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Importers and indentors of secondhand machinery/machine tools etc of all types from world over. Complete logistics pickup from ex works to factory site door delivery.

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We provide a wide range of products ranging from veterinary pharmaceuticals to animal feed supplements and feed additives. Our commitment towards quality extends to our partners also and we only work with manufacturers with established quality standards. Our products are backed by requisite documentation and comply with all mandatory regulations. While we remain true to our commitment of developing products that are safe for animals and the environment, we also make a positive impact on farm animal production. Ensuring healthy animals provides the food industry with safe and nutritious supply while at a domestic level; our medicines ensure that pets and livestock live healthier lives.

Feed Additives

We offer veterinarians, pet owners and animal welfare groups the broadest range of veterinary pharmaceuticals designed to aid the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals. Our wide range of animal feed products is designed to help ensure the health and welfare of livestock and poultry while maximizing productivity at the same time.

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

At Vyom Incorporated, we have considerable experience in the sourcing and distribution of veterinary pharmaceutical products for pets, life stock, poultry and wildlife. From vitamins, and hormones to various specialty drugs, we have the capability to deliver drugs for all veterinary requirements of our customers worldwide.

Animal Feed Supplements

At Vyom, we have considerable expertise in providing animal feed supplements for diverse industries such as sea food, animal health, poultry, etc. Our superior feed supplements provide the vital competitive edge to our customers through reasonable pricing and exhaustive attention to quality.

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Agricultural Equipment

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We have been developing the tools and equipment required by farmers and agriculturists to increase the efficiency and quality of crop production. We are also developing and exporting agricultural equipment that is now meeting the needs of farmers in other countries around the world. While doing so, we design and source equipment keeping in mind local requirements. From picks and beaters, hoes and axes to advanced drip irrigation systems, our wide range of agricultural equipment is helping to make farms across the world more productive and our customers happier.

Diesel Engines

We provide high-quality diesel engines for agricultural applications. Designed for continuous running, these engines are of robust built and easy to maintain, delivering the highest levels of performance in the toughest of conditions.

Grinding Mills

We source a stellar range of grinding machinery that is easy to install and operate and is suited to the varied needs of customers from around the world.

Threshers & Shellers

We source threshers and shellers for use with a wide range of crops and seeds and can be customized to meet the varying requirements of our customers worldwide.


At Vyom Incorporated, we have expertise in the export and supply of tractors for agricultural applications. Ergonomically designed, these tractors deliver high levels of performance with high fuel efficiency. With high torque backup and excellent levels of lugging power, these units provide vital agricultural support to our customers.

Oil Extraction Mills

We design and source a wide range of equipment to power the processes of oil extraction from seeds, plants and vegetables.

Water Pumps

We source a wide range of mechanical water pumps that are designed to provide efficient access to water for agricultural and commercial applications in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Hand Pumps

We source robust hand powered pumps that ensure clean and safe access to water for people in economically backward regions of the world.

Rice Huller & Parts

We source tough and durable rice hullers for the preparation of edible rice. These machines are highly reliable and designed to maximize the speed of shelling paddy.

Knapsack Sprayer

We provide highly durable knapsack sprayers. This lightweight highly functional sprayer is designed to be durable while providing the maximum economy of spray liquids.

Diesel Engine Parts

We provide a complete range of spares and parts for diesel engines used in applications such as agriculture etc. Engineered to ensure compatibility and ease of replacement, these parts ensure that our customers are able to maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency on a sustained basis.

Agricultural Implements

We provide a fine range of agricultural implements such as tanged hoes, round eyed hoes and many more. Engineered from premium grade metal, these tools are ideal for farming applications such as long-weeding and soil breaking, on all kinds of soil.

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Crop Health

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Farmers around the world have always had to deal with the twin issues of protection and nutrition while managing their crops. At Vyom, we are committed to providing farmers around the world with the best products to boost their agricultural productivity. We have the capability and experience to provide crop protection and nutrition tailored to meet customer needs regardless of their geographical location. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products for crop protection, plant nutrition, fertilizers and allied products. These products are designed to improve production and provide complete protection while minimizing environmental impact. The resulting increase in productivity ensures that our customers are able to optimize crop growth while keeping their costs low thereby enjoying increased profitability.

Crop Protection

From controlling weed growth to fighting various pests and diseases, our range of superior crop protection solutions incorporate products that are designed to fight the toughest crop inhibitors, in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Crop Nutrients

Nutrients play a critical role in crop growth and production. Insufficiency of critical nutrients can seriously hamper this growth. Our range of superior crop nutrients is design to meet the requirement thereby ensuring high yields on a sustained basis.

Soil Nutrients

Nutrient deficiency in the soil is caused by multiple factors ranging from environmental to geographical conditions. Our wide range of soil nutrient solutions provides farmers the ability to enhance the fertility of soil thereby optimizing plant growth.

Crop Science-Agrochemicals

Manufactured from high-grade materials, our products exhibit effective soil enhancing capabilities while their biodegradable characteristics make them environmentally friendly as well.

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Electrical & Electronics

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At Vyom, we design and develop an assorted range of products to provide, regulate and conserve energy - in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Our energy products range from traditional forms such to cutting-edge alternative energy solutions such as solar power. At Vyom, we recognize the importance of safety in energy products, and therefore we work hard to ensure that reliability and security are inbuilt into every power product we design and develop at our organization. By following cutting-edge standards in the development and production of our energy products, we seek to deliver high productivity returns while lowering the environmental impact. In an age of rising power demands and low power availability, clean and reliable power conditions are harder to maintain. Frequent power cuts, voltage fluctuations are all power problems that seriously hamper productivity and efficiency in households and commercial establishments. At Vyom, we provide a complete line of power saving and power protection solutions for all environments and applications. Designed to perform in the rugged power conditions of India, these products are ideal for all markets.

Solar Modules

We source solar panels using Crystalline Solar Cells that are individually characterized and electronically matched prior to the inter-connection. Encapsulated beneath high transmission tempered UV resistant glass, these cells are resistant towards harsh weather, moisture and mechanical damage. They perform excellently for both DC loads and inverter equipped systems for AC loads. Our solar panels are certified as per IEC specifications and are manufactured under ISO 9001 certified conditions.

Solar Products

Harnessing the power of solar energy, our range of solar water heaters are designed to provide heating solutions with minimal environmental impact and energy costs


We have a complete range of inverters for domestic usage. These reliable inverters ensure that in the event of power outages, our customers are able to continue normal life by receiving clean and safe power for all appliances.

Online UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Every commercial establishment today requires the guarantee of uninterruptible supply of clean and safe power at all times. Power outages and downtimes can hamper productivity, while voltage fluctuations can damage electronic devices especially computing devices. At Vyom, we provide highly reliable and safe UPS products for commercial and industrial usage.


We provide dependable and high-performing batteries to provide power back-up and support to alternative power generating devices such as UPS, inverters & generators.

Lighting Solutions

We provide low-cost and eco-friendly lighting solutions for residential and commercial purposes. With inventive designs, we devise energy-efficient lighting solutions that are not only lighting up homes and offices, but doing so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Power Generators

We provide a wide range of generator sets for alternative power supply. These units are ideal for rugged use and provide continuous power supply in the event of power outages and ensure optimal uptimes for commercial establishments.

Medical Devices

We have the capability to deliver medical devices that deal with various ailments and medical conditions. We provide medical products that enable better prediction, diagnosis, and treatment of medical disorders.

Wind Power Mills

Over the years since our establishment, we have always worked at developing our portfolio to include innovative products and services. Alternative energy sources such as wind turbines are an example of this effort. Engineered from carbon fiber composites, these turbines have an operating life of over 20 years.

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Household Appliances

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Our range of household appliances is developed with the best technology to make life convenient. From providing safe drinking water to cooking, lighting and heating products, our portfolio of home appliances is designed to meet and satisfy every need of a modern household in any part of the globe. From the kitchen to the bathroom, we have products for every household need. Our products are ergonomically designed to ensure convenience.

Cooking Appliances

At Vyom, we provide a comprehensive range of cooking appliances and serving products designed to suit the diverse needs of our customers worldwide. Our cooking appliances blend technological innovation with age-old traditional cooking methods to provide unique and efficient cooking systems for all.

Electrical Appliances

At Vyom we have considerable expertise in the sourcing and trading of electrical appliances. From lighting systems that use traditional technology to cutting-edge solar technology, we have solutions for customers in every part of the globe.

Storage Equipment

From efficient handling and moving of goods to their safe storage, we provide a wide range of storage solutions for residential applications. Our products are designed to provide solutions that deliver secure storage while optimizing space usage as well for households in every part of the world.


We source and deliver various furniture items as per the requirements of customers from around the globe. Designed to provide for the needs of the household, these furniture products are well-designed to provide a distinctive aesthetic flavor as well.

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Fresh Vegetables

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At Vyom, we have established a strong reputation in the supply and export of food products to customers in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Our bakery and confectionery products are manufactured under the highest standards of quality as required by our customers worldwide. Our food products are designed to satisfy the requirements of every taste and the palate of customers across the globe. We are always focused on delivering products of the highest quality and visual appeal to our customers. Our considerable experience in sourcing provides us the capability to tailor our products as per the local needs of our customers. Our manufacturers also maintain a distinct focus on innovation in our products, experimenting with new flavors, colors and shapes all the time.


From exquisite confections to accompany afternoon tea, to wholesome cookies, chocolate candies, mints and other hardboiled sweets and toffees, our range of confectionery products have earned loyal customers from around the world.


From the purely nutritional, plain and salted, to biscuits that celebrate luxurious taste, we provide a wide and assorted range of biscuits in diverse tastes, shapes and styles.

Wheat Flour

We provide enriched, all-purpose wheat flour, used as a vital baking ingredient by customers worldwide. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, our wheat flour exhibits excellent strength and mixing properties making it ideal for cooking.

Powder Drinks

We provide instant drink mixes in powder form, in a wide range of fruit flavors and assorted pack sizes. Rich in Vitamin C and enriched with sweeteners, these drinks provide the real taste of fresh fruit, while also being rich in nutritional content.

Herbal & Citrus Products

We offer a complete range of herbal and citrus products ranging from dehydrated fruits and vegetables, citrus pectin, dried lime peel, washed and spray dried powders and allied food ingredients. These products find wide application in diverse industries such as food, pharma, dairy, beverage and food processing. From sourcing of raw materials to packaging, we ensure that product is delivered to customers in a hygienic manner.


We source and provide diverse varieties rice including the world-renowned Basmati rice of India and have the capability to provide it in bulk quantities. 
Indian IR : 8 Non Basmati Rice 
1121 White Sella Basmati Rice 
Pusa Parboiled Basmati Rice 
1121 Basmati Parboiled Rice (Golden) 
Indian IR : 64 Parboiled Rice

Soyabean Meal

We provide our clients with highly nutritious and fresh Soya Bean Meals, which have been certified by international bodies for import of cattle-feed. Using cutting edge technology, we are able to deliver a high quality soya bean meal. Specifications: 
Protein : Basis 46 to 48% Minimum 
Moisture : Basis 12.00% Maximum 
Fiber : Basis 6.00% Maximum 
Sand/Silica : Basis 2.00% Maximum 
Urease Activity : Basis 0.30 Mg N2/gm/Max (at 30 Degree C By Old Eec Method) Features: 
Free from castor seed or castor seed husk 
Inspection by SGS before shipment

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Textiles Fabric

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At Vyom, we procure and supply a wide range of textile products for our customers worldwide. From readymade garments to furnishing fabrics, we provide for the needs of garment retailers across the world. Our proactive approach towards satisfying customers has been a hallmark of our textile export operations. We work towards identifying and understanding customer trends and needs and thereafter work towards meeting them. New designs, colors and overall changes in style trends are studied and incorporated into our product range on a constant basis.

Furnishing Fabrics

At Vyom, we source and supply a premium range of range of fabrics used in interior and allied home furnishings. Available in a wide variety of styles, designs and colors, we export furnishing fabrics to customers in countries from around the world.


We export and supply high quality towels in a wide range of designs and colours. We also have the capability to source and deliver towels as per specific requirements of our customers.


We provide customers worldwide with an eclectic range of exquisitely designed decorative ribbons for wide range of applications ranging from gift wrapping and packaging, designing clothes, home decor, festive decoration, floral arrangements, accessory design, crafts and many more. With over 140 designs to choose from, this product range is truly diverse and designed to meet every customer requirement. We provide these ribbons in 5 meter rolls to provide clients with flexibility in usage.

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Stationery Set

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We are a leading exporter of stationery products. From paper products to bound books, our stationery products are developed to the highest standards of quality as well as style. Our selection of stationery products is designed to meet every customer need - professional, commercial and personal.

Copying Paper

We provide a superior range of multi-purpose copying paper for personal and office use. Manufactured to meet high quality standards, this paper is compatible with all major brands of copiers and printers.

Exercise Notebooks

We provide a wide range of exercise notebooks in varying sizes, shapes and binding to meet the diverse needs of customers from around the world.

Paper & Paper Boards

We export a superior range of paper and paper boards to customers around the world. Manufactured to world-class standards, these high quality paper products are designed to suit every customer requirement. We have the capability to source and provide paper products tailored to meet specific client needs. We offer these products in customized packs as well as in jumbo rolls.

Corporate Stationery

We understand the importance of corporate stationery for office usage and we provide a comprehensive range of products designed to meet these very needs. From pens, erasers, rulers and staplers to instrument boxes, paper products and more, our range of stationery products is aimed at fulfilling all office needs of customers around the globe.

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