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"How It Works"

Our offered range is widely praised by our clients for high tensile strength, heavy load bearing ability, functional accuracy, easy operation and durability and see How the Radiation works for this please see the attached Voucher.

Radiation Audit Promo

Radiation Audit Promo
"RadiationAudit.com is a team of telecommunication experts headed by Mr. Anuj Jain. Mr. Jain holds a B.E., M.S. (Telecommunications Engineering) degree from Drexel University, USA and has several years of working experience with Fortune 500 telecommunication companies like Verizon, Comcast and Earthlink. RadiationAudit.com team helps residents with UNBIASED and SURPRISE cell tower radiation audits, and provide GENUINE radiation shielding solutions.

  • If you would like to get your office or workplace, home, school, resort,  hotel, etc audited for inspecting radiation levels, please contact our expert  Mr. Anuj Jain at 09320015078/
  • If you know that there are radiation health hazards at your home, office, resort, school, college, etc you may call our experts for inspection and to suggest you with appropriate shielding solutions.
  • RadiationAudit.com only uses GENUINE German made professional radiation detection and measuring devices, and German made anti-radiation protective shielding solutions

CALL 09320015078 TODAY!"


"Radiation Audit: to audit the premises for high-frequency cell tower radiation.
Professional high frequency meters are used specifically for the evaluation of cell phone frequency radiation from 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Proper knowhow about radiation levels at the premises is disseminated to the residents at the time of audit by the team. A professional report signed by Mr. Anuj Jain is provided at the end of the audit."

Anti Radiation Mesh and Plates

Anti Radiation Mesh and Plates
""Anti Radiation Mesh and Plates: to be installed outside the house at the windows covering the window and part of wall that permeated radiation. The mesh is coated with anti-radiation paint.  


  • Fine metal mesh in steel and iron.
  • Breathable, low-emission, solvent-free.
  • Durably corrosion resistant, without metal particles.
  • Excellent adhesion on different surfaces in the interior and exterior, e.g. on older
  • Coatings, plastering, concrete, thermocol, wood, etc.
  • Colour: black. Can easily be overcoated with all kinds of emulsion paints.

Anti Radiation Paint

Anti Radiation Paint
"Anti Radiation Paint: to suppress upto 20dB radiation level.

Telecommunication is an essential part of our day to day life. With advent of digital communication devices, the wireless access to and between the devices has also increased in the past few years.

As tier I cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad)provide more opportunities for work, the cities begin to get attract more people and get crowded very quickly. A well known psychiatrist Dr. Milind Joshi in Santacruz, Mumbai mentions that Mumbai has a little above 32 people for every square feet of land space. As a result, cost of land in cities has been increasing steeply. 

Cell phone usage in India has increased humongously in the past few years. With these trends, there has been an increase in the number of telecom towers in and around the tier 1 cities. With limited space available, these towers have sprung on top of buildings and even the bridges of the highway. To cope up with equipment capital expenses, the telecommunication operators bump up the power of these antennae and provide reception to more customers. What is missed out is the fact that these power levels are hazardous to residents in line of sight and at close distances (less than 100m) from these towers. Several cases of cancer, tumor, and various other medical concerns have been registered across the globe with residents staying close to telecommunication towers. Radiationaudit.com team helps people to verify that their home is safe from radiation. We understand the feeling of being trapped in your own house and not enjoy your space due to high radiation levels. To help you take precaution from cell tower radiation hazards, we also help you with anti-radiation shielding products.

Our certified and authorized telecommunications experts, having adept knowledge of building biology standards, work with residents to create awareness against the cell tower radiation, as well as provide them with appropriate shielding solutions. It is important to bear in mind that Wi-Fi routers, cell phones and various wireless gadgets also emit these harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation; and one should sleep at a distance from them. Also, it is advisable to turn off as many of these wireless devices during sleep as possible to have a better sleep pattern and avoid the related health risks. Awareness of cell tower radiation effects and taking precautionary actions towards safeguarding your health is our initiative and motto.

RadiationAudit.com team has been working closely with the residents of Malabar Hill including actor Juhi Chawla Mehta and Mr. Prakash Munshi who started this initiative in Mumbai, assisting them in their move to reduce power emitted from cell towers, as well as to frame guidelines for cell towers radiation, keeping in mind the best interest of people living around.

RadiationAudit.com completely understands that telecommunications is an
essential part of our lives, and is of the opinion that stricter guidelines for cell
towers should be framed for:-

   •  Maximum power level radiated from each antenna
   •  Maximum power radiated from a cluster of antennae
   •  Distance of the antenna from the ground, rooftop of the building, etc
   •  Distance of the antenna from the neighboring residents
   •  Maximum power density considered safe for a resident at their home"
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