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So what is Tofu?

Simply put, it is soyabean curd. Tofu is to soy milk as cottage cheese is to cow's milk. In
Chinese restaurants, you may have been it listed on the menu simply as 'bean curd'. The
resulting product is a highly nutritious and versatile food, suitable for vegans,
vegetarians, and those who simply want to reap the benefits of including more soy
products in their diets. Its neutral flavor adapts easily to any kind of recipe, from the most
savory entress to the most decadent desserts.Apply now

How good is soy protein?

Soy protein is the only plant protein that is equivalent to animal protein. Soy protein
contains all the nine essential amino acids. The U.S. Department of Agriculture evaluates
protein quality using the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acids Score (PDCAAS).
PDCAAS measures the amino acid pattern of proteins and factors in digestibility. Soy
protein has a PDCAAS score of 1.0, equivalent to animal protein such as casein (milk
protein). Animal proteins are considered to be better in quality compared to plant
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What are some of the nutritional benefits of tofu?

Soy is some easily digestible from of protein, and is the only complete protein food source
in the plant kingdom ( other vegetable source of protein must be combined with other to
form a complete chain of the necessary amino acids, i.e. beans and rice ). The exact
amount of protein in tofu varies according to variety- the firmer the variety, the higher the
protein content : silken has the least, extra - firm has the most. Other health benefits of
soy include calcium, iron, B vitamins and naturally occurring phytoestrogens.
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How long can I keep tofu refrigerated?

For unopened containers of tofu, check the manufactures use-by date. Once
opened,leftover tofu can be refrigerated for up to a week : cover in water and change the
water daily.
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Some of your recipes intentionally use frozen tofu. Why?

Many recipes call for tofu that has been frozen and then thawed. This process triggers a
change in the texture of the tofu, making it more chewy and easy to crumble. When
frozen, the moisture within the tofu separates from the bean curd, making it easier to
squeeze all excess water out. The tofu is now spongy and porous, ideal for absorbing
flavors. Tofu can be frozen in its own water or drained and wrapped in plastic until ready
to use. Depending on how you plan to use it, tofu can be cut into slabs or cubes before
freezing, or it can be frozen whole.
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Are the varieties of tofu interchangeable?

In our recipes, some types of tofu may be substituted with another. If extra - firm is not
available, then firm may be used ; if soft is not available, silken may be used. However, do
not substitute extra - firm for other varieties.
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Is soy protein an allergen?

Soy protein can cause allergy like any other food proteins such as milk, eggs, peanuts,
tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat. An individual could be allergic to any food, such as
fruits, vegetables, and meats. If one is allergic to any food then it is often suggested to
read the labels on food products and avoid products that contain the specific food that
causes allergic reaction.
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What is trypsin inhibitor?

Trypsin inhibitor is a protease inhibitor that affects the digestion of protein. Soybean
contains trypsin inhibitor but cooking or processing inactivates it. All the soy foods except
soybeans available in the market are processed at high temperatures and the amount of
active trypsin inhibitor in them is negligible. Only while consuming soybeans one has to
remember to cook them to inactivate trypsin inhibitor.
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Is soy protein better than animal protein?

Soy protein and animal protein are both good as far as protein quality is concerned. But
when one takes animal foods along with the protein it is more than likely the foods
contain good amount of saturated fat and that is not good from health point of view. If
white meat is taken then it is quite a good option.
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How much soy protein is present in isolated soy protein, soy protein concentrate and soy flour?

On a dry weight basis, isolated soy protein is 90% protein, soy protein concentrate is 65-
70% protein and soy flour is 50% protein
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Are there any side effects of consuming soy protein?

There are no side effects of consuming soy protein. Soy is one of the oldest foods known
to human kind, and has been a staple of the Asian diet for centuries.
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So where do I find tofu?

Most general supermarkets now carry tofu in their produce sections, while natural and
specially grocery stores may carry it in or near the dairy cases.
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A few of your recipes call for other unusual ingredients. What are they and are they hard to find?

We made sure to only include items that are easily found at an average supermarket.
Unfamiliar spices are likely to be found in the ' International Foods' aisle. Tempeh and
seitan are other popular meat substitutes : tempeh is related to tofu in that it is a
fermented soy product, while seitan is formed from wheat gluten. These are usually found
in the produce department, along with tofu itself.
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Are soybeans and soy products difficult to digest?

Soybeans and soy products are not difficult to digest. If a person who is not used to eating
soybeans or soy products and suddenly starts including a lot of soy in the diet the person
may experience a discomfort like fullness, flatulence etc. This is because soybeans and
some soy products are high protein and high fiber products. Oligosaccharides present in
soybeans or any other legume do cause flatulence. Everything eaten soy or otherwise
should be in moderation and anything in excess will cause discomfort.
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