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Training Services

We are providing Training Services. These services are undertaken by our adept professionals who offer effective training to the candidates that enhances their skilled in an efficient manner.

Data Concept Training Services
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We are offering Data Warehousing Concept Training Services to our clients. This Curriculum is designed for candidates who is working/knowing on ETL tools but having limited Approach Data warehousing Concepts.


  • Understanding the terminology
  • What is database
  • Primary Key, Foreign Key, Index, Entity, Attributes• Rules
  • ER Modeling
  • Relationships• Logical Model• Physical Model
  • SQL
  • What is SQL
  • Data types
  • Basic SELECT statement
  • DML statements
  • DDL statements
  • Transaction Control statements
  • DCL statements
  • Database Objects
  • Tables
  • Views\
  • Constraints (PK, Index, FK, Not Null etc.)
  • Using Operators and Functions
  • Group Functions
  • Logical, Boolean, Arithmetic Operators
  • Understanding the ‘Null’
  • PL/SQL
  • What Is PL/SQL
  • Difference between SQL and PL/SQL
  • Benefits of PL/SQL
  • Using SQL in PL/SQLComponents of PL/SQL
  • Variables and Parameters
  • Control Structures (Ifthenelse, etc…)
  • Blocks
  • Cursors
  • Procedure
  • Functions
  • Triggers
  • Data warehousing
  • Data Warehousing Concepts
  • Terminology
  • Explore : Data >> Information >> Knowledge
  • History and Need/Application of DWH
  • Understanding the definition of Data Warehousing
  • Exploring DWH term above its Definition
  • DWH Architecture
  • Elements of DWH
  • DWH approach (TopDown, BottomUp)
  • DWH Layers (Source Layer, Extraction Layer, Staging Layer, etc…)
  • DWH Vs Data Mart
  • Dimension Modeling
  • Understanding terms: Measures, Surrogate Key, Dimensions, Facts, Hierarchy Levels, Cube
  • Types of Measures
  • Types of Fact Tables (Aggregate, Fact less, etc...)
  • Types of Dimension (Conformed, Degenerated, Junk, etc…)
  • Types of SCDs
  • Characteristics of SCD Type1, Type2, Type3
  • Types of Schemas (Star, Snowflake, etc...)
  • Introduction to BI Concepts
  • Terminology
  • Role of DWH in BI
  • Application of BI
  • Cube and Dimensions
  • Slicing and Dicing
  • What are OLAP tools?
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ETL Testing Training Services
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We are offering high-end quality of ETL Testing Training Services to our clients. Much ETL testing today is done by SQL scripting or “eyeballing” of data on spreadsheets. These approaches to ETL testing are very time-consuming, error-prone, and seldom provide complete test coverage.


  • What is use of testing
  • What is quality & standards
  • Responsibilities of a ETL Tester

Testing methodologies:

  • ETL Testing Work Flow Process
  • How to Prepare the ETL Test Plan
  • How to design the Test cases in ETL Testing
  • How to reporting the Bugs in ETL Testing
  • ETL Testing Responsibilities in any ETL tool (Informatica)
  • How to detect the bugs through database queries
  • ETL Performing Testing & Performing Tuning

Scenarios and test cases to validate the ETL process

  • Structure Validation
  • Constraint Validation
  • Data Consistency Validation
  • Data Transformation Validation etc

ETL testing specifications:

  • Extract Test
  • Transform Test
  • Load Test

SQL in ETL Testing:

  • SQL concepts
  • Special SQL commands for ETL testing
  • Special SQL queries for ETL testing

COUNT Query:

  • SQL query tuning

Role of Unix in ETL Testing:

  • Unix concepts
  • Unix commands for ETL testing
  • Using Unix for ETL testing

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