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Datawarehousing Training Course

Data warehousing has quickly evolved into a unique and popular business application class.    - See more at: http://www.oceanitservices.com/index.html#sthash.XczIyGbf.dpuf

Introduction to Abinitio

Abinitio Architecture

Graph Programming

Introduction to .dat and .dml files

Partition Components

  • Partition Components
  • Braod Cast
  • Partition by Expression
  • partition by range
  • partition by community
  • partition by percentage
  • partition by Round Robin

Departition Components

  • Concatenate
  • Gather
  • Interleave
  • Merge

Multifile System(MFS)

Types of parallelism


Sort Components

  • Sort
  • Sort with in groups
  • Sample
  • Partition by key and sort

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  • Datwarehouse concepts
  • Difference between Versions 5.x/6/5/XI R1, R2, R3
  • Business objects XIR3 Suite
  • Extendibility of Business objects XIR3 (Introduction to BO- SAP Intergration/Dashboard/Xcelsius)
  • Role of Business objects in Data warehousing real time life cycle.


  • Understanding how universes allow users to query databases using their everyday business terms
  • Creating an ODBC connection to the course database
  • Creating a universe
  • Populating the universe structure
  • Defining joins in a universe
  • Understanding classes and objects
  • Creating classes and objects
  • Understanding measure objects
  • Working with LOVs in Designer
  • Creating a cascading LOV
  • Resolving loops using aliases
  • Resolving loops using shortcut joins
  • Resolving loops using contexts
  • Resolving chasm traps
  • Resolving fan traps
  • Restricting the data returned by objects
  • Using @ Functions
  • Working with hierarchies
  • Using derived tables
  • Creating links between universes
  • Setting access restrictions on a universe
  • Documenting universes
  • Deploying and maintaining universes

Designing Topics we can Show by using Following Databases

  • Oracle
  • Ms-Access
  • SAP BW

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  • Introduction to Cognos
  • Introduction about Cognos other products
  • Introduction to Cognos 7
  • Cognos 8 Architecture


  • Creation of Data Source Connection for database and Power play cube
  • Creation of project,
  • Query subjects
  • Creation of Query subjects
  • Joins
  • Working with Folders,
  • Creating Folders
  • Creation of Packages, Publishing Packages
  • Creation of IQD Files
  • Security in FWM


  • Creating Cross-Tab Report
  • Creating Group List Report
  • Conditional Formatting in QS
  • Applying Page braking in QS
  • Custom Groups creation in Qs
  • Difference between master detail report and drill through report
  • Creation of filters and grouping filters
  • Report Layouts
  • Creation Drill through reports in RS, QS
  • Drill down/Drill up Report
  • Sorting of report, prompt,
  • Formatting Reports

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Data Warehouse Concepts

  • DataStage Stage structure & components
  • Types of Data Sources & Targets
  • Using DataStage Manager
  • Hashed Tables & Reference Table Look-up
  • Handling Multiple Sources & Targets
  • Aggregation Stage
  • Sort Stage
  • Transformer Stage
  • Job Properties and Parameters
  • Containers
  • Job Sequence
  • DataStage Director
  • Troubleshooting DataStage Jobs
  • DataStage Idioms
  • Development Best Practice & Standard
  • Performance Tuning Techniques
  • Implementation Strategy
  • DataStage Version Control Concepts & Applications (Release 7.5)
  • DataStage Release 7.5 Applicable Features

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Online Analytical Processing Overview

  • Data Transformation
  • Multidimensional View of Information
  • Multidimensional Data Model
  • OLAP Solutions

Analytic Services Overview

  • Business Performance Management
  • Hyperion System 9 Overview
  • Hyperion Analytic Solution
  • Analytic Services
  • Analytic Administration Services

Creating Multidimensional Databases

  • Life Cycle of the Essbase Analytics Database Design
  • Creating Essbase Analytics Applications and Databases
  • Creating and Managing Database Outlines
  • Creating Time, Accounts, and Scenario Dimensions

Enhancing Database Outlines

  • Creating Business-view Dimensions
  • Specifying Consolidation Operators and Defining Calculations
  • Setting Time Balance Properties
  • Creating Label-Only and Shared Members
  • Defining Duplicate Member Names and Member Aliases
  • Creating Attribute Dimensions

Loading Data

  • Data Load Options
  • Loading Data from Flat Files
  • Performing Free-Form Data Loads
  • Loading Data with Rules Files
  • Loading Data from SQL Data Sources

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Introduction to Informatica

  • Architecture of Informatica — Power Center 8.1
  • Informatica Design Process
  • Informatica Client Tool — Designer
  • Source Analyzer and Warehouse Designer

Mapping Designer

  • Create a Simple Mapping
  • Overview of Transformations
  • Types of Transformations — Active and Passive
  • Expression Transformation
  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Introduction to Workflow Manager
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Task Developer
  • Workflow Designer
  • Creating Connections
  • Flat Files Handling
  • Create Simple Mappings
  • Flat File Analysis

Architecture Review

  • Architecture 8.1 Review
  • Differences between Power Mart and Power Center
  • Connecting to SAP
  • FTP Process
  • Command Task
  • Create a Mapping
  • Joiner Transformation

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  • Business Intelligence
  • OLAP
  • Introduction Of BI tools
  • Database Overview

Introduction of Microstrategy

  • Micro strategy Architecture
  • Microstrategy Desktop
  • Microstrategy Web
  • Microstrategy Servers
  • Administration
  • Folder Structure
  • My Personal Objects
  • Public Object
  • Schema Object
  • Metadata
  • Report View
  • Data – Export
  • AutoStyles
  • Custom Groups
  • Facts
  • Tables
  • Update Schema
  • MicroStrategy Tutorial (Direct)

Advance features

  • Project Configuration
  • Attribute Creation
  • Metric Creation
  • Drill Map
  • Templates
  • Prompt
  • Filter
  • Administration Facts
  • Creation Of Reports
  • Grid Report
  • Analyzing Data
  • Transformations
  • Hierarchies
  • Data Explorer
  • Adhoc Report
  • Report Creation on Web
  • Searches
  • Documents
  • Joins

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  • Plan data transfer and staging solutions for an ETL operation.
  • Plan an SSIS Solution
  • Design and implement data flows
  • Incorporate logging, error handling, and reliability into a package.
  • Optimize an SSIS solution
  • Deploy and operate an SSIS solution.

SSAS – Objectives

  • Describe how SQL Sever Analysis Service can be used to implement Analytical Solutions.
  • Create multidimensional analysis solutions with SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Implement dimensions in an Analysis Services Solution.
  • Implement measure and measure group in an Analysis Services Solution.
  • Query a multidimensional Analysis Service Solution.
  • Customize an Analysis Service cube.
  • Deploy and Secure an Analysis Service database.
  • Maintain a multidimensional Analysis Service Solution.
  • Implement a Data Mining Solution

SSRS – Objectives

  • Describe SQL Server Reporting Services and its Components.
  • Create a Reporting Services report.
  • Enhance a Reporting Service report.
  • Create and manipulate data sets.
  • Use report models to implement reporting for business users.
  • Configure report publishing and execution settings.
  • Implementing subscription for reports.
  • Implement custom Reporting Services applications.

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