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Fixit Raincoat

We offer Fixit Raincoat. Fixit Raincoat is a decorative coating which has all capability to offer long term protection against movement of cracks in plaster, and durability for at least 5 to 7 years.

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Dr. Fix It Applicator

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Dr. Fix It Applicator

We offer application services for Dr. Fix It. Dr. Fixit Raincoat is a decorative coating which has all capability to offer long term protection against movement of cracks in plaster, and durability for at least 5 to 7 years.


Surfaces to be applied upon, must be clean, reasonably dry, free form dirt and loose material, and be as smooth as possible


Most exterior paints are not thick enough to withstand continuous rain lashing, environmental attack and crack movement over several years. That is why even expensive exterior paints offer limited protection. Dr. Fixit Raincoat answers this problem for rain lashed walls, by ensuring a heavy duty coating that offers waterproofing ability. 

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Dr. Fixit Applicator

Is a premium quality anti-bacterial coating formulated using water-based acrylic resin with anti-bacteria, low voc (volatile organic compound), and aromatherapy freshness properties

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Dr. Fixit crack-x paste

is a single pack, ready to use flexible putty for filling the cracks in plastered surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • paste form, easy to apply
  • flexible, therefore does not crack & accommodates minor movements in cracks
  • water based - hence eco-friendly
  • can be applied on damp surfaces but not on cracks with running water
  • over coatable after 24 hours
  • non-staining
  • excellent adhesion with cementitious surface
  • UV resistance
  • it can be tinted using water-based stainers.
  Send Inquiry Dampfree

Is a single component, water dilutable injection grout for permanently solving the persistent rising dampness in superstructures. It can be used in areas where there is water ingress due to capillary action. It is effective for masonry structures as well as porous construction materials, for old structures, monuments and in areas having high water table.

  Send Inquiry Dampguard

Is a two-component epoxy resin based water thinnable coating that has been specially formulated for internal applications and for the waterproofing treatment of water tanks. It possesses excellent water resistance, adhesion, hardness & toughness properties similar to solvent based epoxy compositions.

  Send Inquiry Fevimate Tg

Is a cement based tile grout, enhanced by adding siliceous fillers, uv stable pigments and additives. It has excellent adhesion to all types of tiles and is impermeable to running water. Dr. Fixit fevimate tg can be used for joint filling of ceramic tiles, mosaics, marble, resin bonded marble, natural stones, terrazzo tiles and swimming pool tiling.

  Send Enquiry Fevimate Tl

Is a blended powder polymer modified cement based tile adhesive specially designed for heavy duty tile applications like granite, mosaic on internal/external vertical surfaces. This highly flexible adhesive also has an excellent waterproofing ability also. dr. Fixit fevimate tl is suitable for fixing ceramic, glazed surfaces, natural stones, etc. , on a new substrate & tile on tile applications

  Send Inquiry Fevimate Xl

Is a blended polymer modified cement based powder tile adhesive. It gives excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like, concrete, plaster, etc. Dr. Fixit fevimate xl forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent 'grab' properties

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Dr. Fixit flexshield are EPDM based waterproofing and lining membranes that exhibit a high degree of resistance to ozone, uv, weathering, abrasion, extreme temperatures acids, alkalis and oxygenated solvents

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Is a single component elastomeric acrylic sealant for filling gaps and cracks between various building materials. It is highly flexible with good movement accommodation.

  Send Inquiry Heatshield

Has been specially developed using advanced materials & technology, making it a high quality all purpose heat insulation coating.

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