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Courses & Specialization Services

We are instrumental in offering Courses & Specialization Services to our clients. Our special education teachers work with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional and physical disabilities. With students who have mild or moderate disabilities, they ensure that lessons and teaching strategies are modified to meet the students needs.

Certified Database Access
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Unemployment and under employment has one specific paradox: employers often cannot find qualified employees and qualified employees cannot find employment in the organizations they are interested in at the same time. This is because our methods used for connecting qualified prospective employees to jobs are not full-proof and result-oriented. Many job sites/agencies help people find jobs, but they do not match skills with needs. As an employer one can visit a number of places for recruitment and sift through many resumes by investing good time and money. To be able to find the right candidate you need to look at resumes all year, travel across the country, at an exorbitant cost and the chances of finding the perfect match may still be elusive.

Organizations need to have access to certified candidates from across the country so that the issue of recruitment and selection is simplified to a great extent. Selecting and training these high-skilled, professionally certified employees can give these organizations a competitive advantage. Having access to certified candidates is important in many fields because they demonstrate that an employee meets minimum standards, giving businesses the benefits of a better-skilled workforce and leveraging the value of the employee's qualifications. Certified Database access from Envista Mindmap has been created to cater to just the same.


  1. This is an online resource that connects prospective employees with prospective employers, across a wide variety of skills

  2. The Envista certified database maintains profiles of employees, their skills and abilities, used for matching job requirements

  3. The indexing of candidates is based on the skill set and abilities demonstrated

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Basic Computer Operative Knowledge Services
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Information and communication are two of the most important strategic issues for the success of every organization and computers bind these two facets in the organization. No, wonder then, computers have now become indispensable in the workplace, and computer skills have become more important now than ever before. Organizations across the world are carrying out most of their work through the computers and computer professional. In India organizational transformation with the induction of computers has begun and the importance of computers in the workplace has gained momentum. Computer literacy has become pertinent as both communication and information dissemination happens through this media.

No matter the job you are applying for or the qualification you possess; applying to any organization mandates a basic knowledge of computer and computer applications. The most important facet of this requirement is that the personnel occupying the initial ranks in the organization need to be comfortable and have command on the computers. Considering the growing importance of the Basic operative computer knowledge requirement a the workplace, Envista Mind map decided to roll out an assessment program to certify individuals who are computer literate and capable to carry out work on the computers at a basic administrative, officer or secretarial level.


  1. To streamline computer knowledge required for basic business operations

  2. To ensure reliability of uniform knowledge from various candidates; post-certification

  3. To help organizations in easy selection of candidates for administrative and secretarial jobs requiring computer knowledge

  4. To help candidates analyze their existing computer literacy and align it subsequently for other jobs


  1. Induce a greater sense of work satisfaction and increase talent retention

  2. Day-to-day communications and information management will be better organized and managed

  3. Response to emails and conversations will be more quick and accurate

  4. Improve the organisation’s performance and long-term bottom line

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Accounts Professional Services
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Accounting jobs in India are available in many formats and across public and private enterprise thus making it the most sought-after job. Most organizations irrespective of their business volume offer accounting jobs for freshers as well as experience holders. Other than the corporate houses, there are many more opportunities for accounting jobs in India. There are BPO's that require account managers to run their accounts department. Similarly, accounting jobs in India are available with every school, college, university, NGO, IT companies, HR companies, management companies, engineering companies and even the hotels and hospitals have jobs for accountants.

Thus, it is clear that there is no shortage of Accounting Jobs in India for freshers and experienced professionals. However, there is need for standardization of accounting job skill required at different organizations.

The Answer: Envista certified Accounts Executive


The Envista Certified accounts executive will be able to

  1. Apply the concepts of accrual accounting to transactions that span fiscal periods.

  2. Trace the effect of accrual and deferral transactions to financial statements.

  3. Apply accounting concepts and the basic tools of financial analysis in identifying and correcting errors.

  4. Reconcile bank accounts.
  5. Prepare payroll transactions, from paying wages to depositing and reporting taxes.
  6. Apply accounting concepts to depreciation transactions, including various methods of calculating depreciation for book and tax purposes.
  7. Value inventory, record costs, make entries, and report inventory on financial statements.
  8. Help your company or client use basic internal controls to prevent theft, embezzlement, or check and credit card fraud by employees, customers, or vendors.


  1. Greater employment prospects.
  2. Stronger resume.
  3. Potentially higher pay.
  4. More accounting skills and knowledge.


  1. A certified accountant can save time and money for businesses.
  2. Improve your cash flow with efficient billing and debt collection.
  3. Know the financial position of the business each day.
  4. Have the financial management information necessary to make informed decisions.

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Retail Sales Associate Assessment Services
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In competitive retail environments, winning companies are continually searching for ways to distinguish themselves from their competitors. One of the best ways to do this is by staffing stores with sales associates who enjoy serving the customer and selling. Loss of productivity, cost to rehire, cost to train, loss of opportunity (sales), loss of repeat business, and damage to the morale of the existing team all make the cost of turnover very high. Identifying the best candidates with the right fit for a role can significantly impact the bottom line. A comprehensive pre-employment selection process can measure the competencies and personality characteristics needed for performance in retail sales jobs. Envista Mindmap retail sales associate assessment and certification program seeks to provide candidates to organizations who:

  1. Enjoy the service role.

  2. Exceed customer expectations
  3. Foster new and repeat business

  4. Work cooperatively with others

  5. Demonstrate integrity and a work ethic

  6. Show composure under stress


Envista Retail Sales Associate Assessment is one of our most comprehensive sales skill and personality test which compare each candidate against a proven sales competency model. With every Sales Professional report you get:

  1. A valid and reliable screening assessment
  2. To compare candidates to the sales competencies of thousands of other top performing salespeople
  3. An interview guide with behavioral questions customized for each candidate
  4. Tailor developmental assessment feedback reports targeted to organizational success

The two aspects that are measured in this assessment tests are Integrity and Performance. The Performance assessment has been validated to predict the traits associated with successful performance on the job. The Integrity assessment has been validated to predict the attitudes, personal integrity, and work ethic in relation to being effective on the job.

The overall benefit the organization gets from using our assessment service are as follows:

  1. Reduces turnover
  2. Improves productivity
  3. Increases service levels

The system of assessment is professionally developed, fair to the job candidate, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or other special status, and are legally defensible.

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