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ePub Conversion Service

ePUB Conversion Service is the industry standard for eBooks, which is gaining huge acceptance among retailers and publishers across the world. It is an open, standard format, which provides consumers interoperability between hardware and software for advanced unencrypted eBooks and other publications. ePUB is based on a wide variety of standards and technologies like XHTML and Open eBook, but its competitiveness lies in how efficiently it combines the standards to offer a strong formatting platform to create eBooks in any size and shape.

Another feature of ePub is that it can be read remotely on your MAC, PC, and across a wide range of electronic mobile devices such as iPad, Sony Reader, Kindle, iPhone, and Nook. It is also an accepted digital publishing format, approved by major eBook distribution platforms such as Apple iBook Store, Barnes and Noble, and Google Books.

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Nook Conversion Service
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Nook Conversion Service

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Nook is a widely used Android-based reader that can be used to play ePUB formats seamlessly. The ePUB with advanced eReader DRM combination is a new feature designed for Nook that enables the readers using Nook at Barnes and Noble stores to access unlimited content and offers, while the device is connected to Wi-Fi at the store. With the growing trends in reading eBooks on compact and small reading devices, Nook is rapidly emerging as one of the most popular eBook reading devices, especially for ePUB-based eBooks.

Nook ePUB conversion enables businesses to grab the growing market for a Nook reading device, which is widely becoming popular to view high-quality error-free ePUB eBook formats. However, Nook conversion can be complex, and it demands professional expertise to convert your book or documents into a Nook ePUB format, with acute precision and error-free techniques.

How Can MAX BPO Help in Nook Conversion?

MAX BPO, a leading information management and data processing outsourcing company in India, has skilled expertise in ePUB conversion, with specialization in the Nook. As a premier ePUB conversion service provider, we efficiently and easily convert and validate ePUB-based eBooks on Nook. We have a team of very knowledgeable and experienced coders and conversion specialists who can efficiently handle even the most complex files, converting and validating them into ePUB formats for easy and high-quality readability on Nook reader.

We help our clients in the Nook conversion for all major products such as:

  • Nook Page Perfect

  • Nook Comics

  • Nook Kids, with the Read and Play and Read to Me features

At the same time, we also offer dedicated Nook formatting services for high-quality Fixed Layout eBooks that demands specialized formatting and development.

Our Nook Conversion Services:

At MAX BPO, we efficiently convert and validate ePUB formats into Nook, delivering premium quality, error-free reading experience on Nook. Regardless of the complexity of your Nook conversion project, regardless of size, our expert professionals at MAX BPO have successfully completed and delivered Nook conversion projects of every size and shape. Our core Nook conversion services include:

  • Structuring and converting bulk documents into Nook ePUB format

  • Validating and quality checking to ensure error-free and precise conversion

  • Delivering eBook formats compatible to Nook reader

Why Choose MAX BPO as your Best Nook Conversion Partner?


What makes MAX BPO stand ahead in the competition is our efficiency and in-depth knowledge in intricate Nook ePUB conversions. We don’t rely on automated tools to convert your documents into a Nook ePUB format. Rather, we leverage on expert manual efficiency to identify and rectify the formatting and text errors that might have crept into the process. And the result is high-quality, error-free, excellent reading experience that adds an edge to your document. The rationales that make us the best Nook conversion service providers in India are:


  • Strict quality checks

  • Expert Nook conversion specialists to handle bulk conversions with a quick turnaround time

  • State of the art Nook conversion techniques

  • Cost-effective conversion services
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Sony Conversion Service
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Sony Conversion Service

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The Sony eBook reader is ranked No.3 as the best selling eReader available in the market today. The company plans to grab at least half of the eReader marketplace by the end of the year, and if they succeed in achieving their goals, they will have a huge share in the digital market today. As of now, the Sony eBook reader is one of the most popularly used eReaders today, and this makes it essential for eBook publishers and authors to convert their eBooks into ePUB formats, compatible for Sony readers.

Not all eReaders can read documents in all formats. Hence, it is important to have the right formatting for eBooks if you want them to be compatible to Sony readers. Sony supports ePUB file formats, which is fast becoming an industry standard today. Thus, ePUB file format is the best and most cost-effective way to convert your eBooks into compatible Sony eReaders. With ePUB, you may not only read your eBooks conveniently on Sony readers, but can also sell the books on Sony Reader store and earn great revenues. Hence, ePUB conversion to Sony becomes a necessity of ePUB publishers, authors, and multinationals today.

Data House – Your Ultimate Sony Conversion Partner!

At Data House, we leverage our expert ePUB conversion skills to efficiently convert and validate eBooks into Sony readers. We offer the best services in ePUB conversion to Sony, offering a host of multimedia options such as visual, audio, and interactive features that your readers will love. Besides ePUB file formats allow multiple accessibility features to be enjoyed on the Sony readers, which is not available with other formats like PDF. Moreover, ePUB files converted by us can be easily read in any eReader, be it on a smaller or larger screen. Besides, our Sony compatible ePUB file formats are stuffed with many features and capabilities that are not available on any other format.

Our Sony Conversion Services

With a result-driven approach, Data House offers comprehensive Sony ePUB conversion services, right from consulting to conversion, validation, and maintenance. Here is a glimpse of Sony conversion services offered by us:

  • ePUB conversion of eBooks, compatible to Sony eReader

  • Quality checking and validation to identify and eliminate textual and formatting errors

  • Integrating rich ePUB functionalities and capabilities into your eBook converter for Sony

  • Maintenance and support services pertaining to Sony conversion
Why Choose Data House?

Data House is a leading ePUB conversion outsourcing company in India, offering skilled expertise in converting your eBooks into ePUB file formats, compatible to Sony eReader. We critically evaluate your document or book, available in virtually any format, and convert it into ePUB file format to make it easily readable on Sony reader devices. We earn a competitive edge in being the only Sony conversion specialist that accepts documents in virtually any formats, efficiently transforming it into high-quality ePUB file for easy readability on Sony readers.

Hire our expert Sony conversion services today and enjoy:

  • Quick turnaround time, even for bulk conversion projects

  • State-of-the-art conversion techniques

  • Competitive prices

  • 24/7 technical support
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Print Book to ePUB Conversion Service
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Print Book to ePUB Conversion Service

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In the world of technology advancement, authors, artists, and publishers cannot afford to refrain from converting their books into an electronic reader format, which has become the industry standard today. E-book sales are fast beating all sales records every day, with millions of books being converted into electronic formats for easy readability in a cost effective manner. Nook, iPad, Kindle, or Kobo has emerged as the forerunners for high-quality eBooks today, supporting ePUB file formats for eBooks. Thus, for publishers and authors, it has become necessary to convert their printed or scanned book into globally acceptable eBook formats like ePUB.

With ePUB eBook format becoming exceptionally popular today, most eReaders support ePUB file format only. ePUB is not only capable of converting a source document, available in any format, into high-quality, error-free eBooks, but also provides the opportunity to sell your eBooks across multiple networks. Hence, more and more authors and publishers are converting their printed or scanned books into ePUB format for easy readability and marketability across multiple eReaders. However, converting your printed book into ePUB format is complex and laborious, and demands professional conversion services.

How Data House Can Help?

At Data House, we have successfully converted numerous printed or scanned books into ePUB eBook format, ensuring highest quality conversions at most reasonable prices. While the process of print book to ePUB conversion is a time consuming and costly process, we provide professional conversion services with excellent quality guarantee at unbelievably reasonable prices, and in much less time. Our professional conversion specialists have the expertise to convert bulk and even the most complex printed books into high-quality ePUB formats efficiently and with quick turnaround time.

How We Work?

At Data House, we follow a comprehensive approach to print book to ePUB conversion, delivering rich conversion deliverables at most competitive prices.

  • Send us your printed book to your office address, or you can also scan it and email the copy to us at

  • For printed formats, we will scan the entire book, followed by Optical Character Reading scan to ensure that every character is properly read

  • Next, we will convert the scanned file into properly documented input file for ePUB eBook conversion. We are expert in creating source files for any format such as MS Word, PDF, HTML, XML, InDesign, Quark, RTF, 3B2, or other medium

  • We will send you the source file for proof reading or any changes that are necessary

  • Next, we convert the document into ePUB format

  • Once ePUB conversion process is complete, our experts will conduct a thorough quality check to ensure there is no typos, misspellings, or other formatting errors

  • Finally, we will mail you the ePUB file format for review, which you can upload into your publisher account or popular eReader stores

At Data House, we ensure that every step in the process of print book to ePUB conversion is executed accurately to deliver excellent quality, error-free eBook for your readers.

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MS Word To Epub Conversion Service
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MS Word To Epub Conversion Service

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In the electronic era today, people share important documents, researches, notes, and even their books electronically instead of printing. Time has evolved. Today, eBooks are creating breaking sales records and has become a priority for book lovers. More and more publishers, authors and institutions are creating their eBooks, reaching out to the larger global audience in a simple and cost-effective manner. Regardless of the fact that Word document is still one of the most widely used platforms for sharing and distributing information online, it is better to convert your word documents into a format, which is friendly to an electronic reader.

Why you Need MS Word to ePUB Conversion?

ePUB is the globally accepted standard format for high-quality digital publishing. Over the years, it has become the industry standard for converting documents into eBooks, deliver premium quality, error-free reading experience to end-users. At the same time, ePUB is the only format that is compatible with virtually all eReaders available in the market today. To create a compelling eBook across popular electronic readers like iPad, Kindle, Nook, or Kobo, converting the source document into the eBook format is necessary. It is stuffed with rich capabilities and functionalities, which enhances the end-user’s reader experience significantly. Simulatenoulsy, by converting your MS Word document into ePUB file format, you can seamlessly upload your eBook on popular eReader stores, and earn revenues.

How Data House Can Help?

Data House is the leading ePUB conversion service provider in India, converting source documents from virtually any format into high-quality ePUB format file to create eBooks. Over the years of expertise in ePUB conversion, we have specialized in converting MS Word documents into ePUB file, making them readable across multiple eReaders. With information sharing and eBook reading becoming increasingly popular across smartphones, tablets, and laptops, converting your documents into eReader compatible ePUB format files has become a necessity. We enable enterprises, institutions, authors, publishers, and individuals to share important information and create eBooks online, reaching out to a larger global audience in a cost-effective and convenient manner.

MS Word to ePUB conversion is a time consuming and complex procedure that demands precision and accuracy. However, our expert professionals at Data House have rich knowledge and experience in converting Word documents into ePUB files, delivering excellent quality eBook translations. Our talented professionals have successfully converted even the most complex and bulk Word documents into ePUB format files, making them easily readable on virtually any eReader.

Our MS Word to ePUB Conversion Services
  • Converting Word documents into ePUB files via hand coded formats

  • Thorough quality checks to identify and eliminate typos, spelling mistakes, and other formatting errors

  • Delivering the ePUB format to be uploaded in eReader stores list
Why Choose Data House?

Hiring our MS Word to ePUB conversion services comes with great benefits such as –

  • Excellent quality, error free conversion

  • Affordable prices

  • State of the art conversion techniques

  • Hand coded formats for best conversion results

  • Quick turnaround time

  • 100% customer satisfaction
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Indesign To Epub Conversion Service
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Indesign To Epub Conversion Service

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With rapid technology advancements and globalization, the internet is achieving great importance in modern days. One of the prime reasons that have made the internet a necessity of life and work today is sharing and gathering information. More and more people are spending time online to learn “what, where and how to buy.” At the same time, internet has emerged as the best source of millions of eBooks, journals, and magazines that are easily accessible and cost-effective. And when it comes to launching your book, magazine or journal online, ePUB is the ultimate file format that is fast becoming an industry standard to read eBooks across multiple eReaders available in the market today.

Undoubtedly, InDesign is one of the most popularly used tools in the eBook page designing, production and composition, but technology advancements have made ePub the international standard for publishing eBooks, as approved by the International Digital Publishing Forum. Hence, if you want to publish an eBook and make it hugely acceptable across major eReaders available in the market today, converting your source documents from InDesign to ePUB is a necessity.

Why you Need InDesign to ePUB Conversion?

While all these days, InDesign has been popularly used to design eBook pages, composition and production, now it has become a necessity for companies, institutions, authors, and publishers to convert their InDesign books into ePUB format files to make them acceptable and marketable across virtually any eReader in the market. The key benefits of InDesign to ePUB conversion are:

  • A cost-effective marketing platform for eBooks, magazines and journals online

  • User-friendly and easy to use with a host of hardware of software to be read across different electronic reading devices

  • Superior flexibility and effectiveness

  • The international standard format for publishing eBooks

  • It can be sold from different channels
How Data House Can Help in InDesign to ePUB Conversion?

The intricacy of converting InDesign document into a ePUB file format depends majorly on the file that is being converted. Extensive use of tables, images, or layout formatting dramatically increases the complexity in converting the file into ePUB. The proficiency essential for InDesign to ePUB conversion is beyond the scope of a layman, and hence, professional conversion is a necessity. Data House is a leading ePUB conversion service provider in India, offering complete support in converting your InDesign document into a ePUB eBook format, regardless of the size and complexity of the initial format.

Unlike other ePUB conversion specialists in India, we don’t rely on automatic conversion tools. Our expert knowledge in InDesign to ePUB conversion is backed by unparalleled manual efficiency and stringent quality checks, guaranteeing high-quality, error-free conversion. Right from proofreading your content to bulk conversion, quality checks, and prompt delivery of projects – we handle it all efficiently.

At Data House, our specialty lies in leveraging the latest InDesign CS5 software for prompt and high-quality Indesign to ePUB conversion. This advanced software incorporates upgraded ePUB file exporting features that enhance the conversion process and provide improved control to create engaging eBooks that can be efficiently read on a variety of eBook reading devices such as Apple iPad, Sony® Reader, Nook, Kindle, and different mobile phones.

Why Choose Data House?
  • Unparalleled technical expertise

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Excellent quality

  • Cost-effective InDesign to ePUB conversion services

  • Efficiency in handling bulk and complex conversion projects
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PDF & ePUB Conversion Service
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PDF & ePUB Conversion Service

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In the era of technology advancement, PDF file continues to be one of the most widely used and popular formats for sharing or publishing information online. From students to authors, from research institutions to businesses, PDF is the most commonly used platform for reading, sharing, and creating important documents. However, one thing that makes PDF lag behind in the competition is that it is not supported by any of the major portable devices like Sony reader, Smartphone, iPad and iPhone, tablets, Nook, Kobo, and other devices.

In an era, where sharing information online and eBooks are becoming increasingly popular, PDF file lags behind in not being the right format to publish books, magazines, or journals online, or sharing, creating or reading important information on major portable devices. Hence, it becomes important to convert PDF into an international standard, ePUB, which is user-friendly and supports thousands of gadgets. Besides ensuring easy access and readability across a multitude of devices, ePUB enables publishers and authors to upload their books, magazines or journals on the major eBook store listings.

Excellent PDF to ePUB Conversion at Data House

We are a premier ePUB conversion outsourcing company in India, efficiently converting even the most complex and bulk documents into the ePUB file format, virtually from any source format. Our team of expert conversion specialists and coders strictly adhere to the rules for PDF to ePUB conversion, delivering excellent quality and error-free ePUB eBook formats, ready to be published online. Rather than simplifying the conversion process with automatic tools, we input unparalleled manual efficiency in proof reading and quality checks, delivering unambiguous, error-free, and highest quality PDF to ePUB conversion output.

While converting your PDF file to ePUB, we meticulously meet the following standards to ensure best conversion deliverables, which is an exact replica of your source document:

  • Table of contents

  • Chapter titles

  • Spacing standards pertaining to number spacing, paragraph spacing, and line spacing

  • Tables

  • Footnotes

  • End notes

  • Drop Cap

  • Graphs and Image Standards
Our PDF to ePUB Conversion Services
  • Converting PDF source file into high-quality ePUB through hand coded formats

  • Strict quality checks to spot and eliminate spelling mistakes, typos, layout formatting errors, and other textual in accuracy

  • Prompt delivery of converted ePUB format to be uploaded on major eReader stores listings
What makes Data House your Best ePUB Conversion Partner?

With years of experience in ePUB conversion, we have earned in-depth knowledge and expertise in converting virtually any format into ePUB, making it acceptable across numerous major portable devices. Hiring our dedicated PDF to ePUB conversion services comes with excellent benefits such as:

  • Superior quality, error free PDF to ePUB conversion

  • Hand coded formats for accurate and precise conversion results

  • State-of-the-art conversion techniques

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Affordable prices

  • 100% customer satisfaction
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