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Ceramic Materials And Components

Our extensive array of advanced ceramic materials and products includes boron nitride powders and paints; hot pressed boron nitride shapes and composites; pyrolytic boron nitride; pyrolytic graphite; high thermal conductivity graphite and composites; heaters and heater assemblies; titanium diboride powders; carbide coatings; and graphite monochromators. These products can be used to transfer heat away from critical electronic components, keeping them cooler and increasing the service life and reliability of devices featuring compound semiconductors, electrical insulation, heating elements, photovoltaic cells and more.

Our well-known brands such as PolarTherm,* CoolFX,* CoolFlow* boron nitride powders and TC1050* thermal pyrolytic graphite based composites are noted for their flexibility in solving problems in thermal management. 

Our ceramic materials and components are used in  a wide variety of potential applications, including: 

  • Electronic devices
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Industrial production
  • Automotive
  • Electrical transmission and distribution

Discover how Momentive's ceramics materials technology can enhance your next product formulation or application. 

* PolarTherm, CoolFX, CoolFlow and TC1050 are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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Boron Nitride Paints

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BN sprays feature high-purity, fine BN crystals suspended within a fast-drying, solvent-based carrier formulation. Available in 13-ounce aerosol cans and made available in 12-can carton shipments, each BN spray can is able to provide about 100 square feet of coverage and is designed to produce a smooth coating with very low binder content.

Nonreactive and nontoxic, BN water-based coatings are available in both 1- and 5-gallon containers. BN water-based coatings can be applied to hot or cold surfaces, while dried coatings can be readily handled, smoothed or polished with a soft, dry cloth. Applying is simple and effective using various commercially available methods, whether by spray, brush, roller or dipping.

Potential applications for BN sprays and water-based coatings include:

  • Metals processing
  • Powder metal processing
  • Strip cast steel processing
  • Tool and die processing

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Boron Nitride Powder

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BN powder platelets and agglomerates may help to work as electrically insulating and thermally conductive fillers for use in heaters, polymer matrices, adhesives and pastes, and with potting compounds. Offering enhanced lubricity and thermal properties, they can also be used in lubrication applications that require extreme heat, cold or pressure, such as in vacuum environments or when exposed to harsh chemicals.

Several grades of BN powder platelets and agglomerates carry NSF H-2, HX-2 and HX-1 designations, indicating they are safe for incidental food contact.

Additional potential applications for BN powders include:

  • Refractories and refractory coatings
  • Mold and die release
  • Metal/ceramic and ceramic/matrix composites
  • Lubricants with incidental food contact

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Excellent insulators that possess a dielectric constant of 3.9, PolarTherm and PolarTherm PTX boron nitride additives have a high volume resistivity (above 1015 ohm-cm). PolarTherm and PolarTherm PTX boron nitride additives are soft, lubricious materials with excellent flow, adding no additional wear to compounding equipment (like screws, dies and blenders). Use of PolarTherm and PolarTherm PTX boron nitride additives can improve drill life in PCB applications. PolarTherm PTX boron nitride additives are robust spherical agglomerates made of boron nitride crystals that, when loaded into an application like a polymer, demonstrate high thermal conductivity as well as improved through-plane performance.

Potential applications for Boron Nitride Powder PolarTherm and PolarTherm PTX additives include:

  • Thermal greases, adhesives and gels
  • Phase change thermal interface materials
  • Thermal interface films Printed circuit board pre-pregs and laminates
  • Electronic molding compounds
  • Underfills

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Carbide Coatings

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Formulated to be uniform, protective and extremely wear-resistant, Momentive Performance Materials’ carbide coatings have proven to provide long life and low particle generation. They are electrically conductive and can conform to even the most intricate geometry. Momentive carbide coatings are used successfully in compound semiconductor epitaxial processes such as MOCVD and LPE.

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CoolFlow BN powders and CoolFX fillers may offer thermoplastic manufacturers an exceptional combination of thermal conductivity, electrical isolation, low density and processability. Testing of heat sink designs made from aluminum versus thermoplastics with CoolFlow BN or CoolFX fillers illustrate these advantages. In convection limited cases, a thermally conductive plastic heat sink cools effectively while being 20% to as much as 60% lighter than the aluminum counterpart. Furthermore, when the filled thermoplastic's higher material cost is offset by the cost of secondary machining and insulation required by aluminum parts, thermally conductive thermoplastic parts filled with CoolFlow BN powders or CoolFX fillers are cost-competitive with aluminum.  

The high-performance CoolFlow BN powders can be formulated in single-crystal grades with mean platelet size of 12 µm, for use in applications like thin films. Other formulations contain a mix of platelets and agglomerates with particles less than 50 µm, for use in plastic extrusion and filled silicone applications. Part designers can utilize the anisotropic nature of these platelets and agglomerates to tailor thermal conductivity directionally.  

In addition to their key beneficial properties of high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, CoolFlow BN powders and CoolFX fillers are lubricious and nonwetting. Chemically inert and stable at high temperatures, CoolFlow BN powders and CoolFX fillers possess the properties needed to produce cooler, lighter and cost-competitive thermoplastic thermal management components.  

Potential applications for our CoolFlow and CoolFX boron nitride powders may include:  

  • LED light fixtures
  • Consumer electronic devices
  • Aerospace and automotive cooling systems
  • Motor and battery housings
  • Temperature housings
  • Heat exchangers  

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Graphite Monochromators

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Momentive's graphite monochromators are produced as flat, singly bent and doubly bent shapes. The monochromators are classified according to mosaic spread. Crystals with customized mosaic spread range are available upon request. Bent monochromators with standard or customized bend radii are also available.

Potential applications for Momentive graphite monochromators include:

  • X-ray diffraction
  • Neutron scattering and diffraction
  • Scanning tunneling microscopy - calibration and substrates

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PBN/PG "printed circuit" heaters utilize PBN as an insulating substrate and PG as the resistive element. In non-oxidizing environments, this combination of unique materials delivers performance advantages not available in conventional thermal systems. PBN/PG heaters operate at 1500°C and higher, and provide superior performance in an ultra-high vacuum. They are also chemically inert to most corrosive gases and liquids, and are unaffected by most molten metals. With their long life, as well as their dimensional and electrical stability, PBN/PG heaters offer high resistance and may enable the use of low-cost power supplies.


Mechanically durable and thermally shock resistant, PBN/PG heaters are unaffected by vibration under most conditions and can be tailored to thermal gradients for specific requirements. With an ultra-fast response and low thermal mass, PBN/PG heaters demonstrate a power output of 35 watts/cm 2 (225 watts/in 2 ) and higher.


Momentive manufactures heaters as flat plates with surface electrical connections inside the heated area or located outside the heated area on tabs. Heaters can also be made as 3-D elements on CVD PBN crucibles and tubes. PBN/PG heaters have been made for parts as small as 5 mm in diameter, and as large as 800 mm. Multiple, independent zones can be incorporated for flexible thermal management.


Potential applications for Momentive heaters and heater assemblies include:


  • Epi wafer processing
  • High-temperature industrial and chemical processes
  • PBN and PG custom engineering solutions

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Momentive high-thermal conductivity graphite and composites have superior thermal conductivity, up to four times the conductivity of copper while being lighter than aluminum. Compatible with many encapsulating techniques, Momentive high-thermal conductivity graphite and composites come in a variety of sizes from dies to packages, including thermal cores for PWBs.

Potential applications for high-thermal conductivity graphite and composites include:

  • Heat spreaders in electronic packaging applications
  • Thermal cores in PWBs
  • Finned heat sinks
  • LED thermal management solutions
  • Laser diode mounts and substrates
  • Avionics thermal cores

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Stable and reliable in extreme high-heat environments, hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics are designed to excel in applications such as plasma arc welding and semiconductor processing equipment. With its unique combination of electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics are an excellent choice to consider for use as heat sinks in high-power electronic applications. BN is inorganic, inert and not wet by most molten metals, performing well in molten metal processes. Available in a variety of standard and custom shapes, hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics are easily machined, thermally shock resistant and chemically compatible across a wide range of demanding manufacturing applications.

Potential applications for hot-pressed boron nitride ceramics include:

  • Plasma arc welding applications
  • Semiconductor crystal growth equipment and processing
  • Powder metal processing
  • Aluminum metal processing
  • Tool and die manufacturing

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Pyrolytic Boron Nitride

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Known for its directional thermal conductivity and ability to provide optimal "heat spreading," pyrolytic boron nitride demonstrates improved temperature uniformity. Resistant to thermal shock, pyrolytic boron nitride excels as a sealant and protects graphite from corrosive atmospheres including most molten metals, acids and hot ammonia environments. Pyrolytic boron nitride also proves extremely effective as an electrical insulator.

Potential applications for pyrolytic boron nitride include: 

  • Compound semiconductor crystal growth
  • Wafer processing
  • Electronic assembly
  • Metallurgical applications
  • Thin film manufacturing

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