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Magna offers open culture and fast growth opportunities. Every person working with Magna is a Magnaite. Each Magnaite is supposed to imbibe Magna Corporate Values develop and possess a set of traits as defined in Magnaite Profile . At Magna all the efforts are made to arouse recruiting passion for performance beyond mandate.

What makes Magna unique as compared to others?

  • Magna is a highly system and process driven company with an automated and integrated system to achieve better results with lowest efforts

  • Outsourced services to provide extra help to Recruitment Team and others to achieve results fasters

  • Constant upgradation of system and investment in Recruiters and their support by virtue of training and other orientation

  • Magna offers fast growth coupled with good packages including base and incentives.

For those who are entering First time Recruitment Industry following could be of interest

  • About Recruitment Industry
  • Why Should I enter Recruitment Industry.
  • A Typical Career Growth in Magna
  • Earning Potential

Magna has strong Practices in following industrial segments

1. Pharmaceuticals
   2. Engineering, Auto component & Allied Industries
   3. Banking, Finance Insurance & Investment
   4. FMCG
   5. Services Industry
   6. IT & ITES

Pink Terror

With the slowing down of Economy, many would be having an anxiety of possible pink slip. This article was written few years ago and was published in some of the leading business publications. In case any of your friend or acquaintance is suffering from similar anxiety, this article will definitely help them fight the Pink Terror.

Knowledge Leaders

At the time when business is becoming more and more knowledge and pace oriented, you will agree with me that Knowledge Leaders , who can effectively lead the future knowledge work force and have become critical to the success of business. Traditional Knowledgeable Leaders despite of their experience do not serve the purpose.

Is there any documents required ?

Yes following documents are required for your verification – A scanned copies are sufficient

1.       Passport size photo

2.       Passport / driving license with photo

3.       PAN CARD – Must

4.       Education certificates

5.       Tel/ electricity for place of residence.

How is my payment made ?

You will send a bill at the end of every month by mail , it is verified at our end then payment is released within 15 days of receipt of bill. Check is generally deposited in your account from Mumbai itself.

I dont have my home but in my relative home near by can I use?

No we prefer you to have own PC and internet and cell phone

It all depends upon your hard work and type processes you undertake. Some processes pay more than others. However as a thum rule if you work 6-8 hrs a day for a month you can make Rs 8-10000/- per month.

What are the processes am I suppose to undertake for you ?

There are number of processes and you will be given training for all. All processes are done over telephone or internet. Some of the process is:

1.       Confirm Interest – To confirm interest of a candidate for a said position in our client organization, by calling and reading the job descriptions

2.       Arranging interview

3.       Find names and designation of a person from his organization

4.       Collating more information from a person by calling that person

5.       Searching online for a set of information

6.       Conducting telephonic surveys

7.       Conducting telephonic verification or reference checks etc.

Is there any restrictions on me?

No restrictions, you are free to do whatever you feel like. However, you will require to sign following documents:
1.  Non-compete agreement: Which will prohibit you to compete with Magna during the contract and one year after that.
2.  Non disclosure agreement: What ever is disclosed to you will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed by you

3.  Non- Hiring Contract: You will Hire or recruit Magna employees and customers 

You will appreciate that these are the essential for Magna to safe guard its interest.

Is one phone sufficient or more phone are required?

Ideally you should have two phones, one for business call and other for your personal use. We suggest cell phone for these activities. However, you may start with one phone. But your phone should have Call waiting, Call Holding and Call Diverting facilities.

Will this training be of any use to me apart from Magna?

Shortage of quality manpower is reported everyday in newspaper. Companies, find difficult to recruit people. They need experienced recruiters to help them. Our training programs will definitely be useful in finding such job. In USA, an average recruiter makes between US 60000 to 100000 per annum. Some of the good recruiter carries the market price of US 200,000/-. In India, recruiter s is paid between Rs 150000/- t0 15,00,000/-. Recruitment has become a specialist function and most HR professionals are fully trained. More over most of them like to do more that just recruitment.

Do I have to sell your product?

No, you do not have to sell any Product and services. You will be only doing part of work which our people do in our office and now we are outsourcing to educated Ladies like you to increase our volume.

Do I have to travel outside my home very often?

No, you do not have to travel at all. You will operate out of comfort of your house. There is no travel required except to our office in Thane occasionally or whenever we organize some seminars/ conferences or training programs.

Can I leave mid way and expect refund ?

RMAGNET had made considerable expenses to develop the software and to find sourcing partners. Hence refund of the subscription fee is not allowed .However, in case you wish to leave , you may find another person willing to do business, we could transfer the subscription in his/ her name for the balance period. That person will have to pay set up fee in any case.

What are my growth prospects as an associate?

You can in future go for Controlling partner or even Master Patrner. There will be launch  of more services which you can opt at that time. Hence it is a full  world of progress.

Will I be employed by your Company?

No,  you are going to be business associate or an independent entrepreneur  not an employee of our  company.
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