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Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Succinic Acid, Benzotriazole, Succinic Anhydride, Benzimidazole, Hydroxy Benzotriazole and N-Hydroxyphthalimide.

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Succinic Acid

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Succinic Acid

Succinic Acid :--

Synonyms           :  Amber Acid, Butanedioic Acid

CAS Registry No.  : 110-15-16

Harmonized Code No.: 2917.90

Molecular Formula  : C4H6O4

Molecular Weight   : 118.09

Specifications :-

Appearance         : White crystalline Powder/ Granules

Melting Point      : 185-188 oC

Assay              : 99.5% min (on Dry basis)

Moisture           : 0.5 5 maximum

Heavy Metals       : 20 ppm Maximum

Iron               : 10 ppm Maximum

Sulphates          : 10 ppm Maximum {Typically Nil}

Uses :--

  • In the manufacture of N-Bromo/N-Chloro Succinimide(Drug Intermediates) Ferrous Succinate, Succcinimide, Dimethy/ Diethyl Succinate & other Pharmaceutical Intermediates.
  • Wines & Beverages Industry.
  • Leather Industry for deliming and pickling.
  • Electroless Plating Industry as Chelating Agent.
  • Food Industry as preservative for meats & Bread Softening Agent.
  • Textile Industry for size preperation, Antistat, Oil Repellants etc. & during Polyster dyeing & Printing.
  • Plastics and Resins Industry as colour Stabilizer for PVC & ACN Resins.
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General Description :-

  • Corrosion Inhibitor for copper, copper alloys and other metals.
  • Ultra Violet Ray Absorbent for paints, dyes and plastics.
  • Improves Quality & Performance of other inhibitor for metals.

In the case of copper & copper alloys, it functions by forming a strong polymeric complex on reacting with the copper oxide on the surface. This complex formation results in a protective layer or film on the copper surface, 10 to 20 molecules thick, providing both a mechanical and electro chemical barrier against corrosive attack. This Protactive layer has a high degree of thermal & oxidative stability & cannot be easily removed.

Properties :-

Appearance :- Off white to buff coloured powder, flakes or agglomerates.

Assay (%) :- 98 %

Molecular Weight :- 119.13

Formula :- C6H4NHN2

Moisture :- 0.5 % max

Melting Point :- 93 - 98 oC

Boiling Point :- 160 oc (3mm)


Antifogging Agent : In photographic developer solution.

Anticorrosive Agent : for cooling water system and radiator cleaning fluids.

Antioxidant : In lubricating oils, greases, brakes & steering fluids.

Antifading Agent/ Ultra-violet ray absorbant : In dyes, paints, plastics & printing inks.

As a process addictive : To get increased yields of copper ore .

Corrosion Control Agent : In air-conditioner, cleaning fluids & industrial cleaning fluids.

Prevents Discolouration : Of bronze, inks & paints by preventing corrosion.

Addictive in soaps & detergents : to prevent discolouration of nickel, silver and cutlery, also prevents corrosion of washing machines.

Anticorrosive addictive : in insulating material for copper wires.

Electrolytic Process : Addition of 0.01% to 0.02% in the copper bath improves the brightness & hardness of the precipitated copper.

Metal Polishes & Waxes : 0.5 to 5% 1,2,3 BENZOTRIAZOLE in metal polishes gives lasting protection to copper, brass, bronze, nickel etc.

Detergents : Addition of 1,2,3 BENZOTRIAZOLE  in rinsing agents inhibits the corrosion of metal parts.

Paper Industry : Addition of 0.01 % in the process water for manufacturing paper, protects wire screens made of copper alloys.

Plastics : 0.1 % to 0.5% addition stabilizes plastices & polymers used for electrical insulation. Oxidation.
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Succinic Anhydride

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Succinic Anhydride

Succinic Anhydride :-

  • CAS No. - 108-30-5
  • Molecular Formula : C4H4O3
  • Molecular Weight : 100.07

Specifications :-

  • Appearance : White crystalline material
  • Assay : 99% min
  • LOD : Less than 0.5 %
  • M.P. : 118 - 121 oC


  • Intermediate for pharmaceutical synthesis.
  • Used in polyster resin manufacture and in co-polymerization reactions.
  • For manufacture of organic intermediates.
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Hydroxy Benzotriazole

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Hydroxy Benzotriazole

Hydroxy Benzotriazole :-

: 2592-95-2

Molecular Formula
: C6H5N3O & H2O

Molecular Weight
: 135.14


APPEARANCE : White to off-white crystalline powder

ASSAY :    99 % min


  • Reduces racemisation in peptide synthesis.
  • In the synthesis of proteins & steroids.
  • For use in protection of diols as cyclic silyl ethers.
  • As anticorrosive agent.

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N-Hydroxyphthalimide :-

C.A.S No. : 524-38-9

Molecular Weight : 163.1

Molecular Formula : C8H5NO3

Specifications :-

  • Appearance : White to Yellow powder
  • Purity : 98% min (T)
  • Melting Point : 225— 230oc with Decomposition
  • LOD : 1.0% max

Uses :-

  • As a drug intermediate in peptide synthesis.
  • As an anticorrosive in metal and water treatment.
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Thiosemicarbazide :-

  • CAS No. :- 79-19-6
  • Molecular Weight :- 91.14
  • Molecular Formula :- CH5N3S
  • Structure :- NH2CSNHNH2

Specifications :-

  • Appearance :- White to Yellow Crystalline Powder
  • Purity :- 99% min
  • Melting Point :- 178-183 o C
  • Moisture Content :- 1.0% max
  • Sulphated Ash :- 0.5 % max

Uses of Thiosemicarbazide :-

  • As a drug intermediate in synthesis.
  • As an anticorrosive in metal and wate treatment.
  • As a basic chemical in electroplating Industry.

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Hydrazine Sulphate

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Hydrazine Sulphate

Hydrazine Sulphate :-

  • C.A.S No :- 10034-93-2
  • Molecular Weight :- 130.12
  • Molecular Formula :- NH2.NH2.H2SO4

Uses of Hydrazine  Sulphate :-
  • As an intermediate in Production of furacillin, sulfanilamide, ftivazide etc.
  • As an Intermediate for use in mfg of Insecticide, bactericide etc.
  • Used as a foaming agent of plastic & rubber & plating reductant
Specification :-

ASSAY ON DRY WT BASIS 99% min 99% min
MELTING POINT 250-254 degree celcius 250-254 degree celcius
Water in Soluble 0.05%max 0.02%max
Water Content 1.00%max 1.00%max
Iron Content 10 PPM max 5 PPM max
Heavy Metal 10 PPM max 10 PPM max
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3- Nitrophthalic Acid

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3- Nitrophthalic Acid

3- Nitrophthalic Acid :-

  • C.A.S No :- 603-11-2
  • EINECS No :- 210-030-8
  • Molecular Weight :- 211.13
  • Molecular Formula :- O2NC6H3(COOH)2

Uses for 3- Nitrophthalic Acid :-

  • As an intermediate in production of Pharma Intermediates.
  • As an intermediate for use in Mfg of agro chemical & bactericide etc.


Identification(IR) Confirm to STD Confirms
Appearance Off white to slight yellow crystalline powder Confirms
Assay (HLPC) 98.00% MIN 99.00% + Typically
Melting Point(closed capallier method) 210-218 C 214-218 C
Loss on Drying 0.5% max Confirms
TLC Single Spot Confirms

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1- Hydroxy Succinimide

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1- Hydroxy Succinimide

1- Hydroxy Succinimide :-

  • C.A.S No  :- 6066-82-6
  • Molecular Weight :- 115.09
  • Molecular Formula :- C4H5NO3

Specifications :-

  • Appearance : White to Off White Crystalline Solid
  • Purity : 98% min
  • Melting point : 94- 96oC with Decomposition (Dry in Vaccum Chamber)
  • TLC Analysis : One Spot

Uses :-

  • As a drug intermediate in peptide synthesis.
  • As an anticorrosive in metal and water treatment.

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Tolyltriazole T.T(Solid)

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Tolyltriazole T.T(Solid)

Tolyltriazole T.T(Solid)

General description :-

T.T is a corrosion inhibitor for copper & copper-based alloys. Is is very similar to benzotriazole in performance & mechanism of protection. The difference is only that it is having an inert methyl group attached to the basic chemical structure which enhances its solubility in some organic solvent.

T.T function by reacting by copper oxide on the surface of copper or copper alloy forming a strong insoluble polymeric complex. This comlex formation results in a protective layer or film on the copper surface, a few molecules thick, that provides both a mechanical & electrochemical barrier against corrosiove attack. This protection layer has a high degree of thermal & oxidation stability & cannot be easily removed. Thus T.T complexes copper in solutions, thereby preventing galvanic corosion of the other metal also.



It should be tested by the customer before use in any application where product acceptance may be effected.

Some specific uses are:-

  • Circulating Cooling System such as cooling towers, air conditioning system, cutting & grinding fluids.
  • Functional Fluids such as hydraulic fluids, speciality lubricants & automotive coolants.
  • Corrosion Preventive Coatings such as water base lacquers & waxes.
  • Cleaners such as soap, detergents & strong alkaline cleaners.


Methods of Application:-

T.T is incorporated in a concentration betwen 0.02% to 2.00% as per the requirement of the customer. The amount used should be increased by a factor of 1.15 as compared to benzotriazole due to its higher molecular weight.

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