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Wallie Mobile Money Wallet
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Payment Methods AvailableE-Wallet, Netbanking, Debit Card
Provide Installation ServiceYes
TrainingLive Online, Documentation, In Person
Back UpYes
Bank SynchronizationYes
Language SupportEnglish
Mobile AppFor iOS, For Windows, For Android
Country of OriginMade in India

Mobile money is an electronic wallet service that allows users to store send and receive money using their cell phone. Consumers today demand a higher level of convenience and choice in how they manage payments and transactions. They want speed, round-the-clock access, real-time information, and flawless and secure execution. More than any other technology, mobile banking is driving this revolution. The mobile money model entails providing financial services such as payments and banking, transferring money or paying for goods and services through a mobile device. Using this solution, money can be transferred almost anywhere, even when there are no banks nearby, increasing accessibility in rural areas. It enables cashless payments, reduces dependency on cash and allows tracking of transaction records.


Interactive Dashboard

A well-built interactive dashboard provides a variety of ways to dissect data. You should be able to easily explore your data to discover a wide range of insights. A great feature to further enable interactivity is a click-to-filter option. This allows dashboard users to utilize the dimensions of the dashboard’s charts and graphs as temporary filter values. It’s as easy as clicking on any data set in your charts

Advance User Management

All types of document with Issue Date, Expiry Date and Document Number etc. will be tracked. Allocate the respective rights and authentication to the staff. This section helps to create admin staff and provide them different access rights. This reduced the workload on admin and single employee and the admin can track the task performed by the users. Ability to add, change and delete positions without changing or deleting the history of employees that were holding this position. Ability to inactivate/activate a position

Easy Payment and Deposit Money

Gives the facility to pay through one of the many options like cash, withdraw slip and cheque. Enter the remark to remember why the payment is done. Also facility deposit money via cash, and cheque. Notification received when the amount is debited from the account. Easy fetch the account details by entering the account number when doing the deposit and payment.


Generate the Virtual Debit Card

Provide the virtual debit card to the customer for shopping and for paying the bill for other item and do much more with it.

Notification Panel

Manages the upcoming notifications

Easy create Mobile Money VPA

 Provide the unique serial number to the goods for proper identifications and for managing the records from that unique serial number

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Payment Methods AvailableNetbanking, E-Wallet, Debit Card
Service Chargesnil
Requirement For International TransactionsYes
International Cards To Be AcceptedYes

Wallie – E Wallet solution is a complete platform that allows MNOs, MVNOs, Banks and Financial institutions to launch a digital wallet tightly linked to their core systems. This mobile money solution can be rolled out via Agent/CSR led model or online/API registration. User registration and KYC processes required to activate the wallet system are extremely easy. Once registered, users can easily send and receive money from the mobile wallet without using any bank services.

ULIS Fintech Digital wallets enable users to set up and manage personal accounts and perform transactions over the Internet – including via mobile devices – and/or via magnetic stripe cards, private-label cards and near field communications (NFC) equipped devices


Instant, Hassle-Free Setup

Makes hassle-free, secure payments directly from your bank account 24/7.

Send & Request Money

Load, send and request money with just about anyone online or through your mobile device securely.

Pay Merchants

Merchant can receive the amount from customer through QR code. Customer can scan QR code to transfer money.

Safe & Secure

Mobile wallets are harder to steal or duplicate. Data is secured by using advanced technology methods.

Multi-currency Account

User can create the multi account with different currency. Able to transfer and add the money in the wallet in one click with multi-payment option.

Raise Ticket on Tickets

User raises the ticket on their transaction, if the transaction is not done.

Multi-Language Option

Allow user to easily complete transactions in the native language they are most familiar with.


Wallie – E Wallet provides a number of opportunities to help with your business needs, specifically within the Telecom industry. Now you can ease your customer’s needs and create a more efficient work-flow. Accessible payment anytime anywhere.

Create automated convenience by directly providing invoices or receipts to your phone.

Provide all payment services through one device, whether looking to pay your bills, top up, transfer or more.

Recharge directly and easily.

User-friendly and easy-to-use interface

Meet all payment needs by providing comprehensive tools and services for a range of payment obligations.

Create a smooth payment workflow by integrating with a number of third-party and ULIS Fintech systems.

Provide mobile apps for both consumers and agents, creating convenience for all parties.

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Payment Methods AvailableAll
International Cards To Be AcceptedYes
Mobile SupportYes
Mode Of ServiceOnline
Daily Payment Volume in INRAs per Requirement
Service DurationWithin Time Frame


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Online Payment Solution
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Online Payment Solution

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Online Payment Gateway supports all transaction types, including pre-authorization and capture, sales, voids as well as partial and full refunds.

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Payment Gateway Solution
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Payment Gateway Solution

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Payment Gateway Solution supports all transaction types, including pre-authorization and capture, sales, voids as well as partial and full refunds.

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Mobile Payment Gateway
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Mobile Payment Gateway

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Mobile Payment Gateway Ecosystem Solution supports all transaction types, including pre-authorization and capture, sales, voids as well as partial and full refunds.

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EWallet Development
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EWallet Development

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Digital wallet solutions are fast and easy to integrate with your existingcore systems, and provide a way for you to take innovative new services to marketfast.

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PACH Payment Gateway
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With ULIS Fintech - Payment Gateway administration dashboard, merchants can easily handle full or partial refunds in real time, check transaction status and run comprehensive reports, which are simple to download.

With a single integration or connection to ULIS Fintech Payment Gateway, additional payment methods, options and currencies can be made available, usually with little or no additional technical work from the merchant.

ULIS Fintech - Payment Gateway merchants have a choice of secure integration options to best meet their needs.


Multi-Payment Method Process credit cards, internet banking, cash payments, VPA payments.

Multi-Channel Processing: Accept payments seamlessly on different channels either online, on mobile devices, mail-to-order or via call-center.

Multi-Currency Processing

Enable customers to make online payments in THB, USD or the currency

they know best.

Fraud Management System

Monitor in coming payments and detect fraudulent transactions to keep your business safe.

Add Merchant and Customer

Merchant and customer creation in one click. Add multiple customer and merchant.

Easy Settlement Process

Settlement all the transaction very easily. Notification send automatically in every settlement.


Accept All Payment Modes

With Domestic and International Credit & Debit cards, EMI, Net-banking, VPA and mobile wallets, ULIS Payment Gateway provides the most extensive set of payment methods.

Checkout and Global Card Saving

An easy to integrate Checkout with cards saved across businesses so that your customers can pay seamlessly everywhere.

Powerful Dashboard

Get reports and detailed statistics on payments, settlements, refunds and much more for you to take better business decisions.

Built for Developers

Robust, clean, developer friendly APIs, plug-in and libraries for all major languages and platforms that let you focus on building great products.

Robust Security

PCI DSS Level 1 compliant along with frequent third party audits and a dedicated internal security team to make sure your data is always safe.

See Key Statistics Get access to real-time data and insights to take informed business decisions. View important stats and generate customizable settlement and reconciliation reports.

Easy to Use We understand that when it comes to managing payments, speed and ease of use is what matters at the end of the day. We've spent endless hours to make it a great experience for you.

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Video Based Digital Customer Onboarding
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ULIS - Fintech Video Based Digital Customer Onboarding (Video KYC, AML, Document Manager, Workflow) is an approved AI-driven solution that helps enterprises speed-up customer on-boarding by automating the document collection and verification process using AI-driven face match and document verification algorithms.


ULIS Fintech Video KYC allows a regulated entity to open an account-based relationship with a customer without meeting the customer face to face. The customer can, through a video call, chat directly with a Banker, provide all the identity documents to verify who they are and complete the account opening steps in a few minutes.

Our Video Based Digital Customer OnboardingSoftware works the following way:


  • KYC experts live assistance for your customers
  • Eliminate identity fraud with online verification
  • Fast onboarding with human verification specialist
  • Instrumental in resolving KYC/AML compliance issues
  • Fully customisable features based on your niche


Why Choose Us?

Be Compliant and Confident

       100% compliance with RBI & SEBI guidelines


Extend KYC reach to masses

Target a diverse consumer base with KYC completions

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Promo Code And Offer Manager Tool
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Business / Industry TypeFinance | Banking | E-Wallet | E Commerce | Marketing
Provide Installation ServiceYes
TrainingLive Online, In Person
SupportOnline, Business Hours
Back UpYes
Number of UserMulti-user
Language SupportMultilingual
Country of OriginMade in India

We help our customers create more sales with their E-business it is targets in helping development team latest developments. A simple code is sent out to the existing customers, old customers or probable customers as coupon is new way to bring them back or to attract them for the very first time. Strengths: The number of available services offered through plug n` pay is fantastic. With the features such as digital download management, membership management, and affiliate management built in to the plug `n pay system, it''s easy for merchants to find a tool that will benefit their businesses. There`s no need to use a third party and, because it`s already integrated into the gateway, no extra work is required to implement the feature into your store.

Reckon the offer: This enables you to add new coupon promotions.

Edit Coupon: Allows you to edit coupons after they are created.

Erase Coupon: This function helps to erase coupons after they were generated.

Sum up coupons: Easily create batches of coupons for a specific promotion.

Export coupons: Download or view you list of available coupons.

Edit Promo Offer: Allows you to easily edit & modify existing promotions.

Delete Promo Offer- Allows you to easily remove promotions.


Analyze Data

Monitor results of every voucher campaign and leverage full transparency - filter data by campaign, user type, vendor, channel and more!

Reward Coupons and High Value Coupons

Provide your customers with a positive brand experience and continue to build their loyalty to your products with high value coupons and reward coupon promotions.

Share and Save Coupons

 Two coupons are always better than one! And let''s you create incentive promotions that reward customers who share your promotional offers with their friends and family


Integrated with Offers Engine for real time cash back at POS

Real time campaigns & advertising

Integrated merchant offers, coupons, discounts, and loyalty

Support various Coupon options such as e-coupon, m-coupon and physical coupon

Coupon inventory Management; customer wise Coupon buckets

Supports Single Merchant/Multi-Merchant Scenarios (collation)

Support single/multiple Redemption Partner scenario

Tier/bucket Management; Tier-based customer and merchant profiling

Customer Registration and profile Management

Supports Instant gratification as well as cash-back

Seamless Integration with Partner Website with matching user interface/Look & Feel

Integrated Campaign Management System

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Pascaline The Financial Chat Bot
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Pascaline The Financial Chat Bot

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TrainingIn Person, Live Online, Documentation
License Duration1 Year
SupportBusiness Hours, Online
Back UpYes
Number of UserMulti-user
Create and Manage SMS Templatesyes
Day and Night Modeyes
Detailed Delivery Reportsyes
Offline Messagesyes
Records of A Chat Historyyes
Schedule Your SMS Messagesyes
User Status Visibilityyes
Video Chatyes
Voice Chatyes
Language SupportMulti Languages
DeploymentOn Server
Country of OriginMade in India

Chat Bot eliminates complexity and helps you to build the best possible messaging experience for your customers. We provide robust administrative features and enterprise-grade security to comply with regulatory mandates.


Build, connect and publish intelligent bots to interact with your users naturally wherever they are ??? the Chat Bot Builder Platform enables you to publish your chatbots easily to mobile devices, web apps, and chat services such as Facebook Messenger, and other popular channels.

Answer enquiries 24 x 7 with no holiday or sick leave required  Handle multiple simultaneous chat sessions without delays between answers  Integrate into existing business logic for consistency and speed  Free up time for human agents to deal with more complex or
emotive issues  Handle peaks in demand without additional headcount
Why Chat Bot?

Visual, Easy-to-Use Platform

Our visual drag n drop builder is simple for you to use, yet it provides a comprehensive visual overview of your scenarios.


Rich Actions and Messaging Formats

Integrate rich messaging formats, such as cards, quick replies and carousels in your conversation without coding. Your bot can also send emails or trigger advanced actions


Visual Stories Builder

Build Stories your chatbots the easy way with the Visual Builder, one of our best chatbot features.


Easy FAQ Creation and Import

Our quick FAQ maker has been designed to create your first FAQ chatbot in a few minutes. You can also import an existing FAQ to build it even faster.

Bot Templates

The Chatbot Builder comes with built-in templates, so you dont have to start from scratch. The templates are fully customizable, and you can configure it to the specific problems you are trying to solve.


Create Complex and Customized Scenarios

Create smooth conversations with powerful logic. Build a true network of bot skills that interact with each other to make your conversation modular and fully adaptable.


Add Webhooks and API Integration

Webhooks are useful to build advanced bots. Use our open APIs to connect the bot to your database, CRM, customer service tool or other apps to deliver contextual answers to users.

AI-powered support gives your agents a helping hand. Its a better customer experience.


Be quick

Automate responses to commonly asked questions with chatbot software, any time of day or night


Be proactive

Chatbot software lets you gather information from visitors and connect them with the right people, right away


Be real

Seamlessly handover conversations from chatbots to human agents for more complex or sensitive tasks.

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KYC Know Your Customer process has been around for long and it is being enforced as a regulatory compliance across finance sectors and various industries to make transactions fool proof and nip fraudulent activities in the bud. The entire process of implementing KYC know your customer is tedious, error prone, time consuming and a waste of resources to go over this manually. What if you had a software suite to ensure that every single step in the process is automated and you are compliant with all the regulatory requirements of KYC? UILS Fintech KYC software can do wonders for you within very less time and minimal overhead. ULIS Fintech KYC know your customer solution is a whole package designed to transform the way you capture and handle your customer. Its solution capabilities reduce time and applied cost, and increase operational efficiency of your business processes. KYCs imaging and workflow requirements are adapted.


Our KYC – Know Your Customer Software works the following way: 

Search for relevant KYC documents

Scans physical documents received

Capturing the required information

Notify customer if any further documents are required

Checking for compliance and auditing

Generating reports For every user, the documents based on the regulatory requirements in the appropriate jurisdiction (country based) are searched for in the database.

KYC Profiling

All necessary customer information is stored, updated and managed in the electronic KYC profile. It includes information on the business relationship and beneficial owner.

Easy Video KYC

Done easily the Video KYC of the user in one click. Also ability to record the video in KYC.

Scan | Crop | Verify customer documents

Digitize and verify documents at ease. Option to crop the customer document after scanning


Establish customer identity

Reduce on boarding time and cost

Improve client experience

Decrease fraud

KYC compliance

Document management and tracking system.

Adding modules and menus dynamically.

More flexibility, great control and easy to use.

Unlimited number of users can access.

Data cleaning and enrichment.

A configurable, fast, secure, robust, and highly scalable solution.

Dynamic and configurable reporting.

Automation of the entire document process and follow ups.

Easy to Use

We understand that when it comes to managing payments, speed and ease of use is what matters at the end of the day. We''ve spent endless hours to make it a great experience for you.

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VITTA - Money Transfer And Exchange
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Type Of Service ContractAny

ULIS Fintech –Money Transfer Exchange is a comprehensive toolkit for Money Transfer management. Money Transfer Application is a comprehensive, fully-featured and fully supported solution that automates every aspect of your money service or Bureau de Change business and allows you to confidently offer your customers a full range of services such as local or international money remittance, bill payment, foreign currency exchange, and cash delivery at home. Your customers will be increasingly looking to access and transfer money online in a quicker and more convenient way.


Better exchange value

Great Exchange rate offers you’ll generally wind up with more money on the other side of your transfer, than if you had sent the money via a standard bank account transfer.

Easy access

Most dedicated services allow user to perform money exchange transfers online or over the phone, which means you’ll have easy, 24-hr access.

View details in Real-time

Use a color-coded dashboard to list tasks by priority. Visualize your progress and quickly move tasks through stages as they are completed at the click of a button

Track all the user logs

The logs are very useful to track the user logs easily. All the update and working details of user are seen their by the modules name, sub-module name. Search tool bar is very effective to search any user logs by selecting the user name and also date wise.


Exchange Rates and Change Management

Take control and customize your exchange rates across a global network of branches and agents. Increase your revenue by defining your own exchange rates margin for all agents or individual agents.


Ensure Customer and Transaction data security in system robust security, Fraud Prevention and strong encryption to ensure that your each user and transaction is safe. With Roles Based access control allow access to only authorized users.

Effective User Interface

Deliver great user experience with ULIS-Money Transfer Exchange gain large user base with multi device support (Web, Tablet, and Mobile). With multi lingual support and great user experience, deliver great values and satisfaction to your customers.

Multi Currency

Get more business and give more value to our customer with the different currency domains. It supports multiple currencies for transfer to access more customer base for your business. You have full administration over currency management, enable/disable currency and addition of new currency.

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Financial Tool
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ULIS- Fintech Financial management system provides businesses with a full suite of accounting functions to track daily financial operations and generate quarterly and annual financial statements. In addition, it provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning. Quite simply, without some kind of accounting software, an organization would not survive. At the most basic level, every organization needs systems to manage the flow of money in and out of the business. But a truly effective financial management system can do more: optimize profitability, measure cash flow, determine tax obligations, ensure compliance, and maintain long-term enterprise sustainability.


Step away from dull and repetitive administrative task and dedicate more time on analysing your business, plan and predict for changes, and advice your organisation on business development.


With our modern software, your company’s invoices are processed in electronic form and accounting transactions are handled automatically. Your financial information can be accessed in the cloud with any terminal. This way your business’ accounts payable and receivable, along with the financial administration reports, are always up to date and can be reviewed anywhere, at any time.

Why Financial Tool?


Handle economic turmoil, changing technology development and business fluctuations with ease.



Quickly respond to requests for internally and externally driven information.

Get Notifications


Set and get automatic notifications for changes in asset and more as often as you choose.

Time Efficiency


Reduce lead time, time to market for better response to ever-changing customer demands.

Streamline your Finance with  ULIS Fintech Finance Tool

Take full use of Infor ULIS Financial Module robust, flexible and advanced capabilities to strengthen your competitive advantage and make impactful decisions that drive future growth.

Fixed Asset

The fixed asset register feature in Financial Module is where you store and record all descriptive details of your assets, along with associated acquisition, and disposal

Data Management

Financial Module stores data in one single, optimised repository, it is easier to look up relevant information whenever you need to. Furthermore, data also remains consistent across the organisation.


Powerful built-in reports are available for Administrator to get insight and useful data related to asset, users and other important business processes in our cloud based Document Management Software.


E-invoice can greatly benefit your business in many ways, such as helping you to simplify the process of account reconciliation, reduce costs associated with printing, storing, and processing paper invoices

User-defined Dashboard

View relevant information in real-time and quickly act upon new opportunities via???a role-based dashboard. The solution enables users to limit access or drill down transactions to specific levels.

Flexible Analytics

Financial institute can instantly generate reports on revenue/ expenses by fund, trade, contract, employee, project, company or any other definable analysis dimension.


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UHOO Enterprise Video Conferencing And Video Banking
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Video Banking lets financial institutions keep client engagements personal, improves customer experience and expands the reach while cutting back on their expensive company investments. ULIS Fintech provides the right tools for video banking and allows your consumers to get professional timely assistance and financial services regardless of their location.


The banking relationship is changing and the consumer is driving the experience. Video Banking solutions seek to address the customer experience by providing omnichannel touchpoints.

Our Video Banking  Software works the following way:

Click-to-call on your web site  Click-to-call on your mobile application  Scheduled call by the customers (Call me back)  Scheduled call by the bank representatives (meeting invitation)  Escalation from a chat session to a video session
Why UHOO Enterprise?

Be Compliant and Confident

       100% compliance with RBI & SEBI guidelines


100% Compliance and Security

Video Banking solution completely complies with regulatory guidelines while ensuring the security and privacy of customer data using our enterprise-grade security features.


Build Relationships

People like in-person assistance when it comes to finances. Video builds long-term customer rapport.



Provide a friendly, branch-like experience wherever its needed  at home, work, or on-the-go.


Shared Resources

Let your experts provide face-to-face help across multiple branches


Move with Advance Feature of UHOO Enterprise

Schedule meeting

Feature given to admin to add agent, schedule the meeting. Agent can also schedule the meeting


Calendar Sync

View all the scheduled meeting in calendar month date and year wise


Easily Share the Screen

Share the screen to customer and also use the whiteboard


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Tameeni-Insurance Product Comparison Portal
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UFC Tameeni is an integrated and scalable technology platform designed to help Insurers achieve maximum benefits through its comprehensive modules covering policy administration, claims processing, reinsurance, dashboards and statutory reporting, agency management, and more.


ULIS Fintech has the industrys most comprehensive and flexible Insurance Software Solutions and processing functions for multiple lines of businesses, including P&C Insurance, Life Insurance, and General Insurance.



Configure and launch new products in minutes in an innovative environment.Anticipate the constant change with an agile, flexible and safe insurance platform.Multi-currency, multi-regulatory, multi-language.

Changing the way customers experience insurance

Why Tameeni?

Product Administration

Configure your system as per your needs and preferences; set up rates, discounts or loadings. It also allows you to manage users and provide access based on their roles.


Policy Management

This full policy management suite enables the customer to create quotes, enforce policies, do endorsements, renewals or cancellations.

Claim Management

Manage your Claims through claims processing system. It allows you to register the first report of loss and document all the necessary information for its informative processing.



Insurers can configure their reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements

Dashboard & Reporting

Access your data through ready reports, which are more than 200 in numbers, including both standard and statistical reports. These could be exported for further data drilling.


Mobile Application

This is a self-service portal for customers, where on either web or mobile customers can view and manage their policies or raise a concern through interactive chats.


Agency Portal

Set up your Agencies or manage your agents from here. The agent portal is easily configurable at agent level for better control. It allows for real-time data exchange between broker/agents and users.


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Card Issuing & Settlement Software
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Digital Kyc Management Software
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Compliance Management Software
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