Waterproofing Coating

Our range of products include Tapecrete Waterproof Coatings and Tank Mastic Waterproofing Coating.

  • Tapecrete Waterproof Coatings
  • Tapecrete Waterproof Coatings
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Viscosity12 +/- 1 Seconds
Model NumberP-151
pH ValueMore than 7
Available Packing Size0.5 kg, 1 kg, 5 kg,10 kg,20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg and 200 kg HDPE plastic container
AppearanceMilky white colored free flowing liquid
Solid Content30 +/- 3 (w/w)
Full Cure14 days
Ash ContentLess than 1.0% (w/w)

CICO TAPECRETE P-151, popularly known as TAPECRETE is an acrylic based Polymer Modified Cementitious Flexible Composite coating system. CICO TAPECRETE P-151 in conjunction with cement provides properties to combat the shortcomings of plain cement, particularly its poor adhesion properties, low impact strength, low flexural strength and thin section fragility. CICO TAPECRETE P-151 polymer adds to the potential use as well as enhances the properties of cement slurry/ mortar/concrete making them excellent choice for use in new as well as renovation work.


  • CICO TAPECRETE P-151 is used for surface treatment, protecting, waterproofing and repairing concrete and masonry. Waterproofing of basements, toilets, terraces, roofs, swimming pools, water towers etc. General concrete repairs. Protection of concrete against corrosion, salt attack etc.

  • Combines a tough, flexible, hard-wearing surface with waterproofing.
  • Allows trapped vapour to escape thus preventing peeling and blistering.
  • Can be applied in uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Develops excellent bond to most building materials.
  • Reduces or prevents salt penetration into concrete.
  • When placing CICO TAPECRETE P-151 coating, water should be removed so that surface is only damp. In no case there should be standing water.
  • Depressions are to be filled and levelled using CICO TAPECRETE P-151 fillers. For filler, the mixing ratio is 1 kg cement: 1.5 kg silica sand: 0.50 kg of CICO TAPECRETE P-151.

  • CICO TAPECRETE P-151 polymer is mixed with neat fresh cement in the ratio of 1:2 by weight. The mix has to be stirred thoroughly until smooth homogeneous slurry is obtained. Wait for 5-10 minutes to release entrapped air bubbles. Any lump found in the mix should be removed or mixed thoroughly. The mix has to be applied by brush on rendered and/or prepared surface. Two or more coats are recommended. First coat should be allowed to air dry for 5-6 hours prior to apply subsequent coat.

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Available ColourBlack

Being one of the trusted organizations in the market, we are engaged in providing a wide range of Tank Mastic Waterproofing Coating.


TankMastic® is a specially formulated anti-corrosive, tasteless, odourless, nontoxic and black bituminous coating for protecting the internal surface of storage water tanks, pipes, etc. from corrosion. It conforms to IS: 9862/1981 as well IS: 158/1981. 


TankMastic® provides corrosion protection coating to all types of iron, steel, masonry / concrete surfaces.

It being non-toxic / odourless, is suitable for coating insides of masonry / steel water tanks.


It is easily applicable by brush/spray gun. It dries rapidly leaving black glossy finish.

The resultant film is tough and elastic and does not crack easily due to structural movements.

It is resistant to diluted acids and alkalis.

It is non-toxic and does not impart odour or taste to water or other contents in contact.

Application Methodology:

The base metal should be cleaned thoroughly by sand blasting or otherwise. Before application, surface should be totally dry, free from moisture, oil, grease, mill scale or rust.

For better performance, a coat of ShaliTex® Primer is recommended on metallic surfaces, However, for concrete or other porous surfaces, a coat of ShaliTex® Primer is pre-requisite. ShaliTex® Primer should be allowed to dry hard before TankMastic® is applied

TankMastic® must be stirred properly before applying by brush or spray gun. Two coats of TankMastic® are recommended for concrete and three coats for metallic surfaces.

Health & Safety:

Lid of the container should be firmly fixed, when not in use.

TankMastic® shall have no harmful reaction, when it comes in contact with drinking water.

Use goggles and hand gloves during application.

Clean hands with warm soap water after application


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