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Service Provider of a wide range of services which include Clipping Path Service, Panorama Stitching Service, Photo Retouching Service, Photo Restoration Service, HDR Blending Service and Virtual Staging Service.

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Clipping Path Service

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Clipping Path service is a Photo Editing technique in which a path is selected in an image and the are inside the path is used for further editing and the area outside the path is neglected. The process of Clipping Path is considered a difficult task when not done by experts. It is very important to not to miss the minute levels of details like hair strands, fur, stones in jewelry and many more. Masking, Clipping and Cropping are the main techniques used to achieve this. 

Why Clipping Path?

Clipping Path service is used to remove backgrounds or unwanted segments from your photos, to ensure the focus stays on the product. These clipped images can be used in brochures, catalogs, websites, newspapers, flyers, magazines and many more. E-commerce websites use Clipping Path services to display their products and the key features. Clipping images can be an intimidating task if you decide to do it by yourself, leave it to the experts here at Outsource Infotech and you can minimise your operating costs and invest your precious time in something more productive. We will provide you with clear cut images without losing quality or detail.  

Top reasons why Clipping Path Service is used.

  • Remove unwanted objects from an image
  • Isolate a part of an image to form a new image
  • Merge the clipped image with a new image

Why us for Clipping Path Services?

We use the latest software with skilled professionals to clip images in batches of any size. We work 24/7 to cater customers across the globe who are immensely satisfied with our Clipping Path Services. We have very strict Quality Control measures which ensure that the Clipped Images meets/exceeds your standards. Contact us now to Outsource Image Clipping Services to us and see the difference.

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Panorama Stitching is a process where a set number of regular sized photos are stitched together to form one wide angled photo. This is commonly used in the realty sector to provide a realistic 360° view of the property to the prospective buyer. 

The different types of Panoramic images are:

  • Flat or Planar
  • Cylindrical
  • Sphere
  • Cube

After stitching the images we provide the finished file in .JPEG, .TIFF, QuickTime or in the format of your choice.

Why choose us for Panorama Stitching Service?

Our experienced professionals use the most latest tools to stitch images ensuring that the output can be rendered in the format of your choice. We do have a few requirements that need to be taken care by you while shooting the images...

Images must be in either Landscape or portrait

Try to maintain the Exposure and Colour balance levels in the images

A minimum of 20% overlapping is recommended

  1. Various types of stitching services provided by us:
  2. Horizontal and Vertical Panorama Stitching
  3. Circular and Square Panorama Stitching
  4. Full frame Panorama Stitching

What is the process involved in 180° & 360° Panorama Stitching?

Align the photos: We arrange the photos to create the full wide-angled image.

Control Points: Our experts carefully examine the photos to select the control points.

Size & Quality: Here we resize and change the quality settings to suit your preferences. 

Color Correction: We make sure that the colors remain the same across the full image 

Sky Changes (Outdoors): The sky will be replaced by a better sky.

Enhancement: Here we remove unwanted objects, people, spots and any other flaw.

Quality Check: The team makes sure that all of the above steps are done in a perfect manner.

What are the advantages of Outsourcing Panorama Stitching Services?

  • Economical 
  • High Quality
  • We use modern software/hardware
  • We work 24/7
  • Finished files are delivered to you within the promised time
  • and many more

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Photo Retouching Service

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Photo retouching is an art of enhancing the already beautiful pics. Professional photographers cannot afford to showcase their photos without retouching them. Since the entire world is looking at your creativity it is of utmost importance to make the photos eye-catchy yet retaining the details without going over-board.

Why outsource Photo Retouching service?

Photo retouching is a service which helps hide the flaws in the photos. In this process the brightness, contrast and gamma levels are modified to enhance the photo. Colors can be changed, the orientation of objects can be altered, different images can be merged and special effects can be added too. 

Photo retouching requires lot of skill and expertise, our professionals have numerous years of experience in producing top quality retouched photos. We are a certified Adobe partner and use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop along with a wide array of plug-ins. We work on various file formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, RAW, PGF, raw digital files and other major file formats. Upon request we undertake conversion of files too.

What are the different techniques involved in Photo Retouching?

We use a variety of techniques to achieve the best possible result, our experts have mastered the art of photo retouching by spending hours in research and improvement. Here are a few commonly used ones…

•Glamor retouching - This technique is used on model portfolios to remove wrinkles, blemishes, fix hair, fill teeth gap, smoothen skin texture, tattoo removal and many other imperfections can be eliminated to give a superior feel to the photos.

•Background removal - Backgrounds can be added, removed or modified and colors can be adjusted to improve the photo.

•Tintype retouching - This technique involves removal of spots, scratches and vividity of the images can be improved.

•Convert Black & White to Color - This method is used to colorize black and white images. 

We offer various other image editing services along with Photo Retouching service all at highly affordable prices and top-quality. You can save your valuable time and money in taking more photos while we’ll retouch them for you. We believe in long lasting relationships with our clientele and are quick to respond to your queries via e-mail or phone. Contact us now to Outsource photo retouching services to us and see the difference!

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Old photos never cease to bring emotions, could be bitter or sweet, always takes you back to that moment. To many, photos are treasures, but can these photos last forever? No. Normal wear and tear, bad storage and varying climatic conditions affects the clarity of the photos, over a period of time the photos develop cracks, creases, spots etc. This is where our Photo Restoration service steps in, we digitally correct your scanned photos to bring back its splendour. 

What are the techniques involved in Photo Restoration service?

We use a variety of methods to restore old and damaged photos, our photo restoration service eliminates unwanted color cast and the brightness is adjusted to improve the visibility of details in the photo. Here’s a quick walkthrough of what we offer…

  • Spot and creases removal
  • Remove scratches
  • Eliminate stains and marks
  • Restore color, brightness and sharpness
  • Remove cracks and mold
  • Repair “Silver Fish” damage
  • Restore torn photos
  • and much more

Why outsource Photo restoration services?

Not only do you save time and money but also we save you from hiring manpower and buying expensive image editing software. Our services are economical yet our commitment to quality remains high, we undertake batches of any size and deliver the edited photos on the said time. 

  • High quality, economical prices
  • On-time delivery
  • Latest version of Adobe Photoshop used in combination with other plugins
  • We work 24/7

Our professionals working on your images are well experienced in converting black & white to color and vice-versa, adjust colors, brightness and sharpness. All the images are analysed deeply before making the necessary enhancements as every photo is unique. The cracks and scratches, mold and discoloration are cautiously removed to retain the originality and charmness of the photo. 

We strive hard to provide top quality photo restoration service to people across the globe. Our strict Quality Control team monitor each and every image before reaching you. All our services are available at economical prices with small turnaround time and on-time delivery. We respond to your queries quickly to keep you up-to-speed. Contact us now to outsource photo restoration service to us and give a new lease of life to your old photos.

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HDR Blending Service

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High Dynamic Range or commonly known as HDR Blending is a type of photography that involves a set of techniques in photography and imaging, to achieve greater dynamic range between the lightest and the darkest arrange of an image than standard imaging or photographic methods. This rectifies the imperfections in the images to render a flawless photograph.


Why HDR Blending is important?

When a sequence of images of varying exposure levels and shutter speeds are blended into one image, it produces a vibrant and crystal-clear photo without losing even the minutest of detail. Blending explores the possibilities to overcome the challenges which modern DSLR camera sensors pose. By using HDR Blending, details can be captured from highlights & shadows which is impossible by using one exposure. With this technique, you do not have limits on exploring your photography journey, you can use various ideas to capture images and blend them in an unbelievable manner!

You can choose the photo in the sequence and allow the rest to blend with it.

Photographs captured with various exposure levels gets blended yielding a balanced result

The details are crystal clear and vibrant as they are blended with different exposure levels

Why outsource HDR Blending Service to us?

  • We use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop in combination with other plug-ins 
  • Our team has vast experience in HDR Blending
  • Cost Effective
  • Zero-Compromise on quality
  • Prompt Delivery

With a vast experience in Blending combined with our large team of experts and modern infrastructure you can be sure that you get only the best yet being highly cost effective. Contact us now to outsource HDR Blending.

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Virtual Staging Service

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Owing to the heavy competition in the realty sector, selling properties are becoming a lot tougher as the day goes by. This becomes worse when your property lacks a ‘visual impact’, so you’ll need to ‘dress to impress’. Posting photos of vacant property on websites may not attract potential home buyers. Hiring a stager to ‘dress’ your property is an expensive affair with a probability of damaging the property and it comes with a heavy price tag or you can take the easy route and send us the photos to virtually stage them, it’s that simple.

What is Virtual Staging service?

Our Virtual Staging service is a process where we digitally stage your property photos to bring them back to life - all at a fraction of what actual staging may cost. Our vast database of images makes every virtually staged property an unique one. 

We make use of the latest 3D renderings to fill furniture and fixtures in vacant rooms. Our virtual staging team have numerous years of experience to appropriately place TVs, chandeliers, designer couches, carpets, lamps, tables and many other items to make your house beautiful.

Real estate agents use these “enhanced” photos on websites, catalogs, flyers etc to advertise your property. 

Why outsource Virtual Staging Services?

Our affordable services are offered without compromising quality and on-time delivery. We use latest image editing software along with various plug-ins to virtually stage the photos. Our wide library of furniture & fixture photos is unmatched by many. Our vastly experienced professionals choose and place furniture that suits the property. 

  • Relatively cheaper when compared to ‘traditional staging’
  • Furnitures can be added or removed (de-cluttered)
  • Saves your precious time, money and manpower
  • Furnitures can be moved/modified to suit your preference

In this highly competitive sector you need to keep yourself ahead of others for your properties to sell faster. Get in touch with us to know more about our virtual staging services.

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Wedding is a beautiful and once in a lifetime event in one’s life, hundreds to thousands of moments are captured which can never be shot again. It is almost impossible to capture all these moments ‘perfectly’, there are various factors which affect the quality of the photos. We have an outstanding team of editors who can enhance your wedding photos by making them vibrant, colorful and ageless.

Why choose our Wedding Photos enhancement service?

Shooting thousands of photos and editing them can be a very tedious task, this decreases your chance to do more photoshoots which in-turn affects your revenue. By using our affordable wedding photo enhancement you can save yourself from the ‘trouble’, while we edit your photos you can concentrate more on your actual work, to do more photoshoots. Our experts do high-end retouching techniques from skin-tone management to removing spots, wrinkles and blemishes, remove red-eye and eliminate unwanted people or object. Adding people/objects can be done as well. 

Here’s a quick view of the various methods involved…

  • Fix hair style
  • Whiten and brighten teeth and remove teeth gap
  • Smoothen skin tones/texture
  • Remove scars, spots, acne, blemishes and wrinkles
  • Eliminate shadows and reflections
  • Fix lens perspective
  • Adjust brightness, sharpness and contrast
  • and many more...

We use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom in tandem with other plugins to edit the wedding photos. 

Benefits of outsourcing Wedding Photos enhancement service

By outsourcing, we are confident that you’ll be happy with the results. All our editors are constantly trained with the latest techniques and are well informed about the happenings in the image editing industry. We provide you with high quality affordable wedding photos enhancement service. 

  • Your images are enhanced by certified professionals with vast experience
  • Fast service without harming quality 
  • Economical
  • You can concentrate on doing more photoshoots

There may be lots of wedding photo enhancement companies but to avail top quality, reliable, highly skilled photo editing team then we are your best choice! To know more about our services

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Due to the heavy competition in the realty sector, it often becomes difficult to sell properties. People nowadays search the web for attractive property listings, the one that catches the buyer’s eye is the one he’s likely to visit first. Our real estate image enhancement service improves several aspects in the photos to make it visually appealing, this creates an immediate impact to the prospective buyer.


Why Real Estate Image Enhancement Services?


Even for the seasoned photographers capturing flawless real estate images is a challenge. Various factors like natural lighting, equipment, manpower, time etc affect the quality of the photos. These “normal” images when used in albums/websites look dull and lifeless when compared to the enhanced ones. 


We very well know that “first impression, creates the best impression”. Our well experienced team have the “eye” to find those flaws and rectify them as well as bringing out the minor but important details in the images. Since we have extensive knowledge in the realty sector, we understand your needs and it helps us to serve you with quality output. We use the latest techniques to enhance your real estate photos with the use of modern image editing applications along with high-end computer systems, this helps us to process the images quicker and in a cost-effective manner.


What are the various techniques involved?

  • Remove unwanted objects (wires, fixtures, switchboards etc)
  • Add objects
  • Perspective correction
  • Fix exposure levels
  • Remove spots, dirt
  • Remove shadows and reflections
  • Eliminate camera flashes
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and depth
  • Adjust curves and levels
  • Replace colors
  • Remove time-stamp
  • Optimize/Resize images for web
  • and much more!

Why outsource real estate image enhancement service?


  • Saves you from the steep learning curve for image editing applications
  • Vast industry experience and knowledge

  • Save your precious time for more photo-shoots
  • Save on set-up and production time
  • We use a variety of top-end image editing applications along with various plug-ins


Take advantage of our real estate image enhancement service to improve the overall quality of your digital photos to make it more marketable. We edit photos of any format and provide the processed photo in the file format of your size. Kindly contact us now for any queries that you may have on our real estate image enhancement service.


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