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Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Powder

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Product Description:

Chemically and structurally, Dolomite Powder may be regarded as calcite with half the calcium ions replaced by magnesium. Iron or manganese may substitute for magnesium in Dolomite Powder, forming iso structural series with tanker and Anchorite.

The crystal structure of Dolomite Powder i.e. hexagonal-rhomboidal, is similar to that of calcite, with alternate layers of calcium ions totally replaced by magnesium. This ordered arrangement of cations slightly impairs the overall symmetry of the structure but is essential to the stability of the mineral. Hardness is 4.5-5, specific gravity 2.85, luster vitreous to pearly, color ranges from colorless to white with green, brown, or pink tints, and cleavage is perfect in three directions.

Like calcite, dolomite occurs in virtually all geologic settings: in igneous rocks as carbonate, in metamorphic rocks as marble, and in hydrothermal deposits. Also like calcite, the most abundant occurrences are in sedimentary rocks; rock composed primarily of dolomite is sometimes referred to as dolostone.

Such rocks form vast deposits; in Italy, the Alpine range known as the Dolomites is almost entirely composed of dolomite. However, unlike calcite, dolomite's sedimentary origin is enigmatic. Although the most stable carbonate mineral where magnesium is abundant in the marine environment, it is unknown as a primary mineral. The vast, ancient deposits apparently formed from primary calcite or aragonite by diagenesis, yet this process is not observed in modern marine environments.

Dolomite is quarried for building and ornamental stone, road stone, and the production of refractory brick. It is the principal ore of magnesium metal and the source of the magnesium used by the chemical industry.

Crystal habits include saddle shaped rhomboidal twins and simple rhombus some with slightly curved faces, also prismatic, massive, granular and rock forming. Streak is white.

Calcite is far more common and effervesces easily when acid is applied to it. But this is not the case with dolomite which only weakly bubbles with acid and only when the acid is warm or the dolomite is powdered. Dolomite is also slightly harder, denser and never forms scalenohedron (calcite's most typical habit).

Dolomite can be several different colors, but colorless and white are very common. However it is dolomite's pink color that sets another unique characteristic for dolomite. Crystals of dolomite are well known for their typical beautiful pink color, pearly luster and unusual crystal habit and it is these clusters that make very attractive specimens. Associated Minerals: include calcite, sulfide ore minerals, fluorite, barite.

Physical Characteristics :
  • Formula : CaMg(CO3)2
  • Uses : As an ingredient in cement and also as a mineral specimen
  • Color : Color is often pink or pinkish and can be colorless, white, yellow, gray or even brown
  • Hardness : 4.5-5
  • Specific gravity : 2.85


Calspar India was established in the year 2012. We are a prominent Manufacture and Supplier of Minerals in the international market like Calcite, Limestone, Calcium Carbonate DC Grade, Heavy Calcium Carbonate, Grounded Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite and Calcium Carbonate Powder etc. The wide range of our Minerals offered by us includes Calcite, Limestone, Calcium Carbonate DC Grade, Heavy Calcium Carbonate, Grounded Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite and Calcium Carbonate Powder. Our products are known for high purity that is more than 98%, high calcium content i.e. more than 39 %, Low Silica less than 0.5%, Low Iron content that is less than 100 ppm. We use raw material such as Limestone, Calcite and Dolomite to manufacture premium quality minerals. Our products are used in diverse industries such as Animal Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Calcium Supplement, Paper, Chemical, Steel etc.

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we aim to gain respect through timely delivery and prompt services to our customers. We have a zealous team of professionals that is consistently working hard in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We facilitate our clients with customized production as well as packaging facility. Our products are packaged into 50 Kg HDPE bags, 1 MT jumbo bags that ensure their safety during transportation.
Primary Business : Manufacturer
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Year of Establishment 2012
Legal Status of Firm Sole Proprietorship (Individual)
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Number of Employees 11 to 25 People
IndiaMART Member Since 6 Years


Central Sales Tax Number (CST) 5012082248
Permanent Account Number (PAN) DOBPS3072G


Calspar India

Nitin Agarwal

Registered Address
21/57, E.C. Road
Ec Road
Dehradun - 248001 Uttarakhand, India


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