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Management Consultancy Services

Our range of services include Organizational Change Management Services, Leadership-innovation And Talent Management Services, Business Intelligence And Strategic Information Services, IPO And Public Equity Services, Family Owned-Entrepreneurial Business Management Services and Integrating IP Strategy With Business Strategy Services.

Organizational Change Management Services
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Mergers and acquisitions are an opportunity to rethink the business and fundamentally transform the organization in a way that creates and sustains significant value. Our M&A practice team handholds and guides you throughout the complex process (viz; M&A policy, strategy, transaction and risk management) helping you exceed not only the external expectations but yours own as well.

For further details of our services please visit the link Merger, Acquisition & Alliance under the services Business and Strategy or M & A Advisory under services link Investment Banking

Diversification/ Expansion/ Modernisation/ Growth

You must think about fundamental changes if your current business is facing intensified competition, escalating customer expectations, unexpected market shifts, workforce issues, technological obsoletion, regulatory concerns, and challenges of globalisation. Or does your enterprise need to catch up with the open-source innovations practices, adopt new business models or even outsource of many activities?

Our experts will give you fresh insights and guide you through to the entire process of Diversification/ Expansion/ Modernisation/ Growth viz; identifying the need, risk-benefit analysis, strategy and implementation.

If you are looking for instituting changes in your organisation, please get in touch with us to get all round support in your endeavor.

Business Restructuring and Turnaround

Distressed companies frequently require both improved efficiency of operations as well as a contraction of the business by withdrawal from dis-economic activity. Withdrawal from dis-economic activity, particularly activities nurtured to provide important future growth, is even more painful.

Business restructuring and turnaround consulting is a complex strategic, operational and financial exercise in providing experienced leadership to quickly and drastically reshape the business for improved performance, persuading highly reluctant managers, owners and financiers.

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Leadership-innovation And Talent Management Services
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Are you a leader of tomorrow who can create companies that are more adaptable, innovative, and inspiring? (in contrast to the bureaucratic, top-down organizations that predominate today!) In addition to the ability to command and control equally important is the art of coordination and cultivation.

Three most important factors viz; inescapable challenges that defy conventional management wisdom, new technologies that allow human beings to accomplish great things without the weight of bureaucracy and a new generation of employees who come to work preloaded with anti-bureaucracy values are going to force a fundamental rethink of how we lead, manage, and organize.

If your company isn’t on the reinvention curve, it’s going to be at a serious disadvantage.

Innovation & Knowledge management

In addition to diligence and expertise, the employees must also bring their passion, imagination and ingenuity to the work by making innovation an activity which involves everyone, every day. Open source innovation is the latest trend in business. Is your organisation capitalizing on it? Creating an organisation, which is innovative and knowledge driven, is the only way to deliver sustainable performance and stay ahead of the pack in the marketplace.

Talent management/ grooming talent into leaders

In the age of “innovation and knowledge” better talent separates high-performance organizations from the rest. However, critical talent is scarce (and about to become scarcer). Identifying, attracting, motivating and retaining talent and grooming them into future leaders of the organisation are one of the key challenges of the senior leadership.

We help the leadership to better appreciate the importance of managing talents and grooming them into next generation leaders. Our consultancy services include aligning talent management strategies with the business strategy and coaching the Board and CEO on how to identify, develop and nourish talent over a period of time.

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Business Intelligence And Strategic Information Services
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Because of lack of information, processes, and tools more than 55% of the top 10,000 global companies regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets

Have you ever thought that your company is also facing the same situation?

Business Intelligence can provide you competitive edge!

The Business intelligence (BI)/ competitive intelligence team at CCG identify, extract and analyze business data, performs competitive intelligence gathering and analysis of business related information (such as sales revenue by products and/or departments, or by associated costs and incomes etc.) with a focus on your company, competitors and industry. We provide you the historical, current and predictive views of your business operations supporting better business decision-making. Moreover, we correlate these input and data with other data from customer relationship management, marketing campaigns and so on to create a business intelligence goldmine to support and enhance marketing and sales effectiveness, and business operations.

Our experiences show that there are few organisations having the skills, resources and methodologies to undertake enterprise wide projects on their own. Choosing the right implementation partner who understands the process, people and technology aspects of their business remains a big challenge for such organisations. We collaborate with such organisations providing biasness intelligence/ competitive intelligence services as a part of their business strategy in a reliable framework and also provide the skills transfer necessary to leave our clients’ organisations self-sufficient and confident about the way forward.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Services

Competitive Intelligence gathering
Business and economic intelligence
Industry Research/ Sector analysis
Market Intelligence and Client Mapping
Strategic information: Management/ Products/ Services
Business Analysis, Benchmarking and Sector profiling
Help finding joint venture partner/ strategic partner
Technology networking/ partnering
Information about new market opportunities
Online analytical processing
Data & process mining
Business performance management
Predictive analytics

How you are benefitted?

Improved management processes - such as planning, controlling, measuring, monitoring, and/or changing so that management can increase revenues, reduce costs, or both

Improved operational processes - such as fraud detection, sales campaign execution, customer order processing, purchasing, and/or accounts payable processing so that the business can increase revenues, reduce costs or both

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IPO And Public Equity Services
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"Going public" is a major milestone for every company. Fast-growing private businesses see an IPO as an excellent route to accelerating growth and a step towards achieving market leadership.

However, the road to IPO can be a tedious and treacherous one and must be handled with care. For most private businesses, an IPO is a completely new experience. Planning, executing, and managing an initial public offering is a challenging task for any organization, especially for its CEO and CFO. The success of an IPO lies in the long term planning and preparation.

A successful IPO process depends on a mix of well-articulated objectives, and carefully deployed financial and corporate strategies that span both pre and post offering periods. The IPO should be viewed not as a one-time transaction but rather as a longer-term transformation process requiring preparation, sufficient lead time prior to the offering and strong competitive positioning.

We work closely with the management to determine the best time for the exercise, provide the necessary assistance and guidance through the entire process of raising capital from public equity market.

Our Services:

Currently CCG is working in primary capital market in strategic tie up with India’s leading SEBI registered merchant bankers and offering the following services:

Developing IPO strategy and IPO planning

Assess the company's listing feasibility

Planning for the IPO

Structuring and conducting the organizational meetings

Review, re-organise and streamline corporate and business structures

Review and assist in strengthening management team

Recommendation on improving financial and management information system

Visibility of management to the investors community

Provide indicative valuation based on the prevailing market conditions

Advise on implications of 'going public'

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Family Owned-Entrepreneurial Business Management Services
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Almost all companies start out as family businesses, but only those that master the challenges intrinsic to this form of ownership structure endure and prosper over the generations. To be successful as both the company and the family grow, a family business must meet two intertwined challenges: achieving strong business performance and keeping the family committed to and capable of carrying on as the owner.

We help our clients in addressing and resolving the following issues:

Harmonious relations within the family and an understanding of how it should be involved with the business

An ownership structure that provides sufficient capital for growth while allowing the family to control key parts of the business

Strong governance of the company and a dynamic business portfolio

Professional management of the family's wealth

Entrepreneurial Business

In case of entrepreneurial business (mostly startups and early stage firms), when you are the owner, leader, or perhaps founder as well, success depends on the strength of your leadership—your ability to build effective teams, negotiate complex deals, and create long-term unusual values. Guiding you on the diverse challenges and opportunities associated with owning, running, and sustaining a profitable enterprise, our strategic advisers prepare you and your executive team to build tomorrow's successful enterprises.

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Integrating IP Strategy With Business Strategy Services
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Managing an enterprise’s IP assets is more than just acquiring the formal IP rights through the national IP office. Patent or trademark rights are not worth much unless they are adequately exploited. Moreover, part of a company’s valuable IP may not require formal registration but may call for other measures of protection (e.g. confidentiality agreements). Equally important is incorporating IP considerations while drafting business plans and marketing strategies. Our IPR experts guide you on how to extract full value of your know-how and creativity by suggesting adequate steps to develop an IP strategy and integrating the same with overall business strategy.

We address the following IP related crucial questions for your organisation:

What IP assets do you own?

What is the status of your IP portfolio?

How important are IP assets to the success of your business?

How do you plan to protect your IP assets?

Do you own all IP assets that you need, or do you have to rely on IP assets owned by others?

What is your organization's policy on IP acquisition, exploitation, monitoring and enforcement?

Do you know enough about your competitor's IP strategies and IP portfolios?

Do you have an IP policy and IP strategy for your enterprise

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Boardroom Consultancy Services
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No matter whether you are a startup or world’s leading organization, public company or closely held family owned business, sustainability of your enterprise depends on the quality of governance and ethics which include transparency, trust, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. While the primary responsibility of Board/ topmost leadership is to ensure that the organization’s management is performing its job correctly, actually achieving this in practice is easier said than done.

We help our clients building good governance and preventing corporate malpractices and fraud as part of their business strategy and management practice.

CEO & Board practices

Our CEO and Board practices address the crucial area of CEO/Board interaction, helping Boards work together better as a team, hiring, monitoring and working in mutual and transparent environment with the CEO.

Benefits of our Board and CEO consultancy, coaching and mentoring are far reaching in terms of confronting reality at board meetings, putting strategy at the center stage, being transparent with employees and owners, building and protecting the culture and keeping faith with the future even in times of trouble.

Boardroom management consultancy

The best and worst things that happen to companies start with the board. A board that functions poorly will take a long time to turn around. Getting it right from the start is critical. Even the best constituted boards take time to gel and work effectively together.

Our Boardroom consultancy includes directors’ selection, directors training, corporate governance consulting, senior executives search and related succession planning.

Our Board effectiveness assessment services and consultancy address the following Board related issues:

Governance principles

Ideal board composition

Effective board and committee structures and processes

Benchmarking against current best practices

Individual director assessment including that of CEO

Customized directors’ and Board training programs offered by us help our clients in creating an outstanding board consisting of individuals who can collectively help an organization achieve its long term goals by fulfilling its two primary roles:

Controlling the conduct of the business in the interests of the stakeholders and

Supporting the economic performance of the business on sustained basis

Succession planning/ CEO search

We help boards understand what's at stake in succession planning and to see it as an ongoing, dynamic process that the CEO and the board must jointly plan and execute.

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Merger-Acquisition And Alliance Services
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Mergers and acquisitions are an opportunity to rethink the business and fundamentally transform the organization in a way that creates and sustains significant value. Our M&A practice team handholds and guides you throughout the complex process (viz; M&A policy, strategy, transaction and risk management) helping you exceed not only the external expectations but yours own as well.


Comprehensive solution

Right from planning to post closure integration, The Core Consulting Group provides comprehensive solution for merger and acquisition transactions. Our services are packaged and bundled in such a way that clients can avail the whole spectrum of services or a part of the transaction. Such transactions being very sensitive in nature, you can rely on us as we maintain complete confidentiality of each and every transaction, and related trade and business secrets.

M & A Planning & Strategy

Buy side

Sell side

Identifying and evaluating suitable targets (counterparty)

Strategic fit

Economic fit

Technology fit

Culture fit

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Private Equity And Strategic Investment Services
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As banks and financial institutions enquire for corresponding collaterals and securities for the loan amount raised, it becomes impossible for some of the most deserving companies, despite having a brilliant concept of a business model, to meet to the requirements.

Our experience shows that emerging enterprises especially the startups, early stage companies and fast growing business invariably encounters the following problems:

Non-availability of equity for expansion

Lack of knowledge about the fund houses such as Angels, Greenfield investors, Venture capital, Private Equity, Strategic investors etc. and procedures for availing the same.

Difficulty in availing long term loans

Risk aversion by banks on new projects. It is virtually impossible for the growing companies to meet stringent criteria set by the banks.

Working capital problems

High debtors’ age (higher credit period granted to the debtors) combined with Low creditors’ age (lower credit period granted by creditors).

Non-availability of non-fund based facilities

Not able to provide Personal guarantee, high margin etc.

Private Equity/ Venture Capital – Alternative Source of funding

Private Equity/ Venture capitals add values to such businesses without demanding any collateral. PEs/ VCs participate in the growth of emerging companies in diverse sectors, over the entire growth cycle by taking equity stake of the company for a limited time period. This makes PEs/ VCs option more attractive.

However, the PEs/ VCs do not finance all the ventures for which proposals are received. They, in fact, invest only in a small percentage of business proposals, which they review. Proposals are subjected to due diligence process.

The venture capitalist assesses whether the applicant has the passion, commitment and ethical values to turn his idea into a business. PEs/ VCs keenly look at the integrity of the management, as they are betting on people involved in the actual operational level. They also look at fundamental strength on business plan, passion towards providing solution to the problem, and qualification/ experience of the key personnel in the relevant area.

How Private Equity/ Venture Capital add values to the investee companies?

Strong and Sustainable Growth

Improving performance of the investee companies by strengthening balance sheet and providing finance and strategic support

Management experience

Predominant small and medium scale companies lack experience in expanding / managing on challenging times. In addition to finance PEs/ VCs bring in managerial and business expertise to the table.

Brand value

Companies require brand when they expand out of their territory which they lack. The PEs/ VCs are normally internationally recognized brands which help in tapping overseas clients.

Industry experience

Board members of the funds come with rich experience in their respective field/ industry and from different geographies. This helps companies in making strategic decisions and planning for the next big step.

Tapping financial market

PE / VC funds are well connected to the financial market. They help companies to tap the financial market as well as increase their valuation.

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