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UI Designer

Interested in designing user experiences that will be used by tens of millions of people every month? Looking for an opportunity to shine? Do you take pride in your work and have a passion for design and UI? Then Webs wants to hear from you. We're looking for an experienced designer to create world-class user interfaces that are inspiring, elegant, and simple to use. This is a rare opportunity to work directly on highly popular web publishing and social marketing applications.Webs, a subsidiary of VistaPrint N.V., includes Webs, Pagemodo.com, and contactme.com. This is an onsite job only; we are not looking for freelancers or contracts.Core Responsibilities:

 » Design cutting edge products and features exhibiting both world-class usability and visual design
 » Play a lead role in the visual design of new products and features
 » Exhibit originality and creativity in pushing the design envelope
 » Strive for a vision of design perfection but build iteratively over time
 » Work with other senior designers, product owners, and marketing teams to ensure the highest quality designs, functionality, and messaging
 Required Skills:

 » Bachelor's degree in computer science, graphic design or human computer interaction
 » Solid online portfolio: We want to see that you fully understand typography, grid layouts, photography, color, etc. We also want to see originality and diversity in your work. Ideally would like to see your work on Dribbble.
 » Knowledge of HTML and CSS
 » Detail oriented: Strive for pixel perfect implementations
 » Passion for the technology industry: You love the world of design and are always keeping on top of the most recent design and usability improvements, as well as new products and startups.
 » Can-do attitude: Will go the extra mile to launch the best possible design
 » Ability to solve design problems with a user-first approach
 Please include a link to your online portfolio and examples of some of your design accomplishments.
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Digital Product Manager

Webs is dedicated to helping small and microbusinesses establish a professional digital presence through free and easy to use online web applications. We are seeking a Product Manager who loves creating world class digital products, has a deep desire to understand and service the customer, and who loves simplifying interfaces towards elegant solutions. You are constantly questioning the status quo and have a passion for turning ideas into great products and experiences. You are your own biggest critic and are looking to channel your creativity into a product that provides millions of small businesses the opportunity to promote themselves online and look larger than life.Responsibilities

 » Generate ambitious and well-designed product ideas based on member needs and company strategy
 » Identify, analyze and prioritize new features and issues
 » Strive for design perfection but love to release and iterate
 » Work closely with engineers and designers and other stakeholders to get stuff done
 » Drive a product through its entire development cycle, from concept to launch, with a strong focus on details but never losing sight of the big picture
 » Help your team work together smoothly and be its advocate to the rest of the staff; coordinate across teams and collaborate with management, customers, partners and other staff members when needed
 » Plan user testing and split testing, communicate with members to uncover their needs, get feedback on launched projects
 » Gather information and requirements, set and track the most relevant metrics to a product, track past projects and identify ways to optimize them
 » Always remain an expert on the Webs product, site, and user experience
 Required Skills

 » A Bachelor's degree
 » A minimum of two years experience working in a product management or product creation capacity at a consumer facing web company (agile, start-up environment preferred)
 » A strong understanding of current web technologies, standards and how the web ecosystem is evolving
 » Experience with programming in any language either professionally or as a hobby
 » Experience and success in using team-based software development concepts that drive to iterative launches
 » Strategic and holistic thinking to balance and prioritize short-term solutions with long-term vision
 » A strong entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to rally internal support for ideas
 » Excellent leadership and communication skills
 » A strong design and usability sense driven by the ability to step into a user's shoes and advocate for them
 » Excellent writing, organizational, and time management skills
 » Enthusiasm for working collaboratively on cross-functional teams and coordinating between them
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Senior Java Developer

Are you interested in building products used by millions of people? Do you wish you could launch code daily? Webs is looking for a talented Java developer that is passionate about building user-facing web applications. This position is full-time and is based at our main office in Silver Spring, MD.Responsibilities:

 » Work with product designers and engineers to implement the next generation of Webs products
 » Build web applications that can scale to a million page views per day
 » Work independently on projects developing web applications from scratch, front-to-back
 » Practice test driven development using unit tests and integration tests
 » Develop software iteratively and deliver working code each iteration
 » Review application with stakeholders each iteration
 Required Skills:

 » Java, Sevlets and JSP
 » Spring MVC and Spring Framework
 » Hibernate, SQL and Oracle
 » HTML, JavaScript, CSS and AJAX
 » Unit Testing, Integration Testing
 » Experience developing consumer web applications
 » In-depth knowledge of social networking / new media websites
 » Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills
 » Strong oral and written communication skills
 » Computer Science degree from a reputable school in the US

 Bonus Skills:

 » Groovy and Grails
 » jQuery
 » Rails

 » Newly renovated work environment
 » Fun team that is passionate about developing great web applications
 » Casual dress and flexible work schedule
 » Lunch catered three times a week and a fully stocked kitchen
 » Paid parking or metro (one block away)
 » Healthcare, vision, 401K and stock options
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Senior JavaScript Developer

We’re actively seeking a well-rounded front-end developer who can jump in and build pages and applications seen by millions of people every day. You should be able to build out the gorgeous designs of our award-winning designers, optimize pages to load fast, fix browser compatibility problems, and write modular, testable JavaScript for our large web application. We expect that you have strong opinions about clearfix v. overflow, jQuery v. micro-frameworks, prototype- v. closure-based object-oriented programming, CoffeeScript and other js-next implementations, and front-end MVC patterns. We also expect you know when to use time-tested tools rather than the latest hotness.Beyond front-end skills, you should also be able to help us develop user stories to grow our bottom-line, communicate with peers and managers in our Agile process, and gel with the whole startup vibe. Our team is casual, hard working, and passionate about what we do. By joining our team, you get the chance to immediately make a positive impact on the millions of people who use our website creation platform.Unlike most jobs you find in this area, we’re not a government-consulting firm or “a big company with a startup feel”: we’re an actual startup. So there are some things you should know up front:

  • We were founded by three very dorky brothers on a server in their closet.
  • Pluses: your boss won’t stare at you blankly when you try to explain why his vague ideas can’t be put into code.
  • Minuses: the CEO might personally browbeat you on your poor cacheing strategy.
  • We work hard but have a realistic, agile process for shipping software.
  • Pluses: you won’t be here late into the night because of shifting requirements.
  • Minuses: you might be here late into the night playing Starcraft with the founders.
We have all the expected perks:

 » Foosball
 » Company lunch provided three times a week, and snacks all the time
 » Shorts and t-shirt ok, shorts and witty t-shirt better.Apply now