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Pro-Z solutions is an India based software and hardware design and Development Company, incorporated in the year of May ,2013 founded by Alumni of PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. We develop customized software for business customization and business promotion in various domains such as Logistics (Courier, Cargo, Transport & Travels), Construction, ERP, education and web-portal. Our associates, with more than a decade of real time experience in renowned IT industries, had mastered the art of software life-cycle product/project development. Our developers have proven history of providing innovative solutions in many critical projects they served for.
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8051 Microcontroller Programming
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PIC Programming

PIC Programming

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ARM Programming

ARM Programming

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Linux Programming

Linux Programming

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Embedded System
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Embedded System

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ESEP1 A Battery-Assisted Sensor-enhanced RFID tag enabling heterogeneous wireless sensor networks

ESEP2 A Distributed Algorithm of Appliance Scheduling for Home Energy Management System

ESEP3 A real time GSM/GPS based tracking system based on GSM mobile phone

ESEP4 A Robotic Crack Inspection and Mapping System for Bridge Deck Maintenance

ESEP5 A Wrist -Worn Fall Detection System using Accelerometers and Gyroscope

ESEP6 Agricultural monitoring system based on ant colony algorithm with centre data


ESEP7 An Internet of Things-based model for smart water management

ESEP8 Android Interface based GSM Home Security System

ESEP9 Anti-theft application for android based devices

ESEP10 Architecture of Web Services Interface for A Home Energy Management System

ESEP11 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module

ESEP12 BIO-monitoring system with conductive textile electrodes integrated into t-shirt

ESEP13 Characterization of Wireless Accelerometer Sensor and Its Industrial Applications

ESEP14 Cloud based Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring System

ESEP15 Design and Construction of Early flood warning system through SMS

ESEP16 Design and implementation of a WiFi sensor device management system

ESEP17 Development of Wireless RGB LED Dimming Control Technology Using Smart phone

ESEP18 Drip irrigation powered by solar cell for dry rain fed and no electricity area

ESEP19 DTC control strategy of photovoltaic cooling system of a greenhouse

ESEP20 Dynamic Power Control of a PV- Fuel Cell Hybrid Energy System Used in DC Motors Applications

ESEP21 Embedded system for home automation using SMS

ESEP22 Energy-Theft Detection Issues for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid

ESEP23 Enhancement of the sensitivity of a piezoresistive sensor using SCR's orientation

ESEP24 Fuzzy Logic Controlled MPPT assisted PV-FC Power Generation for Motor driven Water pumping system

ESEP25 GSM Controlled Robotics

ESEP26 GSM wireless technology implementation in haze monitoring

ESEP27 High-fidelity data transmission of multi vital signs for distributed e-health applications

ESEP28 Improved Location Estimation Based on the Pressure Sensor for Car Navigation Sys.

ESEP29 Integration of Low-Cost Supervisory Mobile Robots in Domestic Wireless Sensor Network

ESEP30 Intelligent Energy Monitoring System Based on ZigBee-Equipped Smart Sockets

ESEP31 Low cost Internet based wireless sensor network for air pollution monitoring using Zig-bee

ESEP32 Monitoring and analysis of vital physiological parameters using PDA devices

ESEP33 Monitoring and remote control of energy consumption by WiFi networks

ESEP34 Non-invasive synchronized spatially high-resolution wireless body area network

ESEP35 Performance Analysis of Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network for Remote Patient Monitoring

ESEP36 Power Sensor Applications in a Load Management Network for a Residential Microgrid

ESEP37 Precision irrigation based on wireless sensor network

ESEP38 Real time Monitoring and Control System for Green House Based On 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network

ESEP39 Robust Resonant Frequency-Based Contact Detection With Applications in Robotic Reaching and Grasping

ESEP40 Sensor Fusion-Based Vacant Parking Slot Detection and Tracking

ESEP41 Smart home Energy Management System Including Renewable Energy Based on ZigBee and PLC.

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Power Electronics
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Power Electronics

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ESPE1401 A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System

ESPE1402 A Nonlinear Disturbance Observer Based DC Bus Voltage Control for a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid

ESPE1403 Operation of Sine-wave Voltage Source Inverter in Hybrid Gen set Based Autonomous Power System

ESPE1404 A Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for Single-Phase PV Systems with Reduced DC-Link Capacitor

ESPE1405 A Hybrid Power Control Concept for PV Inverters with Reduced Thermal Loading

ESPE1406 Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Based on Ripple Correlation Control Maximum Power Point Tracking

ESPE1407 Isolated discontinuous energy pump-source inverters

ESPE1408 Power Optimization for Photovoltaic Microconverters Using Multivariable Newton-Based Extremum Seeking

ESPE1409 Power conversion interface for small-capacity wind power generation system

ESPE1410 Interconnection of Direct-Drive Wind Turbines Using a Series-Connected DC Grid

ESPE1411 Nonlinear Current Control Scheme for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System

ESPE1412 Implementation of a High Efficiency, High Lifetime, and Low Cost Converter for an Autonomous Photovoltaic Water Pumping System

ESPE1413 An Advanced MPPT Control Scheme for a Permanent Magnet Generator Based Grid-Tied Wind Energy Conversion System

ESPE1414 Efficient and Cost-Effective ZCS Direct ACAC Resonant Converter for Induction Heating

ESPE1415 DC Islands in AC Smart Grids

ESPE1416 Coupled-inductor single-stage boost inverter for grid-connected photovoltaic system

ESPE1417 Closed-Loop Control of DCDC Dual-Active-Bridge Converters Driving Single-Phase Inverters

ESPE1418 Autonomous Wind-Hydro Hybrid System Using Cage Generators and Battery Storage

ESPE1419 L1 Adaptive Speed Control of a Small Wind Energy Conversion System for Maximum Power Point Tracking

ESPE1420 Analysis and Design of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems with Multiple-Integrated Converters and a Pseudo DC-Link Inverter

ESPE1421 Maximum Power Point Tracking using Modified PSO with Cuk Converter

ESPE1422 Comprehensive Analysis and Comparative Evaluation of the Isolated True Bridgeless Cuk Single-Phase PFC Rectifier System

ESPE1423 Single stage soft switching ac/dc converter without any extra switch

ESPE1424 Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Solar Array for Cloudy Weather Conditions

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Digital Image Processing
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Digital Image Processing

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ESDIP01 Contrast enhancement-based forensics in digital images

ESDIP02 Image resolution enhancement using lifting wavelet and stationary wavelet transform

ESDIP03 Super resolution image generation using wavelet domain interpolation with edge extraction via a sparse representation

ESDIP04 Satellite image fusion using fast discrete curvelet transforms

ESDIP05 Single image super-resolution using dictionary-based local regression

ESDIP06 Superpixels using morphology for rock image segmentation

ESDIP07 A modified approach of key manipulation in cryptography using 2d graphics image

ESDIP08 An improved inverted lsb image steganography

ESDIP09 An improved module based substitution steganography method

ESDIP10 Image steganography combined with des encryption preprocessing

ESDIP11 Improved detection of least significant bit steganography algorithms in color & gray scale image

ESDIP12 One-third probability embedding: a new 1 histogram compensating image least significant bit steganography scheme

ESDIP13 Brain tumor detection using segmentation based object labeling algorithm

ESDIP14 Efficient segmentation methods for tumor detection in mri images

ESDIP15 Finding the smallest circle containing the iris in the denoised wavelet domain

ESDIP16 Histogram equalization for image enhancement using mri brain images

ESDIP17 Mammography feature analysis and mass detection in breast cancer images

ESDIP18 Modified histogram based contrast enhancement using homomorphic filtering for medical images

ESDIP19 Overview on edge detection methods

ESDIP20 Segmentation of blood vessels and optic disc in retinal images

ESDIP21 Skincure: a real time image analysis system to aid in the malignant melanoma prevention and early detection

ESDIP22 A novel image processing filter designed using discrete fourier invariant signal

ESDIP23 Discrete anamorphic transform for image compression

ESDIP24 Filtering of mixed gaussian and impulsive noise using morphological contrast detectors

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Power System And Drives
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Power System And Drives

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ESPS1440 Solar PV Stand-Alone Water Pumping System Employing PMSM Drive

ESPS1441 Fuzzy Logic Controlled MPPT Assisted PV-FC Power Generation for Motor Driven Water Pumping System

ESPS1442 An Adjustable-Speed PFC Bridgeless BuckBoost Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive

ESPS1443 Power Quality Improvement in PMBLDCM Drive using PFC SEPIC Converter for Air Conditioner

ESPS1444 Implementation Of A Novel PFC Cuk Rectifier Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive

ESPS1445 Predictive Direct Power Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generators Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions for Power Quality Improvement

ESPS1446 Power Control of Photovoltaic Grid-Connected System and New MPPT Method

ESPS1447 A Modular Control Design for Optimum Harmonic Compensation in Micro-grids considering Active and Reactive Power Sharing

ESPS1448 Grid Current Control Methods by Using Compensation Voltages Under Distorted and Unbalanced Grid Voltages

ESPS1449 Implemention of Distribution Energy Source as a Compensator based on Control Algorithm

ESPS1450 RMS Voltage Control with Harmonic Compensation for Parallel-Connected Inverters feeding Non-Linear Loads

ESPS1451 Distribution Interface for Microgrid Operation and Expansion with Local Energy Management

ESPS1452 Overload Alleviation Scheme Based On Real Time Power Flow Tracing In Distribution Network

ESPS1453 Input Current Harmonics Reduction Control for Electrolytic Capacitor Less Inverter Based IPMSM Drive System

ESPS1454 A Novel Harmonic Control Approach of Distributed Generation Converters in a Weak Microgrid

ESPS1455 Optimal Distributed Generation and Capacitor placement in Power Distribution Networks for Power Loss Minimization

ESPS1456 A Low Cost High Performance UPQC for Current and Voltage Harmonics Compensations

ESPS1457 Implementation and Comparison of Two Common Power Factor Correction Techniques in AC/DC Switching Converters

ESPS1458 Short Circuit Power Based Fault Location Algorithm in Distribution Networks

ESPS1459 The Simplified Control of Three-Phase Four-Leg Shunt Active Power Filter for Harmonics Mitigation, Load Balancing and Reactive Power Compensation

ESPS1460 Active power filter based on wind turbine for electric power system quality improvement

ESPS1461 A Practical On-line Condition Monitoring and Fault Location System for Overhead Power Lines Distribution Networks

ESPS1462 Reducing Harmonics in Micro Grid Distribution System Using APF with PI Controller

ESPS1463 Improvement of Power Quality in Distributed Generation Systems Using Hybrid Power Filters

ESPS1464 Analysis of the Power Quality and the Impact of Photovoltaic Power Plant Operation on Low-Voltage Distribution Network

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