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Vision Vivante

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Vision Vivante - IT / Technology Services of research and planning service, project management and consulting service & websites and mobile apps designing service in Chandigarh.

Research And Planning Service
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We at Vision Vivante think that It’s most likely to happen that when you are in middle of your project, you may have some new idea in mind inspired by how the project looks at that time or you will get inspired by some other competitor’s website or even will realize that it’s not what you want or even sometime what you started may become secondary as others have launched it and many more things.

This is an obvious phenomenon which will take place whenever you start something and it’s not only in IT it’s everywhere but how we can remove it?

The answer is no one can remove it and yes that’s good news also! Yes good news because it means you are agile and agility allow you to be innovative and create something which make a difference out there while solving a problem.

You must be thinking, "If that’s a case why do we do Research and Planning?, the answer is, we do it to minimize the uncertainties or to be more specific we enlighten the client about the jargons, risks and hidden facts (unlike other service providers who want you to be in dark) in the path ahead and suggest best solutions. We also help client to choose, alter, discard or use an idea as he would be seeing it from only one angle.

Vision Vivante take this part very seriously and research the requirements from various prospective (which will be listed below) and create a plan with milestones which help us to follow a road-map. The most important part is Research and Planning helps us to set references for the future regarding delivery time and cost as most of time developer is saddled with reasons for delay or issues and want our clients to already realize what they ask for.

We will have detailed discussion with you regarding your vision, mission and establish answers to all the questions like given below which will allow any one to create further document including SRS, SOW, ETA etc...

1. Describe your target audience.
2. What you will gain from this website and what are the purposes of the website?
3. What makes you different from your competitors?
4. Why should people do business with you rather than your competitors?
5. WHat Technologies you should choose and why?
6. What may be tentative RANGE for the project?
7. What services you would need from a web agency?

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Project Management And Consulting Service
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Our Project Manager will be accountable for the whole project from beginning and responsible for the success of project, long term projects should opt for Project Management and Consulting Services with Vision Vivante as we are Professional, Strong in Communication and Technically enabled to take the project successfully through the various SDLC (Software Development Cycles) stages as client may not have dedicated time or knowledge.

Typically a Project Manager with Vision Vivante are alias for Client and they arrange and execute all the processes while the funding for all the resources is secured by client, to give you a clear idea, below are major tasks a PM does in course of a Project:

1. Specifications / Requirements / RFP

a. Was thought given to the system administration functionality (CMS)?
b. Was thought given to error handling?
c. Does the specification clearly segregate the project into phases?
d. Do all the phases have verifiable (and preferably undisputable) outcomes?
e. Are all the phases shorter than a month? (1-3 weeks is optimal)
f. During writing, are all unfinished parts clearly marked with (preferably red) "XXX" markers?
g. Does the document refer to other documents as specifically as possible?(Document title, revision, page number)
h. If there are interfaces, are the necessary data format specifications, API documentations all collected?
i. Is the maximum load, bandwidth and cpu usage estimated?
j. Are the security requirements specified?
k. Are the operation and maintenance requirements specified?
l. Are the education/training requirements specified?
m. Are the installation/migration requirements specified?
n. Is everything else collected? (Is there a brand manual? Color guide? Design manual? Deployment requirements? The firm's ISO procedures? Related legislation?)
o. Are all the items (use cases, etc) atomic, and (where possible) measureable?("fast" vs "10 sec")
p. Is the specification the shortest and simplest possible, while still complete?(Will it be actually read by stakeholders?)

2. Price quote / Bid

a. Are the specifications accepted by all stakeholders?
b. Does every (1-3 weeks long) phase have a price quote?
c. Are all outcomes/deliverables of phases clearly defined and testable (Payments are going to be based on these!)?
d. Has the architecture and framework of the system already been decided (At a minimum, programming languages and frameworks)?
e. Will the allocated initial capital and the payment schedule together cover costs for the project's lifetime?
f. Is there a quote for education/training?
g. Is there a quote for installation/migration?
h. Is there a quote for documentation (operating manual, user guide, etc)?
i. Is there a quote for operations and maintenance (Projects rarely end with typing in the last line of code.)?
j. Is the contract attached?
k. Who's going to own the software that is about to be developed?

3. Project start

a. Is the project still feasible?
b. Are the specifications still the same as at the time of the last price quote?
c. Has the client signed the contract (Not "promised he will sign". Actually signed.)?
d. Are there developers and a project leader assigned to the project (Testers? Designer? Other experts as needed?)?
e. Do we have a reachable and decision-capable contact person at the client?
f. Does the development team have consensus and clear vision about what will be the final delivery?
g. Does everybody on the team know *as much as possible* about the client, the project, the constraints and the deadline?

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Websites And Mobile Apps Designing Service
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Web designing is the most important phase of any project in production section as it sets up the foundation of success of any project. Name any popular name like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, , Upwork, PeoplePerHour or Freelancer all of their success is based on their User Interface and User experience.

Designing is spread into 4 parts in any project development which are Prototype Designs or Wireframes, Mock-Ups (PSDs or AIs of all the screens for all devices), Creating the Web Design from the graphics using client side programming languages like HTML/CSS/JS/etc... and last one is Marketing or Brand Identity.

We provide designing services for both Websites (Mobile responsive) as well Mobile Apps, few are named below:

1) Graphic Designing

a) Website and Mobile App Screens Wireframing
b) Website and Mobile App Screens Mock-Ups Designing (PSDs and AIs)
c) Logos and Favicon Designing
d) Brand Identity Designing
e) Banners Designing
f) Stationary Designing
g) T-Shirt Designing

2) Website and Mobile Apps Client Side Programming, we use following technologies as per requirements to create the Client Side Interfaces:

c) HTML/CSS Framework:

i) Twitter Bootstrap
ii) Foundation
iii) Skeleton
iv) HTML5 Boilerplate
v) HTML KickStart
vi) Montage
vii) Less Framework
viii) Ionic

d) Java Script and Frameworks

i) AngularJS
ii) Backbone.js
iv) Ember.js
v) Ext JS
vi) Google Web Toolkit
vii) jQuery (library)
viii) jQWidgets
ix) Kendo UI
x) MooTools

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Project Documentation Service
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The discussion will be endless until we define the objectives, milestones and document the same. It brings discipline in project course and output is a product which can be taken to any height, think of Google Drive, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Google Apps for Work etc... if they would not have documented their ideas, would they be able to have such a huge products as neither all ideas pop-up at ones nor executed so they document their ideas (generally they call it product back-log).

However we also feel too much extensive documentation also hinder the productivity as no one want to read a document of 10001 pages, therefore we believe in blueprint of the project, just like you would create with help of an architecture before starting the building.

We typically have following documents template created in this phase which allow anyone to grasp and a quick understanding of project (our project document templates are precise and subtle) :

1) Project Description: This document is generally requested from client in his words which help us to understand base of his requirements and from there we dance with him in rain of questions.
2) MoM (Minutes of Meetings): This document will enclose a chronological list of discussion session we will have with client including both before project and after project.
3) Story of the project: This document will give a walkthrough to anyone through the complete project story as per the user type along with assumptions and exclusions.
4) ETA (Estimation Time of Arrival): This will be an excel sheet derived from the story document along with efforts estimation for each feature, all features divided into delivery milestones/dates and corresponding payment milestone along with all necessary details and terms for the project. This single document will be able to address many questions related to project and that too very quickly.
5) Info Document: This document will have all the access details related to project like Hosting Access details etc...
6) Wireframes (Optional): In this we create skeleton of all major pages required in project, these are useful for complex project and also help client to save cost and time if client is not very sure what he want.
7) Change Requests: This document allows us to lock features which are assigned us additionally from the initially agreed features, scope and project time/cost.
8) Bug List: All the issues rose by client or our tester is locked in this sheet in chronological order along with status of re-test and system testing.

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Websites And Mobile Apps Development Service
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Coding is the most crucial part of any application be it mobile or web, it’s actually engine and rest is support and luxury added to the engine to make it more useful and attractive. Coding is also most complex and time taking part of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) of any project and it must be given proper attention.

Vision Vivante follow Best Coding Practices and process to create the engine of any application, be it Mobile or Web. We focus on Security, Efficiency, Scalability, Usability and Maintainability of code.

We are expert with following programming languages:

1) Web Development


i) CMSs: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Typo 3, Concrete 5 and osCommerce etc...
ii) Frameworks: Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, Symphony and Smarty etc...
iii) 3rd party APIs Development and Integration: Payment/Shipping Gateways, CRMs and SaaS Applications etc...
iv) Web Services Development and Configuration: For Mobile Apps and For SaaS Applications

b) .Net/MS SQL

i) CMSs: DNN, Kentico, Umbraco, Sitefinity, Orchard, SharePoint etc...
ii) Frameworks: ASP.Net MVC 4/5, C#, VB.Net etc...
iii) 3rd party APIs Development and Integration: Payment/Shipping Gateways, CRMs and SaaS Applications etc...
iv) Web Services Development and Configuration: For Mobile Apps and For SaaS Applications


i) Mongo DB
ii) Express JS
iii) Angular JS
iv) Node JS

2) Mobile App Development

a) iOS App Development

i) Ionic-Cordova
ii) Native Objective C
iii) Web Services Development using PHP/.Net/Java

b) Android App Development

i) Ionic-Cordova
ii) HTML5-PhoneGap
iii) Native Java
iv) Web Services Development using PHP/.Net/Java

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Testing And QA Service
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Testing And QA Service

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Creating something new is always interesting but it should also be useful and be in same way as it was expected during the Project Planning and Documentation Phase. There for testing is must for any project irrespective of it’s from scratch or customizing existing one even for a smallest issue. Testing is done at many levels to ensure we don’t have to re-do or fix things at the end to spend again same amount of time.

There are many types of testing’s and are broadly divided into 2 major types: Manual and Automation. For now we are providing only Manual Testing which includes followings:

1) Unit Testing
2) Integration Testing
3) System Testing
4) Functionality Testing
5) Design and Mobile Responsive Testing
6) User Acceptance Testing
7) Deployment Testing

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Server Maintenance Service
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Every project development needs an environment which comprises of Development Server, Repository, Test Server and Live Server with Domain. The production is done on Development Server and tested on a public URL and sent to client for UAT (User Acceptance Testing), ones it’s approved the produced code has to be moved to Test Server which is just a replica of Live Server and allow us to test the functionalities created how they will look on and effect the live site. If the Test Server implementation goes well, the site is moved to Live Server during a low traffic time (down time) efficiently.

Apart from the above some time there are issues which brings down your server and site along with it, the same may be caused by any of followings:

1) Webmaster Errors: Coding errors, not optimizing scripts or running too many scripts can cause issues
2) Forgetting to renew a site’s domain name or hosting contract
3) DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks: Occurs when sites are deliberately targeted with traffic from many sources to cause server overload
4) Server Overload: A tidal wave of web traffic can overload a server
5) With shared servers, resources are limited: One site with heavy traffic, processing needs, or high volume email can cause problems for other sites on the same server
6) Datacenter Problems: Datacenters are storage facilities holding multiple servers in a controlled environment. Power failures or hardware malfunctions can affect sites hosted on a datacenter’s servers

We are expert with Linux as well as Windows environments and servers including AWS, Apache, Nginx, Asterisk etc... along with programming languages PHP, ASP.Net, Java, MEAN and able to set up, configure and troubleshoot issues like above.

Aprt from able to fix any of above issues we can

1) Set up a server and configure it for new/existing projects along with all back-up rules and security measure.
2) Migrate a website to a new site from an existing hosting provider, most of people these days moving to cloud as cloud is auto scalable and charges on as used basis unlike shared hosting with a fixed quota.
3) Set Up and configure CDN Services (Content Distribution Network) like:Cloudflare (offers a free version), MaxCDN
4) DNS Management: Set up DNS management service so as soon as the website goes offline, these services automatically route traffic to your secondary host.
5) Domain registrar transfer and Zone files settings while moving site from one host to anoher along with domain.

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Digital Marketing Service
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Digital Marketing is so huge that its endless and we are not yet ready to go into that much deep, instead we want to stay on shallow and help the divers, therefore we are doing only On-Page and Off-Page SEO as of now and we do all of the below in these 2 areas:

1) Website Analysis: We do analysis of various SEO aspects to select correct SEO strategy for you.
2) Content Optimization: We optimize the content to make it keyword rich. (Content is provided by client)
3) Competitor Analysis: We do this to understand the competitor’s objectives, keywords they are using, strategy etc...
4) Website Submissions: Commonly known as Link Building and it’s not a data entry job for us.
5) Keyword Research: We love to do it. We gather maximum relevant keywords for your website to deliver maximum value from SEO.
6) Reporting: Everything can be tracked. We provide monthly reports for the work we have done for you and discuss it with you with our further plan.
7) On page Optimization: This is somewhat technical. We resolve all technical issues and make your site search engine friendly.
8) Maintenance: SEO is not a onetime process. Even if you are on top for some keywords it’s difficult to maintain the position.

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Vision Vivante - IT / Technology Services of research and planning service, project management and consulting service & websites and mobile apps designing service in Chandigarh.

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