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Momentive's versatile and compatible premium-quality emulsions excel in a wide variety of operating conditions and fluid environments.

  • In hair products, Silsoft* emulsions can enhance deposition from rinse-off products and potentially aid leave-on conditioners with detangling and smoothing effects. Silsoft emulsions can help provide moisturizing properties in both hair care and skin care products, and some Silsoft emulsions can even be post-added to existing formulations.
  • For manufacturing beverages, juices, sauces, condiments and flavorings - where quality and purity are also essential - Momentive emulsions may also help meet stringent regulatory standards and enhance productivity by potentially reducing processing time and maintenance costs, and by providing longer machinery service life.
  • Our SAG* and SagTex* antifoam emulsions service the oil and gas and the textile industries. Because these emulsions exhibit outstanding stability at high temperatures, they can help reduce clogging or scaling of equipment, potentially resulting in fewer maintenance needs.
  • Benefits of our mold-release emulsions include easy release, low volatility, good lubricity and high temperature stability.
  • Our reactive silicone emulsions can be indispensible in creating polishes, household cleaners, fiber and thread lubricants, nonwoven textile treatments, softeners, and modifiers.

Some of our emulsions also feature higher solids content than comparable competing products, which means that high performance can be delivered with lower use levels.

Explore how Momentive emulsions deliver silicone benefits to your industry. 

* Silsoft, SAG and SagTex are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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The successor to the AF9000 antifoam, this compound has been improved to offer superior foam control over time in highly alkaline, highly acidic and neutral systems. Certified kosher and parve, AF9000 NE antifoam is compositionally compliant with several 21 CFR chapters as an indirect food additive.

This makes AF9000 NE silicone antifoam an excellent candidate to consider for use in a variety of chemical, petroleum and food processing applications. Chemical processors may benefit from AF9000 NE antifoam in a variety of applications including the manufacture of adhesives, inks, paints, insecticides, herbicides, wool fats and more. Gas scrubbing, propane de-asphalting and vacuum tower units are just a few of the petroleum processing applications that can benefit from AF9000 NE antifoam, while food processing applications may include corn oil manufacturing, deep-fat frying, esterification of vegetable oil and fermentation, among others.

AF9000 NE silicone antifoam has been found to be effective in most applications at a starting concentration of just 10 ppm silicone and can be used as a stand-alone antifoam agent or diluted in a solvent or foaming ingredient.

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SAG 7133 antifoam emulsion is an excellent choice to consider for a variety of water-based foam issues in oil and gas, and for the amine units of gas sweetening plants, liquefied natural gas plants, fertilizer plants or refineries with typical benefits like:

  • Quick foam knockdown, which can resolve sudden increases in DeltaP in the absorber units or foam buildup in equipment
  • Excellent product stability under high temperatures and in high-salt concentrations, typically found in amine units or glycol dehydration units, which can help promote long, maintenance-free operations
  • Easy dilution with water;  simple to use
  • Reduced clogging or scaling, particularly within the heat exchangers, for less potential maintenance
  • Low doses required for effective foam control, which may result in savings and reduced fouling of equipment. SAG 7133 antifoam emulsion is typically two to three times more effective than many other antifoams used in gas treatment.

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Silsoft Silk conditioning agent can help provide shine and sensory softness to damaged thick or wavy hair without leaving hair heavy, limp, sticky or greasy with residue. Forming a soft, flexible film, the silicone clings to the hair shaft, which can create a uniquely smooth and silky feel and a healthy-looking shine to the hair. In addition, Silsoft Silk conditioning agent can help reduce tangles, leading to hair that is easier to comb through, wet or dry.

Developed as a lightweight conditioning additive for a broad range of hair care applications, it is an excellent candidate to consider for clear and opaque shampoos, leave-on and rinse-off conditioners, serums, sprays, and ethnic hair care products. It can also be considered for use as a conditioning additive in bar soap, body wash and liquid hand soaps.

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The unique combination of multi-functional ingredients can help formulators achieve desired benefits such as blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved absorbency, a moist feel and reduced tack. 

By simply shaking, Silsoft E-Pearl PMF emulsion can be dispersed easily in most water-based formulations, such as toners. It can also be added post-formulation and may be cold processed—allowing for formulation flexibility.    

Potential applications for Silsoft E-Pearl PMF emulsion include:

  • Facial products: masks, toners and moisturizers
  • Suncare products: sunscreens and daily-wears
  • Color cosmetics: BB and CC creams, foundations and concealers
  • O/W emulsions: creams, emulsions and protective products  

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This reactive emulsion of an amine functional silicone polymer is water dispersible and offers several typical benefits, including an easy release, low volatility, good lubricity and high temperature stability. It is an excellent candidate to consider for a wide variety of application areas, including chemical specialties, textiles, paint and ink additives, and water repellants. Users can experience the benefits of SM2059 reactive silicone emulsion in polishes and household cleaners, cured coatings on glass containers, fiber and thread lubricants, nonwoven textile treatments, softeners and modifiers, water-repellant finishes, and particle treatment in water repellants.

This product has been developed to show resilience against freezing temperatures with minimal chance of destabilization if properly thawed to its liquid state and mixed. SM2059 reactive silicone emulsion may be diluted in water with less than 200 ppm hardness and is typically used in concentrations ranging from 0.2% to 2.5% silicone.

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Along with superior conditioning and manageability, these conditioning agents also can help extend the life of hair coloring and dyes and strengthen hair, making it both softer and fuller. Silsoft AX and Silsoft AX-E conditioning agents are smart choices to consider for products targeting dry, heat-damaged or color-treated hair, because they can strengthen hair, provide thermal protection and provide color-retention benefits.

Silsoft AX and Silsoft AX-E conditioning agents also have proven to be versatile, with a wide array of potential applications including: 

  • Thermal protection products
  • Products designed to smooth hair, including leave-in conditioners, shampoos, rinse-off conditioners and serums
  • Shine spray
  • Ethnic hair care products
  • Products for color protection
  • Body washes
  • Liquid hand soaps
  • Bar soaps

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