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Memory Improve Workshop Training

Ball Bearing
Course ModeOnline
No of Personsdepend on training
Training Duration3 month
Preferred Time Slot9am to 6pm

How to Improve Your Memory Workshop™ is a scientific workshop that will help you to increase your memory by 30 % to 50%. Even, you can also improve your memory by 80% by practicing the techniques taught in the workshop just 30 minutes a day.

The techniques are so simple that you can practice them while traveling, walking, cooking or even dining.

The System works on three main principles of memory, i.e. Pictures, Sense, and Special.


Friends, if I ask you think about the word Mountain, you will not see the word MOUNTAIN and immediately a picture of Mountain will come in your mind from your photographic memory. Similarly, If I ask you to think about the word Table, you will not see TABLE, a picture of Table will come in your mind. Why? Because the nerves that go from our eyes to our Brain are 20 times more powerful than the nerves that go from ear to our brain.


Right now, I am talking to you in English language but if I talk in another language like Spanish, Japanese or Sanskrit which you are not aware of, you won’t be able to comprehend me. our brain remembers that information which makes some sense.


Try to make subject matter as special as possible. Our brain always stores special events. If I ask you what you did on 23th July 1998, you won’t be able to recall this but If I ask you with whom you visited Tajmahal for the first time, you will certainly remember. Why? Because the subject matter was made special at this time.

Duration of How to Improve Your Memory Workshop™

60 minutes to 20 hours.

Benefits of How to Improve Your Memory Workshop™
  • Quick recall of numbers, facts and figures.
  • Quick recall for complicated formulae and equations.
  • Memorize Long Chapters in a couple of minutes.
  • Quick techniques to memorize vocabulary, at least, one hundred words per day while not forgetting.
  • Quick techniques for learning GK, Biological Diagrams, Circuits, Maps and Formulae.
  • Better marks in colleges and school exams.
  • Perfect techniques for college students preparing for various competitive exams.
  • Perfect strategies on “How to Study Effectively “.
  • Effective methods to enhance Power of Concentration.
  • Memorize complete Periodic Table.
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Journey To Speed Maths Workshop Training

Ball Bearing
Classes TimingMorning Batch, Evening Batch, After Noon Batch
No of Studentsdepend on class
Course Duration1 - 3 Months
Course Modeonline
Course Typeall
LocationNew Delhi
Learning MaterialNo
Language Typeenglish, hindi
Start Date / Monthall

Journey to Speed Maths Workshop™ is a unique training program for the school and college students or anyone who is interested in honing their calculation speed. The techniques taught in the workshop will help you to multiply 98 X 97 within 5 seconds flat.

The workshop is based on ancient Indian Vedic Maths techniques. The system will help the students in solving complicated problems of different areas of mathematics like Addition,

Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, Percentage, Squares, Cubes, Square Roots, Cube Roots, etc.

It’s a boon for schools and college students and 20 highly recommended for students preparing for various competitive exams. By learning Speed Maths, the students not only learn techniques to solve maths problems but also enhance their thinking and analyzing skills in different fields. With the continuous use of these techniques which we teach in our workshop, students can see a definite change in themselves towards everyday activities. The training program can be attended by all audiences ranging from students to teachers, to parents, and to adults for different purposes. Students who dislike the conventional ways of solving math problems can use these techniques to create an inclination towards mathematics. They can also use various answer checking  tools to check whether they have made the right calculation or not.

The Journey to Speed Maths Workshop™ has been designed in this manner that it can be understood by each and every student having little knowledge of mathematics.

Duration of Journey to Speed Maths Workshop™

30 minutes to 20 hours

Benefits of Journey to Speed Maths Workshop™
  • Speed Maths is 15 times faster than normal Maths.
  • It is easy, simple and straightforward.
  • Makes Maths more Enjoyable.
  • It encourages mental calculations.
  • The most natural way of working can be learned and mastered with very less effort.
  • Eliminates Phobia of maths.
  • Simple answer checking tools.
  • Right Brain Development.
  • Increases Concentration and Confidence.
  • Increases memory.

After attending Journey to Speed Maths Workshop™, you will be able to : –

  • Multiply 98 X 97 within five seconds.
  • Multiply 2356 X 4589 within few seconds.
  • Calculate cube root of any perfect number within 3 seconds’.
  • Calculate the square root of any perfect number within 6 seconds.
  • Calculate squares, cubes, raise to power 4 within few seconds.
  • Calculate day from the given dates within few seconds.
  • Perform addition and subtractions within few seconds.
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Brain Power Workshop Training

Ball Bearing
Course ModeOnline
No of Personsdepend on batch
Training Duration3 month
Preferred Time Slot9am to 6pm

In this world, each and everyone has to fulfill their dream. But only few people are able to do. so What matters? Their size, their color, their background, their age, their stamina? No! These successful people also have 24 hours, they have skin like all of us, they have problems like others.

The only difference is that they have the zeal to achieve their goals and they know how to use world’s most powerful supercomputer. And, that supercomputer is our Brain.

I personally urge you to join this training program to bring a positive change in your life. This awesome training program will help you to unlock your hidden potential and fulfill your dreams. In this Workshop™ I will teach you some powerful techniques to improve your health, wealth, relationships, scoring better marks in exam, removing blockages, removing fear and negativity. With continuous use of the techniques which I will teach you in the Workshop™, the result will astonish you. I personally applied these techniques in my life to break many world records in the Memory category. Even many sports personalities use this system to perform better in their fields and win the match against their competitors.

Brain Power Workshop™ will teach you about working on both sides of our Brain and interconnections between them. You will start getting the result of the training program from the first day of the workshop and the quality and quantity of result will keep on increasing day by day as practice makes a man perfect. Our Brain is just like a beautiful room, which requires regular cleansing to remove unwanted thoughts and by putting positive thoughts inside it.

Benefits of Brain Power Workshop™

After attending 2 Days’ Workshop™ on Brain Power, You will be able to :-

  • Attract and allure more Wealth into Your Life
  • Improve Your Business.
  • Achieve Your Goals and fulfill your wishes.
  • Sleep better.
  • Remove negativity from our Brain.
  • Remove different type of blockages.
  • Memorize the things faster.
  • Master your emotions.
  • Get new prospects towards life.
Contents of Brain Power Workshop™

Brain Power Workshop™ is the combination of NLP, Silva Mind Control Method, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Memory Techniques, Success Secrets and loads of inputs from hundreds of books.

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Double Your Vocabulary Workshop Training

Ball Bearing

Double Your Vocabulary Workshop(TM) will help you tomemorize 1500 High- Frequency Vocabulary words in just 30hours. After attending the workshop, all the 1500 words will getpermanently stored in your memory along with their meanings.We will use the most powerful techniques to help you memorize1500 High- frequency words.

The name of the technique is Mnemonics in which a new word isconverted to an old word. For example; I have to remember theword Mangy, which means dirty and in Bad Condition.

The linkthat is made here is Mango. After eating the mango, the facelooks dirty.

I will use a large number of funny links, illustrations, cartoons,animations, movie clips, audio clips which will help you tomemorize 1500 words in just 30 hours.

These 1500 words that we will teach you in the workshop arehigh- frequency words. It means they are the most commonwords which are used everywhere, in every newspaper andbusiness magazine and competitive exams like SAT, CAT,SNAP,TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Double Your Vocabulary Workshop(TM)Workshop will also help you inimproving your reading speed and verbal and writtenconversation skills.

Duration of Double Your Vocabulary Workshop(TM)

30 minutes to 30 hours.

Benefits of Double Your Vocabulary Workshop(TM)
  • You will learn the powerful technique to memorize thousandsof words with their meanings in a short span of time.
  • You will be able to memorize Vocabulary@100 Words per hour.
  • Permanent storage of all 1500 words with their meanings.
  • Lifelong confinement.
  • Better reading speed.
  • The Funny method of memorization.
  • You will get coaching from the one who has achieved top levelin Memory training.
  • Once you master these 1500 words with their meanings, thenyou will be able to memorize thousands of more words withoutforgetting.
  • After 30 hours of training, you will be able to memorize theword just by looking at it.
  • You will be able to memorize Complete Oxford Dictionary injust one year.
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