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Application Security Services

Our range of products include Email Security, Database Security, Application Firewall Appliances, Host Based IPS Application Security Testing Service, Public Infrastructure Application Security Testing Service and Information Rights Management.

Email Security
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Email Security

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Today email is the most critical application used by any small or large scale organization. For most of the organization's complete business depends on email and in such cases failure of email server is not affordable. 80 percent failure reasons for email server are spamming.

what is a spam?
spam is flooding the internet with many copies of the same message in an attempt to force the message on people who would not choose to receive it.

also there are other threats from virus and phishing email to the email server. Your email server will download all emails which would be wanted and unwanted which will result in bandwidth choking affecting the performance of link and also unnecessary download of emails increases your per mb download cost. So ultimately you need to stop the spam to protect your business and overall cost and so you need to implement email security in your organization.

sk international's network security experts will design an email security solution as per your organization needs which include:

  • appliance based spam solution.
  • software based spam solution.
  • stopping spam and viruses.
  • protecting your identity, outbound scanning, etc.
  • solution as per the industry compliance.
  • solution designed considering future scalability of an organization.
  • simplified administration.
  • archiving, auditing, encryption support and more
contact us for more details and the right solution fulfilling your organization needs and ensuring smooth running of emails and your business.

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Database Security
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Database Security

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The heart of any company's information lies in the database. Any breach of security and the data stands exposed to the entire world!!

The threats are not only from outside but also from within the organization. It could be from humans, viruses and Trojans. The attackers could also gain access from any non encrypted traffic between the application and database. Meeting regulatory compliance is a real challenge.

The risks are indeed very high!!!


We offer the following solution to protect your database

  • Perimeter level security
  • Strong Access Controls
  • Encryption
  • Database Auditing services and Vulnerability assessment
  • Capturing all database related activities
  • Securing ODBC/JDBC connections
  • Implementation of Advanced Security and technologies like Database Vault
  • Alerts for any suspicious activity

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Application security is most important for any organization. Application layer firewall is firewall which works at application layer of the protocol stack. Application firewall regulates the traffic such as web browsing, file transfer, email and email attachments, etc. Today applications like web applications play an important role for business transactions. It has sensitive contents which if leaked may result in theft and fraud. So these applications have to be protected from emerging threats. Application firewall defenses against different classes of application vulnerabilities.

Application firewall is available on multiple platforms to meet the performance and availability requirements of any organization from small scale enterprise to large data centers.

Our engineers can study your application behavior in depth and design a solution for you thus providing you a robust solution.

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Intrusion Prevention systems are available in two types.
  • Network based Intrusion Prevention systems
  • Host based Intrusion Prevention Systems
Network based Intrusion Prevention Systems are installed in a network segment and examine packets as they traverse the network.

Host based Intrusion Prevention Systems are installed on servers and work stations. They examine application actions and look for calls which are prohibited.

The host-based IPS provides protection against viruses, spams, spywares, worms, Trojan horse programs, key loggers, bots, buffer overflows, rootkits, and Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, etc.

Network based IPS can stop attacks that come in from the Internet. However, it is not completely ideal for identifying and protecting from an internal attack. If you are concerned about internal attacks, a host-based IPS is the ideal solution. Sometimes deploying a host-based IPS along with a network-based IPS is required for multiple layers of protection. Host-based IPSs can be an additional level of security to the firewall and antivirus solutions.

Or experts understand your needs and recommend appropriate products. We educate you about the kinds of attacks and make sure that the solution chosen prevents the types of attacks that you are most concerned about.

Planning is very important before deciding on a host-based IPS. Since these products block (rather than just alert), they can even stop legitimate processes & traffic. We help you in understanding the suitability of this solution and ensure high security to your network.

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As enterprises exchange more and more information, securing the information becomes extremely crucial. Authenticity of the information sent and received is equally important. Offices around the world are becoming paperless and concept of digital signature is gaining strong grounds.

The solution to this is to adapt to PKI. PKI also offer other advantages like strong authentication, non-repudiation, guarantying integrity of the information and providing confidentiality. PKI involves management of public and private keys. These keys can be used to digitally sign document, encrypt documents and emails.

We offer the below solutions based on PKI
  • Strong two Factor Authentication
  • Certificate Management with Smart Cards
  • User Provisioning and De Provisioning
  • Works Flows for temporary access
  • Setting up CA and RM
  • Infrastructure to  Issue/manage and recover users keys
  • DLP Solutions

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Seclore Technology (incubated and promoted by IIT, Bombay) is a leading provider of information security solutions in the areas of information usage control, information rights management (IRM) and secure outsourcing. Our expertise lies in protection of data post distribution irrespective of its location or mode of transfer.

Seclore's products FileSecure and InfoSource help mitigate the risk arising out of information breaches and regulatory non-compliance whilst enhancing collaboration. This is done by providing ubiquitous technology for information control within and outside of the enterprise which seamlessly works with existing infrastructure. It is easy to deploy and use and comes with pay-as-you-use pricing.

Some of the largest financial and engineering companies use Seclore's technology to secure data that is used internally or provided to a vendor for outsourced processes. Its clients are leading banks, insurance firms, engineering enterprises, IT and technology companies.

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The Problem

Confidential information is often contained in documents, which are shared within and outside the enterprise for various business processes. Though sharing of the information with specific people is required, by virtue of doing so, control is lost on the usage of the information. The recipients are often free to copy, print, edit, forward, to other people, etc, which pose a risk to the confidentiality of the document and the information within it.

Traditional information security systems focus on preventing unauthorized distribution of information by introducing "gates" which need to be crossed, and rules and policies which govern these gates. These gates also become a hindrance to collaboration for business use.

The Solution

Seclore FileSecure enables enterprises to mitigate the risks of information breaches by allowing users and enterprises to distribute information but retain control of the information irrespective of its location (within or outside the enterprise), or method of transmission (email, CDs, web upload, USB, DMS, …).

Each document can be manually or automatically assigned a "policy" which defines

  1. WHO can use the document (people, groups, … )
  2. WHAT can each person do with the document (read, edit, print, forward, ...)
  3. WHEN can each person use the document (dates, time-spans, ...)
  4. WHERE can each person use it from (in the office, home, …)

The policies are implemented each time any person accesses the document and are persistent with the document itself. This implies that policies are implemented even when documents travel outside of the enterprise to business partners, vendors or customers.

The policies are also dynamic i.e. they can be changed post distribution. This implies that documents shared earlier with "trusted" entities can be remotely controlled (rendered unreadable, unprintable, etc.) if the business relationship changes. Documents can also be programmed for self destruction based on time.

Seclore FileSecure also maintains a complete audit trail of all the authorized uses and unauthorized attempts to use the document which is centrally captured. This helps enterprises monitor usage and adhere to compliance frameworks like ISO, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and HIPAA.


Product Features & Benefits:

  1. Support for most dominant document formats, including MS Office, emails, PDF, text, images, engineering drawing, Open office
  2. Granular rights which can control WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE of usage
  3. Support for "Offline" file usage which does not need connectivity
  4. Prevention of all screen grabbing tools including screen sharing of protected documents
  5. Support for user authentication using any LDAP system, like Microsoft AD
  6. Support for user authentication using non-LDAP systems, e.g. online banking systems, customer portals, vendor portals, ERP systems, etc.
  7. Identity federation from multiple user authentication systems
  8. Protect documents within and outside of the enterprise
  9. Support for multi factor authentication
  10. Manual (user driven) and automated (user and admin driven) methods of protection
  11. Availability of integration APIs (web services) for integration with existing systems like storage, document management, content filtering, DLP, and search

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