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TMS Infonet Private Limited - IT / Technology Services of e business applications service, custom application development service & application maintenance service in Gurgaon, Haryana.

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IT / Technology Services

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Limited Company (Ltd./Pvt.Ltd.)

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E Business Applications Service
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Today's business processes are intricate and complex. An apparently simple transaction may in fact cross multiple geographical boundaries, involve many trading partners, and trigger actions in numerous other business processes. Because these complexities and interdependencies are too numerous to handle manually, business processes are inherently wedded to busines systems.
e-Business is fundamentally changing the way companies operate, going far beyond buying and selling over the internet, or e-commerce, into automation of the entire spectrum of interactions between enterprises and their distributed employees, trading partners, suppliers, and customers.
Cybermax offers its clients the entire gamut of business requirements from building web sites to establish a meaningful internet presence and positive brand perception to state-of-the-art B2B and B2C sites and enterprise decision support applications. We offer our clients Internet-based soltuions with seamless integration between their e-commerce solution and their business management system that save them time and money and help them serve their customers better while opening their business to new global markets.
e-Business and Web Solutions
Our Service Portfolio    
Our service areas include,

          e-Business Consulting
Application Development and Maintenance
Application Development and Maintenance
          Enterprise Portals
Application Development and Maintenance
          Enterpirse Learning Solutions
Application Development and Maintenance
          Content Management
Application Development and Maintenance
          Customer Relationship Management
Application Development and Maintenance
          Knowledge Management
Application Development and Maintenance
          Portal Consolidation Services
Application Development and Maintenance
          Enterprise Web Services
Our e-Business offerings are designed to cover the entire range from business case formulation to technology implementation. Our solutions have helped clients significantly improve their bottom line by strengthening customer loyalty, encouraging profitable transactions, and improving service to customers and employees. These include,

          Defining business cases and formulate e-enabling strategies
Application Development and Maintenance
          Defining business, technology, performance & usability requirements
Application Development and Maintenance
          Solution architecting
Application Development and Maintenance
          Building and testing
Application Development and Maintenance
          Deploying / Upgrading / migration services
Application Development and Maintenance
          Operations, maintenance and support services

     Business Benefits    
Internet-based soltuions significantly improve organizational performance by delivering access to the data, applications, and services your employees, customers, and business partners need regardless of time or location via a Web browser. Some of the key benefits include,

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Custom Application Development Service
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In today's global business environment where competition and immediacy are consistently intensifying, change is the only certainty. Playing and winning in such a competitive marketplace requires software that is fine-tuned to the unique requirements and processes of your business. We offer our core competency for successfully designing and developing innovative yet practical solutions to access, manage, and interpret information to make fast, effective business decisions and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Cybermax has a history of successfully delivering on complex custom development projects of all sizes. Time and again, our teams have demonstrated the ability to harness next generation techniques and technologies and rapidly turn them into strategic advantages for our clients.
We focus on the most innovative and intelligent approaches to get the job done, on schedule and on budget. Cybermax work’s closely with you to design a solution that addresses your enterprise-wide needs, and we assume complete responsibility for delivering on that design. We respond quickly, assembling a team of professionals to develop your solution, and provide ongoing maintenance to support it over time. Our developers understand every system detail, and deliver high-quality customer solutions that are stable, functional and flexible.
Cybermax professionals use common methodologies, tools and processes to ensure our clients receive consistent quality at scale and at speed. Our integrated suite of global assets and best practices helps us complete projects with the utmost reliability, maintaining flexibility and delivering cost-effectiveness. Our goal with each customer is to contain, and eventually reduce, application management costs by leveraging Cybermax’s best practices and our global team of highly-skilled specialists.
Cybermax services in the area of application development will help you to:

          Outline the solution
Application Development
          Define the solution architecture
Application Development
          Design the details of the solution
Application Development
          Build the solution
Application Development
          Develop prototypes for demos / proof of concept to users
Application Development
          Validate the solution against requirements
Application Development
          Implement the solution enterprise-wide and support the solution and its users
Cybermax’s distributed agile development approach helps our clients to address challenges faced with building custom applications, while reducing project risk and improving overall systems quality.
Our Value Proposition    
Our value proposition lies in our ability to:

          Use Global Delivery Model for application development
Application Development
          Minimize risk through the use of proven solution tools, methods and best practices
Application Development
          Provide quicker solutions-building timeframe, seamless transitions, and early ownership
Application Development
          Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs
Application Development
          Commit to support customers through long-term relationship thus ensure continuity and business-level focus
Application Development

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Application Maintenance Service
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Application maintenance is a key component of any IT strategy, to increase the effectiveness of an application and enhance its value. Maintenance of a critical application has a direct impact on the profitability of an organization's business. Industry surveys indicate that organizations spend up to 70% of the IT budget maintaining current IT functionality and operations. When maintenance is performed with in-house staff, it leaves very little time to develop new applications that are essential for the business to stay competitive.
Cybermax’s application maintenance services help clients achieve their business goals and objectives, by providing on-time support and value adding services. Our approach is geared to enable our customers to meet their commitments to their customers. We enable our customers to reduce the time they spend on application maintenance and focus on new IT functionality and improvements to the organization. We adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA) and enable our clients to reduce the total cost of ownership for their applications.
Application Maintenance Portfolio
    Our Service Portfolio     
Cybermax provides business-focused service solutions through the use of well-defined application maintenance functions. Cybermax application maintenance services include:

          Change Management
Analysing the impact of impending change and implementing modifications.
Application Maintenance
          Configuration Management
A standard procedure to capture and store asset and configuration. This procedure outlines how data is updated, maintained, and made available in real time.
Application Maintenance
          Content Management
Web content creation, review, and ultimate delivery to the live system.
Application Maintenance
          Contingency Planning
Determining procedures that need to be followed in times of crisis. Typical incidents that need planning include,
Natural disasters
Inclement weather
Web server outage
Network outage
Power outage
Customer contact method outage
Data loss
Security threats such as hacking, compromised security, and viruses
Application Maintenance
          Documenting and Sharing Information
Recording, classifying, and tracking incidents, problems, errors, suggestions and complaints.
Application Maintenance
          Help Desk Support
Application Maintenance
          Incident Management
Includes incident logging, routing, updates and incident closures.
Application Maintenance
          Monitoring and Operational Performance Measurement
Monitoring and measuring operational performance based on the expectations of customers and business.
Application Maintenance
          Problem Management
Includes problem resolution, root cause analysis of incidents and problems, and reporting.
Application Maintenance
          Quality Improvement
Reviewing processes and improving them as needed.
Application Maintenance
          System Administration

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Software Development Service
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Product design and development services from Cybermax utilize proven experience and methodologies to deliver solutions that meet the business technology needs of our clients. We provide services for entire product life cycle. We also offer services for re-engineering existing products to new platforms and technologies. The skills of both our project leaders and team members are broad and deep, with a vast technology and industry expertise.
Our proven approach is open and flexible, tailoring to the unique needs of your business. Our design and development strategies include use of iterative development, modeling & prototyping techniques, use of 3rd party modules if required to aid in development process and well defined feedback mechanism for further product refinements or improvements. Our approach ensures a low-risk, high quality, cost-effective partnership.
Product Design and Development
    Our Service Portfolio     
Cybermax offers its clients following product design and development services; each service can be offered individually for specific needs or as a whole package for a complete product development project. The process involves setting up joint engineering teams with well defined responsibilities & deliverables. We offer partnering with our clients to set up dedicated off-shore development labs or work around project or activity-based partnerships.

          Product Visualization
Exploring function, design and technology aspects of product ideas to develop product definitions and prototype. Key technology decisions are made in conjunction with the estimates and schedules.
          Product Design
Creating functional specifications, architecture and design based on product definitions. We also address the high level needs of scalability, reliability and ease of maintenance in this service.
          Product Development
Software development plan & execution of software coding, integration, testing and product releases derived from a Product Design.
          Testing and Quality Assurance
Comprehensive testing and quality assurance of software products based on test cases derived from product specification and design.
          Product Deploymnet
Planning and preparing deployment of final product at client locations or packaging for an easy distribution. Includes environment preparation, user training, setup, deployment testing and monitoring.
          Product Lifecycle Management
Ongoing support, enhancements, testing and maintenance of software products after deployment.
Product Design and Development
    Our Value Proposition     
Our proven delivery model combines people, process, and technology to bring you the following advantages:

          Flexibility that allows you to use the resources you need, when you need them;
          Access to a vast array of highly qualified and diversified skills, from standard technologies to niche capabilities;
          Quick ramp-up of resources to help shorten development cycles;
          Development-ready infrastructure to ease potential hardware burdens;
          Reduced product cost through our ability to utilize our highly talented resource pool in India;

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Application Testing Service
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Effective quality strategy and implementation is a careful balance of two key ingredients:

    Sound quality principals and methodologies
    Personalized implementation customized to the unique character, objectives and needs of each organization.

Cybermax offers our clients the powerful combination of years of leading quality expertise and methodology matched with an experienced eye for implementation that maximizes quality and reduces risk project-by-project. Our proven approach and depth of experience form a firm foundation upon which to build a solution customized through Cybermax's flexibility and responsiveness.
    Our Service Offerings     
Cybermax can perform independent, confidential and secure testing services to ensure that your product meets your business requirements.
Some of the key technology areas that we test include, internet applications, multi-tier software, databases, client-server applications, desktop applications, web-delivered software and services, web site pages, site design and usability.
Our testing services include,
          Compatibility testing
Examines whether your software, web site, or internal application works as expected with other system software components such as browsers, utilities etc. available in the homes and offices of your end users.
          Custom testing
Addressing your specific needs.
          Functionality testing
Examines the extent to which your software, web site, or internal application meets expected functional requirements.
          Multi-tier testing
Finds the weak links in environments with several levels of applications and/or servers working together in a complex relationship.
          Performance testing
Examines how quickly your web sites, software products, and internal applications handle a variety of events. Automated test tools geared specifically to test and fine-tune performance are used for this type of testing.
          QA testing
Ensures that your software, web site, or internal application is free from bugs, glitches, and oversights.
          Regression testing
Testing with the intent of determining if bug fixes have been successful and have not created any new problems. Also, this type of testing is done to ensure that no degradation of baseline functionality has occurred.
          Scalability testing
Examines how well your web sites, software products, and internal applications perform when a load is placed on the system resources that nears and then exceeds capacity.
          Security testing
Examines your database and network software in order to ensure your data and resources are secure from mistaken/accidental users, hackers, and more.
          Usability testing
Testing to determine whether your web site, software product, or internal application's user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use.
    Our Value Proposition     
          Reduced cost of ownership as a large part of the testing services is offered from offshore.
          Reduced time-to-market on new releases of products or application suites as we can supplement your software testing needs and act as a strategic extention to your software development team.

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Product Catalog Management Solutions
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Rich, accurate, and usable product information has become a key asset for companies - Cybermax PCMS powers the collection, management, and multi-channel distribution of digital product information. It allows your employees and your partners to collaborate and create, manage, and publish information to reach customers through web, print, CD-ROM and other channels. The system allows integration and synchronizing of this information with existing enterprise systems and externally with trading partners.

Cybermax PCMS features include:
Product Catalog Management
          Centralized Product Data Management

Central Catalog Database with a flexible, scalable data model to manage and link a wide range of product information; capturing any type of product attribute content including graphic files, pricing data, trading partner information and other attributes required to effectively merchandise your products.


Supports Multi-Channel Outputs

Web and CD Catalog
Print - Quark, Adobe InDesign and PDF format
e-Procurement - xCBL, cXML, CIF and Punchout/Roundtrip Catalogs

          Flexible Catalog Management

Support for multiple catalogs. Define and edit catalogs by selecting categories and products (items, SKUs). Setup customer specific pricing and cross catalog relationships. Easily move items, categories, setup sequencing rules and indices.


Enhanced Security

Robust security allows companies to establish appropriate user profiles both internal and external to the enterprise, designating specific user roles and access permissions.

          Standards Based Architecture

Stable and secure standards based architecture provides easy integration into your company's existing IT environments. Synchronization capabilities allow seamless integration with internal legacy systems, enterprise applications, and existing data masters. Built-in Export/Import tools for XML, CSV/Text/MS Excel data. The system can be extended to deliver rich and robust synchronization capabilities to your external business partners.

          Intuitive & Powerful User Interface

Intuitive user interface for creating, managing, viewing, and navigating catalog and product data. Sophisticated work flow supports multi-department as well as multi-company business processes enabling key users to create/edit, authorize, maintain and enhance product information through standard processes.

          Scalable Attribute Management

Maintain as many product modifiers (attributes such as description, heading, bullets, color, weight, size) as desired. Attributes can be defined at the Category, Product or Item (SKU) level. Ability to control which attributes will be published.


Extended Feature List

    Easy acceptance of data taxonomies like UN/SPSC
    Easily exchange product data with suppliers and partners in standard formats like UCCnet
    Integrated Digital Media Repository
    Advanced Product Grouping and Attribute Management
    Sophisticated Sequencing and Indexing Tools
    Product & Catalog version control

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Web And CD Catalog Solutions
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Cybermax Online and CD-Rom Catalogs (e-catalogs) allow you to easily create, manage, aggregate and publish powerful web and CD Rom catalogs without any specialized database knowledge.

You can implement global or customer specific catalogs with custom pricing, and make it convenient for customers to find what they need through sophisticated search capabilities thet can be used to find products, including the following

Cybermax e-Catalog features include:

Catalog Features

    Catalog Browse - Multi-level product drill-down: searches through classification (hierarchy) drill-down
    Product detail page with detailed description, attributes, images
    Advanced search – item #, description, UPC, model, vendor
    Searches based on attributes (parametric search)
    Product comparisons
    Extensive keyword, wild card searches and free text searches
    Customer specific pricing (Tiered, Volume)
    Customer specific Virtual Catalogs

Design & Layout

    Fully customizable design - tailored to include your branding, logos and colors
    Customizable display templates
    Unlimited main / sub categories
    Browse by price, mfg, category
    Integrated store search
    Customizable product display
    Thumbnails and large image views
    Favorites/Wish Lists, E-mail item(s) to a friend

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E Commerce Solutions
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E Commerce Solutions

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Cybermax's e-Commerce solutions allow you to reach your partners and customers more effectively, and allow them to do business with you when, how and where they want, you need to consistently present relevant, and accurate information about your products whether through your Web storefront, in-store kiosks or through your distribution partners.

Cybermax PCMS features include:

Supports all of a company's business models and e-commerce sites - whether B2C, B2B or both - on a single platform

  • Supplier Portals
  • Reseller Retail Store Fronts
  • Hosted Sell-thru Stores
  • Dropship Catalog and Ordering
  • e-Procurement Catalog and Ordering
  • In-store Kiosks

Enterprise Integration with ERP and Back office systems

  • Seamless integration for order transmission, order status
  • Support for real time inventory and pricing lookups

Enhanced Catalog Search and Browse Web and CD Catalog

Catalog filtering/masking

  • Restricting the master catalog view to a specific set of users to include or exclude all or a subset of categories and catalog entries

Extended sites

  • Using the same catalog to support multiple sites aimed at different audiences

Request for Quote (RFQ)

  • Deep RFQ and shopping cart integration

Store creation wizard

  • Creation of hosted B2B stores, including catalog filtering

Intuitive Shopping cart functionality

  • Intuitive shopping cart functionality with user friendly features – allowing users to add items, modify quantities, empty cart and proceed to checkout with single click

Advanced Navigation Structure

  • Designed for Reduced Number of Clicks - allowing users to browse catalog easily and place orders with reduced number of clicks. Interface built to make it easier to add items to shopping cart by selecting multiple products using checkboxes.

Flexible Ordering options 

  • Quick Order Entry - Allow customer to add multiple items to shopping cart by using SKU#/UPC Code and quantities Ability to accept and manage POs.
  • Order upload - Allow customers the ability to upload and order file created offline (created in customers POS system) –support for XML, Text/CSV or MS Excel format Order

Enhanced Ordering business rules

  • The system allows management of ordering business rules governing purchase restrictions, shelf packs and broken carton up charge as well as different pricing tiers based upon customer purchases, volume purchases etc.

Payment Options

  • Open Account ordering
  • Credit Card Ordering
  • Support for Gift Cards, Promotion codes and Coupons

Shipping Options

  • Varied shipping option including ship by price or weight
  • Support for UPS, Fedex, USPS and International Shipping
  • Freight Prepaid options

Enhanced Sales and Order Reporting and Analysis

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Learning Content Management Solution
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Leveraging the architecture of Cybermax’s content management solutions, the Cybermax e-Learning solution combines a robust Learning Content Management Solution (LCMS) with a standards compliant Learning Management System(LMS). The system provides a “fast-start” for subject matter experts (SME’s) and Instructional designers to build online learning and training programs quickly, eliminating the need for complex programming skills.

Course designers and instructors can create learning objects from storyboards using a simple easy to use interface. The LCMS manages course text, graphics, animations, video, audio and interaction specifications including navigation and hyperlinks. Updating is a snap, using the content management features, and once changes are made you can view them immediately!

Cybermax e-Learning features include:
          Robust e-Learning platform conforming to industry standards (SCORM, ADL and AICC)
          Quick learning curve to master all features - Ready to use templates, require no programming skills to use
          Thin Client/Browser based user-friendly interface and navigation
          Manage training costs by creating tailored courses as required, whenever they are needed
          Updating and modifying course content and features is a snap
          Authoring can be done by anyone, allowing trainers and instructor to create their own
          LCMS enables content and functions to be reusable for other courses
          Includes a Learning Management system (LMS) for delivery and administration of courses and assessment LCMS dramatically reduces the costs associated with building online programs, administering the programs, tracking student performance and providing management reports on demand.
          Customizable Interfaces include corporate branding, standards & user preferences.
          Quick and easy access to menu, navigation & options
          Tests user learning using multiple question types viz. matching, multiple choice, drag and drop interactions etc. Question banks can be easily maintained and updated
          Numerous integration options including the ability to import SCORM/AICC compliant courses. Ability to integrate with ERP and HR Management Systems

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Print Catalog Solutions
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Print Catalog Solutions

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The Cybermax Print Catalog solutions extends our PCMS solution and provides ability to publish to various print formats including Quark, Adobe InDesign and Adobe PDF.

Cybermax Print Catalog features include:

PCMS Database Integration
  • Powerful Graphical User Interface allows user to connect to catalog database and browse/navigate through categories, product families, product items, attributes, attribute values, images and related information.
  • Advanced search functionality to search by product ID (SKU or Catalog Number), category, product family, UPC, keyword or any other product attribute.

Layout Design

  • Catalog pages created instantly by selecting a pre-defined layout template. New layout templates can be designed and added to the template list.
  • Ability to sequence Categories, products and SKUs such that the page flow layout dynamically manages product grouping and sequencing.

Text Styles Formatting

  • Customized text style naming convention, where each database unique element (tag) can be mapped with a style name. Styles can be edited and managed via the catalog repository.
  • Stored styles loaded and applied to the selected page or multiple catalog files to maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • The entire catalog production team can share text formatting styles.

Product Specification Tables Charts

  • Specification tables for the product items composed of list of column headings (attributes) and values are generated automatically with sorted columns as defined in the catalog database.


  • Layout adjustments, images, text, advertisement and other related technical documents inserted manually where appropriate without affecting the linked product data.
  • Generate indexes page numbers automatically based on catalog numbers, category and keywords.
  • Ability to export data in XML format.

Platform System Requirements

  • Support for Adobe InDesign, Quark, Adobe PDF.
  • PCMS database schema on MS SQL Server or Oracle databases.

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