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Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Param Calibration Services - Maintaining Measurement Integrity By having Param perform calibration for your machines, you'll be providing your company with the best measurement integrity and ensuring that the products you make can be relied upon. Param, above all other calibration suppliers, invests heavily in maintaining its own measurement capability at the height of what is achievable, so if we say it is in spec, you can rest assured that it is. If we say it's out of spec, you can believe that too, with the confidence that we will restore it to its original performance characteristics before returning it to you. Knowledge, importance, understanding and practices of calibration in measurement is not new to India as stated in the following Shloka: Shloka The king should examine the weights and balances every six months to ensure true measurement and mark these with royal stamp " Manusmruti", 8 th Chapter shloka 403 Calibration is the process of establishing the relationship between a measuring device and the units of measure. This is done by comparing a device or the output of an instrument to a standard having known measurement characteristics. For example the length of a stick can be calibrated by comparing it to a standard that has a known length. Once the relationship of the stick to the standard is known the stick is calibrated and can be used to measure the length of other things. For many operations the quality of the calibration needs to be known and is quantified by an uncertainty estimate for the calibration. This is so important for the scientific community and manufacturing operations that it has been proposed that an evaluation of the measurement uncertainty was added as part of the calibration process. Calibration is performed by proficient team members ensuring reliability. Proficiency of the team is routinely upgraded through periodic training keeping pace with the advancing technologies and ever changing need of progressive industry.

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