feel warmer and more sweaty. You can get light and absorbent material t-shirts, shirts, chinos and even suits that will keep you cool in the hot summer.



Go Sockless

Get a pair of leather flip-flops or low top shoes like loafers or boat shoes. High tops and closed shoes don’t go well with summer. Get a stylish yet more breathable pair of footwear like flip-flops or slip on shoes like loafers, moccasins, boat shoes etc that will not only make your feet feel cooler but also your ankles. While going absolutely sockless with any shoes isn’t recommended, you can get a pair of loafer-socks or no-show socks that will give you the sockless look without having to go sockless.



Get a Hat

Every man irrespective of age, height, size, shape should own at least one baseball hat or a similar cap or hat. It not only protects you from the sun but also acts as a cool accessory to pull that laid-back summer look. In a lot of cases a hat works even better than sunscreen. An added benefit is that you can still look cool on bad hair days or days when you just don’t feel like putting any effort in looking good.



Wear More Colours

Winter is the time when you’re wearing dark, warm colours and rightfully so. But in summertime you get the liberty to go bonkers with the colours (to some extent) and try new shades. You can pull off primary colours, light colours, bright colours and the classic monotone equally well. So get yourself some nice t-shirts, chinos and chino shorts in a ton of colours.

Time to say goodbye to winters and get summer ready. Follow these tips and beat the heat in the most stylish way possible!

A Journey To The Freezing And Challenging Land Of Kaza

Oh! Those vast, calm and measureless days in the mountains, days in whose light everything seemed equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us the God that exists within…

Maneuvering through the roads, the reverberance of the bike, once we twist the throttle to its fullest, rejuvenating our souls… we found ourselves on a journey which became a priceless treasure in the depth of our memories and a breath of fresh air in the monotony of our lives…”- Pramod Chauhan, DBATG.



Red Chief has always idealized and centralized the youth as their inspiration. Our heart beats on their heart’s rhythm and sometimes… just sometimes we feel that this beat is losing its bass, this beat is losing its boom and we cannot see that zeal die… We want the thud of our youth’s heart to boom so loud that the world vibrates under the intensity of their passions.

All we see nowadays is a rat race for everything in life… for a good college, then for the grades, then for placements and finally reliving life on a loop and fixing schedules according to jobs… Where are your passions? Why are they being buried so deep that they have to gasp for air? Why has stability become your only priority…?


It was time to reverse the roles, time for us to guide the youth towards their passions… it was time we made them realize how beautiful life can be, how thrilling uncertainty is and how following one’s passions satiates one’s soul. We organized a motor biking expedition to Kaza where the real life experiences of our riders would take the youth closer to their own dreams.


Live on the Edge’ motor biking expedition was all about enjoying the unpredictability of life, how even at gravest ‘on-the-tip-of-the-knife’ situations life can be beautiful and full of pleasures. We at Red Chief joined hands with a few biking enthusiasts from the NCR, for this endeavor and the riders started this expedition on their bikes towards the land of Kaza which is submerged in snow.


Very well aware of the adverse conditions, the freezing temperature as low as -34°C and the unpredictability that lay ahead of them, the team flagged off with enthusiasm and smiles which would only increase. They were going mad only imagining about living and experiencing life on the edge, to fight all obstacles and live the adventure that was about to begin.


To know more about their passions and what obstacles are stopping them to pursue their dreams, we tried to converse with those young enthusiastic hearts and they poured their hearts out to us. Following are some excerpts from the deeply sentimental instances of their life before, on and after the journey…


“With a responsibility of being newly married and the added expectations of my parents for me to join the family business, my heart and mind were both in conflict. Looking at my wife’s innocent face, a face which showed trust in me and how dependent she was on me, I realized that I was nothing on my own. But no matter how hard I would try, a desk job or the same schedule 24×7 was not my cup of tea.

A Magical Journey to the King of Captivating Lands.

Beautiful valleys, sceneries and unexplainable joy and thrill, this blog will take you through my serene journey to the magically whimsical land of Leh…

With the fantasies to feed my wanderer soul with the very famous, talked-about, breathtaking landscapes of Leh, one fine afternoon I picked up my Bullet 350 Electra (the love of my life) and embarked on this journey starting from Manali, with my spirits ever-so-high and excitement barely contained!

The ride up to Rohtang Pass is a treat for your eyes as much as it is for your passionate rider soul! There is greenery all around and the roads are smooth as butter and unstained! It gave me the joy of a child in a playground where I could run, swing and enjoy freely like a bird who knows no cages!

I rode fast without stopping much except for capturing a few breathtaking shots on my way, with the aim of crossing Rohtang Pass in broad daylight because even the bravest and most skilled rider would not dare to cross that pass at


Rohtang Pass
Rohtang was a tough destination to reach even after the smooth roads. Thanks to the hopeless traffic system in Manali, the journey of 52km took almost 4 hours to complete that too with credits to my Bullet which led me through the jam! You must be thinking that I would have lost my cool by now and must be completely frustrated but that’s not the case! As soon as the view of Rohtang Pass filled my eyes, all my frustration was swept away and replaced with joy and excitement. The way those hairpin looped roads challenged my inner rider, I got so charged and excited to conquer those risky roads and be victorious! Also, the greenery and calmness beyond gave me a sense of spiritual sanctity.


The steep turns of the Rohtang Pass were conquered soon and I reached the beautiful village of Keylong by evening. The day’s ride, though awe inspiring, got me tired and spent, and to keep cherishing every minute detail of this celestial journey, a good meal and proper rest was much needed and desired!


Early next morning, I woke up with a refurbished zeal and enthusiasm, for this was the day, when my rider soul was going to conquer a major milestone in its bucket list: Leh!


Baralacha La
The first pass of the day was Baralacha La, which marked my ascend in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Before embarking the deep valleys, steep curves and hairpin bends of Baralacha La, I stopped at the very beautiful and breathtaking ‘Suraj Taal’ lake whose water was so clear that I could easily see the debris lying below. The entire scene in front of my eyes was a visual treat! My heart came into my mouth with awe and amazement washed all over me as that scene in front of me filled my soul with its beauty and serenity. Also, Baralacha La was the last stop with civilization; calm, quiet and deserted lands lay ahead from this point.


Gata Loops
The next challenge was the Gata Loops, a place which was as beautiful as it was scary! There were a series of steep hairpin loops that were looping upwards. The thrill of just scraping off one of those loops was scaring the life out of me and was a very risky affair too.


Leh-Manali Highway
I thanked God for keeping me safe through those life threatening, scary looped roads which were no less in invoking the excitement of adventure too! What lay beyond was the Leh-Manali highway which was characterized by wind battered, red rocky mountain faces, the beauty of which cannot be contained i


Break boundaries and shock yourself before you take the world by the storm, because it is hidden somewhere inside you, you just have to find that hero!

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a nagging feeling that you want to bring about some change? That you want to matter, be iconic, be your savior… to be the hero in your life?! If the answer to any of these questions is a loud and simple “yes” then rest assured, you are on the right page!

“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extra ordinary”

If not anything else, this quotation gives you a lot of hope! After all who was Neerja Bhanot but an ordinary air hostess? When she needed a hero, she became one! And that is exactly what you should do!

For all the times when you feel helpless and turn your head frantically around looking for a savior, searching for a hero; stop looking for that hero outside and wake up the one which is inside you and has always wanted to come out!

There is a very thin line between being ordinary and being extra ordinary, and this life is too small and unpredictable to live on the former side of that line. Be bold, fierce, strong, independent, brave, confident, be what the situation demands you to be! Voice out your opinion, take risks, defy norms, help those who still haven’t found their paths to be their own heroes, and by this you will find and discover yourself like nobody ever could have and nobody ever will!


There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, which makes human nature rise above and beyond itself. And we hope that this blog helped you in liberating that hero within you…




An insight on how your small eco conscious initiatives can bring about a big change.

Combating a number of ecological and environmental issues on a day to day basis, witnessing how our once green earth is slowly charring and turning black under the effect of various thoughtless, environment threatening acts; invokes a sense of alarm in us, more like a wake-up call!

While on one hand, there undoubtedly is a major section of our population which is ignorant and negligent towards their duties of being responsible citizens of the earth; this blog is all about the minor yet significant section of the population who care about the environment and how their efforts and lifestyle choices bring about a change.

People have now started shifting towards a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle and thereby experiencing a sense of self-righteousness, self-satisfaction, better health and not the least to mention, it pays off financially too!

Most sections of our society are witnessing and participating in the Go Green movement, be it business organisations, financial institutions, educational institutions and even individuals at a personal level.

People are now accepting eco-conscious practices with open arms and are thereby contributing to making this world a better place to live in.



Lifestyles are drastically changing nowadays. People have started giving up their cars and are using bikes instead for travelling to and from their workplaces too! Eco-conscious practices such as water conservation, planting trees, sustainable living, grocery shopping from farmer’s market, and inclination towards buying recycled and green products, are becoming popular in order to reduce the carbon footprint.


Apart from individualistic efforts, organisations and brands like Red Chief should also be appreciated for their efforts toward being eco-conscious. For their part in this endeavour and also for evoking the same thought process in the minds of their customers, they have come up with a sub-brand of ecological men’s footwear named Eco Energy.


Their concept is to bring nature close to the urban man who is too caught up in his life to take a break and go close to nature. They have adopted practices which result in less effluent emission and treatment. Their soles are completely biodegradable and cause no damage to the environment when discarded. Moreover, if not to be discarded, they can be recycled and reused. Also, processes like vegetable tanning of leather have been followed which are completely environment-friendly!


Small steps like these ultimately cause major changes to occur. Therefore, we should always be supportive of such practices and promote them by incorporating them into our own lives. Only then can we achieve bigger and desired goals of redeeming ourselves. There is so much we keep on taking from nature, with our conscious efforts we should try to give it back!

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