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Healthcare Provider

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Medical Coding and Consulting Services, Medical Record Document Destruction, Medical Coding Audit Services, Medical Coding Support Services, Medical Image Management and Payer Contract Modeling for Providers.

Medical Coding and Consulting Services
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Staffing shortages or lack of up-to-date training can cost healthcare providers millions of dollars annually due to coding backlogs and inaccuracies.

For more than 30 years, LexiCode, a SourceHOV company, has provided market-leading HIM coding support, along with training and consulting services to healthcare providers nationwide. Ranging from onsite and remote HIM coding support to full audit services and extensive staff and physician documentation integrity programs, we base our success on providing you with innovative HIM solutions.

Our consultants work to enhance operations in every type and size of healthcare provider environment, including hospitals, physician groups, ancillary services, emergency departments and outpatient surgical facilities.

Our Services

LexiCode clients benefit from our unique understanding of coding that goes back to the development of the DRG payment methodology. With the adoption of the MS-DRG methodology and the implementation of RAC programs, comprehensive, accurate coding is critical for your facility.

Every day, health care providers across the nation turn to LexiCode for expertise and resources to help manage the inevitable staffing shortages every department periodically experiences. We fill in during vacations, illnesses and vacancies, and are always available to provide consultants to help tackle temporary coding backlogs.

LexiCode provides coding and consulting resources, onsite or remotely, and are available to assist in the following provider settings:

  • Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Emergency Department
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Emergency/Urgent Care
  • Outpatient/Ancillary Care
  • Physician Office and Clinics
Our Consultants

LexiCode offers AHIMA credentialed coding professionals (RHIA, RHIT, CCS, CCS–P) with experience coding in all patient care settings. Each of our consultants has been assessed through our comprehensive Coder Development Program, which provides thorough course study of all applicable guidelines, regulations, processes and clinical data.

We uphold the highest standards for our coders, requiring each to meet performance goals that measure both productivity and accuracy. We will work with you to develop the specific goals that fit your needs, timetable and budget.

LexiCode also provides our consultants with ongoing training opportunities to ensure our staff is current and knowledgeable to work within this ever–changing industry. Our Corporate Compliance Plan requires each team member to participate in ongoing skills assessments and performance evaluated regularly via quality reviews conducted by our managers.

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SourceHOV | Healthcare handles all of your facility’s medical record document destruction needs. Currently working with healthcare providers across the U.S., we encourage our clients to manage retention of their records and destroy any records that exceed the retention period. We work closely with you to determine the best retention schedules for the full range of records to be stored, and then purge and destroy records as directed on your behalf.
Records due for destruction are staged for a specific period of time to allow clients to make any changes to the order. Once this “grace period” ends, SourceHOV will manage the record’s confidential destruction. Destruction of paper documents is done by shredding, and materials are recycled after being shredded. E-records are deleted from the database, according to your designated destruction date.
We will only destroy records when clients have given authorization to do so, through written and signed consent. Upon the completion of destruction, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming the destruction of the designated materials. The certificate lists the client name, department name, and type and number of records destroyed.

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To ensure that your facility is coding accurately, LexiCode, a SourceHOV company, provides your facility with in-depth analysis and modeling to determine risks and accuracy in coding and help you and your staff implement corrective actions.

Our auditing solutions give you the flexibility to choose an onsite or remote approach, with secure access to electronic health record (EHR) systems and flexible scheduling arrangements. We also offer a combined approach to bring you a solution that is tailored to fit your needs. Our services cover acute care inpatient, rehabilitation and outpatient coding audits:

  • Acute Care Inpatient – We provide comprehensive coding audits for full review of all code components for data collection, education and comprehensive code level compliance. We provide MS-DRG, CMS-DRG, and APR-DRG audits targeting compliance, reimbursement and OIG fraud and abuse issues through retrospective, concurrent and ongoing monitoring. We provide APR-DRG audits targeting compliance, reimbursement and validation of APR-DRG, Severity of Illness (SOI) and Risk of Mortality (ROM).
  • Rehabilitation Audits – We perform assessments of inpatient rehabilitation facilities and Patient Assessment Instruments (IRF-PAI) for rehab impairment group/code/category, etiologic diagnoses, comorbid codes with tiers and complication codes. We also perform validation of UB-04 Post-Discharge Coding.
  • Outpatient Audits – We provide audits for all patient care settings, including emergency departments, observation, outpatient surgery, and ancillary or clinic settings. We also provide comprehensive code validation for ICD-9-CM, CPT, and APC/APG.

In addition, LexiCode provides auditing and consulting services for behavioral health, evaluation and management, long-term acute care, skilled nursing, physician documentation, and other customized projects.

The Audit Process:
  • Pre-audit - Our team will identify and finalize the best methodologies (MS-DRG, APC, Comprehensive, etc.), sample size, record selection, report customization, trending preferences and audit frequency. We’ll then verify our audit schedule and timeline.
  • Audit - We begin with an introductory conference with management to clarify scope, objectives and timelines. Our auditors will conduct these reviews, and we offer one-on-one or group reviews with your coding staff. We’ll then present a review of our findings with a Q&A session and an overview of pertinent coding guidelines. Finally, we’ll conduct an exit conference with your management and administrative team to review our preliminary findings.
  • Post-audit - Our team provides reviews and ensures verification of audit findings with senior management. Our initial reports are issued within 30 days, including a report of modifications and clarifications made, and then a final report is provided.

Our comprehensive reporting approach can be standardized or customized to fit your facility’s needs. We use a unique classification system to identify when changes are required due to physician documentation, coder or workflow issues. We provide official references and explanations for each recommendation along with detailed trend reports and comparisons to previous reviews.

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Onsite Coding

Our onsite coding resources provide temporary, long term or ‘as needed’ coding support for all record types and payment methodologies. We offer flexible solutions tailored to fit your needs, featuring:

  • Direct contact with management team to establish operational expectations
  • Policies and expectations defined prior to engagement, specific to your facility
  • Extensive management support structure to assist with facility specific coding compliance
  • Flexible staffing schedules and direct contact with Client Services for scheduling
  • Long-term or short-term contracts
  • Assignment of a project coordinator for large projects
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Corporate Compliance Program
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Continuing Education to support maintenance of coding skills
Remote Coding

LexiCode’s domestic remote coding operations include a facility in Ballentine, South Carolina. Our facilities are HIPAA compliant and all employees are HIPAA trained and supported with round-the-clock technical support.

Our international coding support includes a coding center in the Philippines to provide a cost-effective solution for your facility with the same high-quality services and features as our domestic support. We provide a domestically-based liaison between your facility and our international remote center to provide consistent communication and ongoing performance monitoring.

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Medical Image Management

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Hospitals and other medical facilities can often spend an undue amount of time and resources storing and retrieving hard copies of radiological and other medical images. Space requirements alone can consume valuable resources, often at the expense of revenue-generating patient care areas. And depending on the type of film, facilities are required to store images for seven years or longer – adding more incremental costs. The process of retrieving each hard copy adds additional cost, especially older hard copies in off-site storage. And analog films will degrade over time, compromising their quality and usefulness. Little within this current process is efficient or effective.

SourceHOV | Healthcare offers a comprehensive, customizable solution for the digitization, storage and retrieval of radiological and other medical images. We provide an automated, on-demand solution for image conversion from analog to digital with managed onsite and offsite digital primary and backup storage.

SourceHOV | Healthcare also offers a unique solution which combines all the proven features of our general radiology solution with special features fine-tuned for demanding mammography applications.

Both radiology solutions provide a complete, efficient and affordable offsite repository to manage all the films contained within your hardcopy file room. Not only do our solutions eliminate the need for costly, cumbersome onsite file rooms, they support enhanced workflows and productivity.

Our radiology solutions offer a variety of options and features, including:

  • Vendor Neutral Archiving
  • Image Sharing
  • Incremental Storage
  • Primary Archiving
  • Data Migration
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity

The process of scanning film images isn’t as simple as making a copy. It requires capturing specific information from the films into high-resolution images so that data can be integrated into a PACS and compared with current digital images. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities that attempt to digitize their film images in-house frequently find that they don’t have either the resources or equipment to keep up with their own demand. With SourceHOV solutions, our clients are able to compare soft copy images in a consistent, high-quality digital format, in a superior overall imaging environment, without a heavy drain on their available staff or budget resources.

Confidence and Security

SourceHOV | medical image storage services are fail-proof insurance for image access during any disaster, natural or manmade. SourceHOV can manage, protect and maintain the integrity of your vital images, no matter the circumstance. With our solutions, you can transfer and transmit image data seamlessly or migrate it to a new or current PACS solution. We provide absolute assurance that your images will be at your physician’s fingertips whatever system configuration is in place.

Both our medical image storage solutions are supported with our private cloud storage offering you  24/7/365 image access and the scalability of a public cloud with none of the potential risks. Optimized for healthcare, these solutions offer the highest levels of compliance and security, and are designed specifically for today’s healthcare imaging environment, featuring:

  • HIPAA, HITECH, DICOM, JCAHO and EPA compliance
  • SSAE 16 Type II data center
  • Tier IV Electrical power
  • Multiple data redundancy
  • Cost-effective per-study pricing
  • Ongoing technology upgrades.

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Negotiating new agreements with payers is a complex, stressful process for providers. Frequently, providers move forward with a new contract without having the ability or resources to analyze the future impact of the new agreement.

SourceHOV’s Payer Contract Modeling for Providers can help providers to accurately calculate expected reimbursement for current and future payer agreements. Our analytics engine facilitates the creation of multiple contract scenarios using the most recent full-year patient data sets, and allows the system to calculate the total dollar and percentage increase or decrease impacts. Our real-time re-pricing engine automatically calculates complicated payment terms and program rules, allowing you to see all provider contract  and claims data at the click of a mouse.

SourceHOV | Healthcare has decades of experience analyzing all facets of contracts between healthcare providers and payers. We maintain a real-time repository of active/inactive contracts, including fee schedules and provider demographics. Our clients see database accuracy rates improving by 40% or greater, resulting in significant increases to the healthcare provider’s experience through a higher degree of accuracy and less time spent tracking down payments.

SourceHOV |  Healthcare’s robust provider eligibility and contract management system takes into account all aspects of the payer contract, including provider demographic information, affiliations, credentialing and reimbursement/fee schedules, along with stop-loss calculations and displays data, including;

  • Accurate, expected reimbursement amounts for current and future agreements
  • Multiple scenarios utilizing the most recent full-year patient data set
  • Identifies total dollar and percentage increase or decrease for current and future agreements
  • Option to choose a fixed-monthly or per-provider agreement fee

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Reimbursement Integrity

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Today’s healthcare providers are faced with shrinking margins due to declining reimbursements and increasing costs. Providers can also lose millions of dollars every year to underpayment of insurance claims. These underpayments often fall through the cracks because of complex contracts with insurers or because of the unique services your institution performs. The financial impact can result in a loss of annual net patient revenue.

To address this issue, many healthcare providers employ staff and apply technology solutions to capture third-party payer underpayments and execute recovery processes. However, it can be extremely difficult to develop internal expertise to achieve effective management of  underpayments and also recover  lost revenue.

SourceHOV | Healthcare offers a solution that’s proven and can be implemented quickly with no upfront fees and minimal expense.

Our Provider Revenue Recovery solution can meet your needs and garner your organization significant, unidentified and unrecognized revenue. Our SourceHOV | Insight enterprise contract management system helps you to recover funds and can positively impact your bottom line in a number of ways.

For over 20 years, SourceHOV | Healthcare has provided Revenue recovery services to over 500 healthcare provider organizations. To date, we’ve analyzed over 50 million healthcare reimbursement claims, allowing our clients to identify and recover in excess of $2 billion in underpayments.

We upload all your third-party payer contracts, including key details such as contract effective dates, fee schedules and all 837 & 835 claim data. The complicated payment calculations, based on the terms and conditions in these contracts, are established via pre-programmed rules. There is no limit to the number of contracts or amount of patient data that can be uploaded and analyzed. With our streamlined start-up processes and simplified data import from virtually any system, you can begin to realize recovered cash flow within 90 days.

Retrospective Underpayment Identification and Recovery

SourceHOV | Healthcare can review the most recent three years of reimbursements for every third-party payer used by your patients.  Our experienced staff of certified public accountants, registered nurses and financial analysts, using the Underpayment Identification and Recovery review program, can typically recover 5% of net patient service revenue, and can often identify more. Additional benefits can be realized by reviewing current receivables where our services help prevent contractual reimbursement time limits being missed. This alone can improve your cash flow from net-patient service revenue by from 2 – 4%.

SourceHOV | Healthcare’s streamlined start-up processes and simple data import for virtually any system allow clients to receive additional reimbursements just 90 days after our services begin. Other features of our service include:

  • Review of third-party contractual reimbursements for most recent 2 – 3 year period
  • Specialize in complex contract terms and high severity provider services
  • Flat UB file data request includes 837, 835, and payer agreements
  • Payment file (Primary, Secondary, and Self Pay)
  • SourceHOV loads and maintains all payer agreements
Concurrent Underpayment Identification and Recovery

Our Contract Management System can also monitor third-party contractual reimbursement of final billing for each patient. We can identify and pursue underpayments at the initial payment, ensuring that no contractual reimbursement time limits pass.  Utilizing this process can improve your current cash flow by 2% – 4% of net-patient service revenue.

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    SourceHOV utilizes our expertise in medical records, Health Information Management (HIM), third party payer contract data management and analytics to provide RAC audit tracking, data mining, contract management and valuation services to healthcare providers and government agencies.

    Audit Tracking

    Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audit tracking is comprehensive software and analytics solution that providing  an end-to-end financial management and appeals solution for healthcare payers including government.

    For providers concerned about current or future RAC audits, SourceHOV | Healthcare can provide various audit tracking capabilities to assist during or after the RAC audit. Our audit tracking tools accommodates all audit types including CERT, MAC, MIC, RAC and ZPIC.

    LexiCode utilizes RACSource Business Intelligence to assess and model risk and corrective actions as a result of, or pending a RAC audit. We can also support RAC audits through coding and documentation audits for risk assessment provide medical necessity assurance insight and assist in revenue retention and recovery efforts.

    Data Mining

    SourceHOV | Healthcare provides data mining services for healthcare providers who need critical information returned immediately. Providers are able to store and retrieve pertinent data relating to contractual agreements, request queries and access reports. All data are stored for current and future access and usage and include the automated scheduling and production of reports.

    Contract Management

    SourceHOV | Healthcare’s contract management services enable providers to upload and maintain all third party payer contractual agreements, accommodating unlimited contract years for a respective payer to enable the identification of potential retrospective adjustments., Providers can use our system to calculate and complete third party payer terms and conditions, review contract start/stop dates, scan and attach contractual agreements for future analysis.

    Valuation Services

    SourceHOV | Healthcare provides valuation services for healthcare providers, supporting their need for potential acquisition candidate cost identification.  The SourceHOV solution can calculate and compare the net revenue of potential acquisition targets tour system can upload and analyze all contractual third party payer agreements, verifying correct third party payer assignments and identify and recover retrospective underpayments, with standard and custom valuation reports delivering a solution that supports a provider in their acquisition process.

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    SourceHOV | Healthcare Remittance Advice Reconciliation services can dramatically improve receivables and reduce denials.  By capturing inbound information from the payer or lockbox/bank service, whether paper, EDI and/or 835, and applying provider-defined business rules to extract information from Remittance Advice (Explanation of Payment) and indexing this information to specific patients.

    SourceHOV then reconciles the remittance with the claim and the payment amount. An electronic reconciliation report is prepared in order to auto-populate the provider’s accounting system with amounts paid and then prepare a Discrepancy Report of variances for denials management.

    SourceHOV can also host this information and make it available for 24/7/365 online access, viewing, or additional data processing. Our provider clients define the length of archive time, immediately reducing their storage costs and freeing up valuable facility space.

    • Improve A/R
    • Reduce Denials and Rejections
    • Rapidly Resolve Appeals, Disputes and Grievances
    • Enhance EOP Data Extraction and Cash Posting Activities
    • Reduce Administrative and Operating Expenses
    • Normalize the Presentation of Paper and Electronic Information.

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