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Sick Safety Curtain

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Noida, we offer PILZ PNOZ Safety Relays, REER Safety Light Curtains, Sick Safety Switches, Sick Safety Curtain, RE27-SA68L Sick Non-Contact RE2 / Magnetic Safety Switch and Sick Magnetic Door Switch.

PILZ PNOZ Safety Relays
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PILZ PNOZ Safety Relays

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Usage/ApplicationOffice, Industrial
Width45 mm
Supply Voltage230 V AC
Packaging TypeBox

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REER Safety Light Curtains
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Power SourceAC/DC
Model Name/NumberES04
TechniqueHand Protection
Range Of ProductFinger Protection
Automation GradeAutomatic
Applicable ProductSafety Light Curtain

Type 2, Type 4 safety light curtains for industrial applicationsSafety Light curtains are electro sensitive devices using one or more light beams, emitted by an Emitter and received by a Receiver, to create an intangible controlled area.
Fundamental characteristics are:
Safety type - Defines the self-monitoring and safety principles contained in the device; it must be chosen as a function of the risk level characterising the machine.
Protected height - This is the height controlled by the light curtain. If it is positioned horizontally, this value shows the depth of the protected zone.
Range - This is the maximum working distance that may exist between the emitter and the receiver. When deflection mirrors are used, it is necessary to take into account the attenuation factor introduced by each of them, which it is about 15%.
Response time - This is the time it takes for the light curtain to transmit the alarm signal from the time the protected zone is interrupted.
Resolution - The resolution of a light curtain is the minimum size of an object that, placed into the controlled area, will obscure the controlled zone and hence stop the hazardous movement of the machine.

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  • Sick Safety Switches
  • Sick Safety Switches
  • Sick Safety Switches
Sick Safety Switches
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Sick Safety Switches

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Supply Voltage30V DC
Switching Distance9 mm
Protection RatingIP67
Packaging TypeBox

Three product groups for tried and tested, intelligent safety solutions

Safety switches are encountered at many locations where safety is demanded for people and machinery. They are used for protecting mobile separative protective devices, the position determination of dangerous movements and the safe stop function. The portfolio is divided into three groups: Electro-mechanical and non-contact safety switches and safety command devices.
In conjunction with sens:Control – safe control solutions, SICK offers ideal complete solutions from a single source

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Sick Safety Curtain
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Sick Safety Curtain

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Packaging TypeBox
Protective Field Height300 - 1,800 mm
Operating Temperature-30 to +55 Degree C
Enclosure RatingIP65

SICK Safety light curtainsdeTec2 CorereceiverType C2C-EA03030A10000Part No. 1213184senderType C2C-SA03030A10000Part No. 1213200At a glance
Type 2 (IEC 61496), SIL1 (IEC 61508), PL c (EN ISO 13849)Absence of blind zonesResolution of 14 mm or 30 mmProtective field height of 300 mm to 2,100 mmAutomatic calibration on the protective field width up to 10 m rangeAmbient operating temperature of -30 °C to 55 °CEnclosure rating IP 65 and IP 67Flexi Loop-compatible M12 male connectorYour benefits
Simple assembly with innovative mounting and no blind zonesQuick commissioning thanks to integrated LED display and automatic calibration on the protective field width up to 10 m rangeSimply safe: rugged and reliable thanks to enclosure rating IP 67 and an ambient operating temperature down to -30 °C, enabling use in harsh ambient conditionsIntelligently standardized: M12, 5-pin provide cost reductions and enables a safe series connection with Flexi LoopBasic function without configuration effort enables quick replacement when servicing is required

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RE27-SA68L Sick Non-Contact RE2 / Magnetic Safety Switch
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VoltageSwitching voltage- less than or equal to 30 V DC
MaterialGlass-fiber reinforced PPS
CertificationType 4 (EN ISO 14119)

System partSensor and actuator
Sensor principleMagnetic
Number of N/O contacts2
Number of N/C contacts0
Number of signaling contacts1
Safe switch on distance Sao9 mm
Safe switch off distance Sar20 mm
Active sensor surfaces1
Actuation directions3

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  • Sick Magnetic Door Switch
  • Sick Magnetic Door Switch
  • Sick Magnetic Door Switch
  • Sick Magnetic Door Switch
  • Sick Magnetic Door Switch
Sick Magnetic Door Switch
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Sick Magnetic Door Switch

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Product Brochure

Switch ConfigurationDPDT
Product Weight10 gram
Model Name/NumberRE11-SA03 SICK GERMANY
Power/Voltage220 V
Length of cable5 meter
Dimensions26 x 36 x 13 mm

Low-maintenance, intelligent solutions

Non-contact safety switches are ideal in applications where precise guidance of guards is difficult. Due to their design, they are extremely long-lasting devices that require minimal maintenance. In addition, they are resistant to shock and vibrations and offer a high level of prevention against tampering. Our range of non-contact safety switches includes magnetic, transponder and inductive safety switches. Rectangular and cylindrical types are available for each sensor principle.

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I200-M0413 Sick Sensor Safety Door Switch
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Model Name/NumberI200-M0413
Operating Temperature-20 to +60 Degree C
Enclosure RatingIP65
Packaging TypeBox

SICK Sensors – Safety Door Switches – Electro-Mechanical Safety Switches
Part #: Model Name:
  • 6034025 i15-MM0133
  • 6034026 i15-MP0123
  • 6034027 i15-MP0133
  • 6034028 i15-EM0123
  • 6034029 i15-EM0133
  • 6034030 i15-EP0123
  • 6034031 i15-EP0133
  • 6034292 RE11-DA03
  • 6034324 RE21-DA03
  • 6034325 RE31-DA03
  • 6034333 RE13-DA03
  • 6034343 RE27-DA05L
  • 6035616 RE11-DA05
  • 6035617 RE21-DA05
  • 6035618 RE31-DA05
  • 6035619 RE27-DA10L
  • 6035721 ES21-CH3001
  • 6036139 ES21-CG1001
  • 6036140 ES21-CG2001
  • 6036141 ES21-CG1101
  • 6036143 ES21-CH2111
  • 6036144 ES21-CH2101
  • 6036145 ES21-SA10C1
  • 6036146 ES21-SA10D1
  • 6036147 ES21-SA10E1
  • 6036148 ES21-SA10F1
  • 6036492 ES21-SB10G1
  • 6036760 RE27-DACL
  • 6036766 RE11-DAC
  • 6036767 RE21-DAC
  • 6036768 RE31-DAC
  • 6036769 RE13-DAC
  • 6036927 RE23-DAC
  • 6037654 I20 IO EXPANSION BOX
  • 7124197 BULB, 24VDC
  • 7124209 BULB, 110VAC
  • 5321157 ES21-AT1120
  • 5321158 ES21-AT1130
  • 5321163 ES21-AT1120
  • 5321164 ES21-AT1130
  • 5321165 ES21-AT1140
  • 5321166 ES21-AT1150
  • 5321167 ES21-AK1140
  • 5321168 ES21-AK1150
  • 5321175 ES21-XS001
  • 5321538 ES21-XA100
  • 5321539 ES21-XA200
  • 6012141 E100-A2A22S05A
  • 6020536 i10-E0253
  • 6020598 I10-E0453
  • 6020757 Hirsch M26x11+FE-S
  • 6020758 ASR-11
  • 6020759 Male Socket
  • 6021916 E100-A2A22S10A
  • 6021917 E100-A2A22W05A
  • 6022152 DOL-1208-G10MA
  • 6022153 DOL-1208-G15MA
  • 6022242 DOL-1208-G30MA
  • 6022316 I17-SA213S01.
  • 6022580 i10-M0233
  • 6022583 i11-S213
  • 6022584 i11-S103
  • 6022585 i10-E0233
  • 6022587 i10-E1233
  • 6024883 i150-RP313
  • 6024884 i150-RP223
  • 6025050 i10-HA113
  • 6025053 i10-HB213
  • 6025057 i12-SA113
  • 6025059 i12-SB213
  • 6025060 i14-M0213
  • 6025062 i14-M0303
  • 6025063 i16-SA203
  • 6025064 i14-M1213
  • 6025065 i16-SA113
  • 6025066 i14-M1303
  • 6025067 i17-SA213
  • 6025072 i110-HA213
  • 6025073 i110-SA313
  • 6025074 i110-SA223
  • 6025076 i110-RP313
  • 6025077 i110-RP223
  • 6025079 RE300-DA10P
  • 6025080 RE300-DA03P
  • 6025085 i10-RA213
  • 6025088 i10-PA213
  • 6025104 i110-PA313
  • 6025105 i110-PA223
  • 6025106 i110-PA123
  • 6025107 i110-RA313
  • 6025108 i110-RA223
  • 6025109 i110-RA123
  • 6025113 i200-M0323
  • 6025115 i200-M0413
  • 6025119 i200-M1413
  • 6027388 IN40-E0101K
  • 6029934 I10-M0453
  • 6033234 E100-B2A22S25A
  • 6034024 i15-MM0123

Material:safety door switch

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Safety Programmable Controller Relay Sick
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Packaging TypeBox
Power Consumption4.6V AC
Operating Voltage24V DC
Operating Temperature-25 to +55 Degree C
Enclosure RatingIP 20

Simple, easy-to-use safety controllersSICK's safety controllers provide a simple, flexible, and scalable solution to realize an intelligent machine design. Flexi safety controllers feature a modular hardware platform without the use of complex software. They are simple to operate and can be easily integrated with all safety control components. Their compact design makes these safety controllers ideal for a variety of applications.

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  • Sick Safety  Electronic Protective Devices
  • Sick Safety  Electronic Protective Devices
Sick Safety  Electronic Protective Devices
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Packaging TypeBox
Operating Current240 V AC
Enclosure RatingIP67

Optical protection – remove the barrier to greater productivity

Opto-electronic protective devices from SICK are the first choice for maximum machine and system productivity. Unlike fences and doors, they do not disrupt handling or material transport and allow a better view into the machine room. SICK's comprehensive portfolio is ideal for hazardous point protection, access protection, and hazardous area protection. The SICK’s proprietary interface, EFI, offers additional process optimization.

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