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Sport a beautiful smile on your charming face with the various kinds of orthodontic services we offer at reasonable rates.
Here is a detailed list of services we offer at Ratra Multispecialty & Cosmetic Dental Center (RMCDC) in Delhi NCR: Orthodontic Treatment with or without Braces Digital X RaysSmile DesignInvisalign Aligners Teeth WhiteningInvisible Braces Esthetic Improvement DenturesOral Rehabilitations Implants Caps/Crowns Bridges Teeth/Gums TreatmentsSurgery/Oral Rehabilitations
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Orthodontic Treatment Without Braces in India
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Transparent Braces

The ideal way to revolutionize your smile without the hassle of traditional braces, Transparent aligners is virtually effortless. Nothing is as important as a genuine and heartfelt smile. Whether in your professional life or when you are out socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed – as well as making the right impressio

If you've ever thought about how improving your smile could help you to feel more confident, Transparent aligners might be for you. With the Transparent aligners technique you can have the smile you always wanted, without traditional, metal braces.

Transparent aligners can help to treat a variety of orthodontic concerns including teeth which are crooked, crowded or with gaps – but because it is clear, removable and comfortable, it won't interfere with your life.

Because it's nearly Transparent almost no-one can tell you are wearing Transparent aligners, so you can smile more during as well as after your treatment. You can remove Transparent aligners so you can eat and drink what you like, and studies have shown that it can be better for your dental hygiene2 during treatment as well! With no metal or sharp edges, Transparent aligners is comfortable to wear and does not cause allergies.So far over 2 million patients worldwide have more reasons to smile – thanks to Transparent aligners.

What is the process for Transparent aligners treatment ?
The process begins with a simple evaluation. Using the latest in 3-D imaging technology, Dr. Ratra will help you design a complete treatment plan to reach your goals. Every two weeks, you’ll get a new set of hassle free Transparent aligners that are individually made to your mouth’s exact specifications. Over the course of your treatment, they’ll help your teeth shift into place. Dr. Ratra will help you decide on the right treatment time, and unlike traditional braces, you’ll get flexibility and a great smile at the end of the process! You can count on the experience and expertise of Dr. Ratra to oversee the Transparent aligners process so that your results are exceptional. If you’ve always wanted to get braces but were concerned about how you would look with them on, Transparent aligners is the ultimate way to look great now and to look even better later on.

The Transparent aligners process uses a series of clear, plastic aligners that effortlessly fit over your top and bottom sets of teeth. They gradually help your teeth move to a more naturally aligned position. Transparent aligners is the perfect solution for those folks who only need mild changes to the position of their teeth. Best of all, you can take Transparent aligners off when you need to eat, drink, floss and brush, and then slide them back into place. The Transparent aligners system has helped thousands of teens and adults capture that perfect smile they have always wanted.

On average, the total treatment time for your Transparent aligners braces is about 10-16 months, but Dr. Ratra and his team of experts will give you a better idea once you have your initial consultation. Once you begin wearing your almost Transparent Transparent aligners braces, you’ll continue to have appointments about every four weeks to make sure that you are on the way to a brighter, straighter smile.

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Orthodontic Treatment
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Orthodontic Treatment

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Orthodontics, often called as dentofacial orthopedics, is a special branch of dentistry that deals with correction of crowded and crooked teeth and altering bone growth to produce a natural, regular arrangement and a beautiful smile. Dentists who are specially qualified in this area of expertise are referred to as orthodontist.

Now age is no barrier to orthodontic treatment. people of all ages can enjoy healthier teeth and gums, which boosts their confidence and self image.


Ratra´s Dental is undoubtly one of the best dental centre with orthodontics attaining a super specialized status. We have vast range of dental orthodontic treatment modalities for kids and adults of all ages. For children we have habit breaking appliances, arch expanders, pendulum appliances, herbst appliance, space maintainers.. for their right growth and development. it is always easy to treat the problem early rather than once ill effects of wrong growth had taken place. We kindly request all parents to visit dentist as soon as first permanent teeth starts to erupt.


For teenagers & adults our vast range of braces like metal braces, ceramic braces, invisible braces, coloured braces,roth, mbt ,dammon systems (self ligating braces ),lingual braces offers unparallel treatment options with comfortability. Our niti wires makes overall treatment painless and helps achieve confident smile in shorter time. Ratra´s Dental is among top few clinics in india offering you the without braces orthodontic treatment. That´s right no need to wear braces ( Orthodontic Treatment / alinger google search ). 



Who requires orthodontic treatment?
Anyone with malaligned or irregular teeth, buck teeth, crowded teeth, overlapping teeth, rabbit teeth or ones with gaps in between may require orthodontic treatment.



Why do teeth become irregular?
There are numerous reasons for malaligned or irregular teeth. These are briefly :


  • Small jaw
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Bad lip and tongue habits
  • Other habits like breathing through the mouth, nail biting
  • Incompetent lips
  • Injury/accidents


Orthodontic Evaluation
Before planning treatment, the Orthodontist examines the teeth, jaws, jaw joints, face and profile and studies how the patient bite and swallows. The dental and medical histories are taken. If the patient is looking for cosmetic changes in his/her smile or face, he/she will be asked about the specific goals for Orthodontic.


Evaluation is done with the help of :


  • X-Rays
  • Models
  • photographs etc


Orthodontics for young children or Early Orthodontics
Palatal Expander, Habit Corrector, Braces

An early phase of treatment may precede braces to take advantage of a child´s growing jaws.
Early treatment moves jaw bones and chewing muscles into position, setting the stage for the most stable bite correction possible. This phase may last for a year year or more.


Benefits of Early Orthodontics


  • Enhancing self esteem by improving the child´s appearance with proper jaw alignment
  • Creating a more stable long term result especially with severe bite problems
  • Shortening or improving results of second phase of treatment
  • Allowing for treatment at an age when children are more cooperative
  • Helping prevent fracture to buck teeth
  • Minimizing future jaw surgery


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Smile Designing
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Smile Designing

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Take this simple quiz to know if you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry.


In a slight smile with your teeth parted, do the tips of your teeth show?
Your teeth should show slightly when you smile slightly or talk.


When you smile slightly does your smile line appear in a shallow U-Shape i.e. are your front two teeth slightly longer than your other teeth?
Your smile line is a youthful smile line if it is as mentioned above. Your front two teeth i.e. the central incisors should be slightly longer than the adjacent incisors. Next the canine or corner teeth should be V-Shaped and of the same length as the central incisor.


Are your front two teeth too long?


The front teeth should be about 2mm longer than the adjacent lateral incisors. They are too long if they are longer than this.


Do you have spaces between your front teeth?


If you have spacing or diastema between your front teeth, have it checked, particularly if it hasn´t always been there. Such spaces can grow larger, indicating a physical problem such as gum disease or a bad habits such as tongue thrusting. If no such problem exists and you don´t like the space, it can be closed with bonding or laminating / veneering procedure or orthodontic appliances depending upon the size of the space.


Do your front teeth protrude or stick out?


Protrusion of teeth causes an unappealing smile. This problem can be corrected with cosmetic contouring combined with laminating procedures.


Are your front teeth crowded or overlapping?


If yes it can be corrected either by orthodontics repositioning or cosmetic contouring and veneering.


Are you happy with the color of your teeth? Do you have stains on your teeth?


If yes, your smile could be made attractive. Stains may be gotten rid of by bleaching, when they are on the external surface. Intrinsic stains can be corrected by veneering or capping.


Do your front teeth have fillings whose shade does not match the natural tooth color?


Tooth colored fillings in the front teeth that matched perfectly when they were placed may not look as good after a few years. Certain food can stain these fillings as can habits like smoking and drinking coffee and tea. You may need more frequent professional cleaning or replacement.


Are your lower six front teeth even in appearance?


Uneven lower teeth with one or more teeth longer than others can be a distraction when you speak. Through cosmetic contouring, the teeth can often be reshaped to appear even.


Do the necks of your teeth indicate erosion or ditched in ´V´ that can be seen or felt with your finger nails?


These deformities can progress rapidly, resulting in tooth discoloration and sensitivity. However they usually can be corrected easily and esthetically with composite resin bonding. The primary advantage, however is that such tooth repair prevents further erosion and possible damage to the nerve.


Are your gums pink and ´knife edged´ or are they red and swollen?


Gums should be pink and knife edged and not red and puffy. If red and puffy then you are suffering from gum disease and a cleaning appointment may help.


Is your mouth free from decay or gum disease that can cause bad breath?


If not, you need to see your dentist and also brush and floss regularly.




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Teeth Whitening
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Teeth Whitening

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This is what everybody likes, but only few have them. Coffee,, medicines, all can leave traces. As the years pass by the shade of your teeth is changed from snowy white to ivory yellow. A lot of people feel inhibited to smile in full. That's a shame because the smile is one of the most determining elements of the first impression we make on others.

Laser teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular teeth whitening treatment today as it is said to be the easiest and fastest way of achieving whiter teeth. Laser treatment can only be done by a dentist and RATRA´S DENTAL offers laser teeth whitening at a very reasonable cost  .With laser treatment you wouldn´t have to wait for long to see its result. Laser treatment works best for people who have stained teeth due to frequent drinking of coffee and tea and for those who acquired their yellowish teeth through smoking. laser treatment may have been regarded as the best method to whiten your teeth.



Our pioneering efforts in cosmetic dentistry concepts have given a new dimension to dental practices in Delhi NCR. With groundbreaking methods we have cleared various myths and helped people get the best solutions for teeth whitening. Moreover, we use patented products and follow the procedures that are common in USA and Europe, thus ensuring the best services to our esteemed customers. Come to us and get your smile back with sparkling white teeth.


We offer home teeth whitening solutions as well as professional teeth whitening treatments. Sometimes a combination of both the systems becomes necessary and we do it to bring you the best result. Most importantly, our teeth whitening systems are unique in India as we use products that are the most recent inventions and creating raves in the domain of cosmetic dentistry the world over. One such advanced system we provide to our clients in India is the POLA tooth whitening system, which works like a magic wand when it comes to remove stains and discoloration from your teeth quickly and safely.


Home Teeth Whitening


We supply home teeth-whitening kits and custom-made trays to help you get a set of teeth that remain sparkling white for a longer duration. Though the home tooth whitening tools may be available in the market and you are free to buy your own, the risk involved in doing it all by yourself is far greater than the cost you pay to a seasoned dentist. A teeth whitening procedure is based on a bleaching process that uses peroxide and other chemicals. These compounds may cause damage to the gum tissue surrounding your teeth and also to your lips if they are not applied under the supervision of a well-experienced dentist.


POLA Tooth Whitening


We have been in the profession for quite a long time and during the period we have served a good number of patients with teeth whitening requirements. Our expertise in the use of advanced systems like POLA tooth whitening system has given us an edge over ordinary dentists in Delhi, Noida and other NCR areas. The POLA tooth whitening system comes in a choice of five products, which are Pola Day, Pola Night, Pola Office, Pola Zing and Pola Paint.



Professional Teeth Whitening


Along with home teeth whitening systems we offer solutions for professional teeth whitening treatments for instant results. Most professional teeth whitening systems are based on laser technology that uses a light, combined with the peroxide bleaching gel, to give a faster result. Some branded products that are based on this technology include Zoom and BriteSmile. The solutions we offer in the domain of professional teeth whitening treatments are at par with the international standard.



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Implant Design

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Dental Implants are the closest to a natural tooth, and we have treated many with a successful implant design. Our system of implant design in India matches the best in the world as we do it exactly the same way as dentists in many developed countries treat their patients with tooth replacement requirements. Dental implants are the most preferred choice worldwide for replacing a single tooth or several missing teeth.

Our implant design involves surgical placement of a titanium implant into your jaw and after the healing process is over, the placement of a permanent restoration on this implant. The process is simple, painless and highly successful. Our dental implant design has clear advantages over contemporary dentures or fixed bridges and thus is gaining popularity even in India. Our system is the most effective as you can see the testimonials by the patients we have treated so far. Moreover, people of all ages can take advantage of dental implants.

The benefits of our dental implant design include the following:

  • Reduced Bone Loss - A dental implant helps in the production and growth of bones surrounding the replaced tooth through stimulating the natural renewal process.
  • Improved Function - With a tooth replaced through our implant design you can eat hard foods and do all that you do with your natural tooth.
  • Improved Dental Hygiene - It is easy to clean dental implants and for that they need regular brushing, flossing and dental hygiene solutions, just like your natural teeth.
  • No Need to Adjust Healthy Tooth Structure - Dental implants do not require the support of other healthy teeth and thus your natural teeth are not required to be adjusted. This is not the case with dentures or bridges.
  • Better Aesthetics - Our implant design fits perfectly in the structure of you teeth and it is not possible for anybody to distinguish a dental implant from surrounding natural teeth.

Dental implants clearly score over the other forms of solutions to missing teeth, and our implant design is the winner of what leading dentists in Delhi have to offer to you.

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From healthy baby gums come healthy baby teeth. that´s why you need to start providing good oral care for your children right from birth.Ratra´s Dental is fully equipped with most sophisticated instruments & techniques to take care of your young one´s dental health. some dental problems are best treated early, before it causes ill effects to the growth & development of the child. Our vast range of dental treatment options like dental sealants, child counsuling, dental programmes for right brushing & oral hygiene, dental fillings, pulpotomy, rct, space maintainers, habits breaking appliances, arch expanders, pendulum appliances, fluoride applications, anti cavity dental rinse for children prone to cavities, vast range of removable & fixed orthodontic appliance, braces, plates helps the growth of the kids in right direction. If parents see the permanent teeth of the child are not in line, harmony or crowded, kindly don´t wait till 12years, consult now before its too late. with interceptive & preventive orthodontic techniques it can be treated now. Our this section on pediatric dentistry will answer most of your questions.

How can I care for my baby´s gums?
A gentle wipe does wonders

After each feeding, breast or bottle, gently wipe your baby´s gums with a clean gauze pad.


What about teething?
Help for a cranky baby

The discomfort of teeth coming into the mouth can cause your baby to become irritable. Signs of teething, in addition to fussiness, are drooling and the urge to mouth objects. A temperature of less than 100 degree is considered normal while teething. If your child has a fever while teething, call your physician. You can ease some of the discomfort by lightly rubbing your baby´s gums with a clean finger or a wet gauze pad. A cool teething ring can also help soothe a baby´s tender gums.

What should I do about thumb or pacifier sucking?
Current attitudes on breaking the habit

The catchall term for the various oral sucking habits of children is non-nutritive sucking. This includes thumb or finger sucking and the use of pacifiers. Most contemporary pediatric health providers agree that these habits have important formative and nurturing functions and, at least for the first few years of life (up until about age 4), should be ignored.

There is almost universal agreement that sucking should cease before permanent teeth begin to appear. The duration and intensity of sucking seems to be more important in determining dental changes. A critical issue with pacifiers is safety. A pacifier should be resistant to breakage, designed to prevent airway obstruction, kept clean, and never secured around your child´s neck. Consult your pediatrician on your child´s sucking habits.

How exciting! That first tooth. As soon as the first teeth appear, it´s time to start taking care of them on a daily basis to help ensure against cavities. Giving your baby regular oral cleanings after each meal instills good habits early in life.

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Root Canal Treatment

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Ratra´s Dental centre proudly offers the best root canal treatment at par to international standards. under the able guidance of dr(mrs).Harpreet ratra & her team of dentists,rct becomes a totally painless procedure.our digital radiography systems decreases the radiographic exposure to minimal levels & rvg system from csn italy helps patient to see the procedure on the screen, our painless anesthesia delivery system like sprays, laser analgesia & microfine needle delivery systems make your dental experience painless & comfortable. Our state of art equipments like protapers (usa)tm, heroshapers (france)tm, x smart system of rotary endontics ( usa )tm, dental lasers ( italy )tm. Makes the treatment accurate & flawless. Moreover with our flexible niti systemtm we can treat the curved & difficult canals.our use of lasers have made the single sitting rct procedure a great success. Our super specialized procedures like photon induced photoacoustic streaming (pips™),photo dynamic therapy (pdt) & photo dynamic disinfection (pdd) helps to achieve best sterlized bacteria free tooth canals for longevity of results.

Why Would You Need Root Canal Treatment?
  • Root canal treatment is needed for two main reasons: infection or irreversible damage to the pulp. An untreated cavity is a common cause of pulp infection. The decay erodes the enamel and dentin of the tooth until it opens into the root canal system, allowing bacteria to infect the pulp. Infections inside teeth don't respond to antibiotic treatment. The inflammation caused by the infection restricts the tooth's blood supply, so in the bloodstream can't reach the infection very well. The reduced blood supply also limits the pulp's ability to heal itself.
What is the use of Root Canal Treatment?

In a nutshell, the process of root canal treatment first removes (as thoroughly as possible) bacteria, infected nerve tissue, the organic debris left over from the breakdown of nerve tissue, and bacterial toxins from within the inner aspects of a tooth (the area originally occupied by the tooth's nerve tissue). Each of these items can produce tissue irritants that can cause your body to activate an inflammation reaction.

Subsequently, once this space has been cleansed the second half of root canal treatment involves filling in and sealing up the interior of the tooth. This aspect of the treatment is an attempt to minimize the possibility that bacteria will be able to recolonize the inner aspects of the tooth or that tissue fluids can seep inside the tooth, become stagnant, and subsequently break down. (Either of these situations could produce a state of persistent inflammation in the tissues surrounding the tooth's root.) The seal also contains and encapsulates any debris that could not be fully removed during the cleaning aspect of the root canal treatment process so that it can't leak out and trigger an inflammation reaction.



Steps of Root Canal Treatment


  • Gaining access to the nerve area of the tooth. This is accomplished by using a dental drill and making an access hole that extends down to the pulp chamber of the tooth.
  • Cleaning the tooth out. The next step of the root canal treatment process is for your dentist to clean out the interior of your tooth (the pulp chamber and all root canals).This cleaning process removes any bacteria, toxins, nerve tissue, and related debris that are harbored inside your tooth.
  • Placing the root canal filling material.
    Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned your dentist can fill in and seal up its interior by way of placing root canal filling material.


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Caps,Crown and Bridges

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Ratra´s Dental is one of the few best dental centres in india to provide you with crowns & bridges with upto 15 years of warranty. only dental centre with the widest variety of dental crowns like metal, pfm,metal ceramic, metal free / all ceramic , 3m essentialtm, 3m lavatm ,royal crowns...... Our in house dental lab support can change your smile within few hours. Our smile designing procedure can help you get confident smile by veneers, caps,laminates,bridges & implants.we offer best solution to missing teeth at a very reasonable cost. At Ratra´s Dental we pride ourselves in our team approach. we believe that constructing a crown is a combination of technical expertise and artistic flair. From the outset we involve our highly skilled technician in the planning and designing. We encourage as much communication as possible among the patient, technician and dentist to ensure that the final result is exactly as expected.

In case of failure to replace a missing tooth, you could end up loosing all your teeth. Each tooth has two parts - Crown and Root. Crown is visible in the mouth whereas the root is embedded in the bone. Molars have two or three roots whereas the front teeth are usually single rooted.



Crown & Bridges


Dental crowns, also referred to as "dental caps" or "tooth caps," are dental restorations that cover over and encase the tooth on which they are cemented. Dentists make use of dental crowns when need to rebuild broken or decayed teeth, strengthen teeth, or improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth, Placing a dental crown on a tooth that has had root canal treatment.


Crowns can be made out of porcelain (meaning some sort of dental ceramic), metal (a gold or other metal alloy), or a combination of both. Other terms that are used to refer to dental crowns are "dental caps" and "tooth caps." Since a dental crown that has been cemented into place essentially becomes the new outer surface for the tooth it is easy to imagine how the placement of a crown can restore a tooth to its original shape. Dental crowns are routinely made for teeth that have broken, worn excessively, or else have had large portions destroyed by tooth decay and also for teeth treated by root canal treatment as inside of teeth becomes slightly weak as compared to healthy teeth.


What a disappointment it would be to spend the time, effort, and money to have root canal treatment performed, only to have the tooth break or crack irreparably before it was fully restored by dental crown.
Sometimes teeth have been so badly damaged by decay or wear that cosmetic fillings are no longer a viable option. Under these circumstances the tooth can be saved and protected by a crown or a cap.


Crowns can also be used on either side of a gap so that a bridge can be constructed to replace one or more missing teeth without the use of implants.


Occasionally, patients who have crowded or malaligned teeth and who are unable to commit themselves to orthodontic treatment can have their problems solved by the use of crowns or veneers which can be used to disguise the appearance of the teeth and provide a beautiful smile for life.


How can dental crowns strengthen teeth?


The strengthening capability of dental crowns is related to the fact that they cup over and encase the tooth on which they are placed. This means that a crown can act as a splint that binds a tooth together. This is a very important feature of dental crowns and one that makes them a very valuable type of restoration for a dentist to have available to them. 



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