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Coupling Agents

Momentive scientists have developed advanced coupling agent technology between resins and minerals, fillers or fiber reinforcements. As a result, Momentive offers a diverse portfolio of various brands or grades of our silane coupling agents that may help improve: 

  • Resiliency of insulation batts
  • Wet strength retention
  • Thermal and electrical properties
  • Integrity, protection and handling of reinforcing fibers
  • Composite strength and toughness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Rolling resistance, traction and wear

Processing characteristics of our advanced coupling agents may lead to higher efficiencies and lower costs in manufacturing. Improved shelf stability, greater rheology control, better filler dispersion, fewer mixing steps and faster cure - all are benefits to our coupling agent customers and can help to improve their bottom lines. Further, some of our coupling agents are especially environmentally advantageous, offering low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, virtually eliminating ethanol release during processing and when mineral-reinforced rubber products are used, or providing halogen-free flame retardancy (HFFR). 

Momentive's silane brand families, such as Silquest,* e-free* and NXT* silanes, offer our customers the potential to enhance end-product performance and/or lower overall costs by reducing the amount of agent required to achieve desired performance levels.

Momentive's coupling agents may serve effectively wherever superior bonds between inorganic substrates and organic polymers are desired, including:

  • Tires
  • Shoe soles
  • Wire and cable products
  • Belts and hoses
  • Grommets
  • Flooring
  • Fiber-reinforced composites and insulation
  • Filled polymer resin applications

 * Silquest, e-free and NXT are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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NXT Z 45 Silane

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NXT Z 45 silane has excellent silica dispersion and superior reinforcement properties. It may significantly help the rubber and automotive industries by lowering usage levels and virtually eliminating ethanol emissions - thus decreasing the volume of VOC emissions to make it a more environmentally responsible solution. 

Other potential benefits of most of our NXT silanes may include:

  • Reduced overall manufacturing costs through improved processing
  • Superior performance property set at a lower silane loading level
  • A single nonproductive mixing step
  • High-temperature mixing
  • Easier processing even with high silica loading

Momentive's NXT Z 45 silane is one more example of accelerated innovation thanks to our ongoing collaboration with our customers. 

*NXT and NXT Z are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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Silquest A-1170 Silane

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Amino bis-silanes such as Silquest A-1170 silane can be effective in reacting with epoxy, urethane, melamine, polyimide, phenolic and furan thermosetting resins, as well as many thermoplastics, such as polyamides and polyesters. Silquest A-1170 silane offers a fast cure time and/or rapid adhesion build. Because of its higher purity grade, Silquest A-1170 silane is an excellent candidate to consider for use in applications that demand low color and greater control of reaction stoichiometry. Silquest A-1170 silane is a versatile silane, and it may be added directly to polymers during system formulation or used independently as a primer.

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Silquest A-187 Silane

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Working as a trimethoxy silane, Silquest A-187 silane bonds to inorganic substrates to provide excellent wet and dry adhesion along with a rapid hydrolysis rate. Silquest A-187 silane also demonstrates enhanced electrical properties in epoxy-based encapsulants and packaging materials, the result of improved bonding between resin and substrate or filler. Formulated to enhance wet adhesion, Silquest A-187 silane also benefits epoxy encapsulation systems through its enhanced safety of semiconductor or integrated circuits, which it guards from water ingress or surface corrosion.  

This silane is also an excellent candidate for waterborne applications, including acrylic and vinyl-acrylic caulks, as well as urethane and latex caulk applications, where it can improve adhesion to glass and metal substrates.  

Other epoxy applications that may benefit from the addition of Silquest A-187 silane include quartz-filled epoxy encapsulants, pre-mix formulations and sand-filled epoxy concrete patching materials, along with metal-filled epoxy, like those used in mold and dye tools.  

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Silquest A-151NT Silane

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Silquest A-151NT silane's vinyl functionality allows for free radical addition to polymers while also increasing the rate of silane hydrolysis. Silquest A-151NT silane also possesses trimethoxysilane functionality, allowing it to bond to inorganic substrates to provide excellent wet and dry adhesion. Its chemical structure also allows for optimal formulator control of hydrolysis rates.

A monomeric functional silane in vinyl, vinyl acrylic and acrylic resins, Silquest A-151NT silane can be added as a monomer during emulsion polymerization to form silane-modified latexes. Because the silane in these kinds of latexes functions as a crosslinker, very stable Si-O-Si linkages are formed.

Vinyl silanes also can be grafted to select unsaturated polymers, including polyethylene, polyester and styrene-butadiene copolymers, through free radical chemistry. After grafting, the resin exhibits silane functionality, allowing the resin to be crosslinked through an ambient moisture-cure mechanism. By using this approach, high temperature resistance as well as tensile and tear strengths may be improved in thermoplastic resin-based materials.

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Silquest A-1524 Silane

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Ureidofunctional, Silquest A-1524 silane has demonstrated longer pot life and stability than traditional aminosilanes - especially when used within reactive polymer systems as phenolic, epoxy, ureamelamine or polyurethane. Silquest A-1524 silane also guards against color generation and aging, and provides nitrogen reactivity without the strong basic characteristics of typical aminosilanes. Silquest A-1524 exhibits excellent urethane adhesion and sealant adhesion.

Potential applications for Silquest A-1524 silane include:

  • Fiberglass, particulate fillers or metals combined or over-coated with phenolic, urea-melamine, epoxy resins, polyamide and/or polyurethane polymers
  • Adhesives, sealants and glass fiber
  • Wool insulation
  • Primers
  • Foundry sand
  • Abrasive grinding-wheel binders 

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Silquest A-171 Silane

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A monomeric vinyl functional silane in vinyl acrylic and acrylic resins, Silquest A-171 silane can be added as a monomer during emulsion polymerization to form silane-modified latexes. Functioning as a crosslinker, the silane in these latexes forms very stable Si-O-Si linkages. 


Vinyl silanes can also be grafted to specific unsaturated polymers, such as polyethylene, polyester and styrene-butadiene co-polymers, resulting in resins which exhibit silane functionality. The resin can then be crosslinked through an ambient moisture cure mechanism. By crosslinking through this process, higher temperature resistance - along with greater tensile and tear strengths - is achieved for thermoplastic resin-based materials. 


The electron-withdrawing effect displayed by the silane's vinyl functionality enhances the rate of hydrolysis. This increased activity makes Silquest A-171 silane one of the quickest hydrolyzing alkoxy silanes on the market. With this elevated rate of hydrolysis, Silquest A-171 silane is an excellent candidate to consider for use as a moisture-scavenging agent in sensitive moisture systems. 

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Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane contains two functional groups with two distinct reactivities: an epoxide capable of reacting with a variety of organic functionalities, as well as alkoxy silane groups that are designed to form a tight bond with many inorganic substrates. This ability to chemically link selected organic resins to inorganic substrates may enhance wet and dry adhesion without the potential for yellowing that is present with amino functional adhesion promoters. With the ability of silanol groups to self-condense, Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane can also be utilized as a crosslinking agent in some resin systems.  

Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane is also reliable for crosslinking waterborne latexes and dispersions such as acrylic, styrene acrylic or other copolymers, plus polyurethane or epoxy dispersions. It provides outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties to coatings, adhesives and sealants.  

With its enhanced adhesion to glass and metal substrates in polyurethane resins, Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane helps improve shelf stability over aminosilane alternatives. Electrical properties of epoxy-based electronic encapsulants and packaging materials are also enhanced with Silquest A-1871 epoxy silane by improved bonding between resin and substrate/filler. By improving wet adhesion, the risk of semiconductor or integrated circuit failure is also mitigated by reductions in water ingress and surface corrosion damage.  

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NXT Silane

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Typically compatible with high-surface-area silica as well as functionalized polymers for easy processing of high-performance compounds, NXT silane has also proven effective in green compounds, enhancing durability and stability over significant periods of time without reflocculation. NXT silane has demonstrated excellent dynamic properties at low temperatures - from -20 ° C to 10 ° C. In addition, it can be mixed in at temperatures as high as 170 ° C without scorching.  

NXT silane can be a cost-effective solution for manufacturers by minimizing the number and duration of non-productive mixing steps needed to achieve maximum silica dispersion.  

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Carbo NXT silane generally provides the same potential for enhanced tire performance and system cost efficiencies as NXT* silane.  It has been shown to reduce rolling resistance without significant loss of wet traction, and production efficiency may be better than achieved with many standard sulfur silanes. When used in silica compounds, Carbo NXT silane typically enables improved silica dispersion, reduced viscosity and higher temperature mixing.   

Tire manufacturers like Carbo NXT silane because of its improved processing in silica compounds compared to standard sulfur silanes. Its blocked mercaptosilane functionality makes Carbo NXT silane more thermally stable, allowing for higher mixing temperatures with shorter mixing cycles. This may help the overall throughput of a given mixer and also may lead to reduced waste. The plasticizing effect allows Carbo NXT silane to help reduce compound viscosity verses standard sulfur silanes and may lead to a reduction of total mix cycles.  The resulting lower compound viscosity can also positively affect downstream processes such as milling and extrusion. Carbo NXT silane-containing compounds also exhibit improved aged viscosity stability, allowing for a green compound to stay on the manufacturing floor with little to no viscosity increase.  

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E-free 189 Silane

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As a mercapto-functional silane, e-free 189 silane works to improve filler dispersion with increased silica/polymer coupling because of its ability to provide exceptional reinforcement index. e-free 189 silane may eliminate ethanol emissions- sometimes more than 97 percent- that are released during the manufacturing process  with traditional mercapto silanes.   

e-free 189 silane also typically features:

  • Long shelf life for uncured compounds, which leads to less scrap due to over-aged green compounds.
  • Improved modulus and tensile strength.
  • Excellent dispersion as well as low re-agglomeration.
  • Improved filler dispersion with maximum silica/polymer coupling   

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